First Night On The Job


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Scene Title First Night on the Job
Synopsis Roselyn is working her first night on the job at Old Lucy's. Nicolas comes in for a drink which is nothing new by now, he's become a regular there. Grant comes into Old Lucy's for the first time and decides he's going to start going there more often. Ben comes in for a drink. Grant, Ben, and Roselyn make small talk about "stupid people."
Date January 18, 2009

Old Lucy's

Nicolas sits at the bar, talking with the on duty bartenders. He seems to know a few of them by name, a sign that he's probably been here once or twice before. He sips his beer idly as he chuckles.

Roselyn working behind the bar giving a few of the customers their drinks. A beer here, a shot there,. She turns and looks at Nicolas, "So how is everything going for you?" she asks giving him a smile, while pouring herself a shot and drinking it all in one go.

Stepping into the bar is someone that hasn't really been here before. He's still dressed in a white button-up shirt, as he just got done doing a little work. Moving to sit at the bar, he tries his best to keep to himself at the moment. Running a hand through his hair, Grant glances left and right as he figures out what he's going to drink.

Nicolas looks up to Roselyn and grins. "Going pretty good. Are you happy to get your job here?" He says with a grin as he takes a drink from his beer, looking to Grant and offers a nod before he looks to Roselyn. "Get my friend here a beer too." He says with a grin.

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Yes I love my job." she says looking at Nicolas then turning and grabbing a beer out of the cooler. She pops the top and sets it down in front of him. "There you go hun."

An eyebrow raises as Grant glances around. He nods slightly, offering a semi-silent, "Thanks." to the guy with a half-grin. So much for being alone. It's not that bad a thing really, but he's used to the way people have been around here so far. Not the nice people he had back home.
Isabelle has arrived.

Nicolas sits at the bar, sipping on his beer. He looks to Grant and chuckles as he raises his beer bottle. "No prob. No sense in everyone drinkin' alone." He says as he takes another pull from his bottle.

Roselyn smiles at the man and turns back to Nicolas, "So I think after I get off of work we should go bowling." she says with a grin, "Actually it depends on what time I get off really." she says looking at Nicolas, "That is if your free and only if you want to." she says looking at Nicolas in the eyes.

"Nicolas! Get in here!" A voice shouts and Izzy pops her head out of the back room door before going back in.

Isabelle has left.

"True." Grant offers in a half-grin before the voice shouts from the back room. Wincing, Grant buries his head in the beer that was given. Taking a swig, he can't help but feel a little self-conscious after that, even though he's no Nicolas. Nothing of the sort.

Nicolas looks up as he hears his name being called. "Fuck." He says, draining the last of his beer as he looks to Roselyn. "I'll be back as soon as I can." He says as he stands up. "Yeah, if you get off in time, we'll go bowling." He says to her with a wink before he looks to Grant. "Make sure no one sits in my ass groove." He says, pointing to the seat he was in before he heads into the back room, closing the door behind him.

Nicolas has left.


Roselyn nods and smiles when he winks at her. "We will make sure no one takes your seat." she says as she takes off her jacket and sets it down where Nicolas' ass groove is in the seat, that way no one takes it. She turns to Grant, "Hello. My name is Roselyn, I just started working here Anything else you might like or want, let me know and I'll get it for you." she says offerin him a smile.

"Aight." Grant nods, softly as he thinks. "Never been here. Thought I'd see what it was about. Got tired of sittin' on campus and bein' bored." He chuckles lightly, taking another swig. "Grant." He offers softly.

Roselyn smiles and nods, "I know what you mean." she says before pouring someone a Crown and Coke then handing it to them. "It's nice to meet you. Well I sure hope your experience here is a good one, that way you can come back for more." she says with a smile. Nicolas is a regular here, He's very nice and pretty good looking as well. So do you go anywhere else to drink?" she asks with a grin.

There's a mild blush from Grant as he nods. "Yeah, he is that." He didn't say what he was agreeing to. "Maybe when I'm done." He says, taking another swig. Takes a while to drink, after all. "I've been here for a while, just pretty much stayed on campus. Now they're really gettin' on mah nerves." Yup. Thick southern accent.

Roselyn nods and smiles, "Yeah. That sounds like it's pretty boring on Campus." she says still smiling at him while she pours herself a Screwdriver. "So where you from?" she asks. "I'm from Berlin, Germany moved out here like 3 years ago." she says with a grin.

"Jackson, Tennessee." Grant offers with a grin. "Got up here to get away from everyone I know." He chuckles. "And to go to a better place for accounting. Not that Queens is all that great, but it sure beats goin' ta college three blocks from Mom and Dad."

Roselyn nods, "That's kool. I've never been there. Only been here and Berlin." she says with a smile, "My parents don't live here, they are dead, but that was a long time ago." she says taking a drink of her screwdriver. "So you are pretty smart huh?" she says with a grin.

Shaking his head, Grant shrugs. "Just got a head for numbers and music. Either of the two work for me. But, Accounting is a better bet for regular income. Music chances are slim for money." He chuckles, finishing his beer.

Roselyn nods, "That's kool. I just work here couldn't find a good job." she says with a smile. "At least once you are done you will be able to get a good job that will keep you living a good lifestyle." she says with a grin.

"Depends on where this world heads and how things go for certain people. I don't trust this government and the route they're taking for people. But… that's neither here nor there." Grant says, shaking his head softly.

Ben has arrived.

Roselyn nods, "I know what you mean. The government pisses me off that is why I avoid them as much as possible because I hate the way they treat some people." she says looking at him. "I hope you have a good job and a great life once you are done.

"I got another year or so. For now, I'll just sit on my ass and take classes. And get more and more annoyed by the stupidity of modern society." Grant says, raising his bottle with a grin.

Roselyn giggles, "That sounds like a plan." she says with a smile, "If it was me I would get pissed tell them to go fuck themselves then go out and get a good decent job and live on with my life, but that is only because I am very outspoken." she says with a grin taking a drink of her screwdriver.

"Doesn't quite work that way when you have to do taxes for people. I make my own voice heard in my own way." Grant laughs, shaking his head softly. Of course, everything going on is going to an unused radio station, since he's not really paying attention to himself, but that's beside the point.

Ben steps into the bar, dusting snow off his shoulders and out of his hair with a tired expression on his face. He walks toward the bar - that's nothing unusual - and climbs onto a stool there. Bright red hair catches his eye, and he glances over at Grant and Roselyn

Roselyn nods, "Well yeah, that is true." she says with a smile. "I don't think I could do that. I hate dealing with numbers, I would rather stay here, hand out drinks, and dance on the bar." she says with a grin.
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"Numbers are simply. Finite. Easy. Place and fill. People… people are stupid. They hate things they don't understand and just forget that things out there could be good." Grant says, making sure that Nico's seat stays empty. He offers a nod to the entering Ben.

Ben nods back to Grant; he orders a rum and coke, and after a few moments he raises his hand slightly. "Excuse me," he asks Grant. "Did you go to high school in Lowell? You look kind of familiar."

Roselyn nods, "Yeah, I guess you are right." she says finishing off her Screwdriver, "So am I one of the stupid people?" she asks as she starts to make the Rum and Coke for the new arrival. "There you go hun." she says with a smile as she sets it down on the bar in front of him.

"Well, I don't know ya ta say." Grant says with a shrug at Rose before he glances towards Ben. He shakes his head. "Naw. Jackson Central Merry." He says, offering a light shrug. That's definately not a local school.

Ben takes the glass from Roselyn with a faint smile. "Thanks," he says. He shrugs a little as well. "Oh, well. Maybe you just have one of those faces," he tells Grant.

Roselyn nods, "Alrighty then." she says as she pours her a shot of Goldschlagger and slams it. She looks to Ben, "Your welcome. The name is Roselyn, so if you need anything else just hollar and I'll get it for you." she says with a smile.

"It's possible. People say that a lot." Grant says, grinning at Ben before blushing and looking away. He can't help himself. He's normally much quieter. "Maybe eventually I could tell ya. But ya ask questions, and that's not something most stupid people do. They just listen and say, 'If they say it's right, it's right.'"

Ben grins at Grant, nodding politely. "You must be new here," he asides to Roselyn. And then, because maybe he's feeling gregarious tonight, "Stupid people really don't ask questions. Not good ones, anyway."

Roselyn nods, "Okay, just let me know so I can not be a stupid person." she says with a grin. She looks to Ben and nods, "Yeah, I just started." she says with a smile. "Just did my audition not too long ago." she says looking at Ben.

"Exactly." Grant nods an affirmative to Ben. "Bad questions or no questions… stupid sheeple." He nods succinctly as he runs a hand through his hair again. "I think I will have another."

"Welcome aboard," Ben tells Roselyn amiably enough. "Seems like a good place to work, anyway." He has a swig of his drink. "So who's being stupid with the whatnow?"

Roselyn nods and opens the cooler reaching inside for another beer. She pops the top off and sits it down in front of him. "There ya go." she says with a smile. "Thanks. Yeah, everyone here is really friendly." she says looking at Ben.

"Nobody in particular. Just talking about how a lot of people can be. If someone famous says it, it must be true. Not anyone in particular." Grant says with a grin before he puts a few bills on the counter for his beer before taking a swig.

"You get the occasional cranky guy," Ben says with a little wince. "But I guess that's true in any job. Bartender, waiter…"

Roselyn takes the money and puts it in the register. "Yeah, that's true. Everyone seems to follow what Celebrities say. It's like even if they are wrong, the people agree with them like they are god's or something." she says as she looks to Grant. She turns to Ben and nods, "Yeah that's no lie." she says with a grin, "There is Nicolas who comes in her everyday, he's really nice. One of the nicest people I've met besides Abby and Isabelle that is." she says with a smile.

"Least it's a decent place." Grant nods slightly. "I'll be around more often, I'm sure." He says, taking another drink and nodding to Ben. "Or try doing the taxes of someone who has completely different ideals than you do and insists on talking about them."

"Heh. Yeah, Abigail's nice to a fault," Ben muses before another sip of rum and coke. Grant's nodded to. "You're an accountant, then?"

Roselyn nods, "She's been very nice to me. Isabelle I've only met like twice I think. Nicolas I've seen a number of times and have hung out with him a few times." she says with a smile when she thinks of Nicolas. "That's good, We could always use some more friendly people like yourself." she says to Grant with a grin.

"Friendly? I'm hardly friendly. Most people think I'm an ass." Grant says, with a laugh as he shakes his head lightly. "Technically," he turns to Ben. "I'm only an accounting student. But taxes really aren't that complicated. I work with some of the locals to get a little extra money."

"People get funny impressions sometimes?" Ben offers; his head bobs twice, gently. "Be glad she thinks you're nice."

Roselyn shakes her head, "I think your pretty nice, just honest. I'm the same way, I tend to tell people what I think of them." she says as she looks to Grant.

"Eh, I usually don't care what people think of me. Unless they're semi-cute guys." Grant says downing the beer he just got. "But Ah'll take it as a compliment."

"People having a generally good opinion sometimes helps. Like with employment," Ben replies.

Roselyn nods, "Well I'm not a guy, but I still think you nice." she says looking at him. She looks to the back door and wonders when Nicolas is going to get back. She looks at Grant once more, "Want another one?" she asks before turning to Ben, "Want anything else to drink?" she asks with a smile.

"I'd better not. I gotta get back home tonight for school tomorrow." Grant says with a half-shrug. He listens to the music playing in the background for a second.

Ben shakes his head, holding up his glass. "Nah, just the one, thanks. I'm too cheap to be much of a drinker."

Roselyn nods her head, "How about this, I'll buy you any drink you want if you want one." she says as she looks to Ben. "I don't mind. When we were really busy I bought the whole bar a round when I got hired cause I was so excited." she says with a smile.

"Anyway, I best get to steppin." Grant says, as he rises, looking to Nico's empty spot. He tugs his jacket just a little tighter, "I'll be aroun' again."

Ben laughs a little. "You're gonna go broke pretty fast doing that. I'll pass. Maybe I'll take a raincheck. I already get the occasional freebie from Abby. Nice to meet you, uh… guy." That's to Grant.

Roselyn nods, "Hope you have a good night. See you around." she says waving at Grant. She turns to Ben, "Yeah, but at least I make a few friends out of doing so. Alright maybe next time." she says with a smile taking a shot of Goldschlagger.

Grant has left.

"Are you gonna be doing the dancing and whatnot?" Ben asks. "It's a little, uh… much."

Roselyn nods, "Yeah, I did earlier." she says with a smile. "I had a lot of fun with it. I used to dance in a strip club so dancing on a bar isn't anything new." she says looking at Ben.

Ben blinks twice. "Oh," he says, seeming slightly surprised. "How was the dental?"

Nicolas has arrived.

Roselyn nods, "It was good." she says with a smile, "I mostly did bartending more than I danced really." she says looking at Ben, "I'm not like the other girls that I worked with, I had more respect for myself." she says with a grin.

"More power to you," Ben tells Roselyn. "It's not unheard of or anything. Not that I know much about, uh, strippers and things." He shifts a little in his seat. Possibly he's blushing a little. He covers by scratching behind one ear.

Roselyn giggles, "It's okay. Don't worry about it." she says with a smile. "So what do you do for a living?" she asks with a grin on her face.

Ben clears his throat gently. "I'm an EMT." He downs another gulp of the rum and coke. "I was studying to be a doctor but I lost my scholarship." This is better than talking about stripping.

Nicolas slips out of the back room and makes his way back to the bar area, slipping the coat off his stool and hands it back to Roselyn. "Thanks." He says as he slides back onto his bar stool. "Can I get a beer?"

Roselyn smiles, "That's kool, At least you help people though." she says smiling at Ben. "I just tend to get them drunk and dance for them." she says with a grin. She smiles when Nicolas comes back, "Yeah, Of course. I'm not going to like keep you from it or anything." she says still smiling. She reaches into the cooler and pops the top off of it then sits it down in front of Nicolas, "There you go hon. Bout time you get back." she says giving him a wink.

Ben nods politely to Nicolas, a hint of recognition in his eyes from the last time he was in here. "Hey."

Nicolas offers Roselyn a smile and a nod. "Sweet. Yeah. I'm sorry. Someone just wanted to talk to me about some things. Business and all." He says as he glances to Ben, offering a nod in greeting. "Hey. How's it going?"

Roselyn smiles, "I was just kiddin with ya babe, So no hard feelings." she says looking at Nicolas, "So how about an Irish Car bomb to start us off?" she asks with a smile, "I've been practicing so I can beat you." she tells Nicolas with a sly smile.

"Not bad," Ben tells Nicholas, which, naturally, is when his pager goes off. He puts his drink down and twists on his stool as he pulls the device out, peering down at it.

Nicolas looks at Roselyn and grins. "I know." He says to her, his grin turning into a smile. "Sure. A car bomb sounds good righ tnow." He says with a smirk. "Have you now? Are you allowed to drink while on duty?" He asks her, he turns to speak to Ben, but his pager goes off and he looks back to Roselyn.

Roselyn shrugs, "I'm not too sure, but I've seen some of the other bartenders drink while on duty, but I'll come on the other side of the bar to drink it if it puts you at ease." she says before she pours two pints of Guinness and two shots with Irish Whiskey, and Baileys Irish Creme. She sets them both down on the counter. She walks around the bar and stands right beside Nicolas, "You count this time. I counted the last time." she says with a smile on her face.

"You're in trouble if you can't," Ben tells Roselyn, tossing an amused look Nicolas' way. He thumbs in some sort of reply to the pager and turns about again. "How much have you been having? Schlager?"

Nicolas smirks as he looks to Roselyn. "I just don't want to get you in trouble on your first night." He says as he takes the shot and hovers it over the pint of Guinness. "Ready? One, two, three. Go." He drops the shot into the pint glass as he says go and starts to chug.

Roselyn drops the shot into the pint and starts to chug the Bomb. She downs it all in one go. Breathing through her nose so she doesn't choke.

"Pain and suffering," murmurs Ben, observing this with a faintly amused quirk of his lips.
Nicolas finishes with his Car Bomb, setting the empty glasses on the bar top, breathing heavily as he looks to Roselyn to see how far along she is or if she finished already.

Roselyn slams hers down right after Nicolas, "Damn it." she says in between breaths. I don't think I will ever beat you she tells Nicolas smiling. "I've had two shots of Schlagger, one Screwdriver and an Irish Car Bomb, but I pay for everything I get. She tells Ben with a grin. "I won't get into trouble if you guys keep quiet about it." she says with wink.

Ben stands up, digging around in his pocket for his slender, battered wallet. He pulls out a few bills and puts them on the counter beside his glass, which he downs the last gulp from. "Mum's the word," he says. "You two take care." He zips up his coat again.

Nicolas looks to Ben as he stands, offering the man a slight wave. "Take it easy. Don't be a stranger." He says to the man before he looks to Roselyn. "Just gotta practice more. I have these every time I go to the bar, so I practice a lot." He says with a chuckle.

Roselyn smiles and walks back to the other side of the bar. She picks up the money and puts it into the register. "Thanks." she says with a smile, "Take care and be safe." she tells Ben and waves at him. She turns back to Nicolas, "I do to. But I'm going to practice more and more. I love these drinks so I have a couple of them whenever I drink also." she says to Nicolas with a grin. "I think I'm gonna talk to another bartender see if I can get off so we can go bowling." she tells Nicolas with a smile.

Ben waves a little before heading out the door, tugging his hat down on his head.

Ben has left.

Nicolas looks to Roselyn and smiles. "Alright. I'll finish my beer quickly so we can go if you can get off." He says before he takes a long drink from his beer.

Roselyn smiles and nods at Nicolas, "Okay hon. I'll be right back." she walks off and talks to one of the other bartenders. She stays there for a few minutes talking to her and bullshitting before making he way back to Nicolas, "Well looks like I'm off for the night." she says with a smile. "She's going to let me go. I told her I would work for her sometime if she let me go tonight so she agreed." she tells Nicolas with a grin, "So we can go after you finish off your beer." she says looking at him for a few seconds before walking around the end of the bar and taking a seat next to him with her jacket in her lap.

Nicolas looks back to Roselyn and smiles as she says she can go. "Cool. Well, let me finish it then." He says, chugging the rest of the bottle. He stands as he sets the empty bottle on the bar top. "Let's go." He says, putting on his jacket. "Don't forget your tips."

Roselyn smiles and nods. She reaches into her tip jar and empties it out putting it all in her jacket pocket then sliding on her jacket. "This is going to be fun." she says smiling up at Nicolas. She looks at Nicolas, "Lead the way my dear." she says with a grin.

Nicolas smirks and looks to Roselyn. "Alright. Let's go." He says, leading the way out of the bar.

Roselyn smiles and follows behind him, leaving the bar.

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