Five and a Half Minutes


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Scene Title Five and a Half Minutes
Synopsis …in a hallway. Pollepel refugees meet and reunite in a castle corridor.
Date November 23, 2010

Pollepel Island

"If you had hands. You would be doing this."

The voice sounds slightly agitated before a few grunts of disgust slash exertion are given off. "When the hell did we feed you all this?" The voice now taking on a more concerned tone. "This baby's ability is Superhuman poop. I swear. She'll be the next threat to the Earth when an evil mastermind bottles up her secret weapon and unleashes it on Niicuraagua." The last word delivered with an over enthusiastic accent.

Brian is putting the finishing touches on changing little Kasha's diaper. Besides the baby he appears to be by himself. Though appearances aren't always everything. Not far from Brian on the dresser lies the Disney Princess Mirror. And in it, every now and then is a young woman's reflection. Samara pops into the mirror every now and then to laugh at Brian's hilarious jokes or do something else. But for the most part, Brian is concentrating. His room with the kids is vacant now. His lighthouse boys somewhere else around the castle. Either playing or helping out with this or that. It's a chilly afternoon, even though the sun has risen high in the sky.

"Alright. That oughtta do it." Brian murmurs, glancing over to the mirror. Smiling lightly into it, he looks up where Samara should be. Guessing where her eyes might be, he gives her another smile there. Picking up the mirror, he scoops Kasha in one arm. "So. Let's go wash my hands." Winters murmurs, as he goes to exit his room. Standing in the hallway, the mirror is held slightly parallel to his shoulder so that should Samara need to say anything, she can. "So how did you sleep last night? Wake up any place interesting?"

Abby wants to run to Brian when she see's him. WEll no, more appropriately see's Kasha, in Brian's arms. Nut she has Nora with her, springing the blind woman from the infirmary for a bit when Megan was napping, because Abby's of the school of thought that fresh air and extended mobility do wonders for a persons health than being cooped up. She had been jabbering about the snow outside, the tree's and the water, describing it to the other woman with her arm offered when Nora needed it, right now her hands are just shoved in her own pockets. But her conversation halts at the sight of the pair and the mirror, a smile springing to her face at the sight of both. "We have visitors. Down the hall. Brian and Kasha. Kasha's the baby, Brians the big baby."

The teenager with Abby is in seemingly high spirits despite the fact her eyes are covered by gauze; today the sunglasses Howard put on her are on top of her head rather than on top of the eye bandages, serving as a loose sort of headband for her long dark hair.

"Aren't all boys just big babies?" Nora quips, lips curving into a smile. "How old is the baby? The little one I mean. And I guess Brian, too, though he sounds like a grown baby from here. Not old, but… maybe a little older than me?" she asks, trying to rely on her sense of hearing, learning to use the other stimuli better, now that she's lost her sight.

There are moments when Samara enjoys being intangible. Diaper duty is one of them. Although Samara had spent all of her energies making ridiculous faces adults only deign to give children at Kasha; not that the baby can see. She'd shrugged nonchalantly in the mirror at the comment as if to ask, 'What you gonna do about it?' There's nothing to be done, or so it would seem, anyways.

As far as where she woke up this morning? Further out than she'd expected. 'R-A-N-D-O-M A-P-A-R-T-M-E-N-T' she signs. It had been random. And large. Her eyes narrow slightly before she's shrugging again. There's little to be said or done about her sleeping habits aside from making her tangible again.

A flicker of a smile is shot at Abby and then Nora in turn— displayed only in the frame of that mirror.

"Oh. Awesome." Brian says flatly as Abby and her compatriot turn the corner. "That's Abby. She's just great." Brian says dryly to the air next to him. "The other one. I forget her name. I saw her in the infirmary. She got hurt I think. Don't really remember the story." Winters murmurs. His copies have been helping out in the infirmary, but that doesn't mean they need to pay attention. Looking down the hallway, he smirks over his shoulder. "She has a friend who can't see. And I have a friend who can't talk… Or do anything." Winters grins at his ghost.

After watching her sign he smiles. "You're not getting any letters wrong anymore. You're doing great. And when I figure out how to make you UnCasper. You're changing every diaper in the world.."

"Hello Abby." Brian greets more formally. "Coming to make sure I haven't killed the baby?" He gives a light nod. "Glad you made it through the eighth. Heard you had a little hiccup. But you look alright." Brian murmurs gently. Looking down at Kasha. "She's fine too." Looking over to the Disney Princess Mirror he then looks back at the other two women.

"Little. Only helped Dee pop out walter in the back of my SUV. It's probably locked up now, if Teo hasn't taken it some place" Not to mention that Abby's sporting short dark hair instead of long blonde curls. "This is Nora and that, is Kasha, and Kasha is I think… seven months old. She was a foundling that I brought to the orphanage. Some day, I'm going to adopt her" Firm affirmation in that. Some day, Kasha will call her momma instead of just staring at her. "You want to hold her?" Is offered to Nora, Abby making motions for Kasha to be passed over. She'd been worried about the baby, the worry slid in there with many others. "WHat friend are you talking about Brian?" She hasn't quite notice the mirror yet or the woman in it. She'd assumed he was just… talking… to his clones.

"The baby knows letters already at seven months old?" Nora says, brows above her gauzed face crinkling a little. But then Abby is threatening to hand her a baby, and she lets go of Abby's arm to hold up both hands.

"No… no, no, no. I can't even see her, and I'm sure I'd drop her or something. I never even played with dolls or anything. More like toy grenades. Those you're supposed to drop. Or you know. Throw." She backs away from the threat of Kasha and bumps into the wall.

Samara dramatically rolls her eyes, although she is smiling. Diaper duty isn't what anyone wants, even if she'd cling tot he baby. She's been Caspered for four years, what will stop that now anyways? Momentarily the smile falters, relegated to some far off emotion. The lost time and attention is pushed along with it as nothing more than a memory of a past she'll never really live, even if, all along, she'd been alive.

She brings her hand to her mouth and signs 'Thank you' just like she'd been taught by the man weeks before, but the thank you is sarcastic, not that anyone can tell. She shakes her head firmly; she may be relatively useless, but it's become her lot in life. Sami does, however, issue a wink and smile following the thank you. An eyebrow is arched at Abby and then Nora in turn.

"Sameye." Brian murmurs neutrally. The baby is slowly relinquished to Abby, as he glances over to his mirror. "She's invisible and intangible." The young man affirms. "She can only be seen in reflections." Winters turns the mirror slightly so that Samara's existence can be proven. He then turns the mirror and grins a bit at Nora. "No, SamEye. She can't talk. She learned to sign her letters. So I'm very proud of her. Because now she can communicate like a grown up." He looks over to where Samara should be and gives a very broad smile.

"You can hold the baby.. Nora? It's not that scary. I used to be scared of holding little kids too. You hold it for a second, you realize how hard it actually would be to drop her. And.. you don't need eyes to hold a baby." He glances at the D.P.M. "You do need hands though, sorry Sam."

'She's past the whole support the neck part, don't worry. You just hold her like a sack'a potato's" Abby assures, taking Kasha into her own arm, pressing her lips to the infants cheek and giving a gentle raspberry on the chubby cheeks. "Hello Kasha, did you miss me?" Babytalking abby. She looks the happiest she's been since she got here, the baby in her arms. "You don't have to Nora though, it's okay really. I know a great deal of people who don't want to hold her and they can see perfectly fine. They don't even want to be in the same room"

But wait, there's an invisible mute person in the room? Abigail cranes her head to the mirror, blue eyes widening at the reflection there and stares. "Oh my lord"

"There… is he crazy?" Nora whispers to Abby, wondering if Brian is an insane person, though she hasn't heard any such gossip about him. And she's been listening to the gossip while lying in the infirmary bed with nothing to do since the iPod someone gave her ran out of juice.

"And no, no, I'm good, really. Nothing wrong with babies, but you know. Just not my thing," she murmurs, one hand reaching out for the wall, realizing she's not holding on to Abby anymore after her retreat from the frightening infant. "Nice to meet you, Brian, right?" The teen holds out her other hand for a shake, though she isn't really sure where Brian stands.

Like it or not, Samara will be SamEye for life. She sighs at the introduction and shakes her head just a little at Brian in the mirror. Tricksy clone-maker. But her lips curl into a smile despite herself, having another friend means the world. The notion of being a grown up gets a little dance in return, an overemphatic hustle to only the music playing inside Sam's head.

The notion of holding the baby, however, earns another shrug. Nothing she can do about that. Although, theoretically her hands exist.

Abigail is shot a three-fingered wave and the cutest smile the ghost girl can muster. As an apparition, a girl's gotta use what she's got to leave a positive impression.

Still holding the mirror aloft, Brian isn't about to be rude. And since Nora can't see…

An extra hand slides out of Brian's arm, swinging over to quickly shake Nora's hand. Giving a firm shake, his hand then returns to the original. Just a little creepy. But Nora never has to know, unless Abby feels compelled to talk about it. Smiling at Kasha as he is put into Abby's arms, he grins at the mirror when Samara waves.

"She's stuck with her ability. I was hoping we could find someone with the same ability to teach her. Haven't met anyone around here who can phase though. Know anybody?" He then returns his attention to Nora. "Right. Brian. Nice to meet you as well, Nora." He lets out politely, smiling despite the girl's ability to see it. He had glanced briefly at the whispering between them and arched a brow briefly but shrugs it off. He knows he's not crazy. Or at least he's fairly certain. "Cool, right?" Brian asks of Abby as she views the girl in the mirror. "Watch she can even do tricks. SamEye, spin!" Brian barks the order into the mirror. "We're still working on the 'speak' part. She has trouble with that one." a year and a half and I've never been spoken to about it."

"Peter's around here. He might have copied it at some point. He might have some experience with that particular gift Sam..eye" Surely the womans parents didn't name her samEYE. Abigail jiggles Kasha in her arm, eliciting a sprinkle of laughter from the baby and Abigail swaps her attention to the mirror and Sam inside it. "Phasing. Well. That is pretty inconvenient" Does the girl need to eat while phased? "Don't guess that negation drugs would work if you can't touch em?" That's always an option. "Welcome to Pollepel Island Sam" Sam-eye is just too weird. "Not many mirrors I guess around. I can try and look around though, see if I know anyone" Abby glances towards Nora, looking to see how the girl is doing.

Luckily Nora doesn't see the sudden appearance of another hand, only feeling the one that she shakes. She frowns a little as the man speaks to the girl stuck in the mirror like she were a dog, turning her head to "look" at Abby with raised brows. Though her eyes are swathed in gauze, it's easy to see she hasn't stopped making expressions with those eyes.

"Yeah. Um. Hi, Sam. Sorry I can't see you," she murmurs — if the girl is really there, she'll be polite, at least. She offers a little wave, though she has no idea where this mirror is that reflects Samara to the world.

"So you're going to adopt the baby? That's great, Abby. I'm sure you'll be a great mom," she murmurs, backing up against the wall again, since it seems like they aren't going anywhere, and she feels safer with the wall to her back.

The tight circle the former dancer spins in is more pirouette-like than a mere turn. She's retained lithe movements, or acquired them, over the course of the last few years. Samara shrugs again, there's nothing she can do about her current state of affairs. Her eyes narrow, however, at the notion of phasing. How is it she's phased so long? And gotten so painfully stuck? There's another shrug at the notion of negation drugs. There's no way she could take them. She would love to take them. And eat food again. And dance with gravity placed upon her.

Samara grins at Nora's attempt at greeting her. Her head tilts and she issues a more emphatic wave now, like somehow with over-enthusiastic motions the blind woman will see her somehow. A cheesy grin and two thumbs are pointed high to the ceiling with that same enthusiasm.

"She says hi." Brian murmurs to Nora. Then his attention goes back to Abby. One hand clenching significantly at the mention of the name. "Peter's here?" His jaw clenches tight, lowering his head for a momnet. The tension in his voice is audible for just a moment, before Winters manages to regain his composure. "If he's around here.. He could probably try to teach you, Sam." He murmurs ReflectionGirl standing next to him.

Looking down to Kasha, "I assume you're going to want to stay with her for a little bit?" Brian glances over to Abby's face. "I just changed her. So you're lucky." Brian grunts, a little resentful that he did the hard work and now Abby shows up.

"Yeah, Nora and I should keep going. I'll bring her back after I get some time in with her" Maybe bundle the baby up, let her touch the snow and see her reaction. "But Peter is around, best I know. He should be able to have some suggestions, or where you can find some help sam. He's a little taller than me, dark hair, he's got a cut across his face. If I see him, I'll tell him to keep an eye out for your reflection" Phased out girl. Abby will never complain about her inability to talk while on fire ever again. Nope. "Shall we keep on Nora?" Abby's free arm is out, her hand touching the blind womans arm enough to let her know that she's there and where to grab if she wants to.

"Sure… are you okay with both me and the baby?" Nora asks tentatively, her hand curling around Abby's arm when it's offered to her. "Nice to meet you — both. Good luck with all that," she adds, nose wrinkling as if she realizes how very insufficient that is to say in such a situation, but having nothing better to offer in terms of advice or hope.

Samara salutes at the notion of getting help out of this current state of being, although Brian's tone doesn't exactly elicit confidence, in fact, it prompts a wrinkle of her forehead and nose. Her lips purse together in careful consideration, but it is met with a shrug. At this point she'll quite literally try anything. She blows Kasha a kiss and reaches her hand out towards some invisible intangible thing that, unlike her, doesn't exist. She literally grasps at the air and then puts it in her pocket.

Pocketed luck is better than no luck at all.

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