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Scene Title Fix
Synopsis Gillian and Magnes, two partially broken people meet up at a garage shop and talk about the changes they're making in their lives.
Date March 2, 2010

Repair Garage

It's around noon, and Magnes has a good two hours before he has to do anything important. When he called up Gillian, he gave her the address of a small privately owned garage. Quite a few people are renting space here for their cars or trucks, and there only seems to be enough space for around ten vehicles.

When Gillian finally arrives, she's greeted with the sight of Magnes touching and pulling out the dents of a black Impala with greatly faded paint, looking incredibly beat up and probably only just barely running. He's wearing a cheaper dark-blue suit today, this one only costing him around eighty or so, with an expensive black tie. He doesn't seem like he's done much work on the car, except his current pulling of the dents, but he seems rather proud of it. "Soon it'll be just like the Winchesters!" Though this particular impala is barely recognizable due to heavy neglect, it is indeed the same model as the Winchester Impala.

"I'm afraid I don't get that reference," Gillian says, moving deeper into the garage and tucking her gloved hands into her coat. It's cold, but not so cold that she stayed out of the city today. She had paper work to drop off, and a phone call to return. "I saw your ex today. Just after I called to find out where I could meet you. It's why I was late. Dropping off stuff took longer than I thought, even though she's… very business. I could see why she's not the same girl you kept telling me about."

Down to business, complete with shotgun.

"Yeah, well…" Magnes shrugs, leaning both hands on the front hood of the car. "I'm not gonna worry about her anymore. It hurts, a lot, but I'm letting her go completely, I won't even be going to the same school as her like I planned. Just hurts too much to be around her and know that she'll never respond the way I want, not even as a friend. It's too different, I can accept her, I really can, it's not even about her personality, it's… just that she can't remember me, and she doesn't even seem to like me very much anymore."

He takes a deep breath, shaking his head, then turns around to walk over and wrap his arms around her. "But let's not talk about that. I'm glad you seem to be doing alright, Gillian. I saw that you and Peter didn't seem to work out either. So I guess we're both pretty much screwed in that area. But, I have a new job, a new apartment, I'm sexually active, and my band has our first gig, so I think I'll survive, and you will too."

"Yeah, Peter would rather me stay out of his life, just like you're staying out of hers. He's not interested in a relationship right now, or something. But since I wasn't able to just be his friend, he didn't want me around at all," Gillian's voice is quiet, as she runs her hand over the car. "Good for you, though. I'm… just pretty much planning to hang out at the Lighthouse. I signed up for a couple online classes too, but…" she shrugs. It's not exactly where she saw her life going, or what she wants, but it's all she has.

And her sister may be back from the dead. Which she learned to not tell people after she mentioned it to Cardinal.

Magnes doesn't comment on Peter not being interested in relationships, he simply smiles and nods, releasing her to go open the car door and sit in front of the wheel, leaving the door open. "I don't know how someone could not want to be with you. You stayed dedicated through that whole Kazimir thing, you're smart, open-minded, and definitely in the top five hottest women of all time."

He pokes at the radio, which is currently off, if it even works. "I'm gonna restore this car, well, when I figure out how to restore a car. I'll probably put some modern stuff in it too, but this is gonna be just like the Impala from Supernatural. This is the next best thing to having a Deloreon."

"I'm neurotic and a pain in the ass, too," Gillian says with a shrug, though the compliments do make her smile faintly, complete with dimples. "You going to take some mechanic classes?" Wait a minute. As she moves closer to him her eyes narrow. Did he just mention a Delorean. "I swear to god, Magnes, if you try to use me to make this thing fly around town, I will punch you in the stomach. One flight in a mental piece of crap held up by you and me is enough for one lifetime."

Though if they do it here, he could actually tell people…

"Don't worry, the car in Supernatural doesn't fly or do anything special, it's just really awesome to look at." Magnes sits back in his seat, motioning for her to come into the passenger side. "I might find someone who knows about mechanics and stuff, to maybe help me with this and give me pointers. I don't really have time for classes. I'm Tracy Strauss' intern now, plus college starts soon."

He looks amused when she gets so self-depreciating, and just shakes his head. "I've known you for years, I know you have some flaws, but, who doesn't? And that makes you who you are, you wouldn't be Gillian if you weren't neurotic. I always thought it was kinda cute."

"That's good. Maybe you ever do find a Delorean, you could talk me into it, though," Gillian says, looking over the beaten up care carefully as she says that, rather than the young man who she just consented to fly a car with. But only a Delorean. Chances he'll find one are so small that she may not have to pay that.

"It's funny how you can like me despite my flaws, but other people don't seem to be able to. Maybe if I wanted to date you, you'd suddenly feel differently. Or maybe it's just the guys I want to date that are the problem. I think I always did like assholes who treated me bad. I thought Peter was an exception…"

"Honestly, if I had to choose any girl to date on Earth, it'd probably be you. It's true that I still have my feelings for Claire, but I probably always will, she'll always have a place in my heart, but I mean… with me and you there's no real mystery, we know eachother, we know what to expect, and we actually like being around eachother. Also I should repeat that you're one of the top five hottest women ever." Magnes laughs, turning the knobs on the radio more. This thing sure is old! "I'm grateful for everything Peter's done for me, and he's not a particularly bad guy, but of all the people in the world, he's definitely got his flaws. But someone once told me that girls like bad guys, that'd probably be why I have no real luck."

He honks the horn once, just to see if it works, then snickers at it for whatever reason. "And Abby, well, I had a bit of an epiphany about her in the middle of an argument. I realized, she doesn't really know me, she doesn't seem to have any desire to try to know me, she just assumes she knows me and judges me based on that. That's when I realized I was most definitely done there. I still find her unbelievably attractive, but I can't date someone who won't even give me a chance as a person."

As he honks the horn, her hands go away from the top of the car, and she looks around once. Gillian still has the 'careful!' about her, though it's not as extreme as when they first met in the park and hung out in a tree together. The first in person meeting. "I can see that. I don't think Peter wanted to get to know me either. He… made a lot of assumptions about me and about my motives. He…" She shakes her head. "Doesn't really matter now." He banished her frim his life.

"I don't think we'd work if we dated. Not just because we know each other too well, but… There's less mystery. We'd probably get bored after a while. And I know you would never want just a fling." Which is probably all she would want… "And I couldn't do that to you. The 'just a fling' part." It wouldn't be fair, and she knows it would hurt him. "And I wouldn't want you to become an asshole just to get together with me. No matter how attractive I am."

"I don't know, I had a one night stand I didn't get too hung up about, and I'm currently in a bit of a fling right now anyway. I'm kind of done with serious relationships for a long time. I can't deal with getting my heart ripped open like with Claire again. All I intend to have for a long time are flings, because nothing's worth falling in love and getting hurt all over again." Magnes closes his eyes, laying his head back on the car seat. "The difference between a fling with you and the one I'm currently having is that I learned sex doesn't magically change anything at all, as great as it is."

Leaning against the door so she can face him, Gillian reaches in the downed window and pushes against his forehead. "You're right. Sex doesn't magically change anything. It's funny— usually women are the ones lamenting about how they wanted sex to change a relationship and then found out it didn't. Sex can take control of a situation. It depends on how you use it, but… mostly it's just sex. The emotions have to be there before, or they won't be there after."

It won't bring love. Or respect. Or happiness. Not if it's not already there.

"I'm not really interested in anything at all right now, not flings or sex, or…" She shrugs. The last guy she had sex with didn't actually die, it turns out! But… even then… "I think, I'm just gonna be me, minus the guys for a while."

"Yeah, I'm supposed to take a break from girls and focus on my career and all, well, except my fling, but after twenty-one years, there's no way in hell I'm going cold turkey. But yeah, as far as relationships go, I'm not having any of that. Sorry for trying to lead the discussion into having sex in the backseat of my car." He laughs and steps out, closing the door to lean on the hood just over the window now, facing her. "I'll be Magnes J. Varlane, Super Intern. My only regret is that my dating phase only lasted about six months."

"Oh, you know they have meetings for that. Sex addicts anonymous," Gillian teases, reaching up to poke him on the chest, now that he's facing her ouside the car again. "I think you'll do good as an intern. You're very attentive. You always want to please people, and you'll do just about anything to do it. Which hey— that's awesome for an intern. I hope the chick your working for is cool." Cause otherwise, it could end up being a bad grouping.

"If you have any free time, you might want to stop by the Lighthouse. Not that you're a wonderful influence on kids… but I bet you could take them flying and they'd adore you."

"Hey, I was a cop, a secret agent, and a pizza boy, I'm like Barbie for boys. And I guess Ken for girls…" Magnes looks down at his crotch for a moment, and quickly shakes his head. "Alright maybe not Ken. Can I take you out to lunch? I'll treat. Then I'll head to work."

"We'll just call you an action figure— like the GI-Joe ones." Gillian only vaguely recalls them, cause her brother. It works better than Barbi and Ken, though! "You'd feel cooler. Including Argentina Combat Man. Flying Tank Dude. Penguin Leader…" It all sounds cool n her head. "But yeah, I'll take you up on that lunch," she says, turning to look back at the exit. "There's sledding in Midtown. If the snow keeps up, I may take the Lighthouse kids out for some sledding fun. Might as well enjoy the snow we get hammered with…" She shrugs, almost as if she's suggesting he come along too, but for now… Lunch.

"Sure, I'll show up if Tracy doesn't dump a bunch of work on me. I have a feeling she'll try to make me quit in the first few weeks." Magnes closes and locks his car door, then reaches over for her hand so they can start heading for the exit. "I live in Dorchester Towers now, if you wanna stop by my place. My roommate's name is Sable, she's pretty cool. Not the fling, by the way.

"Good to know. Hard to have a fling with a roommate," Gillian says, as if speaking from experience. She had a platonic roommate, that became much more… But that didn't turn out too well! "I may stop by sometime, but I'm spending most my time on Staten again, so… kinda out of the fucking wait with no bridge." Totally not her fault the bridge fell down. Even if she was there.

"What are you treating me for for lunch?"

"Hey, can't say I didn't try, but she has strict rules about sleeping with bandmates." Magnes raises two fingers, starting to get into the habit of mimicking Gabriel when he uses his ability, and flings the door open. "Let's go to Wendy's, I hear they have a new bacon thing."

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