Flashing Goodbye



Scene Title Flashing Goodbye
Synopsis After returning to his hotel room, Sven disappears into a power outlet.
Date December 9, 2010

Sven's Hotel Room

A long day of tourism around New York, and Sven returns to his hotel room just half an hour before curfew kicks in. He puts down his backpack, and proceeds to sit on his bed. Picking up his laptop, he starts up Skype… the hotel didn't provide free internet, but at least it offered it for cheap.

"Vilma Petersonn." Sounds a voice on the other end of the connection, if there's one thing Sven loved about Skype… it was his ability to make free phonecalls home.

"Hey mom, it's me." Sven offers back, his tone is cheerfull, "Went to see the Statue of Liberty today, man you won't believe what kind of lines there are to visit that thing, I'm sure I spent hours waiting to enter it."

"That's intere—" Vilma's voice suddenly stocks as she hears a bunch of static, not that it mattered, because the headphones had just molten down. As had the clothes Sven had been wearing before he turned into electricity.

Now inside the hotel's electronical infrastructure, Sven's perception has been decidedly altered. No longer does he see the world like regular people do. No, far from… he's rushing through a network of tiny corridors, with occassionally some small holes he can barely squeeze through, as well as the occassional bright light at the end of those corridors.

But he's not alone, other flashes of light pass through the corridors, and Sven can eat those flashes. He accidentally does that to one of them, and … it felt like he just had a meal. Weird. Well, all of this is weird.

Out of curiosity, Sven squeezes himself through one of those holes, it seems like it takes a while, forever almost, but eventually he arrives on the other side. The other flashes are much brighter here, and the labyrinthine path of corridors is almost impossible to navigate. It doesn't take long for Sven to forget the route he had taken.

Making him truly lost, lost inside New York's power grid.

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