Flashing Lights Aren't Always Ufos



Scene Title Flashing Lights Aren't Always UFOs
Synopsis Some days she'd rather the UFOs.
Date October 24, 2018

Yamagato Park

The fireworks have Brynn's full attention, and her eyes don't know what to take in first. It's a fitting display, brilliant colors against the aurorae that pulse in the night sky. The patterns and starbursts of light detonating high above are beautiful, and the percussion blasts she can feel as ripples when other people jump or shift slightly. Her mind takes in those sparkling flickers of light …

Her flash goes off, and she reaches up to touch the screen of her digital camera to remove it. She has a good eye anyway, but her ability does give her photos an added realism that takes them to the next level. As she checks the digital shots, scanning the aurora effects captured in her lens, she makes a moue of distaste. Not what she wants. Definitely no need for flash.

Reorienting herself, she lines up her next several shots. The backdrop of the Deveaux Building's rooftop sculpture is in shadow, a darkness that she'll enhance just a bit to make the vivid aurorae show up in spectacular relief against the winged circle.

This one will land on the cover for certain. She's pretty sure both the National Geographic and the Sky and Space magazines will appreciate this one.

"Hey! How'd you get up here?!"

Turning, she looks at the guard and smiles. "Uhm…" Her tone is abashed and a little shy. Her looks often make this act work for her. "Well, the guy downstairs said I could come up just to take some pictures. I'm not doing anything. Really. Want to see them?" She gestures to the sky. "It's spectacular."

He's an older man, and this kid reminds him of his granddaughter. But he scolds, "He shouldn't have done that. Come on, you gotta get back downstairs, kid. This is private property."

She sighs heavily, and then nods. "One more shot?" she wheedles.

He rolls his eyes. "Sure. Go on, then."

Brynn turns, bringing her camera back up. Setting her exposures, getting it just perfect. She takes a barrage of shots, and then she turns back to him. "Thanks so much, mister. I don't think I've ever seen anything so pretty."

He grudgingly nods. "Yeah, yeah." He does pause to look at the lights above them. It's wreaking havoc on their radios and shit, but… it is pretty. "C'mon. I'll walk you out, make sure no one hassles you."

Brynn laughs. "Epic! Thanks!"

What the hell?? She's brought back to the present by a particularly bright flash as the fireworks show concludes. Glancing sideways, she can see that Squeaks is still bouncing, Lance still smiling, everything looks okay.

She's not sure she is. She has no idea what that was… but she can feel a sense of uneasiness at what just happened. Brynn doesn't like this stuff. It keeps on showing up and it causes her anxiety in ways she's never felt it.

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