Flyers And Toys


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Scene Title Flyers And Toys
Synopsis Xiulan and Abby meet for more self defense lessons in the park. They discuss how to drum up more business for her shop and towards the end, toys. Of the mature nature.
Date July 8, 2009

Central Park

It's been a busy day, and so, it's before dinner, but classes are well over and Abby's path to back home would end her in Central Park and the appointed exercise time with Xiulan. Even though she had made it sound like she didn't want to, it was more Abby being innundated with information from Hiro and Xiu that was a little outside her sphere of comfort and emotional upheavel from the death of friends.

But abigail was rpesent, chaining up her scooter and hoofing it toward their meeting place.

Xiulan is already there, course, it's more apt to say that she's /physically/ there. Since, at the moment, she's sitting on a park bench staring at the grass at her feet. Visibly not up to snuff, it is fairly clear in a glimpse that the tattoo artist isn't doing all that hot.

Make that two not so hot people. It takes a bit to build back up the blood stores, and another day or two and she'll be fit as a fiddle. She was expecting only to do light work today, but the look on Xiu's face has her worried. "Hey" she says softly as the blonde eases down onto the bench beside Xiu.

Usually it isn't so easy to sneak up Xiulan. This time, however, Abby's appearance is met with a blink and a startled raise of her head. "Abby." The name is almost sighed with relief, one hand raising to scrub over Xiu's face. "You scared me." Well, not really -scared- her, but still. Leaning back on the bench, Xiu does her level best to shake of her funk, going to far as to afford the former a smile that is only slightly wan. "So, some light stretching, just to get us both back into the swing of things?"

'Sure, when you tell me why you look like someone kicked your dog" The blonde seems adamant about that. Even goes so far as to make herself comfortable. "Or would you rather tell me as we stretch?"

"I'd rather not talk about it at all," Xiulan admits as she pushes to her feet. Wrinkling her nose, she grimaces mildly as she swings her arms up above her head, her spine curving backward in an enviable display of flexibility. "I'm worried about Richard," she admits as her pony tail sweeps over the grass behind her feet. "I saw him for all of ten minutes before he had to rush out to do something else dangerous and secret."

She doesn't want to talk about it and then, she launches into Richard conversation. She doesn't know if she really meant she didn't want to talk about. But that's oookay. Much like with the chopsticks the night before, she imitated Xiulan, but not bending back as much. She's not Xiulan. "He's the one who told me you were back, I called him to let him know something"

"I feel like I'm being an ass," Xiulan grumps as she reaches back to press her palms against the grass. Yes, she is bendy-twisty pretzel woman! But hey, she's stretching and she's limber and it does no good if she can't feel the burn. "It's been /weeks/ since we've had more then ten minutes to talk. He's been hurt, he's been doing god only knows what, and I've been traipsing around in the past with Hiro." Oi. Hiro. "Yeah, we probably shouldn't talk about it, really. So, what have you been up to?"

"Life can get very busy" Abigail is not going to make excuses for either of them, but she can understand. Welcome to the world of dealing with what the rest of the city never see's. "School. School. I uhh, Isabelle, my old boss. She died and.. I think.. I inherited her bar. Or at least half. If the one will is still in effect, then… I own half of Old Lucy's and one of the other bartenders owns the other half" she'll try that, bend over backwards, palms on ground. Though Abigail comes crashing down. Don't ask her to play twister.

Blinking once as Abby goes tumbling, Xiulan does her level best not to laugh. Sadly, she fails and it is with laughter lacing her tone that she asks, "Are you okay?" Course, she does roll out of her stretching, straightening vertebrae by vertebrae before stepping over to crouch next to Abby on the grass. "You own a bar? Damn, you'll be the most popular girl in town in no time." Sobering slightly, she adds. "I am sorry about your friend, though."

"I'm good" She lays there quietly for a few moments, unbending her legs from under her and then rolling to the side to get back up. "Part of a bar. Now, now my taxes will go sky high" That's the downside. "I am too. I hope she passed like she lived, burning everything in sight and whomever took her down. I've seen what her temper can do. I had to heal a SCOUT officer who she took down. It was not pretty"

Satisfied that Abby hasn't hurt herself, Xiu sits back on her rump stretching her legs out in front of her. "Half of a bar will still make you popular," she provides easily. Leaning forward to firmly grip her toes in her hands, a toss of her head sends her pony tail over shoulder as she slants a glance back at Abigail. "So…. did anything happening with Flint?" Yeah, she's asking if the Abster finally got her freak on.

"No. He picked me up but… he didn't do anything. He just took me home. Wouldn't let me stay at your place. I asked him though, I remember that, but he told me not tonight" See, he's honorable. "I got birth control though, just in case." The last murmured quietly. "I don't think I'll need it, but, better safe than sorry yes?"

"Definitely," Xiulan confirms as she leans forward to rest her cheek against her knees. "I guess it is a good thing, though. I mean, you probably would have been pissed if he had taken you up on the offer." Afterward mind you, probably not during. Well, depending upon Flint's skill. "So what else have I missed? Do you know what Richard is up to?"

"He's taking down Arthur Petrelli. I know that. Avenging some people who have died. He phoned me up while you were gone to ask me some questions, more moral questions than anything. I think.. what he's doing, is going to hurt a lot of people, but it will save many many more" She's imitating Xiulan, cautious in her maneuverings.

"Oh." Oh. Raising her head, Xiulan allows her palms to slide up to her ankles, her brow furrowing as she draws her ankles in toward her body and leans forward to press her knees toward the ground. Silent while she stretches, she finally gives a faint shake of her head, not at all certain what to make of that news. "I feel like I'm completely out of the loop," she admits.

"That, Xiu, is often what happens when you're not right in the center. I get bits and pieces here, from people who tell me. But that's because I stand.. used to stand, right in the middle of all the groups, sort of, and I'd hear things when I went to heal people. They'd tell me who to watch out for, who to be careful of"

"Well, Richard said I was safe, So I'm going to believe that," Xiulan decides. It is with a wry smile and a faint snort that she adds. "Good thing, too, I need to get some paying work and soon."

"Instead of changing the back of drunken blonde defunct healers? I can pay you for it, really. But I'm sure that you'll get customers. We can go out this weekend and pass out flyers if you want. I'll wear a tank top so that they can see what you've done on me." She offers as she bends and twists in time with Xiu.

"Nah, I like working on my friends, Abby. I just need to bring in some cash, too." Really, while she can 'make' her own money, she doesn't really do that too often. "Besides, doing actual tattoos with the gun is soothing." Quirking her lips in a wry smile she adds. "It vibrates."

Abby doesn't get it. The appeal of the vibrate. "Then, make some flyers. We'll get a pack of colored paper and we can make flyers and we can paper cars and that will get you some help. You can copy a picture of my back to it" See, she's willing, helpful.

"You totally didn't get it, did you?" Shaking her head, Xiu does her level best not to chuckle and actually succeeds this time. "Yeah, we can make fliers and all that. In the meantime, you and I are /so/ going shopping to get you some toys." Seriously, what woman can survive without her trusty toy chest, it's just not right.

"Xiu, I'm not a kid. I don't need toys. I have my scooter. That's my toy. I have.. my bible. I have… My oven. That's my toy" Abigail sighs softly. Yes, even she's realizing now that she's missing something. She sinks down to sit and reach for her own ankles, wrapping her hand around one.

Wow. Just…. Seriously. /Wow/. "Abby, sweety, I adore you, you know that, right?" Grinning wryly, Xiu shifts to sit on her hip giving up the pretense of stretching any longer. "I'm talking about adult toys, Abby. You know, like a vibrator?" Yeah, Abby doesn't know, Xiu knows that, but still. "I mean… I think they have instruction manuals that come with them." Failing that, a couple of girlie magazines should offer a decent visual demonstration.

No, no she knows what they are. "I don't need one Xiu. Thank you though" Red cheeked, scarlet even. "But now.. I know what you meant, about the tattoo gun" She worked in Old Lucy's she should have clicked in sooner.

Oh, Xiu thinks if any woman /ever/ needed one, it's Abby. But, she's not going to push it any further then she has. "Well, if you change your mind, let me know," she offers helpfully. Leaning back on the grass, she plucks absently at a few strands of grass, her shoulders rising and falling in a slow shrug. "The fliers are a good idea, though. I think I'll definitely do that."

Abigail just nods her head and sighs, standing up, ready to start their actual lesson. "Maybe.. we could get like.. a book or something on how to you know.. " You know Xiu. "Okay!" Swinging her arms back and forth. "We going over what you started to teach me last time"

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