Follow Up To Wierdness


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Scene Title Follow up to Wierdness
Synopsis Adam, Ash and Lola have a little talk after the strange events in the Pancratium
Date August 15, 2009

Random street outside the Pancratium

Adam pushes out of the pancratium with Lola clinging to his arm and Michael pushing close by. He lets out of a breath as people stream out and Adam leads his small group out towards a small alley where they can keep away from the rest of the people as he waits to see if Ash makes it out. Adam turns off handedly to Lola, "So, given all we've been through today, perhaps you should tell me your name."

Lola got out of there alive! It's not a miracle, but it's certainly something to be proud of. And she's got 3 wallets in her hand. She's grinning, finding the situation rather amusing. "Huh? Name?" She asks in her thick Louisianna accent. "Aw damned….uh..I got a name. Shit I left my ID at home. I can' remember it. I think it was Alice or somethin like that." Fake IDs are so hard to have if you can't remember what the names are!

Ash makes his way out of the place, slower than everyone else. He really only emerges once the rush is over, and he begins to walk down the street, his hands in his pockets and his eyes on the concrete in front of him, putting each foot in front of the other. He doesn't even seem to notice Adam and the rest in the alley off to the side as he begins to pass by it.

Adam calls out, "Ash!" as he sees the man emerge and start to walk in their direction. He waves the man by back towards him before he turns to Lola. His head tilts to the side for a moment before he reaches forward and slips his forefinger under her slender chin and tilts her up towards him, almost as a prelude to a kiss but he says, "I saved your life. Surely you can afford a little honesty."
Lola blinks. Yes, she blinks, just staring up at him like she's about to eat his face or something. "Yer in my bubble, darlin. An I'm bein honest, just got a new name an all, can't remember it. Suppose my old one'll work. Lola." She starts going through the wallets she found, flipping through pictures and cards. Looking for something interesting in there. That is, until she sees Ash. He gets her attention he is interesting! "Hey, aincha that guy that mentally ill fellah was yellin at?" Cause mentally ill people wear bathrobes everywhere. Yup.

Ash hears Adam's voice and the man's head lifts. he looks over towards Adam, immediatley snapping out of his little fuge. He moves into a jog, covering the ground quickly with long strides to stop at the mouth of the alley. His eyes flicker around, a nod given to Michael, respect there in Ash's eyes for the other man, then he looks over at Adam. "Sorry about that boss…" he shrugs his broad shoulders before Lola is addressing him. He turns his eyes back on her. "She bugging you boss?" It's a classic line, but coming from him it seems to have… quite a bit more meaning. He stares right at Lola. "Yes, I am." He states simply, his arms crossing over his thick chest as he looks down at her, nothing more said for the moment.

Adam smirks a bit, "Your bubble? I dare say you popped that when you clung to my arm like a new appendage." he says. As she starts looking through wallets, he shakes his head and turns to Ash, "It's alright. No one could have saw that coming. I knew what he could do and I didn't even see that coming." he pauses, "But how do you know Norman White? And why does he seem so intent upon you?"

Lola sticks out her tongue at Ash. Yeah, she's fine here, thank you very much! "Who is that White fellah ya'll're goin' on about?" She asks, going through the first wallet and tossing it, money and all, aside. Bo-ring! "How come he was such a fuddy duddy?" She asks, glancing at the men, then back to the wallet as she listens. And, only then, does she remember. "Oh, Lola was my old name, guess you cam run with that."

Ash darts his hand out, lightning fast to grab a hold of the wallet. He opens it up and looks at the ID and sighs, tucking it into his pocket. "Remind me to send these back to thier owners." He turns his eyes back over towards Lola and his eyes narrow at her. He flicks his attention over to Adam then and he shakes his head, slowly. "I'll tell you in more private surroundings. Without petty criminals near by." He turns his attention back towards Lola. "He was someone who could kill you as easily as look at you, so watch yourself, and run your ass off if you ever see him again." With that he leans back against the wall of the alley, his eyes deep in thought, but he's alert as well, gaze darting out onto the street from time to time.

Adam turns towards Lola after Ash starts in about the petty criminals comment. But he notices money sticking out of the wallet. His eyes narrow for a moment then turns towards Lola, thoughtful. "She's not a petty criminal." he says as if he's starting a theorum on his own. "She's not looking for money." he pauses a bit, "So, you've got money." he frowns a bit, "What is it you do, Lola?" he questions, "Who is it you work for?" suddenly, little miss pretty is quite an interesting subject.

Lola is only too willing to stick her tongue out at Ash again. "Yer friends are cranky," she informs Adam in a rather matter-of-fact tone, as if this were a textbook fact and could not be disputed. "I don' work for nobody. But all that stuff…" she guestures to the wallets taken by Ash, "…s'all borin' stuff. Money an pictures a weddin's. Dull. If I'mma steal somethin, it's gonna be interestin."

Ash looks down at the wallet, then up to Adam. "Nope, she's not after money, but it's still a petty crime, getting her jolly's off on robbing people for no reason and no profit. She doesn't even take the money, which makes her worse… and at the same time.." he turns his eyes on Lola for a moment, a thoughtful look in the large man's eyes. "Also makes her a prime recruit. She's not in it for the personal gain. She wants the thrill and the excitement of what she does." He smiles, but it's not… a friendly smile at all. He lets his attention linger on the woman as Adam questions her.

Adam shakes his head at Ash's suggestion, "No, I don't think she is." he pauses, "She's not even dating material." turning away from Lola and stepping away, "She wouldn't take orders." he says and then continues, "And she's too suspicious to let a man get close. Besides, what precisely would I need with a pick pocket?" he purses his lips for a moment and turns back towards Lola, "You're quite beautiful Lola and I imagine quite talented. I wouldn't stay on your own for long." he advises.

Wait, she's useless and not datable, but beautiful and talented? "Alright, yer nuts," she motions to Adam, almost dismissively even as she continues to point a finger at him, her free hand on her hip as she looks toward Ash. "So I dunno if ya'll missed it er somethin, but the floor just opened up in there, an there was screamin' an no lights…who was that guy sides someone all big an spooky an dangerous, like ya say?"

Ash looks over toward Adam, and Ash smiles towards the man, shaking his head to his words. He turns his eyes back towards Lola with a soft hmmm. "You were just picking the pockets, of quite a few dangerous people in there. What makes you so special to be able to do that? Some of those people are evolved, and some are not…" He glances back to Adam,. then back again to Lola. "Would you do what you were told if we could promise you excitement? Interesting things to do?" He arches a brow at her, purely interested in her abilities. She might notice he doesn't look her over, nothing, doesn't even seem to acknowledge that she's female. She's just… a person. "What can you do besides pick pockets?'

Adam does look her over, has. And has told her she's beautiful. But he doesn't seem quite as interested as Ash is. But if Ash wants to play recruiter, he'll let him. He brushes himself off a bit and turns to Michael. "You alright? I just sort of assumed you were since you weren't crying out in pain or anything." he pauses and glances towards Lola, "Yes…the floor opened up. And just before that you saw a man with super strength fight a man who shoots electricity. How is that so much different?"

Lola sets both hands on her hips, looking back to Adam. "Cause that part didn' look quite so planned." she points out, turning away from him and wrinkling her nose, making silent mocking gestures. Now she has time to think on Ash's questions. "Most a the stuff I can do, darlin, prolly ain' legal an fer all I know yer one a them New York cops that tricks folks into sayin' stuff." But then again, he's already holding those wallets in her hands. "I'm just good at it. It's what I do."

Ash looks at Lola as she mentions him maybe being a cop. "You don't know me, so I'll let that one go. But if you ever… and I mean, fucking ever… allude to me being a fucking cop again your face will not be so fucking pretty do you understand?" His voice a harsh growl as he threatens her. "I'm trying to provide you a source of the excitement you seem to fucking crave. But you don't want it, then fine." He tucks the wallets into his pockets, intending to send them back to thier owners before he turns towards Adam, his body tense, his shoulders hunched. Apparently, the man doesn't like cops. "Hear that boss? I'm a fucking cop, did you know that?" He moves towards the mouth of the alley, Lola dismissed now for the moment.

Adam mmms a bit as he shakes his head and glances at Lola, "Hit a nerve there, love." he says after a moment. "You were doing pretty good up until then too." he tsks as he nods to Michael to go follow Ash, "Look, what happened in there is part of a big puzzle. A puzzle you're not a piece of. Yet, maybe not ever. Just look out for the homeless man. He'll be more excitement than you bargained for." he shakes his head and says as he did in the park, "Such a waste. You're such a pretty bird." and then turns away from her and starts walking to follow his bodyguards.

Lola doesn't seem overly upset by Ash's full-blown anger parade. Instead, she just squirms like a cute little girl, shifting her weight and looking up sweetly at Adam. "Aww, here that Bossy? He thinks I'm purdy!" Yes, never let a situation arise that Lola cannot make light of. "Hey come on, tell me 'bout the homeless guy! I wanna know!" She bounds after them, apparently intent on being a bother until she gets what she wants.

Ash looks over to Adam as he speaks. His eyes glance to Michael and he begins to talk softly with the man, just striking up a chat that is until Lola moves to follow them. Ash turns around, stopping on the sidewalk and glaring down at Lola. "Little thing, I will break you. You had your chance, now let it be. You don't get information unless you're trusted, and you're not trusted, so you don't get shit, got it?" He shakes his head and turns back around, a quick jog catches him up with his two companions, and he falls in at his boss' side, walking with smooth, graceful movements, the large man's footsteps keeping him at perfect pace with Adam's.
Adam tilts his head to the side as Lola skips along trying to get more info. He lets out a bit of a sigh and says, "Lola." then turns towards her. "Alright. You know prid pro quo?" he questions, but doesn't stop to see if she does, "This city works on it. So we tell you about homeless man…what do we get?" his brow arches expectantly.

Lola has no idea. "I'll leave?" She suggests, weakly, knowing that's not going to fly. "Well ya already got three wallets I pinched! Three identities, three sets a cash, I mean that's a damn good tradeoff if ya know how ta use it proper!" She exclaims, still following behind.

Ash looks over towards Lola, and he shakes his head. "These are going back to thier owners. Crime should have a reason." It's stated simply as he turns his eyes back ahead of him, walking alongside Adam, and going silent then, little else to say.

Adam glances at Ash and his conviction that crime should have a point. He's taken slightly aback, never quite clear that Ash had a code of some sort. He glances towards Lola before he says, "Yeah, money isn't really something we're hurting for. Nor identities." he pauses, "To be honest, I'm not sure what to ask you for Lola, because I wouldn't trust you to give it."

Lola sticks out her tongue at each man in turn. "Boy it's true what they say 'bout ya'll Yankees, cept for you a course, yer no more a yankee'n me, but ya'll are so dull." She rolls her eyes and turns, kicking at the ground and scuffing her shoe. "Mr. Linderman better have somethin' fun fer me to do or this whole durned trip was a waste a my time an some fellahs head…" she mutters aside, mostly to herself.

Ash doesn't see the look from Adam. He's concentrating his attention on thier surroundings, doing his job so to speak. HIs eyes move from person to person on the street. He stands, as Adam and Lola talk, still and alert, just playing the bodyguard for the time being. The mention of Linderman earns a curious glance from Ash, but nothing more.

On the other hand, it means everything to Adam and he twirls around on his foot. Michael, apparently ready for that reaction stops a few paces ahead. He considers Lola quietly for some moments before he says, "Why on earth would you work for Daniel Linderman?" he pauses, "What in the world could you possibly be doing for him?"

Lola chuckles. "Aw, you know Mr. Linderman too? Or dear ol Daniel as he seems to be called round here." She shakes her hea at it all. "Then again, who don' know him? Stole this little gal's cross about a week back an she was all oooh, I'mma sick Mistah Daniel on you." She chuckles, clearly very amused.

Ash however, wasn't expecting that reaction from Adam. he turns, eyeing the man as he stops and speaks to Lola. Ash actually lifts a hand, scritching at his scalp a little bit. Sure he's heard the name Linderman, knows the kind of underworld stuff the man's group is involved in, any child of the streets does, but uhh…. huh?

Adam leans forward to Lola and says, "I run a group. And that group is more interesting than Linderman's. You join me and you'll get your excitement. More than you can handle. Think about it. Daniel's old and wrinkled and more British than I am." he pauses, "I hang out at Biddy's sometime. Come and see me sometime." and with that, turns and walks off.

Lola rolls her eyes. "I ain' a child, neither." She points out, but she pockets the information for later, turning and heading off her own way down the street, pausing just to turn and blow a kiss to Ash, the one not interested in her. Why? Who knows. Probably just because she can.

Ash glares at Lola and the blown kiss, offering a shake of his head in reply. He waves a dismissive hand at the little thief and turns, accompanying Adam down the street, his hands in his pockets, his large frame just strolling along.

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