Follow Your Conscience


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Scene Title Follow Your Conscience
Synopsis … And if you do, cover your ass.
Date Mar 31, 2011

Elisabeth's Office, Textile Factory 17

Normally, the few days speant before an assignment as important as the one that Hannah Emerson tends to spare on a strict preperation regime - Mostly involving lots of exercise for a few days, get herself physically ready for what's to come, and then even she needs a day a rest the day before, to make sure she's at peak awareness. But today, she's taking an unusual break from the normal scheme of things to pay an overdue visit, the least of which to talk about this protection detail coming up.

She's not even dressed in BDUs todau, just a simply grey t-shirt wet with a bit of sweat, and a pair of long cargo pants. It's only quick knock she gives, before she slides herself into Liz's office without waiting for a response, a smile on her face as she steps in. "Elisabeth," she starts, "Are you busy at the moment? I just wanted to find out if you'd gotten any more details about the escort detail this weekend." She had volunteered, after all, to go on that detail, and while she had been given the basic informtaion, it was always a good idea to find out if anything had changed.

Elisabeth is wearing a pant suit, herself. She had meetings this morning and she's looks a bit harried today. She didn't even come to the gym, which is unusual of her. She glances up at Emerson and says, "Oh, Hannah. Yes, actually." She shuffles the papers on her desk and picks one up. "Come on in. Shut the door, okay?" She moves to stand up. "I got the final information on that. Thanks for volunteering." She pauses, gestures to a seat and moves around the table to join the officer. "You sure you want to go on this run?"

There's a quirked eyebrow from 01-02 as she regards Elisabeth for a moment. She makes no comment or gesture, instead just shutting the door behind her and moving around towards Liz as requested. "Unless there's some new intel I'm not aware of, I don't see why not." Giving a bit og a shrug, she continues to eye Liz for a moment. "You look like you've been busy. Maybe we should get something t' eat after this. Relax day isn't until tomorrow, but I can take a bit off. So. What's up?"

The blonde shrugs a little and says, "The mission's a straight up prisoner transfer. Truck to the airfield with the guy, escort him to the plane. He's …. supposedly a high-priority target, being sent to the Delaware Evo correctional facility." Elisabeth's tone is disgruntled, as if the assignment is sticking in her craw. "I'm afraid I can't really take much time off right now. I'm sorry," she sighs.

"That's really all there is to it?" Emerson almost sounds disbelieving , though not displeased. Not even in the slightest. Obviously there more to it than Liz's simplification, but compared to any other number of things taht could be going dow in the city, even with the possibility of any sort of interference or attack, it's pleasently straightforward. "Shame about that. Not surprised, though. Hopefully they aren't running you too ragged." She crosses her arms, posture shifting a bit as she regards Liz. Hannah Emerson is not the most empathic person on Earth, but even she can catch taht tone. "Something wrong?"

There's a long pause, and Elisabeth studies the soldier in front of her as if weighing her words. "I have…. ethical objections to this assignment. To the entire situation, frankly. I don't want to send any of you out there, but I'm under orders."

Eyes narrow a bit reflexively, Emerson peering at Elisabeth for a good few silent seconds. Ethical objections are not something to be taken lightly, but not always something one can act on in her line of work. She learned that pretty quickly in the Army, and it's no surprise to that such situations are presenting themselves here. Afte all, New York is a tense city at the moment. "Am I allowed to ask you to elaborate, ma'am?" she inquires, feeling teh need for a more formal addressment for this topic. "If my boss have objections, I feel like i should know what's going on. It makes me feel like I don't know al of what's going on here."

Elisabeth hesitates and says, "The prisoners that are being moved were picked up in the November raids on certain targets. One of them is actually someone I knew, at least in passing. A cop." She grimaces. "So far as I know, he's not even an Evo. They're holding him to try to get to his kid, who is apparently a member of what they're calling a terrorist group." Elisabeth pauses. "The one we're guarding is supposedly a high muckity in the Ferrymen." She sighs. "I know that there's a lot of arguing about the definitions of terrorist and what people like the Ferrymen are doing. But…. my objection is that these men were picked up in November and so far as I'm aware, all rights have been suspended. They're not even allowed to call family or get a lawyer. They're just being held without due process. And it sticks in my craw to have you guys go out there and guard this transfer."

There is a bit of a dark expression on Emerson's face as she listens to Liz give the reasoning behind her uneasiness about the situation. And to Emerson, it all sounds pretty reasonable. One of the unfortunate side effects of the time they live in, one she's never been entirely fond of. Shaking her head, she lets out a sigh, looking off to the side. "The briefing I received on the Evolved 'terrorist' groups in the city certainly painted them an in an intolerable light," she remarks somewhat dryly. "The Patriot Act and all of that shit's a bitch." It almsot sounds like she disagree with Liz. "And with Martial Law, they have more than the ability to do that."

Seeking tog et more comfortable, Emerson moves to lean against the wall, rather than take a seat at the conference table. "Doesn't mean I agree with it. I'm not really worried about what the Ferymen are. They may have some damn good reasons for doing what they are, but their methods are crap. But can't say I'm terribly thrilled to hear the lengths they're going to to get to them. Aren't we supposed to be making things safer?" Looking Liz back in the eyes, she exhales sharply before continuing. "This guy they're keeping. The one tog et to his daughter. Is he a friend of yours?"

"Not really a friend," Elisabeth says. "Like I said, I knew him in passing. One of my good friends, Kaydence…." God, she hasn't thought about Kay in ages. The woman fell off the radar herself. "They were friends. But I know his daughter. She was… a passionate kid." She smiles a little and looks down. "I can't say I agree with all the methods, Hannah, but … I understand the fears. The 36 was my case." It's a now-famous case of 35 teens dead in a suicide pact and the one who lived. Hell, they made a TV movie out of it. "Everyone's afraid. And it's getting worse, not better. We're supposed to be keeping them safe… and yet we go out there to do it and spit at." She shakes her head on a sigh.

Another moment of silent, and Emerson gives a slow nod. "I can understand their fears too. I passed on joining FRONTLINE once a while back, you know," she begins, a hand motioning ack and forth as she talks. "But after the riots, the martial law… I joined FRONTLINE to serve my country, yes. But to keep people safe. Evo or not, to help make a better world for people. It sounds stupid and idealistic, but it's the truth." HEr eyes close for a moment, and she sighs. "My younger sister is Evolved, and in school. I don't want her entering a real world like this. Where people are being blown up in parks for being Evolved, and then they're striking back to make up for it, where people are being thrown into indefintie lock up because they're scared and trying to find a way to fight it."

Pushing off the wall, Emerson moves up to Liz, a hand reaching out to the other woman's shoulder. "So, I agree with you. It's a bunch of bullshit. I'm not sure there's much we can do, at the moment. I'm sure if we issued a complaint, we'd have Homeland Security down our throats before we can finish a drink." There's a bit of a sad tone to those words, a grimace on Emerson's face.

"Yeah…. well…. sometimes you have to follow your conscience, Emerson." Elisabeth shoves upright and comments quietly, "Be careful out there when you go, okay? Watch your ass. Watch Autumn's ass. And if things hit the fan out there?" She pauses, those blue eyes on the soldier. "If you were inclined to follow your conscience out there on this one? Just make it look good. Plausible deniability is key."

Oh. Oooh. Emerson gets it. ANd because of that that, she smirks, her hand squeezing Liz's shoulder once before withdrawing, and she gives a bit of a chuckle. "Following my conscience is something I do well," she remarks, arms crossing again. "Unless I'm drunk, and then I just let flights of fancy carry me." WHich isn't really a joke, that's how things tend to go. Lips still upturned in a smirk, Emerson gives another nod. "I trust you, Liz. You'ev been a good CO so far, and you have a good head on your shoulders. If this is something you believe is wrong, I trust you on that.:

"Well, now… you know what happens when a good pitcher of margaritas shows up," Elisabeth retorts with a small smile. Hannah got the suggestion loud and clear. "It's all fun and games until someone starts the tequila shots." She winks. "There's a lot wrong out there, Emerson. You're a damn good soldier. Take care of your teammate and keep your eyes open. I'll be looking out for you as best I can."

"I'll make sure Curtis stays okay. Whatever happens out there, keeping people alive is my first priority, always." Said very matter of factly, Emerson gives another shot, hollow nod at this statement. "I'll try my ebst to keep a clear head, and assess teh situation as I see fit. Once we get back, I'll make sure you ahve a full briefing on what happened out there. Hopefully, nothing too terrible." She beams a bit at Liz's comlpiment, but does vocalise any thanks/.

Elisabeth tilts her head and says quietly, "Emerson? Make it look really good. It'll come under a lot of scrutiny." There's a gravity to those words. The implicit understanding that the CO is not going to order anything but her wishes are clear… and she doesn't want Emerson taking the fall.

Turning away from Liz, one of Emerson's hands clenches into a fist for a moment, before she looks back over her shoulder. "It'll be fine. Like I said, if something happens my priority is making sure people stay alive. ANything else comes after that, and I will tell them that if it comes down to it. My job is to protect people, first and foremost, the last time I choked." Looking back forward, there's a moment's hesitation before Emerson starts towards the door, and when she rounds the other end of teh table, she looks back at Liz with a smile, stopping and gicing a not. "Don't worry, Liz. I know my priorities are straight. There's nothing to worry about at all."

And with that, she exits her way out the door, ready to resume her exercises for the day, with a whole new approach to the forthcoming situation needing to be brewed in her mind.

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