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Scene Title Fond
Synopsis There's plent of 'fond' being thrown around when Nadira accepts Katherine's invitation for shopping.
Date June 30, 2010

Canal Street Market

On a Thursday afternoon, plans are rarely made. It's actually the perfect day to ask someone out because on most Thursdays, no one does a damn thing. So when Nadira calls up Katherine Marks, she's no qualms about meeting her. For reasons unknown to her, Kat suggested the Canal Street Market. She hasn't actually been there since escaping the hospital, but the name just happen to ring out to her. Girls can shop, right?

So as afternoon begins to turn to evening, Katherine is waiting in front of the designated store, a few minutes early. All in all, this almost feels like her first date. She's dressed rather casually in a pair of jeans, blouse with a sweater and sneakers, her purse draped over her shoulder as she waits for Nadira's arrival.

It isn't long before Nadira appears, right on time. Seeing Katherine waiting, her lips curve into a smile and she makes her way over. "Well, it's nice to see you're right on time! I decided to try a cab this time as opposed to the transit. I figured I'd have a better chance of not being late and last time I took the bus I got off at the wrong stop and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Katherine steps forward when she heards Nadira's voice. She arches a brow at the suggestion of getting off at the wrong place at the wrong time. "I hope nothing bad happened. It's not always a good place to be lost in. Wanna check out a few places? I haven't gone shopping in ages." She starts to walk down the street, turning around to face Nadira until she catches up. "How've you been since we talked last?"

"Something bad happening is an understatement. I got off by the Community Hall in Battery Park City two days ago. Ended up chatting with a woman by the ice cream truck that got blown up… I was very fortunate, all things considering, though my shoulder hurts still if I move it too much, got some shrapnel." Nadira laughs a little, her eyes focusing on the other woman. "Other than that, I've been doing just fine. Trying out a few different places for drinks, exploring the city. I think I might have a place in mind I want to apply to, and a fall back option if it absolutely comes back down to it." Her gaze flickers back to the stores along the street. "I could use the shopping. Some of my wardrobe could use updating and one of my favorite shirts has a few holes in it now." In spite of the injury, she's still making light of it.

That same explosion they were talking about on television when Elisabeth went white as a ghost. "Shit. You were there?" There's closer scrutinization by the Frontline officer as she stops walking and reaches a hand up and places on Nadira's shoulder, letting it rest softly. "Are you okay?" She should feel things warming up just a little as Katherine manipulates the molecules of the dress to cause just a little friction. It's just a small thing, but something she learned.. somewhere. "How close were you? Did you see anything at all?" There's most definitely a look of concern in her eyes.

Nadira nods after a moment. "I'm fine. All patched up and everything… I've definitely had worse injuries, I think the worst of it was just the shock factor of it all." Her eyes narrow. "Bastards were right next to those kids." Her eyes flick away and she lets out a soft sigh. "I was… well, I wasn't terribly far from the cart at all. I likely would have been one of the casualties if… there was an Evolved who was very quick. Pulled me and another woman away in time."

Letting her hand drift down her arm to catch her hand, Katherine begins to gently tug Nadira down the sidewalk by her hand. "I don't think I know any speedsters personally." Of course, pre-death she may have known someone, but no one comes to mind at the moment. "I'm happy that someone helped you, shopping alone is no fun at all." She'll help lighten the mood as little as well, though she at least has some sort of witness if she needs it later. "So, tell me something about you?" Katherine's no good at this sort of thing, but she's giving it a shot anyway.

Letting herself be led by the woman, Nadira smiles slightly. "Well, I suppose it's a good thing that I'm not so easy to kill then. It's really hard to buy something when you have no second opinion on it." Her gaze shifts around at the shops, though her mind is on the conversation. "Something about myself. Well, I suppose since I've already told you about my near death experience and you haven't run in terror I can admit to you that I have an extreme fascination with mythology and I tend to read a lot of books about the myths of various cultures. I suppose you could consider me a closet bookworm, I usually spend my nights out, but when I don't… I'm horribly bookish. Polar opposites, perhaps."

Here's a clothing store, semi-fashionable, which means affordable. Still holding Nadira's hand, she leads the way inside. "Bookish, as in reading books? I rather gave up reading books after finishing school when I went to become a paramedic." Not entirely, but enough so that she hasn't picked up a book in a month or so.

Reluctantly so, she releases Nadira's hand and reaches for a shirt, a blouse really, and holds it up. It's black with white buttons. She holds it up in front of her now and turns towards the woman. "I tend to keep too busy for many hobbies, unless it's drinking and embarrassing myself in front of other women," she grins.

"Ah, so you make a hobby out of embarrassing yourself? That doesn't sound terribly fun, though I suppose some people are jokers at heart." Nadira grins in response, taking a moment to assess the blouse as it's held up against Katherine's chest. She wiggles her hand in mid-air. "Not bad, but I think you could find better." She comments, slowly thumbing through the rack a bit, looking at the different styles. "I'm not really the television type, so I tend to stick to books for entertainment. When I'm not out, that is. So is it your job that keeps you too busy, or your active social life?"

Social life? Huh? What's that? "Actually, I haven't really been out in.." Well, in as long as she can remember, which only goes back a few months really. "A very long time. I haven't had a lover in over a year, I think. I think it's mostly because I'm inept at it." She grins and looks to see what you'd pick out for her as he puts the black number back on the rack. "The other night was first night I actually went out to drink.."

She stops and makes a face, "I should explain something to you because nothing I say about my history will make sense unless you know. Don't want to get serious on you or anything, and it's not like it's a secret either. Early last year, I was involved in a shooting and I died." Happens to everyone, right?

Well, that's a new one. Certainly a line Nadira's never heard before. She purses her lips for a moment, peering over the top of the clothes rack. "I would imagine someone used an Evolved ability to bring you back, then? It… would be a bit difficult otherwise, and I prefer not to think that you're a mental patient and I just have horrible luck meeting people in bars."

The rack is scrutinized before she pulls out a halter-style shirt of comfortable black material, holding that up to Katherine to test to see how that looks. She looks from the shirt back to Kat. "Not like it's a terrible thing to put it out there. You're covering all your bases. A clean slate. It's not always so easy for everyone. Not always so easy for me for one." Her gaze flickers back to the rack of clothes.

"You've got me curious about your love life now, though. What makes you say you're inept? I have to say you do quite well when you have a little alcohol in you. You managed to make an impression. After all, I did call you." Nadira points out.

Katherine looks at the top that is placed up to there and wrinkles her nose. She's never been much of a fan of halter tops. She smiles that she's made an impression. "Honestly, I've no real idea what exactly happened. I was told I was shot and brain dead. My lover at the time terminated life support since that's what my will stated. Next thing I know I'm waking up in a hospital with no memory to speak of. That was June of last year. It was never explained to me how I woke up or what was done to me, and I never got the chance to get the answers to those questions either."

Most of what Kat knows prior to the shooting was told to her by those she believes she can trust. "Most of what I know before that is sensual, meaning I feel rather than know. There are no details stored in my head, but occasionally, something will click like I should remember. So, basically everything I do now, is like learning from scratch or using my gut to guide me, I guess. When I saw you, I was instantly attracted to you, so I followed my instinct."

Nadira laughs at the reaction to the shirt, putting it away as soon as Kat rejects it. The life or death situation the other woman was in, however, gives Nadira a moment to pause. "That's… strange. I would guess it was an ability, mostly because I'm not sure how it would be possible medically for you to come back to life, so to speak." She moves around to another rack, though her eyes stay mostly on Kat.

"Even a year later, you're still finding your way back. I suppose we have a bit in common, then, though you seek some semblance of returning to your own life, I shed mine to live." Perhaps a bit cryptic, but… "The human body is a strange thing. If your body is remembering and not your mind, then perhaps it is good to go out, to experience things. You have your life, and perhaps it is not like before, but you have the opportunity to both regain your memories of it and build new ones at the same time. I should be thankful you act instinctually, then. I'm very glad we met."

Katherine's gaze flits to the rack, though it more frequently flits to Nadira as they browse the store and get to know each other. She cannot put her nose on it, but there's something about the woman. Gorgeous, for sure, but there's more to her than that. Kat has seen stunning women before and never had a reaction such as this. Whatever it is, she likes it. She likes the way it feels.

"I was rather tossed out in the end, and had to find my way back to here. I was barely coherent for several months trying to make it on the streets. I was lucky to have run into someone who knew me." Though it's far less coincidental on their part since Katherine could be tracked and it red flagged that a dead Company agent was moving around on the grid. "But I've been told that slowly, I'm coming around to the way I used to be, which I like. Though I imagine that I can never be truly who I used to be."

Katherine pulls out another shirt, this one less fancy, but far more suited to her tastes. She holds it up to herself as if asking for an opinion while she looks at Nadira. "What was it you shed about yourself?"

Nadira nods approvingly of the shirt this time. "You have very simple tastes, which can be a good thing. It's rare to see someone who is…" She pauses, taking a moment to try to find the right way to phrase it. "It's rare to see someone who is so open, honest as a person, as a whole. You do not hide who you are, because you are still finding out who that person is, and the person that you want to be. It's… refreshing, really."

Nadira pulls out a dress, now, a white one cut in a very Marilyn Monroe-style fashion and she holds it up to herself, raising an eyebrow at Kat questioningly. "Ah, as far as me? I left behind the life I had in Egypt. It's a beautiful country and I love it, but it's not the most… safe for someone like me."

Considering that Katherine has lived most of her adult life living a lie as an agent for the Company, but ever since waking up, she's really lacked descretionary skills when speaking, so everything she says is rather direct. And honest. There's a curious headtilt from Katherine at the comment about Nadira not being safe. "Safe? In what way? If you don't mind me being a little nosey, I mean." The dress is grinned at. It's definitely cute, so she nods, though probably not for everyday wear. "I wouldn't mind visiting there someday. Egypt, I mean."

"I think you'd find it's actually safer being an Evolved here than it is in Egypt." Nadira points out, giving a nod as she seems to decide on the dress. "I wouldn't mind going back, but… I don't believe I'll return any time soon. Besides, I'm fond of New York. The people here aren't all bad, either." A glance is thrown over her shoulder towards Kat.

She actually has to lift her glance as Nadira has walked away from her, then stops to look back. Katherine doesn't seem at all embarrassed to have been caught peeking, though she does smile and move to follow, taking the shirt she's found as well to pay for it. "No. Not all bad, but you should still be careful. Promise?" She lays the shirt on the counter and pulls out her card, waiting for the sale to ring up.

Nadira grins, looking towards Kat as she lets the other girl purchase the shirt. "I'll be careful. Danger is the last thing I want to be in right now. Egypt was a dangerous enough place… and there are other things I'd rather be doing. So you have my promise." Once Kat's done at the register, she moves to make her own purchase.

When both purchases are made, both women with a bag in their hand, Katherine starts to walk towards the exit. "I'm glad you're fond of New York. I think there's at least one here who's fond of you too." She switches the bag to her left hand and then offers her right hand to the woman to take. "I'm hungry. Can I buy you some dinner? There's a place just around the corner."

A nod is given, and Nadira follows her out, taking the hand with her own. "I was hoping you'd ask me that." She glances around outside the shop before her eyes travel back to Kat, where they've been most of the time that she's spent with the woman. "I'm enjoying my time with you, Kat. You're a pleasure to be around."

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