For a Change


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Scene Title For a Change
Synopsis Graeme goes over to Savannah's for lunch. It's a nice change from the usual more worried pace of life.
Date May 20, 2011

Dorchester Towers: Kam and Savannah's Apartment

There's a teenager currently staying in his apartment, and although Graeme doesn't mind having Devon around, it does mean that for late morning meeting up with Savannah, he didn't want to do it in his apartment. So instead, he got dressed, let Devon know he was going out for a bit, grabbed his keys and his phone in case Devon needed him, and headed down to Savannah's place.

And so, when Graeme does knock on the door, although he's standing casually, there's that same sort of schoolboy look of excitement in his posture. Currently cleanshaven, for once, and dressed in jeans and one of those thin vintage teeshirts with Tweety Bird on it, it makes him look so young, bouncing there on his heels as he waits.

Savannah's not doing much. It's not quite her day off, but she didn't feel like going out to write, and she had done a little in the way of chapter organization, but… other than that she'd been taking it easy. And watching reruns of soap operas on TV. Who does that? When Graeme knocks, she gets off the couch, idly looking around to make sure the place isn't totally a mess. She opens the door, notes the enthusiastic demeanor, and raises an eyebrow.

"Someone woke up on the right side of the bed."

There's a moment of conflict that shows on his face, as Graeme steps in. On the one hand, Savannah is as close to a best friend as he has, but on the other hand, the woman that he kissed, the woman that he's realising he does care a lot about and the reason that he woke up, as it were, on the right side of the bed, is currently a wanted fugitive from the law. And if she so chose, she could get him, and Elisabeth, in a lot of trouble with said law. The door shuts behind him, and Graeme continues to think. He could just talk about it without actually mentioning who it was, but that'd be difficult, and he hates omission like that.

And then there's that sheepish smile again. "Promise me you can keep a secret, Sav?" he asks, the drawl accenting the nickname that he rarely actually uses. And there's a seriousness to his voice, that the secret isn't just a secret that he'd like to keep in all boyishness and giggles. "Promise me you will keep a secret?"

"Cross my heart and hope to die," Savannah recites, a sly smile on her face. "Trust me, I am keeper of the world's secrets. Government conspiracies, people who don't want their abilities known… your secret is safe with me. Usually, though, I don't get good secrets, and you're far too happy to be telling me you're a mass murderer and that I can't say anything about it." She moves to the couch, patting the spot next to her. "I'll keep your secret. What is it?"

"Thanks. It's … lives and what little liberty we've got left depend on this, so. Sorry, but I had to make sure." The relief across Graeme's face is definitely noticeable. Not that he'd expected her to say otherwise, and he slips off his shoes and then folds himself onto the couch in a nearly crosslegged position. "So I saw Liz the other day," he explains. "That's the secret. But she's doing well enough, as well as she can be all circumstances given and all." Plus the fact that Graeme makes sure that the people in the safehouse have what comforts he can manage to provide, which helps to offset the lack of other comforts. "The more important part is what happened." There's a faint tinge of red to his cheeks.

Savannah laughs. "Trust me, Graeme. Those who put their trust in me have no better advocate. There's a reason people like me for things other than my books." She tilts her head to the side just slightly as she peers back towards Graeme. "What… exactly happened? You're blushing, Graeme."

Pointing out that he's blushing only ends up with him blushing more, of course. It's not something he can help. "We um. Kissed. A bit." Then he grins. It's the same exact grin he gets when he's going on about his boyfriend. "And it … I don't like Aric any less, for it. I just like her, too?" This is the part that he's still working out. That he can, in fact, like both of them. That because both of them are okay with it, he can even have both his friends as lovers. Even if it only takes the fact that they kissed to make him turn bright red.

"Whoa." Savannah peers at Graeme, cautiously. "Uh, well, I was kind of under the impression that girls kinda weren't your thing." She can't help but chuckle a little bit. "Although I guess people can make exceptions for special people. Did you tell Aric that… kissing happened?"

"I was kinda under the impression too," Graeme admits, and nods. "It surprised me, but yeah. I guess there's just something special 'bout her. And I did. Aric just teased me and asked if he could watch." And well, it certainly explains why Graeme's so cheerful. Even if he is slightly confused, overall.

"Well, was Aric serious? I mean, one can joke about such things, but… if you and Aric are anything serious, you need to make sure that's okay. And obviously there's Liz to consider, I mean, is she okay with it." Savannah peers at him suspiciously. "It was just kissing, right?" She offers him a smile. "I just wanna make sure we're on the same page here. Remember to tread lightly when there are feelings involved, too."

It takes some time for Graeme to consider this. "Yeah, it was just kissing, but. And yeah, Aric was serious about it. We're serious but … we've never pretended either of us are very good at exclusive. Neither of us are insecure about that, if he wants to sleep with another guy, or with a woman, the only thing I ask is he tell me." The whirlwind of feelings is something that Graeme's aware of, and he nods. "And yeah. Liz and I talked about it a bit afterwards. It's just confusing, a bit, for me. I mean, I just … didn't expect to feel like this about her. And yet, I do."

Savannah can't help but grin. "Well, you're talking to the girl who fell in love over the phone. I knew I loved Kam the second I heard him on the phone." She looks back towards him. "I think you need to give it some time and space and let it sort of progress on its own… but it's nice that you found that. That there are two good things for you in your life."

There's a grin in return from Graeme. "Yeah. It's not like I'm going to be sharing her bed immediately or any time soon," he says, sheepish, excited, happy overall. "But kissing her? It felt right." That's the only explanation that Graeme has for what happened with Liz.

"Well, kissing is good. And just kissing is fine. God, I don't want to sound like I'm implying sex all the time or anything," Savannah says, laughing. She rubs her forehead. "So yeah… I'm glad things are going well, at least!"

Graeme chuckles and leans back on the couch, just taking the opportunity to relax in her company. "Yeah. I mean, I never for once thought …" he trails off for a moment. Didn't think he'd find himself attracted to a woman. "Hell, did you know, the first time Liz met me, it was pretty late down in the lobby, and she tried to hit on me and I was just oblivious."

Since then, it's become something that they laugh at, but the irony now is appreciated.

"Oh, now that is funny. Who would have thought that her hitting on you would come full circle to the two of you kissing?" Savannah leans back against the couch. "Sometimes it's easy to be oblivious when you aren't expecting that kind of thing. I bet neither of you was expecting kissing to be happening either."

There's a moment where Graeme raises his eyebrows. "I dunno, certainly not me. But like I said, it felt right." He's definitely in the mood of schoolboy-giggling, like he can get sometimes, and he grins at Savannah. "I'm pretty sure I surprised her, too." He won't mention the part where she asked him to leave right afterward, because they both need the space to figure this out. He's still blushing, too. "So, what's for lunch? I think the teenager in my apartment wants some space right now, so I figure I probably shouldn't go back for a while."

"Whatever you want. I've got stuff for soup and sandwiches, or I could see what leftovers I've got…" Savannah suggests. "Good of you to, uh, take in a teenager, I guess? Why exactly do you have a teenager taking over your apartment?"

There's a nod. "He's a friend, hasn't had a real place to stay since the Dome," Graeme says. "He needed somewhere to crash for a few days, away from where he'd been staying, and I wasn't about to let him just stay in a motel, which is what he was doing. Better somewhere I can keep an eye on him, but yeah. He's not really taking over the apartment or anything, but he definitely doesn't want to hear about me having kissed Liz." Graeme grins a bit more. "Nor is it … something I want to like, go on about to him. So not." There are some things he'll talk about with Devon. His relationships with other people is generally not one of those topics. "Sandwiches and soup sounds pretty good, really. Thanks for having me over, and all."

"Sure, I don't mind at all. It's nice to have someone visit. I've been a bit of a hermit lately so it'll be good to have someone over," Savannah says, moving into the kitchen. She reaches over and pulls out a pot before fishing around for cans of soup. "How does minestrone sound?"

"I suppose I'll just have to come over a bit more often, or something." When he can make time in his schedule, but it's not that hard, and socialising is good for both of them. "Can't let you just be a hermit," Graeme jokes, though he doesn't get up, simply turns around to be able to watch. "Minestrone's great, though you might want to make two cans." There's a wry tone to his voice and to the smile on his face. "And I can pretty much promise there won't be any leftovers of this."

"Oh, of course. I figured," Savannah says wryly, pulling out the cans to set them on the counter before she looks back over to Graeme. "I'll get out the sandwich making stuff and you're welcome to make whatever you want."

"Awesome." There's a lazy stretch, arms over head, before Graeme gets up to join Savannah in the kitchen. "Seriously," he says, "thanks. I don't get too much opportunity to just hang out and have fun, without having to worry about being out in public too long, or whether I've been followed, or all that. It's a nice break." He knows there's no need to thank her, but it's every so often that Graeme does so anyway, before setting about to help her with making lunch and then just hanging out for a while. Like he had said. It's a nice break, to be able to relax, and so that's what he does, before eventually saying his goodbyes and going back to check on Devon once more.

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