For A Family


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Scene Title For A Family
Synopsis A perfectly mundane excursion with the Brennan family and Liette takes a turn for the strange and worse when Rebel opts to maneuver events to his liking with instructions and threats. Brennan's not in the habit of taking threats and dropping children off on street corners so gives him an analog middle finger.
Date March 11, 2010

In and outside an Old Navy, in Brooklyn

Michelle Brennan has never known what it's like to have a teenager with an Evolved ability, but thanks to her husband's collection of a young and wayward girl possessed of an unusually unique ability, she's seeing a glimpse into one third of her own future, when her own girls come of age and potentially manifest their own unique brand of teenage trouble in the form of Evolved abilities.

To say that the girl who has only called herself Liette is trouble would be unfair, given her seemingly sheltered life she's led and the newness of the world around her, it's expected that curosity may very well keep trying to kill the cat. This evening, however, has proven to be a far more comfortable and sane one, despite all of the Brennans' legitimate children and their one lost puppy all having headed shopping for clothing along with their Nanny.

There's an unusual silence about Liette when she's with Michelle, something of a quiet reverence that is unlike her talkative and very animated behavior with Harve. While the Nanny has taken Michelle's youngest girls away to a different side of the Old Navy they're currently browsing the aisles of, Michelle and the subdued Liette wander a teen's section searching for more appropriate winter clothing.

Silent is the blonde, with the pink streaks in her hair and clunky boots, looking just as much Bohemian as she does Salvation Army. But it's not that Liette is being quiet out of politeness… she's studying Michelle, watching her with the silent scrutiny to the point of failing ot realize that Michelle is asking her a question about a pink jacket she's holding up to the teen.

"Liette" The way she says it, the end of the girls name is emphasized not to make a point but the habit of her accent. There's bags that have more than a few necessities in them, letting the girl choose what she wants with no expectation of ever being re-imbursed. She wasn't quite thrilled to have had him bring home this wayward girl with only a "I was told to help her" as his excuse, but she's become accustomed to her. Brennan is supposed to meet up with them later, Megan Young it seems has shown up at the house with bad news. "THe pink, it will go with your hair yes? It is becoming on you. We should get you some jeans as well, I do not know how long you will be staying with us. Herve thinks a few days and so, we will get a week or so's worth yes? Can always wash it if you end up staying longer" She proffers the jacket again to the teenager.

Blue eyes blink slowly, and Liette's stare up at Michelle borders on embarrassed. Awkwardly threading a wavy lock of blonde hair behind one ear, her brows furrow as she considers the jacket, letting a smile creep up over her lips. "Nobody's ever let me pick my own clothes before…" which is to say someone chose that absurdly disorganized outfit she's wearing now. "I… um," she nibbles at her lower lip contemplatively, and when those blue eyes lift back up to Michelle, Liette's small hands are reaching out to curl around the jacket's shoulders to bring down, turn around, and hold across herself as if seeing how it might look on her.

"It's… it's really nice." Liette's tone of voice is one that should be saying I'm sorry for your loss or when is the funeral set for not something appreciative. Whatever she's been thinking about, it isn't entirely clothing.

"I like it…" Liette adds, curling her arms around the coat to hold snugly to herself, brows creased together and eyes uplifted to Michelle in a somewhat inscrutable expression. "Miss Brennan?" She asks so politely, "Can I ask you a question?"

'Well, you are with us for right now, and so, you are like Marelna. You can pick what you want. If I think that it is inappropriate, then no, you won't be able to choose it. But this is Old Navy and they are not in the habit of churning out clothing that Hana Montana or Britney Spears wears" They churn out clothes for teenagers who's parents pay attention to what they wear.

The question of whether she can ask a question is nodded to, assent given to the multi-talented teen. "You may"

One brow raised, Liette nods her head while toying with her lower lip with the jacket. Turning it around in her arms, she offers a mild smile back up to Michelle and just keeps the jacket hugged to her chest. "Um, do you have a mom?" It's probably the single most awkward question Michelle has ever been asked. Not is your mother still alive or do you know your mother but do you have a mother. The combination of words seems so inexplicably strung together as if to be a joke.

Liette's eyes aren't focused on Michelle after the question, she's looking towards another rack of clothing, though not at what's on it, but something more distant in her own mind. "I'm sorry, um…" Liette's brows furrow and she shakes her head, looking back up to Michelle. "That's… let's just go look at some other clothes." There's a feigned smile, and she's trying to backpedal from her question.

"Some people chere have maman's. Mine, she lives in France. She comes often to see her grandchildren to and to make sure I am being a good mother" THere's no backpedaling and Michelle holds up a skirt that can be worn with the leggings, or the knit leggings they have in the bag. Yes? No? Undecided? "Do you have one Liette? I know that you have a 'pop' as Brennan said that you call him"

Blue eyes wander Michelle, then the skirt, and the excited smile she offers is clearly one of approval, and the teen offers out an arm to hang the skirt on, because she's rather greedily wanting to carry everything herself, as if afraid it might flutter away if she doesn't hold on to it. "Pop's not my dad, he's just a doctor at the lab I live at…" Liette's brows furrow, tongue rolling across the inside of her cheek as she looks downt o the tile floor. "He's like a dad though, so I call him Pop. I don't get to see him much any more, not since I was really little. I spent a lot of time away from home, traveling, meeting people and learning their abilities an' stuff… I was supposed to go home when the accident happened."

Offering an askance look up to Michelle, Liette takes a step to her side and rests her shoulder against the older woman. "I don't know if I have parents. I mean, I have to because everybody does, right? But Pop never lets me talk about them, says it'll just upset me and Sis. So…" Liette's brows crease together. "Is this was mom's do?" Blue eyes track back up to meet Michelle's, "Is… this what having a mom's like?"

"This can be what having a mother is like Chere" Michelle lays a hand on the girls shoulder. "Not all families are like this. There are some where they have mothers and fathers that do not treat them well. THey are ignored, or beat. There are some mothers who work, like I do, and make time for their children, there are some who do not work and their job is to stay home and take care of their children. Like what Natasha does. Or there aer some who have lost their mothers, and have only a father to raise them, like your pop raises you" There's a gesture across the way to where the Nanny is with the others. "there are as many different mothers as you have gifts Liette. We are all unique and different and special, just like you"

The brief cross-section of a darker family unit flashes across Liette's thoughts like a briefly glimpsed look at some horrible accident. Her brows crease, jaw sets and she visibly tenses for a moment, as if the idea of a parent hitting a child is like some kind of terrible revelation to her, something she'd never considered possible. Liette voices nothing to that terrible notion though, for it is a fleeting one among many more comforting thoughts.

"I've never thought about… what it's like to have a real family before. I don't really get to see my sister much, so the only family I really know are the friends that Pop has watching me…" Liette's brows crease slightly, and she looks askance at Michelle again, walking around a circular rack of clothing.

"Do…" Liette considers a less personal topic, "Do you have an ability, Miss Brennan?" Both of the blonde's brows lift at the question, "Does Doctor Brennan have one?" Her lips purse to the side, and there's something inspecting about her stare again, like she was doing earlier, though less intense.

"I can manipulate the weather Liette. I am what they call an atmokinetic. Brennan, he is as well. He is called a power negator. with a simple thought and so long as he is looking at you, he can make it so that you cannot use your ability." The wall of jeans is approached, a couple different pairs plucked up to discern their size and then toss them over Liette's arm. "And it is Doctor. Doctor my dear. I am a pediatrician. I am a doctor for children. But, please, call me michelle. You are in our home, I insist. "I am surprised that you have not copied my gift yet, Brennan spoke that that is what you can do"

"Oh! You're a doctor too?" Liette's eyes light up, "That's super, though I'm supposed to call every Doctor uh, Doctor. Cause Pop wants me to be polite to everyone. But if you really, really want me to call you Michelle I will." Liette taps one finger on the side of her head at her temple, as if to imply she'll try hard about that one.

Though the topic of Michelle's ability seems to perplex the girl. "Oh I— weather manipulator? That's cool, I've never had that ability before. I can only copy stuff that I've been exposed to though, so like, you'd have to manipulate the weather around me or somethin', and then I could totally do it too. I can't copy negators though," her nose wrinkles, "I don't really like being negated. It's creepy, and it reminds me of someone at the lab."

Brows furrowed and head shaking, Liette glances across the aisle towards another rack of clothes, wandering away while she talks like an easily distracted raccoon. "Can you do somethin' in the store here? Then I could feel it and copy it…" The only problem is that Liette has been exposed to Michelle's ability for three days now, with how the Brennans' keep their home heated.

Michelle follows in the wake of the wandering teen, delicate brows pulling down and prompting fine forehead lines. "Chere, you have been in my home, it does not stay warm in there because of the heating. I manipulate the temperature. I keep it warm. I am surprised that you have not taken a copy already"

She pauses beside the girl, touching her. Mcihelle's ability is active right now, the warmth in their immediate area going up a few degree's.

"Wh— " Liette halts in her tracks, turning around to look at Michelle over her shoulder. "Really? Oh you— you should've told me, I would've…" When Liette feels the temperature rising, the young girl's brows crease together and her lips part, a confused look crossing her face as she shifts her weight to one foot, then the other. "Nnn… no?" One brow raises slowly, and Liette's eyes begin tracking from side to side.

"No it— " The teen gently draws her teeth over her lower lip. "I can't feel it," she admits with a confused expression, "I don't— something's wrong." There's an immediately worried tone to the young teen's voice as she flicks her attention back up to Michelle. "I can't… I can't feel it." Liette immediately starts storming back over to Michelle, worry painting across her youthful face. "I can't feel it, I can't— this hasn't happened before I can always copy an ability, I can't feel it." She's starting ot panic, in the way someone might if they started to lose their eyesight, or realized that something was drastically wrong with their body.

Which is of course when brennan comes in the front door, head craning this way and that and looking for his family. An old Navy employee with their earpiece is watching the development and wodnering whether there's going to be an incident.

"Shhh, Liette. Lets not worry. Not right now yes? I'm sure that there is a reason and I am sure that your pop might very well know the reason. you cannot copy Herve's" She points out. "SO it is not the first time that has happened, see" Michelle points out, spotting Brennan heading their way. "See, speak of him and he shall come. Brennan. Tell her that we can discuss what she has discovered at home, over a cup of hot cocoa, and we will write it down so that she can remember to inquire with her pop about it' See, perfectly logical thing to do and Michelle's careful with the yougn womans fractured arm.

'hey Liette. Mish." There's a nod for the old navy worker and a smile. Nothing to see her, move along, just a little radiation leak. "We finding clothes? How's everyone? Gee Liette, I think that pink jackets gonna make Marlena envious of you. She'll want one too"

Right about on the verge of tears, Liette's panic is stripped away by Michelle Brennan's remarkably mother-skills — quite possibly a super power all their own — and is able to distract the young girl long enough for Brennan to emerge into the store, drawing her attention away from the confusing inability to copy something she's been affected by. Curling her arms around the jacket and skirt she's holding, Liette's brows furrow and her head lowers, silence coming over her as she withdraws into silence until Harve's closer to the pair.

Despite that the upper portion of her left arm is still splinted and kept in a sling, Liette works her fingers and moves the arm around in general more than she should be doing. It's likely she's been continuing to use Melissa's ability on her own in lesser levels than she had the night she broke blood vessels in her nose from the exertion. "I found some clothes Doctor Brennan…" Liette murmurs, staring down at her feet, looking more silently troubled now.

"Th— thanks for taking care of me like this," Blue eyes divert to Michelle, along with a hesitant smile. "But I think we should… I think we should go home now." Teeth pressing into her lower lip, Liette offers a quiet noise in the back of her throat before moving to stand silently by the doctor's side.

"Well, until your pop comes to find you, it's the least we can do Liette. You sure you want to go home?" Michelle is greeted with kisses to both cheeks then the lips, taking over for his wife while she goes off to help with the other kids and see what they picked up. "You doing okay kid? I know you don't get out much it seems so, things can be a little overwhelming. If you want to go home, we can do that. Michelle and the others can take the van, I brought another car" he offers. "It's up to you, guests choice tonight'

"I want to go home." Liette firmly states, nodding her head a few times in shallow succession. When her eyes blink towards Brennan, she seems worried. "I think— I don't know, something's not right Doctor Brennan. I— I'm scared," brows furrowed and lifted, Liette turns around and offers out the clotyhing with her good arm towards Michelle, since Liette of course can't carry them to the register and pay on her own. We— we can talk about it at home, but— but not right now, 'cause we're in public." She says the last bit with a hushed tone of voice, head bobbing into a nod and eyes down at her feet.

Whatever seems to have complicated her adaptation of weather manipulation from Michelle has concerned the young woman, and right now all she wants to do is get somewhere that she can eithe r talk about it, or hide from it. Having to deal with her own problems is a lot harder than having someone around to tell her how to deal with them for her.

"Home it is. If you're hungry we can stop and pick up some fast food on the way home" Michelle takes the clothing gently from Liette with a nod. "I will get the girls, you go ahead Herve my love. We will meet you at home. Make sure he behave Liette. Do not let him drive too fast yes?" She winks to the teenager before striding off with the opening of her jackets flapping and her scarf as she heads off in search of the others.

Brennan on the other hand, guides Liette towards the door, murmured instructions to button up lest she catch her death of cold and out towards the parking lot and the black sedan there. It's once they're outside and not surrounded by others that he slants a look towards her. "Tell us how to get you home then Liette, and i'll move mountains if I have to"

Out under the cloudy skies, Liette is quiet in her following behind Doctor Brennan. The young girl glances back towards the storefront of the old navy, then steps quietly between the parked cars, moving to stand behidn Brennan on his side of the car. Eyes watery and a look of confusion on her face, Liette just shakes her head back and forth slowly. "I— I don't know how to get home, Doctor Brennan. I don't know where home is." It's an unusual admittance, but with Liette not much seems to be normal.

"Doctor Brennan… I don't know what's happening to me. I was— I was supposed to be able to mimic any ability that I get exposed to, but I can't do what Michelle does. There's only one kind of abiliy I can't mimic and that's yours." Apparently Michelle let that cat out of the bag. "Maybe— maybe I've got that thing I saw on your tv the other night, the uh— the virus?" Of course she's not sniffling, coughing or has a fever, so that's out of the question in considering symptoms, that and she can use her other powers.

Brennan's palm comes, back of his palm really, to her forehead in the middle of the parking lot, followed quickly by him moving her her face this way, that, fingers running beneath her jawline. "Liette, I can tell you right this moment, that you are not harboring the H5N10 Influenza. If you were, you'd have a fever and I'd have you sequestered in Marlena's room and Michelle'd be stuffing you full of weak tea. So."

So. How do you get someone home who doesn't know where home is. "Where were you coming from Liette, when you were walking with your friend. WHere were you coming from. When you can't figure out where you're going, sometime it's better to trace your steps from where you came. I know you're scared Liette, but we're going to try and help you. How do they always find you? You said that they always find you, do you know how?"

"We were coming from Staten Island." What? "We were down in this really noisy place with lotsa' neon lights and people. Ther ewas this guy who did card tricks by reading people's minds, and I was supposed to get my mind read so I could have his ability and catalog it." Furrowing her brows, Liette purses her lips and looks to her muted reflection in the black paint of Brennan's car. "We were supposed'ta go to a place where one of the big trucks would come and get me, and then they'd take me back home."

Brows creased together, Liette looks at Brennan's reflection. "It's a long drive, it took us almost all day when I came down here a couple months ago." Turning her attention back up to Brennan, Liette seems to only now be realizing just how impossible it may be to figure out hwere home is. "The— my friend was the only person who knew where home was. 'Cause it's not safe for me to know, in case the terrorists find me, 'cause they'd cut open my brain and do bad things to me and stuff."

"Yeah, your ability, it could… " She reads minds too. That prompts a smile from the doctor. "It could be very damaging in the wrong hands. Well, Liette" There's a beep, the car unlocked a few vehicles down from them. "We have a few choices. There's the police. We can go to them, inquire as to your friend and see what's happened. Obviously, there's people looking for you, your friends. We can keep waiting as well, and hope they find you before too long. ooc mcdonalds!To get you back to them though, we need to

"Yeah, your ability, it could… " She reads minds too. That prompts a smile from the doctor. "It could be very damaging in the wrong hands. Well, Liette" There's a beep, the car unlocked a few vehicles down from them. "We have a few choices. There's the police. We can go to them, inquire as to your friend and see what's happened. Obviously, there's people looking for you, your friends. We can keep waiting as well, and hope they find you before too long. What was your friends name? Are there any names that you can tell me. I swear Liette, that I will use them only to get you home to your pop. Much as it has been a delight and a surreal experience to have you here and teach us a little of what to expect when the girls are older, there are people out there missing you. I'd miss Marlena and the girls if they were to ever go missing."

They arrive at the car and he opens the passenger side for her so she can get in before going into his side and starting up the car. "What color are the big trucks, any identifying marks or the like? Was it the same kind of truck each time?"

Hearing the chirp of the car doors unlocking, Liette steps back as Brennan opens the door for her and settles down inside the seat. She waits for him to circle around to the driver's seat before answering questions, and admittedly that gives Liette more time to think of one. "Pop told me never to tell anyone who didn't work for him names, not even mine." That somehow implies that her name isn't Liette, or maybe she's just bad at upholding rules. "I can't tell you my friend's name, it's against the rules and Pop would get mad."

Pursing her lips, Liette smooths out the front of her skirt, fingers plucking at a loose piece of thread on it. "They come to pick me up in these big white vans, but they're like all heavy and boxy and stuff, like a tank!" Armored vans? "There's these guys in big plastic suits too, masks and stuff. I get up inside and they put me in my case and then we take a loooong drive back up to the labs."

Leaning her weight to the side, Liette seems wholly unaware that she should be buckling a seatbelt, or perhaps is just expecting Brennan to do it for her. "Then a bunch of stuff happens that I can't tell you, and then I get to see Pop for a few minutes before the doctors have to do tests on me and stuff." Pursing her lips, Liette quirks a brow and then nibbles on her lower lip.

"Um, can— can you keep a secret Doctor Brennan? 'Cause I really like you and Michelle and your girls… and I'm not supposed to tell people this stuff, but… I'm worried if Pop finds me you might be in trouble."

"I would hope, that if your Pop found you Lliette, safe and in one piece and with a few new abilities for him that he would be glad that we kept you safe and well until you could get back home" Brennan points out. "But I swear on Marlena and genevieve and Dessandra that I can keep a secret. I'll even tell you one in exchange if you want"

"I used to have the ability to manipulate sound, it helped me do a lot of stuff, like hear super far away." Scratching at the back of her right hand, Liette looks down to her lap. "My Pop told someone once, that if anybody found out about me and my sister, that they'd get erased to protect us, 'cause we're special. I asked him what it means, to erase somebody, and… he said it was like forgetting a dream." Wetting her lips, Liette looks out the window on her side of the car, then back over to Brennan with a furrow of her brows.

"I don't want you to be erased, Doctor Brennan… you're… you're really nice." There's a hint of a smile across her lips, brows creased together. "Just— Just don't tell anyone I told you that. It's a secret between us."

Brennan holds up his pinkie finger, offering it out to Liette and after a moment of realization that maybe she won't know what to do, takes her hand, isolates the pinky and wraps hers around his. "I pinkie promise and swear, not to tell" Cause he'd hate to forget Liette. But it prompted worry in the physician as well.

"So, well. Shouldn't be too hard to find the name of the man you were with, if there was an accident. I can see about some people looking into it for me. Like I said Liette, if I have to, I'll move mountains to get you back. Now, seatbelt on, I'm not moving until you get it on and we'll head back home and you can help me bath the twins and get them into bed. Then I'll make some calls and we'll see about putting an earnest effort into getting you home, without the forgetting of dreams, forgetting of you because Liette, you are a very unforgettable girl. I think I would have enjoyed having a daughter like you"

Cheeks flushed a bright red, Liette offers a warm smile to Brennan and reaches up to grab the seat belt, awkwardly looking at it before it's brought down towards the reciprocal end. She huffs out a breath, brows crease and then finally she figures out how it works with an audible click. Proud of herself, she smiles fondly up to the Doctor, even as his key is turning over in the ignition with no sound at all. There's just silence from the engine, no whining of the engine, no clicking of the starter, nothing. The key turns the other way, and the battery doesn't engage, the radio doesn't come on, nothing works. Yet just a moment ago the car alarm was disengaging and automatic door locks were working.


All the doors snap locked, Liette doesn't seem to notice anything is wrong as she rests her head up against the driver's side window, exhaling a yawn as one hand covers her mouth. In Doctor Brennan's pocket, his cell phone lets out vibrating warning of an inocoming call. It takes him a moment to fish it out of his pocket, turn it over and look down at the message displayed across the screen.

» You have somewhere to be, Doctor.

His first thought is running to that of movies. Is there a bomb? IS under the car somewhere some little chunk of tan colored plastique that's set to blow them to little bits? no, that'd be silly. Brennan regards the text with a glance, frowning before trying the car again and then looking towards Liette.

Please tell me you can hear me. Stay calm Liette.

His thumb and forefinger flash over the QWERTY keyboard on his phone with a return message for whomever sent the message.

»At home, making calls. Who is this?

We know where you are Doctor Brennan, lying is rude. Deliver the girl to the corner of 4th and Central Park South, there will be someone there wearing a red scarf waiting to pick her up.

Completely oblivious and apparently not tuned in to Brennan's thoughts, Liette is quietly watching a young mother help her son out of a shopping carriage and into the back of their mini van. She's fascinated by the presence of a family unit, watching with brows furrowed and nose scrunched up, as if not all that impressed compared to the Brennan family.

We know where your wife and daughters are as well, Doctor Brennan. Make the right choice, we appreciate your good work. But now she belongs to someone else.

Brennan's body language is suddenly one of worry and fear, rolling off him in waves as he turns to try and look around or through the neighbouring vehicle towards the store to see if he can see his wife and children getting out of the store. "Liette…" Getting her attention. "Take your seatbelt off right now. Stay very calm.

His own seatbelt is taken off when he's done typing. "You need to manually unlock that door and get out, real quick, on the count of three okay. Then come around to my side. Stay calm, keep control of yourself" Anger, fear, worry and concern, it's all there in the physician's face.

You can call us Rebel, Doctor Brennan. Now be a good man and deliver the girl to the address we specified. She has valuable information that will save lives.

"Huh?" Distractedly looking from the mother and son two cars over, Liette's eyes settle on Brennan with raised brows. "Wh— did you forget something in the store? I was kinda' thinking about picking up a pair of mittens anyway, 'cause if I'm gonna learn how to do the snowball fight properly I don't want to get my hands cold." There's a pause, brows creased and Liette rests a finger on the door lock, lips crooked into a smile as if this was all somehow a game.

» Do we understand each other, Doctor Brennan?

"Get out now Liette" Urgency in his voice as Brennan does the same as he instructed her to, pulling up on the lock and forcing the door open, his cellphone tossed into his back seat. "Read my mind" A simple instruction. Someone named rebel is trying to make me drop you off on a corner, threatening Michelle and the girls. Hoping vainly that she's listening. "unlock and pull the door open quick DO you understand me?"

Blue eyes wide, Liette looks startled when she picks up Brennan's thoughts, and when the order to open the door comes Liette is springing out from the car with boots clomping on the ground. The girl skitters away from the vehicle as she hears a chunk of the doors trying to lock again after they've opened, and a quick shriek of fear comes from the experience. Immediately thereafter, there's a loud bwoop of noise and Brennan's car alarm begins going off, headlights flashing, car horn blowing, windshield wipers going, radio blasting in the car and then silence, save for the buss of Brennan's phone.

» She is not your daughter, Doctor Brennan. Please bring her to the address specified, she will not come to harm if you cooperate. She is very important.

"D— Doc? Whh— What's going on?" Liette's lips creeps down into a scared expression as her brows furrow together, eyes water and she starts pacing back and forth near the car. "Y— You're scaring me what— who is that? Is— is it Pop? I— Whh— What's going on?"

"Not your Pop, unless your Pop's name is Rebel and a hacker. Get walking" He takes her hand, squeezing it as tightly as he can without hurting her and looking to see where they could head off. Take her to a ferryplace? Hangar was out. Grand Central? Scott had said something about tracking being unable to do jsut that thanks to the depth below ground. Take her back to his place? He looks towards the car and the lit screen of the smartphone in the back with whatever message Rebel's sent now. "House isn't far, we'll walk, figure out what to do from there. I think it was a technopath. Half that car is armed to the teeth with technology. We need to get back to the house and see if Michelle and the others are safe. From there, we'll figure out what to do, but we better get moving. Are you okay?"

Swallowing tightly and nodding, Liette slowly takes a few steps backwards and breathes in deeply, blinking back tears as she moves to stand by Brennan's side, blue eyes angled up towards the doctor with an uncertain expression. For as much as she nods that she's okay, this isn't what she expected to have happen at all. "That's not Pop…" Liette adds in a quiet tone of voice, teeth toying with her lower lip.

Reaching out to shakily take Brennan's hand, Liette winds her fingers around his and squeezes gently. Her brows crease together, eyes dart to the side and breathing comes slow and steady before she nods again. "I'm okay."

It may not be a long walk back, but the walk will give Doctor Brennan time to think.

Hopefully he's more careful crossing intersections than the last man with her.

"I didn't think that was your pop" He's torn, really. Badly. He might have just through his actions have let something happen to his children and wife thanks to opting to keep his word and protect Liette. Off they head towards the house, he's looking left, right, a polite murmur to Liette to keep a mind out for anything strange. Traffic light camera's are eye'd with suspicion, anything electronic. He was not made or bred for subterfuge. He was made to heal people, fix them, make things right. "Stay close Liette, we'll get through this"

Liette's answer to Brennan is just squeezing his hand tighter and following at his side. For what it's worth, the young girl trusts him explicitly, because she has no reason not to.

Hopefully for both their sakes, they won't end up regretting that.

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