For A Moondance


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Scene Title For a Moondance
Synopsis A decision is made for better or worse.
Date January 6, 2010

The Garden

A single flame dances exotically in front of the young man. The only illumination in the room, it flickers this way and that casting a dim light upon his face. Fighting the vain fight against the heavy coat of darkness that fills the room. The room is vacant. Brian arrived late, said little and went to he and Samara's room.

It's late. Brian shouldn't be awake, but he is. The no-shirt rule has been all but forgotten. In their room of the Garden, Brian sits in an arm chair. Staring at the window, one hand remains tightly clenched on the table in front of him.

The man is mostly motionless, his eyes watching the window through the flame dully. His lips practically locked together. There is no whimsical humor about the man now. He has descended into a stony silent, hand clenched tightly before him.

Sam hadn't pressed for information. It isn't her style. She's too painfully easy going to interrogate anyone. After a day of practicing her ability, running errands for the Garden, and cooking (which was actually almost edible for once), she'd fallen asleep in an armchair downstairs for awhile; a mere doze in the quiet stillness of the house had given her the little boost she needed.

Which is why it's so late and she hasn't come upstairs. The door creaks open as she peeks in, fully expecting Brian to be tucked away in bed by now. The candle warrants a quizzical wrinkle of her nose, but in seeing him sitting up, her lips curl into a faint, semi-concerned smile, not quite as confident in its usual delight.

She slides towards him, with a slight cant to her head, hazel eyes trying to find his gaze. "Hey," she virtually whispers. She reaches a hand out to his shoulder, that concern extending somewhat, "Are you okay? I thought you were in bed already— "

He gives a tiny jump at the creak, his head whipping around to take her in. Watching her quietly, he returns a smile. It's somewhat forced and fake. "Hey." He whispers back, finding it weird to talk again. Once you vow silence for a few hours, opening your mouth back up again feels weird. His mouth closes slowly, as he tries to front happines on his features, though it's a fruitless endeavor. Glancing down at her hand, his features melt somewhat the smile coming up slightly.

He pushes his chair somewhat, his hand going to pat his lap lightly. "Commere." He murmurs somewhat hoarsely. Leaning back in his chair some, he watches her quietly. "I'm fine." He lies, smiling up at her. "I.. Was just thinking bout stuff. How are you?" Winters asks gently, peering up at her. "Make anything good?"

The invitation to his lap has Sami assuming her perch, but the lies and hoarseness in his voice meet that same slight leeriness, not defensive, but curious in a way. An arm moves around the back of his neck as she peers up a him which actually softens her smile, even with her lack of confidence.

"What stuff? Dangerous things?" her eyebrows quirk slightly, sometimes she's sure not everything is in her best interest. The questions directed to her are easier to consider, "I'm good." And she is. The words are warmer than she intends, nearly sweet like syrup. "I couldn't have imagined any of this," her eyebrows knit together, "And I know that the world is like this scary crazy place and that there's little I can do to make it better, but I feel… blessed, I guess. Lucky. Glad. Sunny." She pauses. "Sorry. I'm… talking too much." Her eyes tick downwards amid a dark fan of lashes. "And I made this spaghetti that turned out today. I mean. Kind of turned out. People could eat it so… progress." Her smile extends slightly only to weaken moments later. "You know… you can tell me if something's wrong— "

As she settles on his lap, one arm goes to rest over her lap. His other arm remains on the table, hand still clenched tightly. He smiles up softly at her when her arm curls around his neck. Arching himself up he goes to place a kiss against her chin. He laughs quietly as she talks about all this… "You make things sunny." Brian comments quietly. "You're like… A little pouch with a tear in it. And in that pouch is pure unadulterated rainbow juice. And your rainbow juice trickles all over the place growing sunshine trees. And unicorns." He lets out, smiling weakly up at her. When she says he can tell her if things are wrong, he just nods.

"We live together." He states, looking up at her. "Right? I mean normally in like couples. That's like a step. Like people say hey we should move in together. And then they go.." This next part is said in an effeminate voice. "Oh my god I love youuu okaay let's move in~" With the voice ended he watches her closely. "And then they do. But we like skipped to that, just because of our situation, right? And we're happy. Right?"

Sami leans into the kiss on her chin, that peace visibly washing over her while her eyes shut gently around it. A soft, very contented sigh escapes her lips as her hazel eyes reopen amidst a flutter of dark eyelashes. "Right. We live together, and I guess we skipped a few steps because life is what is, but I'm happy. Like really happy." Her smile softens further, "I like waking up next to you. Even when your hand is on my face and I fall through the floor." Now the smile grows with a small flash of teeth. "And I like pitching in and helping take care of you."

She sighs contently again, but then her eyebrows furrow, "Are you happy?" Is that what the thinking is about? She tilts her head again.

"Me too." He says quickly, looking up at her with a broad smile. "I like all that too. I like having my hand wake up on your face." That may not be the most articulate sentence. "Or well.. I like.." He's nervous. His eyes swinging that way then this way before settling on her chin. Brian's displaying something that he doesn't often display.


"I'm happy too. I really like you. I mean, I love you. I love being around you. I love watching you hurt yourself." That sounds bad. "I mean.. Like.. You make me laugh. You're a rainbow bag." His hand on the table twitches involuntarily. "I just… Get off me." Comes the out of nowhere command, his free hand swinging dismissively, a short order for her to get off him.

"I love you. So much. I never thought I'd ever have a chance," to love anyone like this. Brian's fear brings a slightly nervous smile in turn, but it's a broad grin in light of his admissions, tinged with that nervousness, particularly at the command. Sami slides slowly off his lap, her hand is the last thing to move down his shoulder while her hazel eyes remain fixed on him.

She finds herself falling silent at the order as she straightens beside him, gently tugging on the edge of her sweater as she tilts her head up at him.

Instead of standing, Brian remains seated for a moment. His free hand moves forward to take her left hand. Examining it, he holds it gingerly for a moment. He smiles nervously up at her with the admission of her love. Looking up to match her gaze for a moment, he quickly looks away. And that's when he slinks out of the chair. He doesn't stand however.

He drops to his knees in front of her. The hand that he had been clenching tightly moves forward, going to joinining his hand enclosed around hers. Sliding his hand up, they both remain there for a moment. Until he drops them both.

Placing his hands on his thighs, he doesn't have anymore willpower left. So instead of looking up at her face, he is left just staring at her knees. Rocking his butt back he stis on his heels and waits for the reaction.

To what? Most likely to the diamond ring that Winters has slid onto her hand. His eyes flick to the side, before choosing a spot on the ground he can focus on. Fingers nervously drum against his thighs. And to add to the romantic atmosphere, Brian makes a loud, abrasive throat clearing sound.

As Brian slinks off the chair, Sam's concern grows. Wordlessly she watches him, her lips parting slightly with vague confusion. Her cheeks flush, however, when he drops to his knees, and slides that diamond ring on her finger. There's a quiet gasp and her eyes become somewhat glassy as she blinks hard, the butterflies growing considerably in the pit of her stomach. Tension forms along her shoulders, back, and legs.

Having never been through something like this, and entirely unsure how one is supposed to react, the excitable young woman drops slowly to her knees in an effort to find his gaze. Her hands reach forward for his while her teeth graze her bottom lip.

Allowing his hands to be taken, Brian glances up at her gaze. He has been through this before. One and a half times. But that doesn't make him any better at it. His hands are limp and are just lifted by hers, little effort put into his limp limbs. Eyes roll away then flutter back to her gaze. He watches her uncertainly, arching a brow high. He is completely silent and completely agitated at the amount of time she's taking to answer.

The limpness of his hands, actually reanimates her, brings her back to full awareness. Sami still hasn't found her voice, but she virtually leaps into him, her hands wrapping around him tightly and drawing him close. Into his ear, she whispers quietly, finding her voice in her throat, "Yes." She grasps him tightly, only to loosen her grip to place a soft kiss on his lips.

Once he's tackled he is rather… tackled. Back going over his heels, Winters tumbles backwards with her atop of him. Arms springing up over her back. His lips curl up into a bright smile. Leaning forward he plants a kiss on her cheek. "I know.. I know it's fast. I know we haven't known each other for a long time. But—"

She said yes. She didn't talk about all the complications, how it would be hard. How things had to be secret. She just said yes. It's a much better feeling than the one he had last time. Pulling her close to him, his lips are pressed against her lips in return. The soft kiss turning into a more passionate one.

The glassiness in Sami's eyes hasn't faded, even with the words, or her obvious delight evidenced through the broad toothy grin the tackle earns. "Maybe fast is okay, though? You brought me back to life in a lot of ways. I know.. I know I love you." She shrugs slightly in his grasp, but her grip tightens around him as their lips meet.

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