For Loved Ones



Scene Title For Loved Ones
Synopsis A woman who dreams the future, reflects on the past and begins to think on the future
Date January 16, 2009

A local shooting range

As the morning sun shines on the city of New York, one cannot witness that. It is because she is at a nearby shooting range to her apartment. T here is no windows, just a long row of stalls where people may come and practice their marksmanship. The woman wears a long red shirt and jeans. Her legs are apart and she holds a berretta in front of her, aiming at the target.

The first shot hits the shoulder of the target.


All of the things that have been happening. Things I’ve seen that I could have helped prevent.

Eve rolls her shoulders and holds the gun more steady, her eyes narrow as she imagines who the target is.. Kazimir Volken, or anyone from the Vanguard. The previous shell falls to the ground with a hollow sound. The people who have killed so many in their psychotic quest to cleanse the world.


The deaths and kidnappings. The pain and sorrow.

The second shot hits the target in the middle, the noise echoes through the room and Eve takes careful aim to shoot the target again. The images of people, love ones sacrificed. People who have been affected by the recent war between factions.BANG

All the pain they have caused. The darkness that follows.


For the loved ones lost. Who we may never see again.¬


The next shots all hit the target in the area right below the head. Eve cracks her neck from side to side and her gaze stares unwavering at the target. Memories of Cameron go through her mind, the man she first loved. The one who showed her how to fight and survive in the world, just like her father did.


For Cameron. Whose burning flame was snuffed out.

Eve tilts her head back and closes her eyes, silent tears slide down her face. When she opens her eyes to fix her gaze back to the target, her eyes are obviously wet. More tears stream down her face as she prepares to shoot again.

All the mistakes I have made. The wrongs never righted.


It’s time to make things right, for everyone.


The memories of what she has done in the past flash before her. Then something new.. not a memory but a hope of a brighter future. Of the Vanguard eradicated. And whether nor not people expect it, the monsters will be brought down with the help of the seer.

Time to turn our backs on the past and look forward to the future. We will not be defeated here. We’ve come to far. Time to turn back to the light.


Eve’s last few shots all have ripped the head section of the target apart. A disturbing clam has fallen over the woman as she stares at the target with her light grey eyes and holds the gun tightly for another shot

Cameron.. I love you.


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