For The Good Of Everyone



Scene Title For The Good Of Everyone
Synopsis A message from Elle to Sabra.
Date November 22, 2008

Primatech Research - Elle's Office

Immediately follows Bypass.

After Peter's whoosh of a disappearance, Elle is left staring at the empty space where he had stood. And she continues staring for quite a few minutes afterwards, too, eyes open and - if someone else were to observe - somewhat blank.

But nobody else is here. Which is exactly what she intends. Quickly resuming her normal focused look, she peeks her head outside into the hallway before shutting the door again, this time drawing the lock closed by hand.

What follows is marked by little or no hesitation. After pulling her glove off and stuffing it in a pocket, she picks a different item out in its stead. A cell phone. One of those nice texting ones.

The message is a simple one, and it's soon tapped out. It is not a normal text, but an e-mail, thanks to the nifty internet feature her phone happens to have. Finally, right before she taps the 'send' button - only then does she pause. There is a strange look in her eyes; a slightly regretful one.

"…Sorry, Pete. But I have to do this."

And then she presses the button.

To ten.hcetamirp|notlads#ten.hcetamirp|notlads: might want to keep an eye on peter. please don't say anything about me, since im not sure what's up yet, but i think he's turning rogue. just making sure you know.

November 22nd: Bypass

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