Forced Evolution



Scene Title Forced Evolution
Synopsis When Eve stumbles across family in danger she's forced to level up.
Date March 10, 2019

Ruins of Staten Island

It started with a scream.

One that echoed through the cracked, ruins of the Lighthouse sitting on Staten Island. Water crashes against the shore not too far off, seagulls cry and flap their wings searching for their dinner. The purple and golden skyline an echo of the sunset that graces the place. It had been a windy day. It had been a busy day for a certain cloud of energy.

Dust sprinkles down inside of the Lighthouse, the top floor littered with empty cans of soda. Water bottles, food. Lots of food. As much as any of her friends can muster to bring and Eve eats it all. Currently Eve is screaming in reverse as her form snaps together and she slams on the ground with a thud. Heavy breath wooshes out of her and her eyelids flutter as she growls into the night with teeth bared. Shoulder bones poke out as she arches her back and bones crack and pop into place.

An empty pill bottle rolls slowly towards the landing of the staircase leading down and Eve doesn't move to stop it. Instead she lays on the cold, hard flood unwilling to do much else. She was tired.

The sound of movement outside, a deer probably is what Eve's mind rationalizes it to be. Her ears perk up and there's a feeling of restlessness. She's been hiding… for the most part. Unsure of how to re enter society. Unsure of her new gift. There was too much doubt and she couldn't just dip her face into the River and divine what would stand before her, those days were lost. Slowly the pale woman climbs to her hands and knees, making her sluggish way over towards the edge of the Lighthouse floor crimson hued eyes staring outward at the rapidly approaching evening. She doesn't stop as she crawls forward as red lightning spiders out across the ground leaving smoke to rise upwards meeting the dust falling down.

Eve falls over the edge of the floor out into the sky, tumbling down towards the air in a tangle of limbs and hair. She couldn't see where she was going but that was going she didn't need too.

As if a switch had been flicked on, her veins begin to glow a hot red, eyes flaring brightly as her hands tighten into fist and she screams again as her body explodes into pieces, tiny molecules that float and conjugate in the air. The mist settles on the ground burning it before lifting to the air with a slow turn in the direction of the lights of the Safe Zone. Home. She would see it tonight.

Jackson Heights

For someone as easily distracted as Eve can be it's a wonder she makes it as far as Jackson Heights with the busy, full lives of the people inside the Safe Zone. She use to mourn the days from before when the whole city was as vibrant as her personality but now she's grateful for all of the little interactions she notices. A couple of cats circling each other on the corner of the street. A family of four sharing dinner visible through the window. All of these things Eve missed. Food. She wanted cookies. Or maybe waffles. Maybe once she can sleep in Gilly's house without destroying it.

Midnight dark hair falls over her face as she now lays on a pile of boxes on a roof of a nearby unfinished building. Many of the buildings in this neighborhood were half done, on the way to being made available to the public. Eve just wanted to see the sights, it had grown quiet now. Just the occasional drunk yell or laugh filtering out from one of the homes around her. It was the high pitched scream that caught her attention. As well as the sound of a gunshot. "Oh no." She whispered softly to herself gathering her hair in her hands before running towards the edge of the roof to look around spotting an orange blaze burning in the west.

15 Minutes Later…

Pale hands grip the edge of the fire escape across from the building on fire. An alleyway separating the two and Eve's eyes peer over the place before returning to the street. She couldn't hear anyone inside. She could only see that a crowd was growing.

Coughing below her draws her attention showing her two figures running out from behind the building. A brunette and dark haired man holding hands. Before Eve can holler down at them wondering what they knew of what happened she gets the view of someone she does know in the street. A young face, Squeaks, her niece of sorts. Here. "No no no," as the young girl takes her chance to race inside of the building. "Squeaks! Young One!" Eve's eyes widen and then there's a crash from inside of the place and Eve almost falls off of the fire escape before she allows herself to drop and explode into the cloud of glittering red light.

Slowly her nimbus form floats along the outside wall, peering with limited vision and perception through the windows. Most were ruined by flames and cracked glass.

It takes a moment for her to find the right one, by luck it has to be but there is Squeaks with ash on her face in a room with a little boy, a dog and an older man with a nice face Eve thinks fondly before the situation at hand calls her attention back to where it belongs. Rescue. The how eludes her but she settles her body against the wall, heating up its molecules. Feeling the burn spread and join the fire's heat from the other side. She had to get to Squeaks, Gillian couldn't lose a daughter. Squeaks couldn't lose her life. Eve couldn't do nothing.

Something twists inside of the woman's core and if she had a face to gasp she would have but soon her form reshapes, pulling in upon itself and taking the shape of a human female. Except her pale flesh doesn't fall over the crimson form, she looks down at her hands with raised eyebrows. The metal filings extend and grow taut before relaxing and floating within her. Her arm brushes the wall while she marvels at her body in shock. Her hair floats around her like a blood red crown of crackling energy. As the arm passes through the wall she takes a step back and looks down at the space of wood that grows black and catches fire.

Bright ruby red eyes stare at the wall in front of her, she had always hated going through doors. This way would be more fun. This way could save lives.

There was a reason she had lost her former gift, there was a reason she was here. With Squeaks on her mind Eve presses forward against the wall her skin fizzling with energy.

And then she's inside.

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