Forget Me Not


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Scene Title Forget Me Not
Synopsis Simon and Krystal run into each at the park, and Krystal reveals a secret about herself.
Date October 23, 2008

Roy Wilkens Park

The day is overcast with a slight breeze, and the park has its usual assortment of people around. The basketball court, which is fairly small compared to others in the city, is occupied solely by Simon at the moment. The kid is wearing a pair of loose blue shorts and a plain white shirt, along with a pair of battered sneakers. He dribbles a new-looking basketball a few times before tossing it at the hoop single-handedly. It goes in with a swoosh sound. Nothing, but net.

Krystal walks through the park enjoying her day of. Her eyes close slightly as the rays of sun reflect off her alabaster cheeks. A little sigh escapes her lips. The chill of the wind causes her to button her jacket just a bit tighter across her chest. She moves with someone with no need to be anywhere, her eyes sweep the grounds for something interesting. Slowly, she approaches the court noticing the kid playing there.

The ball drops onto the court with a thud and starts to bounce back Simon’s way, but he still has to jog forward to snag it. When he does, he lets out a sigh and turns to head off the court. He wipes some sweat off his brow and when the hand that does that drops to his side he spots Krystal. It takes him a couple moments to recognize her out of costume, but when he does he grins and lifts a shy hand in the air when he passes by her.

Krystal waits for him to approach her, she turns softly near a tree and leans herself against it lightly, she smiles lightly. "You know… every time I see you, you’re skipping class." She smiles gently and her eyes dance with humor. "Be careful, next thing you know you'll end up like me, working your ass off just for a few dollars." she eyes you softly her gaze flickers over your form before moving back to your own dark orbs.

Simon approaches the young woman cautiously. “Hey, don’t go assuming I even go to school. I mean I do, but I’m not skipping today. My cousin took me home for lunch.” He points off in the distance to where his home is located.

Krystal moves her eyes off to the distance almost wistfully in thought before she looks back to the young man "Well…I’m sure you need to be going back soon," she says as she turns her wrist to eye a small watch upon the slender arm. Her eyes casually break away from his own slightly nervous, but not overly so.

”Um, well I mean I have another twenty minutes or so. Why does it matter?” Simon eyes Krystal a moment as he would eye anyone who proposes to know him without actually doing so. “What about you? Don’t you have a dance to do, or is it your day off?”

Krystal shakes her head a little "I’m off today" she says quietly "Was just wandering about town.” She smiles a bit as she looks up to you. "I guess it doesn't really matter any, I was going to ask you if you wanted to grab something cheap somewhere… maybe…" she says this in an almost shy tone. There is a very pregnant pause then she murmurs "I'll pay.” The words are so very soft that they are barely heard. Still, they are there.

”Really?” Simon is looking a little nervous as well, but that probably would have been the case even if Krystal’s pheromones weren’t seeping into his system. “Well, um, well,” he starts to stutter, “I mean that would be cool and all if I didn’t have school.” He pauses a moment, then looks up at Krystal and says, “Some other time? You don’t have to pay.”

Krystal brushes a curl away from her eyes, the sunlight reflecting off her pink highlights. She smiles adoringly, happy that she wasn't simply brushed off. "Sure. Another time," she says, her spirits lifted and she sighs almost relieved. She grins coyly before she looks about the park "well… I should, let you go" she says with a little flirting murmur. "Bye?"

Simon shakes his head and nods over to the park bench not far away. “I mean I have a few minutes, just not long enough to eat something.” He starts to walk over to said bench, which he drops himself into. “What’s your name, anyways? I’m Simon.”

Krystal looks to the bench, then to him .. then back to the bench. She smiles quietly and nods her head. Her steps are graceful and her eyes dance with amusement as she walks to the bench, "My name is Krystal, least that’s what I know anyway" she says softly her tone light and casual. She walks close to him, her eyes alert and perceptive of his own body language.

”What do you mean that’s the one you know. Would you have any others?” Simon looks over at Krystal with a confused arch to his brow. He idly bounces the basketball in front of him, because he’s honestly very nervous. After all, Krystal was a stripper and she was *talking* to him. That wasn’t what he expected when he came to the park.

Krystal frowns a little and she shakes her head as she sits down on the park bench watching him dribble the ball. "Don’t know who I was before the bomb" she says quietly "amnesia"…She admits this softly and she looks down from him, her demeanor fairly scared, as if she’s never admitted that to anyone before.

Simon is looking a little scared, too, for some reason. Maybe it’s because the idea of losing your memory troubles him. Maybe there are other reasons. “Wow. That sucks,” he states simply. “I guess everyone lost something in the bomb, though, right?”

Krystal tilts her head upwards and she smiles a bit "Yah… least I am still alive.." she says softly trying to shake her feelings. "her eyes flicker to you and she sighs a bit watching the ball hit the ground then return to your fingers "So…Krystal" she answers a bit more surely now. Her eyes flicker about and she looks to you "Please don’t go telling people I don’t remember…" she says quietly.

Simon frowns and shakes his head. “Don’t worry, I really wouldn’t have any reason to do that would I?” He grins and then glances at his watch. “Well, I need to run, Krystal. I’ll swing by your work sometime so we can grab that bite.” He stands and holds his basketball to his chest, brandishing a smile from ear to ear.

Krystal watches the young man go. She smiles gently as he walks away her emotions kept close and well guarded. She just smiles, gently offering him a little wiggle of her fingers. "Maybe you should come in and I'll dance just for you" she says quietly.

As Simon starts to head home, and then back to school, he hears Krystal's comment and turns with a little bit of blush in his cheeks. "Er, yeah. Maybe." He grins, turns, and then continues on his way.

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