Formally Introduced


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Scene Title Formally Introduced
Synopsis They have a kid together, it's time they get to know one another.
Date May 10, 2011

Skinny Brickfront

It's probably not normal for most people, but for Monica, waking up at noon is pretty much how it goes. She did at least get out of her pajamas and into real clothes before stepping out of her rooms and into the common area of the safe house.

There's a catlike stretch as she heads for the stairs to hunt around and see if there's any food around here. Or at least some coffee or something.

There is coffee. And food. It may not be of the same quality as the Four Seasons or even the local IHOP, but it's there, it's hot, and it's ready. In the room that's been set up as the hideout's kitchen sits Jaiden. He's next to the window, reading a paper, with a steaming cup of coffee very near his right hand. A plate of scrambled eggs with bacon and tortillas - more than likely what summoned Monica from her sleep in the first place - sits in front of him, a breakfast burrito half eaten in his right hand. Every once in a while he pauses, turns the page of the paper, and takes another bite, chewing thoughtfully before washing it down with the coffee. Considering the circumstances, it's a very suburban scene to be going on here in the middle of a war.

At the sound of footsteps he looks up from his page and lifts his cup in a greeting. "Morning, Monica." His voice is quiet - they've all tended to be quieter now that they're on the run. "Want some breakfast? There's plenty for you too, if you want some. Coffee too."

The coffee is bitter with chicory - a flavor Monica may remember from Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. The small cafe in the french quarter is known for it's coffee and bengets….

"You said the magic words," Monica says with a bit of a tired smile. Heading over to get herself some of the aforementioned breakfast and coffee, there's just a little pause when she recognizes that smell. There's a little blink before she takes a taste of the coffee.

"Did you make this?" She asks, her head tilted curiously as she looks back over Jaiden's way. "Or did someone make a morning run to New Orleans and not tell me about it?"

"I made it." Jaiden says with a smile, folding over the paper to mark his place. "It's a taste I picked up when I was taking photos for a calendar in New Orleans about ten years ago. It's a bit brutal if you're not used to it, but when you grew up on coffee from an ex-military man, this is pleasant." He takes a sip of the stuff, swallows, and then takes another bite of his egg/burrito concoction. "Count yourself lucky that I had a few packs of that brand of coffee stored away in my bags somewhere. It's a treat I don't often get, and with the way things are now, getting down to N'awlins (it sounds funny when it's said with an Australian accent) is going to be a little tight."

"I haven't had this in years," Monica says with a smile as she carries her plate and cup over closer to him. "Makes me all nostalgic." Lucky indeed. There's just a little pause for a bite, although she does watch him a bit curiously during.

How've you been doing? With all this… future dream craziness we got going on this time." This time. Life is weird.

"as well as could be expected, really. It's not often that you get to meet people from the future, discuss robot invasions, or openly plan insurrection against the US government. But hey, I'm with friends, and I couldn't ask for more." And it seems he can't, judging from the smile he gives as he looks out the window, his green eyes going distant.

"Ever wonder how you and I get together? I mean….not in the physical sense because, hey, we're adults and I'm sure we both know how that kind of stuff works, but how you and I….y'know….met. We have a son together in that future." He lets that hang there for a moment, taking another sip of his coffee. "And I don't ally myself with people lightly. You got yourself beneath my skin somehow…not that I mind, of course. I'm just trying to find out how."

"Yeah, you've got a point there. Revolution's easier with friends there with you. I had lunch with him the other day… it was strange, but nice. He's… he's a good guy." And even though it wasn't technically her that helped raise him, she's proud of how JJ turned out all the same.

Monica lifts an eyebrow as he goes on, though, and she chuckles lightly with a shake of her head. "I don't know. I've been wondering a lot of things about how it all came about. People learn to lean on one another, I think, during the hard times. And it seems like those were — are? some pretty rough times. I'm not sure if anyone would be able to really tell us unless we from then came back to lay it out, but that seems like it would cause a rift or two, standing in a room with yourself."

Jaiden can't help but chuckle at that, a smirk appearing for a moment as he rocks back on the legs of his scavenged chair - one that's certainly seen better days, judging from the amount of gaffer tape being used to hold it together. "If I could go back and tell myself some things, I certainly would have some interesting things to share about a few life choices I made in the past that might have been better to have chosen differently, but it might be like that bad movie, Time Cop, where if you touch 'yourself' from a different time, you're obliterated…or something like that. Still…it's probably best we didn't come back 'ourselves' to talk, because who knows what mischief that would have caused."

"Well, in preparation of the hard times ahead, Monica, I'm Jaiden Stirling Mortlock, originally from Australia. Retired military, retired photojournalist, and member of both the Ferry and the slowly rebuilding Endgame. No children - yet -" he smirks at that. "Citizen of Australia but currently in the United States. No brothers, sisters, or parents to speak of that're nearby - mum's back on the farm in Oz, and dad passed about ten years back of a heart attack." Rather formal sounding, like he's reeling off a resume, but the way he speaks, it's as though he wants Monica to know who he is. If fate conspires to push them together in an intimate way, dammit, he wants her to like him.

"Yeah, I'm not sure how it would happen, but it sounds like bad news. Plus, I'm not sure the timestream could handle more than one of me at a time," Monica says with a crooked smile. Playful.

"Well, Jaiden Stirling Mortlock, it's good to formally meet you. I'm Monica Dawson. For of a fringe member of everything. Endgame, formerly Phoenix, formerly Pariah. Long time terrorist, I suppose. I'm actually thinking of dipping into the Ferry a little more. Their more… proactive side could probably use me." She sets down her cup, pausing a moment to figure how to sum up her own history. "I'm from New Orleans. I was a business student for a while. And a costumed vigilante for a while. Turns out my alter ego was prophesied in a comic book once. Which is why Cardinal grabbed me up, I'm sure. Never really knew my dad, lost Mom in Katrina. I lived with my Nana and my little brother until I moved up here. I'm telling this all outta order, I'm sorry." She laughs a bit, maybe a little embarrassed.

"You know. I've seen the farm. I went with Liz back to the 90's once, to your family's place."

"I know, I remember you and Lizzie helping me out. Kind of blew my mind that two birds came to rescue me from a sinkhole in the outback." He chuckles. "You'd like the farm now, I think. Place is nicer. I've put a little money into it, now and again, to make it pretty self sufficient - water, solar panels for power…only thing really necessary to bring in is canned veg during the dry times…the rest of the time, food is plentiful." There's a pause. "Costumed vigilante? I think I might like to hear about that. Mabye get you to play dress up." He's kidding, right? "And long time terrorist? I guess you've got experience on me…any pointers?"

He's quiet for a moment, finishing off his burrito, wiping his mouth with a paper towel before draining the coffee cup. "Don't worry about getting things out of order - the fact you have a past will matter if we're going to raise JJ properly." Jaiden chuckles softly. "Wonder if I should start planning a few caches of 'stuff' for when we're in there….luckily Ygraine has a bit of a knack for getting places that you should not get to."

"Oh, you got to remember it, huh? Pretty crazy, knowing your younger self was targeted by some crazy, carnival running, time hopping villain." Monica smiles there, because it really does sound like a comic book. "I'd like to see it now. If there was a way. Where's a teleporter when you need one, huh?"

She can't help but laugh at the dress up line, though. "I hate to disappoint you, I was never very flashy. More like a ninja. Dark clothes. The hoodie." When he mentions JJ, though, she can't help but smile warmly. "I think we did a pretty good job. He's a good guy. He says… we were a happy family. No angst. I think that's pretty good, considering it all starts in a concentration camp. And he said you ended up as a Ferry councilman."

"Bits and pieces, yeah." Jaiden smirks playfully. "I've done a lot of things since then, and I was a kid. Other than the sinkhole and the fact that it was a blonde and a dark-haired woman…can't tell you much more than that. And yeah, it's kind of my final destination. Things get too bad, I'm going to grab those I know and get the hell out of dodge. If you're interested, of course. I'm not one to snatch folk from the street. That's the government's job now."

The line about him being a councilman? Jaiden's brows go up in surprise. "I think he and I need to have a dinner sometime…because I'd like to figure out a few things. Think we three could get together and have a meal?"

"Am I interested? Yeah I am. I don't really have a fallback plan. Which maybe means I'm not a very prepared terrorist, but I've always just sort of assumed— well. It's a good idea to have one." Monica leans a hip up against a counter, one foot lifting to rest against the inside of her leg. Flamingoish. "I think we could arrange that. He wants us to have a dinner with him and his girlfriend, too. I've met her before. I didn't know she was from the future at the time, but she's been teaching me the drums. The old fashioned way."

Her own words make her pause, and she furrows her brow a little. "I realize I know what you can do but… do you know mine at all? I've never sure how much anyone actually got told, with how secretive Rich can be." Could be. Whatever.

Jaiden shakes his head. "I'm a walking water purification plant that can do all sorts of neat stuff with water. And you being a costumed vigilante…." he shrugs. "Super speed, maybe? Super reflexes? Eyes that shoot laser beams when you get sad?"

"Not quite. Super reflexes is close, though, in a way. I'm a mimic. Ah, Adoptive Muscle Memory is what Suresh called it, I guess. If I can watch it, I can retain the skill." She puts her hands on her hips there, one still cocked out to the side. "Which is sort of why I'm wondering how I got stuck in a camp in the first place. I'm blamin' the robots so far, but there's got to be something I can pick up that can kick their butts."

"Well, if it's anything like the way they got me, I was ambushed while picking up a load of H5N10 vaccine. Too bad you can't learn immunity to negation gas or, if I recall correctly, a dogpile and knock-out drugs delivered via tranquilizer gun." Jaiden frowns slightly at that, rubbing the back of his neck. "Only thing I could think of that would help against robots is….hrm…mabye akido or something? Direct their force away from you while you get away?"

"I'll have to see. Wouldn't hurt to stock up on some new abilities anyway. Even if they do negate me, I can still use whatever I've already learned. It's just not as instinctual without the power driving it. It sort of has a mind of its own… sometimes." Which is a bit troubling, but Monica shakes her head and changes the subject. She hops up onto the counter and smiles his way. "So, you know about farming and you know how to cook and you're… mechanic, right? What else… you know? What else do you like to do. You know, when we're not all hiding from the law and such. Or even when we are! I accept all sorts of… you know, that's one of the pointers for being a terrorist. Have portable hobbies that aren't too loud."

It's a welcome subject change, Jaiden smiling, his face relaxing. "well, a jack of all trades is what I classify myself as. Farming, ranching, military stuff, gun repair, cooking, mechanic on anything with wheels and a few things without…." He trails off after a moment, looking out the window. "I try and play guitar, have a good set of lungs for singing, like spending time with folk who enjoy spending time with me. Traveling around the world when I can…."

"You must be very handy to have around," Monica says, and even without irony! Considering she's a jack of all trades herself. "I play guitar, when I've got one on hand. I like parkour a lot, that's one of my favorites. I never did get to travel much. Besides here. And Vegas sometimes to visit family. And the odd jump to past Australia. Didn't get to do much in the way of sightseeing, though. Always wanted to travel, though. In theory." Pretty firmly on the no fly list, this one. "You're gonna have to show off that singing sometime, though." It's a subtle way of saying she'd like to hang out a little more.

Her subtle suggestion isn't missed, the australian nodding slightly, refilling her cup of coffee before getting a little for himself, retaking his spot by the window but turning to face her completely, his attention on her. "Parkour, huh? Seems like something fun to do. Knowing my luck, I'd land on my head the first time I tried doing some kind of flip off a wall. And if I need to get out of here, I have ways….I'll drag you along with me, too. If you don't mind a trip to Mexico or Canada to catch a private plane."

"Thanks," Monica says softly, for the refill, and she smiles a little wider. "It does get a little dangerous, that's true. Misjudgment is a bad thing. But there's nothing quite like flipping yourself from rooftop to rooftop over a drop the size of a football field. And honestly, it's how I get around the city these days. They patrol the roofs less."

After taking a savoring drink of that coffee, she points a finger his way. "I'll take you up on that. I don't think I'd mind either place, really. Or anywhere we'd have to go to not get arrested. Prison was awful. I can't imagine those camps would be any better."

"Never been in prison here, but if they're anything like North Korea, of whom I was a guest for a grand total of two days before deciding that not being there was in my best interests, I'll respectfully decline the experience and will do everything in my power to prevent it." Jaiden lifts his cup. "Friends too."

What he doesn't tell her is that it'll probably be a breakneck run for the border in a 'borrowed car,' hitting the great lakes, renting a boat or taking a ferry to Canada, and then using the cash that Jaiden has (not a small amount, assuredly) to get the hell away from whoever's chasing them. He crosses one leg over the other, pulling his ankle a bit higher with his right hand before retaking his cup. "At least with me, I'll have a few seconds to form a 'bubble' around me to bounce….he chuckles. "Damn, that might be fun, actually…leaping of something, forming a giant droplet of water around me, and then bouncing…"

"Probably not that bad. Just very… dull. Bad food. Black bags over your head every now and then. A cot. Lots of neglect. And I think they were planning to execute us when the Ferry broke us out. That would have been a little worse." And that is said in dry humor. She seems to be able to take the bad stuff and roll with it. "You might be a little crazier than me, even, with the thrillseeking," Monica notes at his droplet idea. "But if you want to try it, I want to be there to see it."

If anything, it'll be a damn cool emergency escape." Jaiden grins. "And you'll be there when I test it out. Hell, I might go up to the roof and see how fast I can pull water to me before jumping….if it takes me three minutes to get enough around me, it might not be a good idea."

"…Yes. Testing that out might be a good idea. Don't make me have to dive out a window and catch you." Monica does seem to approve of crazy shenanigans, though! But then, how could she not. She lets out a little sigh, soft enough to be nearly inaudible. "It is a good idea to have escape ideas in your head. Out running the cops takes a bit of quick thinking and… sometimes total insanity. Not too many will follow you if you jump off a roof."

Jaiden glances at the coffeepot - nice and empty. he reaches over to turn it off, clicking the switch from glowing amber to dark, before standing. "Feel like trying it out?" he asks with a grin, offering her a hand.

"Oh, this is bad. You already know my weakness," Monica says with a grin as she takes his hand and hops off the counter. "And I'm dying to see if you can pull this off. Lead the way!"

Here's hoping he can! Jaiden gives her hand a squeeze and heads upstairs to try it out!

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