Formed from a Moonbeam


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Scene Title Formed from a Moonbeam
Synopsis Quinn joins in with Tasha and Nicole to plot Colette's birthday party.
Date October 14, 2010

Gun Hill - Colette and Tasha's Apartment

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It's been a busy last few days for Robyn Quinn, enough so that she's barely even been around Gun Hill - training (and nearly getting arrested), work, reconciliations, movies, musicals, bloc parties - everything that could possibly interest her has kept her away from home following a week spending far to much time locked up in her place. Really, she had needed it.

But today finds Quinn milling about home once more, taking care of numerous tasks she has been keeping from getting to for some time now, including one that brings her where she is now - one door down, in front of the door to apartment 404. Hand rises up, knock knock knock knock in her usual four beat pattern. She's kind of glad Sable told her about the party that Tasha was planning to throw, it had saved her a lot of wasted time in going to see Cat and trying to reserve a building that wasn't going to be available.

But of course, the magic words had been planning a party. And that was something Quinn just couldn't let linger any longer.

"Hello~?" she calls out, listening for a second. "Tasha, are you home?"

The dining room table is cleared (mostly) of Tasha's art supplies — one corner is still laden with books, but the wood is actually visible. The easel on the corner displays a drying painting of four squares of Colette's face replicated, each in paired complementary colors, Andy Warhol style. A large purple mug of coffee sits in front of Tasha's chair, while Nicole has a glass and a can of Dr. Pepper. A plate of cookies in the middle ensures that sugar levels are high enough for brain storming.

"Oops, coming!" the teenager says, slipping from her chair and heading to the door. She's dressed for staying in today in a pair of Colette's cargo shorts, Cheshire Cat slippers, and her child sized Buzz Lightyear t-shirt. She cracks the door open just enough to peer out, after ensuring that Quinn stands alone on the doorstep.

"I should ask you the password. We're talking super secret classified shit."

Nicole's done the circuit of the apartment already, admiring the Warhol-styled painting of her sister, surreptitiously making sure the fridge and pantry are well-stocked. Things that older sisters do when checking up on younger ones.

It's something to do, this brainstorming session is. She hasn't been to work for close to two weeks. She hasn't been out of her house. She hasn't wanted to do anything. Nicole doesn't necessarily want to be here, but it's a first step to a cessation of binge drinking and crying.

At any rate, Nicole is grateful that she doesn't have to keep up appearances with Sissy's girlfriend. She's comfortable sitting cross-legged on the couch in a pair of black trackpants with blue stripes running along the sides of the legs, like the ones streaking her hair. A white I <3 NY hoodie is half-zipped over a black tank top. Her head cants up and she watches where Tasha stands in the doorway talking to Quinn.

Taking a moment to straighten her own black hoodie, one that with white and blue Oasis logo across the chest, Quinn peers at Tasha for a moment, grinning at the teen when she opens the door. "Password?" Quinn repeats, tilting her head to the side. "I wanted t' talk t' you about somethin'! If…" She looks off to the side, then back to the cracked door. "If Colette's not here, that is," she says in a hushed voice. She rocks back and forth on her heels a bit, white skirt swishing about. "About, you know. Plans." She quirks an eyebrow at Tasha, shrugging. "If you have time. I don't want t' interrupt anythin'."

Tasha laughs, opening the door so that Quinn can step in. "You sure you don't have good timing for a power? That's actually what we're working on," she says, shutting the door behind Quinn when the taller girl steps through the door.

"Nicole, this is Robyn Quinn, friend and neighbor. Quinn, this is Nicole, Colette's sister. She's the mastermind. I am the minion."

A tired smile is offered to Quinn when she steps inside the apartment. "Hello." Nicole looks a lot like Colette, really. But like she's grown into herself in ways that Colette hasn't yet, benefited by an extra decade to do so. "It's nice to meet you."

"Good timing? I dunno about that, just-" she pauses when Tasha introduces Colette's sister, a look of surprise on her face… followed by a wry chuckle. "Nice t' meet you, Nicole. I had no idea Colette had a sister. I just sort of assumed she formed from a moonbeam one cloudy night or somethin'." …or something.

Hands slip into the pockets of her hoodie, Quinn rolling her shoulders in a shrug at Tasha. "I didn't mean t', like… barge in on plannin' or anythin'. Sable told me about it the other week while we were out." A pause. "Not that you should hold that against her. I was tellin' her about how I was hopin' t' throw a big feckin' party at The Rock Cellar. Glad she said something before I wasted m' time."

Reaching back behind her head and scratching, a look offered to Nicole for several moments before she offers a hand to the older woman. "Yeah, I can tell you're Colette's sister. Maybe it was the same moonbeam. SO, you're in charge? I was… hopin' t' see if there's any way I could help."

"The more the merrier. I probably would have let you in on the secret soon anyway, so no barging offense taken or anything. Can I get you something to drink?" Tasha moves toward the kitchen. "Usual crap. Coffee, sodas, water. Take a seat." She nods toward the dining room table where various lists and such are being made on Tasha's laptop.

It's a raspy sound touched with too many cigarettes and too much liquor when Nicole chuckles at Quinn's suggestion that Colette simply formed on a moonbeam. "She was born on Halloween. I won't discount it as a possibility." And she was born on Christmas Eve. But she's content to let it sit that they formed on the same moonbeam.

"I'd love to have your help… Quinn, is it?" Nicole's smile strengthens a little. "I don't know Sissy's friends… at all, really. Except Tasha and Sable." The latter of whom she should probably go out with again. "Are you in the band?" It's only a guess based on the sweater with its Oasis logo.

"Coffee would be fantastic. I didn't get a lotta sleep last night, an' for some reason I still don't entirely feel awake," Quinn remarks absently as she moves towards teh table. "I can get it m'self though, if you're in the middle of something. Hovering by a seat, waiting to see. "No worries about not tellin' me. I know you have t' be careful with this sorta thing. I just figured I'd offer help, since… well. I used t' find any excuse t' throw a party I could, even when I still lived in my studio in Brooklyn." Quinn gives a bit of a laugh and a shrug. "Plus, I have the DJ hookup!"

With that, she relaxes a bit, grinning at Nicole. "I figured Halloween was just a convenient day t' hold a birthday party for her. She was actually born then? That's awesome, I'd kill t' have birthday on a day like that. An' yeah, I'm in the band. I play…" She stops, like she has to think about it. "Well I guess for practical purposes, I play keyboard. But I play pretty much everythin' else we need too, except drums." She does grin wide at the mention of Sable, giving a shake of her red hair, but she makes no comment.

Tasha heads into the kitchen to grab a mug and fill it with coffee, bringing it back with a can of creamer tucked under an elbow and a sugar bowl, all of which get set on the table. She slides back into her seat, bringing one foot up on the chair, knee pressed against her chest. "So yeah, it'd be great, and you know more about throwing this kind of thing than I do." She picks up her own coffee, taking a sip. "So yeah, however you wanna pitch in, it's cool with me."

Nicole nods her head and gestures for Quinn to have a seat. "Tasha, can you bring up the flyers on your laptop?" Then she turns to Quinn with another tired smile. "Okay. Let me tell you about what we've planned so far…"

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