Fountain Of Information


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Scene Title Fountain Of Information
Synopsis Abigail comes to see Coren. It was inevitable.
Date June 3, 2009

Bellevue Hospital Center

It's shortly after five o'clock and Coren is resting in his hospital bed, bored so much that he had Cassidy bring him some novels for him to read. He decided to avoid textbooks and has no desire to read romance, so he has a few Stephen King novels along with some John Grisham ones. It's not one of the past-times he's ever had, since he's always kept himself so busy with work. So while Cassidy is out getting him something real to eat for dinner, as he continues to refuse to eat what they try to pawn off as food at Bellevue, he slowly works his way through The Shining.

It's a hesitant knock, like maybe the person who did it isn't sure of whether she's welcome. Not that the person at the door to his hospital room is a stranger, it's some familiar. Look there's even that cross he gave her at her throat. Red hair is pulled back in a long thick braid that falls past her shoulder blades, skirted and bloused in preparation for heading off to church later. His abject boredom is noted, she can commiserate with him on that count but the former healer doesn't step a foot into the actual room yet.

Coren was hoping — no, praying — that she wouldn't come. It's not that he doesn't want to see her, but he's incredibly conflicted about her right now. On the one hand, he's angry that she didn't come to him when whatever happened to take her power happened. On the other hand, he's incredibly ashamed of putting her through seeing him bleeding and her being unable to do anything. And now, she has to see him lying in a hospital bed, also without being able to do anything about it. She's been through so much and his stupidity — his carelessness — has put her through so much more. So when he says, "Abigail," it's such a confused jumble of emotions that cover the word.

She's actually used to the hospital vigil, unable to do anything. She does know officer Norton Trask and his powers of negation. It's a wee bit different seeing that she literally can't do anything as opposed to it just being proximity to someone's ability that does it. The young woman doesn't come forward, but there's a couple sudoku books in her hands and a package of ballpoint pens. It's awkward all around, it seems, with nearly everyone these days. "Detective O'Shea tell you?"

"I'm so sorry, Abigail," Coren says, confirming Abby's suspicion that Cassidy did in fact share the details with him. But after that he's pretty much silent. He could probably go on a long rant about how he shouldn't have gone out in to the alley before backup arrived, how he should have just waited inside with Abby — that would have been sufficient to protect her. Or how she should have come to him when her powers were taken so he could launch an investigation. Something. Anything. But no, he's silent and awkward. What is there to say, really? You can't change the past. He lets out a sigh and raises himself into a less reclined position using his hospital bed's remote. "What have you got there?" he asks.

"Sudoku books. You don't bring a guy flowers, and balloons.." Stupid idea, but the books. "I figure if you were going to be here that you could, exercise your mind." She still doesn't move from the door, just haunting the entrance. "I got some of those energy bars, the good ones, that really do taste like chocolate" Abigail rattles off. "Don't know how long they're keeping you here. They won't tell me anything, but then, I'm not family so I understand. Food's not too bad here is it? I know at St. Luke's it's pretty mediocre, but here… " She's babbling.

"Believe it or not, some people do. I am glad, however, you decided it would be silly," Coren says with a bit of a chuckle. It's more than he was doing two days ago when he refused to laugh at all. Not that it doesn't still hurt. In fact, in some ways it may hurt more, but that's partly due to boredom. He does however notice her just haunting the entrance, and the nervous babbling. He will inevitably answer regarding the mediocrity of the food, but for now he says, "Abigail: come here." It's not a command, but an invitation.

"Yes Sir" It slips out before she can stop it, but she does move in, closing the door behind her. The sudoku books and pen laid out on a table within reach before she moves to stand at the end of the bed. "So you'll live. How long, till you're allowed back on the job round about?"

Coren eyes Abigail warily as she sets the sudoku books and pen on the moving table/tray that also has his novels and is otherwise used for his meals. She keeps her distance, too. Of course he'll live. It was just two bullet wounds. Well, perhaps for others that might be a little more damaging, but they didn't destroy anything vital, though torn muscle hurts like hell. "I don't know about the job, but the hospital said I can go home in about another four or five days. I'll have to come in every two or three to make sure everything healing properly."

Abigail nods, licking her lips. "I.. I know another healer. He's unregistered. But. If you want, I can take you to him, once your out. Does pretty much what I do.. did, but a little different. I've been, sending folks who call me, to him. It'll get you back up and on the street faster" She offers.

She offers, though Coren really wishes she hadn't. Granted, he does not blame this other healer for not registering if he's heard what happened to Abigail. But otherwise — it's the law. He finally folds his book shut and sets it on the tray. He picks up one of the sudoku books and thumbs through it. Yes, he's trying to think. He's trying to reconcile with his duty to uphold the law, even ones that potentially place civilians at risk. Then there's the other thing that bothers him. Someone went to Old Lucy's, where Abigail was, to get to him. To target him. Who's to say what happened is the end of the extent to which his stalker will go? He fights with himself. Should he tell her? Has she noticed the plainclothes officers who've been posted in two different unmarked vehicles outside of Old Lucy's? He never did ask Cassidy if she'd mentioned them or not. He lets out a sigh and looks at Abigail, reaching an arm out for her, hoping that she will perhaps come closer and at least sit in the chair next to his bed instead of hovering down by his feet. "I can't say I know what to do with that information Abigail. He should be registered, and while it's my duty to uphold the law, I don't know if I can ask you or him to see to it that he's registered."

"It's not my job to make him. It's not your job to make him. It's Matthew Parkman's job as it's a federal issue and not a state issue" She's giving him that loophole that Cat so often proffered and Liz and Felix. You can pretend I never said it." Her hands settle on the foot of the bed, a shake of her head. "I don't intend to stay long, enough to sit" She knew what he was motioning for. "I just wanted to see if she'd told you. So you'd know that I wasn't turning my back on you Detective Shelby. I'd never do it. I had no choice"

"I said ask, not make," Coren clarifies, but otherwise drops the subject. Rejected. Ouch. She's not staying long. "I understand," he says, "And it's OK. It didn't make sense as I was lying there on the gurney, but after Cassidy told me what happened to you, well…" Yeah, it made sense. And it hurt like hell knowing that he'd made her witness what she did — made her have to see that happen to him and her just having to stand by. He looks over the sudoku books. No need to prolong the agony. "Thanks for the books," he says.

"You're welcome. I know when I was in the hospital, I would have loved those" It's not wholly impersonal, her gift. "Thank you, for the necklace as well. Another friend actually got me one too. His is still in it's box though." Her hands tighten on the bottom rise of the bed before she inches around the bed to actually, do indeed, sit in the chair. "You're not asking how it happened. Afraid to ask? Or don't want to know?"

"Glad to see it's not collecting dust in a closet somewhere," Coren says with a bit of a smirk. "Is that so?" He pauses a moment, "An ad for it managed to wander into my e-mail inbox, and I figured I knew someone who might like it. It was supposed to be for your birthday, but after what happened, I figured it was appropriate to get you a gift, even if you didn't." No, he won't go beyond saying that. "Cassidy said you told her it was taken away from you by someone. I admit, there's probably nothing we could have done or can do about it, so why ask? Why make you regale that tale another time?" Yes, he's not too happy about that particular situation. He already feels ineffective, and that just makes him feel worse.

"Because if the guy comes across the station, dragged in by handcuffs, you can help me get it back. Help others get it back. The guy who did this is out on the street. His name is Tyler Case." He's not happy, which means she's still awkward and nervous. "Red lightening, is what you want to look out for. I've been told that he can fix it, it's just a matter of getting to him again" Abigail stands again, smoothing out her skirts. "If he's brought to any of the stations. Call me. So the guy who has my gift can have his own back please"

"Tyler Case?" Coren asks. He shakes his head, "No, that doesn't make sense. I thought he was a replicator, or rather Miss Nakano, one of our forensics technicians, said that. I can't really say anything else, but there was some concern from her that my attack was somehow related." He looks down, thinking for a moment. "Red lightning, eh?" He raps his knuckle on the table/tray. "I'll talk to anyone I can about it. See if I can get some information, get an APB out on it. Call in Homeland Security and the like. You really ought to have reported this, Abigail." No, he's not even got that authoritative tone to it. His tone altogether seems a lot more subdued than his usual self.

"I couldn't Detective Shelby" The sudoku books are nudged by her, more out of need to do something with her hands. "Because of who has my gift. By the time it was all over too" She shrugs. "He doesn't replicate. He switches, or.. takes it away. Someone I know has my gift, and he lost his. I have nothing anymore. I know of a few others who have run across him. He's answering to another man too it seems. His name is Edward Ray. A n evolved man who has the gift of seeing the percentages of success's with regards to any one given situation and the actions associated with it" She shrugs her shoulders. "Beyond that Detective, I don't know. Just that it happened the same place you got shot. Down to the hour even."

"Edward Ray," Coren says, as he takes the pen and writes the name on the inner cover of one of the sudoku books. He also draws a line and writes down Tyler Case. "Ability-swapping, just what we need…." He shakes his head, "Who has your gift and why does that make it so you can't report it?" No, he's not going to assume anything. He likes actual information and not the inferred kind.
"Because he's wanted for crimes that he didn't commit. They were committed by people long since dead and therefore he can't be cleared of them. He'll be arrested in a heartbeat and thrown in jail" Abigail plainly lays out.

"I'm sure something could be worked out to prevent that. Besides that point, if he didn't commit them, then there can't possibly be any evidence to link him to those beyond a reasonable doubt," Coren says. He's helped put away a lot of crooks in his time, and watched as many walked free for the very reason that there just wasn't sufficient evidence. Certainly an innocent man can't have enough evidence against them to lead to a conviction.

"There's evidence Detective Shelby. Just, it wasn't him. The people who did .. had their reasons." And no one would take the word of some 20 year old now deposed faith healer. "If you find him. Call. I'll find a way to with it, and him, so he can get his back. I should go, I have service to attend at the Guiding Light"

Coren nods without saying another word. He just doesn't really have any words to say on the matter. His gut tells him that evidence existing to prove a person committed a crime is typically evidence that they committed a crime. Unfortunately, in his experience, evidence outweighs anyone's word. "Have a good evening, Abigail," he says as pleasantly as he can. He is, after all still a man who's been shot after a moment of panicked stupidity. Seasoned veteran he is making a rookie mistake thanks to his emotions. Yeah, that hurts.

"Rest up, get better" She turns then, bag still over her shoulder, heading for the door with only the smell of her laundry soap and shampoo left behind. Evidence is evidence. It's all the same to the ones who collect it. But it's varies in how it gets there sometimes. The door to Coren's hospital room closes behind the woman, sealing off the sound of the rest of the hospital once again.

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