Frat Boy Meets Telepath


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Scene Title Frat Boy Meets Telepath
Synopsis Jaiden and Kaylee meet for the first time and find out they have some associates in common. Amadeus meets the man he's looking for and doesn't even know it.
Date September 06, 2010

Ichihara Bookstore

It's early evening, around 6PM, and Amadeus is sitting in a little nook, reading a book in the Ichihara Bookstore. He's been frequenting the place lately, occasionally buying something, but he's mostly been loitering today. In truth, he's still waiting to see Delia and her 'guy', he has to assess this man, but for now he's just skimming over a few books.

6:00pm is after the shops have closed, after respectable people have gone home, and is generally when dinner is sought by those who work regular 8 to 5 hours. But Jaiden? Jaiden steps into the bookstore and pauses in the entryway for a moment as he crams the rest of a fast food hamburger down his gullet, wiping his hands on his somewhat clean jeans and stepping in. "Lydia?" he calls, paying no mind to the fact that this is a bookstore and quiet is normally the order of the day - like a library. "You here? I'm here to take care of the cats and clean some more."

Perched on a stool, behind the counter, Kaylee Thatcher has one of her text books on the counter… tho' she looks all the world bored. Elbow propped on the wood counter, eyes scan over the book, a small orange kitten in her hand, tucked against her chest.

It's a long story.

The blonde dislikes cats, but only a few know that. How this bundle of orange ended up curled there. With it's eyes slitted in sleep, is anyone guess. At her feet her backpack sits, a bit of pink stick out of the zipper, where Kaylee had stuffed Delia's rabbit as requested.

When Jaiden comes strolling in, Kaylee is in the middle of flipping a page. "She went out." It's offered back casually, brows furrowing a little as she studies this stranger.

"What do you know about Delia's new fratboy, anyway? If she says he's better than me and approved by her father, then he's gotta be a fuckin' fratboy." Amadeus speaks up from the nook, figuring Kaylee can hear him even though he's mostly out of sight.

Kaylee may have noticed that when she arrived earlier in the day she was not mauled by cats seeking to be fed. She also may have noticed that the basement was substantially cleaner and all the boxes labeled with Delia's initials were neatly stacked in the middle of the room on top of a discarded pallet to keep off of the damp floor where as before they were scattered around all willy-nilly.

"Oh, right-o, then. I had been helping her do a little clean up and organization over the past couple of days. Seemed like she could use the hand, you know?" Jaiden smiles, his accent so Australian it's like being in a Crocodile Dundee movie, moving into the bookstore proper as if he belongs there.

There is a droop of lids in a clear lack of amusement, she holds a finger up to Jaiden, before lifting her voice to say. "I already told you. I don't know. Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick, how many times do I have to say I don't know." Tsks. Good thing Joseph isn't here to hear that. Glancing at the other man she rolls her eyes.

"So… you work here," she states, eying the man curiously. Straightening, she offers the non-kitten laden hand. "Names Kaylee… Kaylee Thatcher. I work for Lydia. Keep inventory and order books and all that."

Of course, if he goes down into the basement, Delia's boxes might not be stacked… AS nicely.

"I'm just makin' sure you're not protectin' his ass or anything. It ain't like I wanna kick his ass, I just wanna see what makes his fratboy so much better than me. I wanna see Delia's tastes." Amadeus doesn't add 'in more ways than one', instead he closes his book shut, then slips out of the nook to come take a look at the new arrival.

"I don't exactly work here. More volunteer to get Lydia a little time to do what she needs to get done." Jaiden crouches down to pick up a little calico cat that's decided to twine it's way around his ankles, cradling it in the palm of his hand as he scratches it's head with the other before reaching to take Kaylee's offered one in a gentle grasp. "Jaiden Mortlock, mechanic, barfly, and all around good guy. Not a member of a fraternity, but member of several professional organizations, though." A grin is given to the man in the corner before his attention is turned back to Kalee.

"Can you give me an idea of what needs to be done still, or do I get to just pick a spot and go? Seems to have worked so far."

"Even if I did know, it ain't like it's any of your business either." Which is probably why Amadeus is bugging for info. There is so much more she wants to say to the guy, but… she can't. Teeth dig into her lip as she bites it, before anything else can slip out.

Attention going back to Jaiden, she slides her hand out of his, and then offers up the kitten, who gives a mewl of protest. "I think the box will need changing and maybe you can keep this little guy company. He's been climbing up my leg into my lap every chance he gets." There is a little scrunch of her nose.

"I think, Lydia was talking about the book storage needing to be organized a bit better." Kaylee glances of her shoulder and nods towards it. "That way we can set up something for extra books. If we need to find something not on the shelves."

Amadeus takes his hand, squeezing it. "Yeah, well, I'm gonna get out of here. But I'll catch that fratboy in here eventually." he says with a squint at Jaiden, then starts heading for the door. "Later kaylee."

Jaiden squeezes Amadeus' hand back, giving him points for the AC/DC shirt buy subtracting a few for the lack of shaving and the bruised knuckles. Someone to keep an eye on if Delia is around. "Allright, mate. Take care." Jaiden turns back to Kaylee, taking the second kitten who decides to nest in his breast pocket, only the tail sticking out as it wiggles deeper, Jaiden just standing there, taking it gamely. "Lord…"

Once Amadeus has retreated from the store Jaiden starts back. "Oh, and the frat boy he was talking about? The one that fancied Delia? Yours truly."

A hand lifts in farewell to Amadeus. "Take care." She offers in return as an automatic response to the leaving man. "Oi…" Is uttered from Kaylee as the other leaves.

Blue eyes focus on the man across the counter and her brows lift a little. "Oh really?" Her mouth pulls up on one side in intense amusement. "Reeeally?" She leans a little to one side to look at the front of the store. "Well, that stoner has it out for you… I don't think in a bad way, but he seems to fancy Delia as well…"

"To be perfectly frank, I don't blame him. Fancying Delia, I mean. She's a sweet girl, even when she's not running through your dreams all willy-nilly." Jaiden steps around the counter with his load of kittens, heading to the litterbox which, sadly, he can smell already. At least they hit it consistently instead of randomly around the shop like a dog might.

The side of Jaiden's mouth crooks up in a grin, the man walking backwards. "Really really truly really and truly real. Really." There's a blink as he tries to figure out if that was right before giving a little shrug as if to just say 'whatever.' "I haven't heard from her in a week. Last I heard she was safe, but that was from a six foot plus black woman who looked like she could eat me. Has a cat running around named after her too, if I recall correctly."

"Oh.. hey, you met Huruma." That comes brightly from the telepath, turning to watch the man."And yeah, she's a nice girl. I think her heads a bit too far into those romance novels." Kaylee sounds more amused about that, then repulsed by it.

"You know about what she does too? Wow…" Brows lift a bit. "Yeah… girl needs to learn not to just run through every sleeping head that she sees." Hopefully, it's a lesson Kaylee taught her, when the dream walker was trapped within' Kaylee's head.

The telepath reaches down to the grab her backpack and pulls it into her lap tugging on the zipper, so that she can tuck the book she was reading away and tuck the plush rabbit deeper into her bag. "I'm sure she's just fine, really." She should know, the telepath is helping protect her.

Jaiden chuckles softly. "It's what got her and I interested in each other, really. I was asleep on the train….dumb, I know….and she thought it would be a good idea to run through my head and…." He shrugs. "Things were discovered. Then she delivered a part to my shop and voila…we started hanging out together."

The australian disappears for a moment or two, returning after the litterbox is cleaned and the food bowls are re-filled - it's noticeable how all of the cats scamper back when he vanishes into the back room, and how they all don't come back when he does. "And I wouldn't say so much as met her as encountered her….Huruma's an interesting woman. I don't know what to make of her other than to be respectful."

Jaiden sighs, leaning against the counter. "I just hope she's somewhere safe. On a boat or something."

So distract with tucking her stuff away, the words slip out before she realizes what she says. "Not a boat." When it dawns on her, Kaylee glances at the man and then slowly closes her bag, as if she didn't just do that. "So… wait." As she tries to turn the conversation to something else, "You… met in… your dreams?" Lips press together and her eyes hold laughter, words are edged with it as well. "So… you met the girl of your dreams?"

Then she has to wrinkle her noses at that. "Sorry. That— that was really bad." She ducks her head down and cover her face with a hand briefly. When the limb falls away again she says, "I think I am in desperate need of sleep or something." She does look fairly tired up close, a hint of darker patches under her eyes.

Not a boat, but somewhere safe. Jaiden visibly relaxes as he gets an _idea_ of where Delia actually is and who this person he's speaking to is as well. He decides to wager, slightly. "You'd fit in perfect with a few of my friends. Ladies by the name of Quinn and Tasha? Members of a sailing club I've recently become a part of. He watches as the book is put away, the flash of pink from within that matches the bunny that was hidden in the boxes below. Still he says nothing about that.

"The girl of my dreams in my dreams? Well, we certainly did meet in my dreams, but it was a total unexpected thing, as you might imagine. And we get along rather well. We've watched some pretty bad movies….dreamt a few of 'em too. Lots of fun."

Okay that catches her attention, Kaylee stares at him as she slowly lowers the bag to the floor. Eyes narrow slightly at him, studying him. "Well… that's unexpected," tone a touch more serious.

There is a moment longer before she says softly, leaning forward on the counter, "You're right, I do… and I am and have been for a year now." Nails tap lightly on the counter. "She's safe and sound, tucked away in Gun Hill." Him being Ferrymen, she feels comfortable enough to offer the name of the residence. "Didn't hear it from me, just in case." Teeth flash with a grin.

"I stay in that building, too… so… I see her often enough, if there is any message you want me to pass?" Brows tick up just a little as she asks, watching him out of the corner of her eye.

"Just….I miss her? Miss talking to her and would like to come visit if I could. You know how things are kept compartmentalized, so I don't know where Gun Hill is. She's got my number - have her give me a ring or something. Oh, and let her know that I straightened up her things downstairs and I'm taking care of the herd of cats she's left behind." The words tumble out like a waterfall - he's obviously really fond of Delia.

It takes a moment for him to regain his composure, the man blushing faintly just across the cheeks. "I've only been a part of the club for the past couple of months" She being Ferrymen makes him a little more comfortable too. "And I didn't hear it from you if anyone asks. If anyone doesn't."

"Welcome to the club then." It's said brightly, even if in a softer tone. Kaylee drags a pad of paper close to her so she can write an address on it. She puts her name down and a number and then does the same with Delia's. It's then ripped out, and folded in half carefully. "If you go and anyone challenges you, just say your there to visit me."

Before it's handed over, Kaylee jots a phone number down and then it's offered to the Australian. "Being one of us, I don't think you will really. That number is my phone number, in case you need something." Don't worry, she's not hitting on him!

Jaiden fishes out a business card of his own from a wallet that was in his back pocket, jotting a number of his own down on the back - his cell phone just in case it's needed. "I'll call before I come - last thing anyone needs is to be surprised with a me on their front porch."

"Same goes for you, Kaylee. If you need anything fixed or set up, let me know. If you want to check out what I've got set up for my place, come on my and take a look around. " This must be an invite to see the safehouse he has set up.

Brows lift as the card replaces the sheet of paper, "Your a safe house operator?" There is a touch of surprised for the young woman. "And here I thought I had seen most of the ones in the city on supply runs." Moving to stand, Kaylee tucks the card away in a back pocket.

"Either way, we'll get you in to see her, she's is staying with her dad in one of the apartments." Kaylee offers a big grin, "At least I got the guy that's got her all starry eyes and babbling about romance."

"Oh, love, there's a story in there, I promise you. To make an extremely long one short and to save a little of the mystery, I'll just say that evolved stick together and sometimes don't work with the Ferrymen until the time is right." Jaiden's fingers wiggle and, after a moment, marble-sized droplets of water are balanced on each one, glimmering like jewels. "Not just to save my own skin, but anyone else who needs it. So far…" The jewels of water vanish. "I've saved nine. Got them out of the country. With the Ferry, I hope to save a lot more."

The glitter of water catches her attention, curiosity catching in her eyes as she watches it with interest. "I'm sure you'll do just that, Jaiden" A touch of confidence fills Kaylee's voice as she looks up at the man, giving him a bit of a smile. "That's what it's all about right?

"Anyhow…" She straightens a bit and snatches up a book from near the register. "I should get going on updating the database here, see if there is anything that need ordering and all that." Kaylee starts to flip open the pages and offers Jaiden a genuine smile. "Nice to meet another one of the Ferry. For sure I doubt it'll be the last we see of each other."

"Considering I'll be back sorting the books, I doubt this will be a chance meeting of two ships passing in the night, and even in the future, I can almost bet we'll see each other, now and again." Jaiden nods. "S'what it's all about, Kaylee. Helpin' those who need it but can't find it."

"Give a shout if you need me. I'll be in the back sorting books. Alphabetically by Author, by Title, should work." He gives a small smile, a playful salute, and ducks into the back where the books live.

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