Freak On The Geek


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Scene Title Freak the Geek
Synopsis Kendall surprises Mynama when she sneaks away from the castle for a smoke.
Date March 27, 2011

Pollepel Island: Forest

Despite it being almost the end of March, you can still see your breath in little puffs of steam before the wind mixes it into the frigid air of the reluctant spring. Each breath adds a cloud to the overcast sky, but they do nothing to brighten the color from gray to white. If anything, the sun sinking in the west dulls the world's colors even more, making everything bland and gray.


No, not even the risk of disease is enough to brighten Mynama's stay - her imprisonment on Pollepel. A younger version of her might have reveled in the prospect of being rescued away to a dilapidated and crumbling castle - like something out of a fairy tale, or else something that smacked of that long-ago home across the Atlantic. But now, as Mynama looks back over her shoulder at the stony turrets, there's an unmistakable loathing in her expression.

Her booted feet crunch against the ground, undoubtedly sending whatever small furred and/or winged woodland creatures silently scurrying away from her. When she finally stops to rest against a tree trunk, her hands fumble in her pockets until they produce a single cigarette and a lighter. She holds the end of the vice between chapped lips to light it, shielding the end with her palms, gloved in fingerless mittens to keep away the chill. Once the thing is lit and glows orange, she sucks in the drug and puts her weight against the tree, exhaling the smoke with a sigh.

Kendall seems to still be at that age where Castles Are Cool, or maybe it's just the fact that he's a nerd and this seems like a setting right out of DnD. It's a CASTLE. And with his imagination and the power to go with it, well, he makes it fun! However, the fact that there are sick people with the H5N10 in the castle does dampen this, so he's staying away despite being inoculated. So it's because of this that he stumbles upon Mynama in the woods. "…hey."

As soon as she hears his voice, Mynama drops the hand holding the cigarette in an attempt to conceal it behind herself and the tree, though the rising plume of smoke gives it away. But when Mynama turns to see the boy coming toward her, she doesn't return to her relaxed posture. Instead she narrows her eyes, her brows knitting somewhat. It's not someone she knows by sight. Then again, Mynama isn't exactly one to socialize too much with others on the island. At least, not beyond sharing tasks and the like.

"Hey," she answers in kind, but her own voice has an edge to it. After a moment of thought, she pulls the cigarette from its hiding place and takes another slow drag, this time expelling the smoke out of the side of her mouth.

Kendall isn't all that good with people he doesn't know either, so the pause starts being a little awkward. The teenager coughs. "So, uh, come here often?" yeah, that's lame, acting like this is some kind of hangout or something.

The smoke curls as Mynama lifts her occupied hand to scratch one long finger against her head. Her hair - for lack of product - has been pulled back flat against her head and knotted, but she's gone without her scarf. Instead, the flimsy fabric is looped around her neck and tucked into the collar of her coat. "Does it matter?" she asks with a slight lift of her brows that's coupled with a droop of her eyelids. She eyes him again, looking him up and down and surveying his particular brand of awkwardness.

"I don't have any more, so you can't bum one," she adds before taking another drag and doing her best to blow rings with the results. It doesn't work very well, but it's the effort that counts. Right?

Kendall wrinkles his nose at the cigarette. "No thanks." he tells her, unimpressed by the tricks, because cigarettes are BAD for you! Plus they stink. "Well, uh… it would matter, depending on whether or not you're supposed to be here…." he trails off. Well if she's NOT supposed to be here she wouldn't just tell him.

Her eyes widen at Kendall's response, and a smile curls in the corner of her wide lips. "So you're their little bloodhound, hm? Sent to round up the delinquent? I've finished all my chores, if that's what you've been sent to find out, and I'm not sorry for not wanting to be holed up in such close quarters with a bunch of people sick enough to die at the drop of a fucking hat." She salutes him then, with the hand holding the cigarette, before she rolls against the trunk to give him her side rather than look at him full-on.

"'Sides," she slurs before sucking back more nicotine, letting the smoke spill out along with her words. "Last I checked, you weren't put up as in charge of me. So what is it? You lonely? Thought you might stalk someone who's not able to run very far?"

Kendall blinkblinks. "I meant…. here here." he replies after a moment, taken aback by her suddenly aggressive response. "I don't want to stay in with them either, and they don't really want me around either for that matter since I go to the mainland all the time." oops, maybe he shouldn't say that.

No, perhaps he shouldn't.

But the words are out, fluttering like evasive insects from Kendall's lips to Mynama's ears. She glares at him then grins.

"Do you."

The words aren't a question, nor do they hold much awe. They just fall from the girl's mouth like bricks that send dust up from the ground where they land. "I was brought here when they raided that government transport," she says slowly, twiddling the half-spent cigarette between her fingers. "So I don't have the luxury that some enjoy." Some like Koshka and Nora and now this boy. "Not that the city's much better than this place. Still. The grass is always greener - isn't that what they say?"

Kendall takes a few steps back at her words, and gulps. "Er, well… I-I'm useful, s-so…" oh wait, that might imply that Mynama isn't. "I mean, uh, well, my power…" geez, how to phrase this so that it isn't insulting in some way? She looks like she might eat him or something.

"Save it," Mynama says with a wave of her hand before she places the cigarette between her lips and leaves it there to bob as she speaks. "You're going to trip over yourself and fall into the hole you're digging. And I don't care. I'm what they call resigned to fate. I'll either die on this island of starvation, or hypothermia, or hell, maybe even this fucking virus. That'd be fun. Get the Evo-Flu and have nothing to show for it." She glances skyward, as if to glower at God himself, blowing smoke out of her nostrils.

"Oh, uh…" Kendall shrugs at that. "Can't help you there. But…. if it makes you feel better, I got shot in the chest for being Evolved?" he really did, and even died for a month.

"Hurray," Mynama says blandly before she draws her lips into a tight line. "Would you like a medal? I betcha I can find a piece of rusted shit for you to wear around your neck. We can even organize a little parade for you." She take a final drag on the cigarette before dropping it to the ground and grinding it into the dirt and frozen undergrowth with her booted foot.

"There's no need to take out your anger on me!" Kendall exclaims defensively, and a D: emote shows up above his head. Geek.

Mynama just stares at Kendall then, brows knitted and eyes wide in offended shock. For a moment, it looks as though she may just erupt and devour the older teen, but in the end, she just leans back against the tree and folds her arms across her chest. "Chill out, menino. You're the one who came here looking for…" but her voice trails off, and she raises one eyebrow as she looks at him askance.

"What did you come here for?"

"Well I'm not exactly welcome and the infirmary's too depressing. I'm a courier here, after all, so I do the whole messages and small goods transportation kinda thing. They're afraid I'm bringing germs here so I try to stay out and only go to sleep." Kendall shrugs, and the symbol fades from over his head.

Mynama lifts her hands with her palms toward Kendall in a gesture of defense. "You're the one who started in on me, Mister Fancy Pants," she says with the slightest wobble of her head. "Followin' strangers into the woods and then acting all offended when they don't offer you any candy." Her eyes move from Kendall face to where the symbol above his head was, then back again. Her expression changes as she files away the exhibited ability, her mouth twisting into a thoughtful, if slightly disgusted, frown.

"You have candy?" Kendall asks with an innocent look. "But really, I wasn't trying to… I just saw you out here and wondered why, that's all…"

There's another pause where Mynama just studies Kendall before she shakes her head and blinks. "The cigarettes," she clarifies before lowering her arms and tucking her hands into the pockets of her coat and pushing away from the tree and moving to tromp past Kendall "So you don't want anything. So you won't follow me back up. Because you don't want anything."

She turns then and lifts a hand in a mock salute. "Carry on, comrade," she says before spinning and continuing up the small track back to the castle.

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