Freak Storm Hits Brooklyn
Date February 8, 2010
Relevant Logs Unknown

BROOKLYN — The National Weather service is scratching its collective heads today when a massive snow storm dumped sixteen inches on the borough of Brooklyn today. This freak storm is, according to meteorologist Daniel Hardwell, "Clearly not of natural origin." Hardwell was later quoted as citing, "The storm hovers directly over Brooklyn, abnormally altering air flow around the neighborhood. Interior air temperatures in the region are a full four degrees lower than outside, and the barometric pressure dropped considerably before the storm began."

Weather observers are speculating the freak storm will last until Tuesday morning, dumping another four to six inches on the region before finally tapering off. Residents of Brooklyn should expect traffic delays and public transportation backups in both their local area and neighboring regions.

The Department of Evolved Affairs issued a statement citing that the "unnatural storm activity will be thouroughly investigated" and ensured the people of New York City that "the situation will come under extreme scrutiny for the public safety of New York and its residents."

Many are speculating that this storm is the responsibility of an Evolved Human, and that they may well be responsible for the impressive storm that laid into the city hard over early January.

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