Free Falling


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Scene Title Free Falling
Synopsis Magnes accidently walks right into one of Grim's illusions and finds himself free falling with the pair. He asks Grim to help him out with an illusion of space. The illusionist does so, including a Death Star, making Magnes run and hide behind a /girl/ in fear! Okay, so Carrie isn't exactly a girl.
Date June 06, 2009

Primatech Research- Gym

High altitude diving. Something that a rare few professionals are every trained to do where one can actually feel the friction of the air upon the body. Needing a bit of a thrill himself and allowing his partner to brush up, the two are now free falling towards the ground over the Tahiti, the small islands barely specks below. Grim is wearing a simple black jumpsuit to help and oddly enough has a skyboard attached to his feet, sans any kind of a helmet though he does wear an oxygen pipe up his nose from the small tank attached to his vest. Of course just for laughs, he has given those just outside the gym that all is well inside of the gym though the second one were to cross the threshold they would be plunged into the tropical afternoon sky. Grim can't help but chuckle a little as he propellers around with the skyboard strapped to his feet though manages to keep up with Carrie's descent.

Wearing his trusty white t-shirt, black cargo pants, and black sneakers, Magnes has decided that he's gonna brush up on some flight training, since it's about that time anyway. Little did he know… "What the hell?" he exclaims, falling right into the sky with the others, flailing as he's far too shocked to actually think about using his powers. He's just… "Oh god, what?"

This is the first time they've taken over the gym with an impromptu illusion and it's not the first time Carrie's done this. In fact, this was how Grim introduced her to what he can do. Carrie is trying to out race her partner, arms held against her sides as she arrows down. She sends a grin to Grim before.. Pop.. "Oh shit." Someone happens to join them. "Grim!" Carrie says over the little two way, pointing towards the falling kid before angling her way towards Magnes, to try and catch him. Pulling off her mask, Carrie shouts over the wind. "Stay calm Magnes. Don't use your ability.. Grim will have us on the ground momentarily… Close your eyes. It'll make it easier." She glances over at Grim, thought she can't help but smirk and points down and mouth the word 'Now.'

Grim of course can sense the new person that enters his illusion and looks over sharply to see the Magnes tip over and start falling, flailing. Flipping himself upright so that his feet angle towards the ground, he leans forward and joins his partner as she advises the newcomer on what to do. "What the hell are you telling him to close his eyes for! I think he deserves to see the ground rushing up to him. Everyone should be able to see the last few moments before their demise!" he calls over the rush of the air as they continue to fall. Of course he sees the look his partner gives him and that silent command but he obviously sees fit to let the ground rush closer to them. "My partner's right though. You use your powers right now and you might end up crushing yourself to death!"

Upon seeing Carrie, he calms down a little. Alright, some sort of Company thing, maybe… "I-I've fallen out of the sky before, but I don't understand what's going on!" he yells over the wind, squinting his eyes as they continue to fall. "Crush myself to death? That's never happened before, what's happening?

A glare is sent at her partner, before Carrie eyes Magnes. "It's what Grim does.. it's merely an illusion.. We're standing perfectly find on the floor of the gym.. Well.. actually. I'm sitting." She glances at her partner and frowns as he still seems to be not listening. "If you are using your powers.. you might come out of it on the ceiling and drop." She sighs and turns to her partner again and shouts rather loudly. "So help me Grim.. you pull this illusion over right this instant… So help me.. You will be back in your apartment sucking in bug gas.. or whatever the hell they are doing to it." She arches her brow at him as if saying. 'I'm waiting.'

"You won't be there to kick me off your couch if I keep this up and you suddenly don't have your parachute." Grim responds to that threat but without too much more hesitation, he reaches forward and grabs the both of them up under their arms and yanks them both so that their feet are towards the ground and the whole illusion blurs as solid grounds slams up under all three of their feet and the illusion burns itself away, leaving the three of them standing in the middle of the gym with only the whir of the air conditioning to remind them of their former activities. "You're no fun, Castillo. Kill joy…" he grumbles and straightens his rather proper work attire, no longer wearing that jet black jumpsuit.

Magnes suddenly pulls his hand away when the illusion ends, quickly backing away from Grim with a wary look. "I don't understand, like, Mysterio or something?" he asks, stopping a good twenty feet away. "I don't like it, so, please don't do it again, unless I get orders…"

Carrie frowns at Grim and points a finger at him. "This isn't college, Grim. You don't haze the rookie." She then turns a sympathetic look to Magnes and holds up her hands to forestall him. "Normally, kiddo, there isn't anyone in here. Trust me. It wasn't intentional." She glances back at Grim, thought she doesn't seem angry at the man this time. "This is the new kid. Magnes Varlane. He controls gravity.. if you didn't hear." She turns her smile to Magnes. "This…" She motions to Grim. " the partner I was talking about, Agent Grim. I think you know what I mean now, when I said I wasn't scared." A smile tugs at the corner of her lip. "Hard to be when you deal with that. He controls illusions." She motions at Grim with a thumb over her shoulder.

"Illusions…" Magnes considers that for a moment, a smile beginning to form on his lips. "Can I ask something?" he wonders, beginning to approach Grim, though stops at five feet. He does not want to be too close to the man! "Can you make everything, the floor, the walls, everything, completely pitch black, like in space?"

There is a moment there as Magnes asks for him not use his ability again that Grim's face darkens and he rather earns that nickname of his. His gaze flicking back and forth between Carrie for a minute as his partner explains him a little, he shakes his head slowly. Grim's eyes focus on to Magnes though once more as that question is put to him, noticing that distance that is kept. Closing his eyes for a moment, the whole entire world seems to fade away until the whole entire gym is black, only small point of light being seen that are perhaps stars, little suns and gas giants. Then the ground sinks away and the three of them float in the abyss.

Turning to watch the two men interact, Carrie smirks over Magnes' shoulder at her partner. They bicker, they fight, but she never stays mad long. Watching the world fade away, quickly moves closer to the others before the floor is gone and she's left floating. Still unnerving at times, but she's use to the effect… Magnes on the other hand. She turns her attention to watch the rookie. "Just say the world and the gym will be back in a jiffy." She comments, tossing a glance Grims way that says 'behave.'

Magnes takes a deep breath, then he begins to float, very slowly, knowing that if he's not careful he could fly right into a wall or something. He then seems to fly, in slow circles, moving in various directions before stopping a few feet above them. "My vertical horizon is gone! I can fly in space! But, I don't know how to make it go away unless there's not an up and down, so I guess this doesn't help a lot. But, at least I know it's possible to fly now! I can't believe this worked…"

Carrie watches Magnes looking rather amused, she turns that amused look to Grim for a moment. "Sounds like your inability to fly is all in your head, Magnes." There is nothing mean in how she says that, she makes it a simple fact. Her eyes follow his progress. "Your thinking too much about it maybe."

"Don't worry. You can't fly into the ceiling now that I am taking that in to account. You are more or less just hovering in place. But you're doing very well, at least." Grim says. High praise from a man who would rather not speak at all and rarely has any good thing to say about anything. As he hovers next to Carrie, he looks over and just past her and points with a small smirk as what appears to be /the/ Death Star starts to head towards them and then… a twin-ion engine drive space ship comes screaming right past the three of them all most too fast to see. "Well… there goes the neighborhood…"

Magnes quickly flies behind Carrie when a space ship passes, then sighs as he glances over at Grim, then to Carrie. "Well, my idea was that, there's no vertical horizon in space, so my ability wouldn't work the way it usually does. So, I have to figure out how to get rid of it without the illusion. I think what I need to do is get rid of my notions of up and down, but I don't know how…"

"Don't worry Magnes.. He's not gonna hurt you.. his bark is worse then his bite." Stated as Carrie eyes the quickly enlarging moon warily and the retreating ship, before twisting around to look back at the kid. "I wonder if you would benefit from meditation." She glances at Grim. "What do you think? if he can clear his mind of all but what he wants to do?"

"You think I know how the hell his ability works? Some people need to get mad. Some need to get sad or depressed. Some can't even have people watching when they do their thing, like being shy in a restroom." Grim shrugs and waves his hand as both he and Carrie float down to the floor as the gym softly comes back in to view, allowing Magnes to continue to hang there in the air. "It's not exactly like we have training wheels for this type of thing. So why don't we just toss the bugger off the state building and promise him a burger and shake if he flies. I mean… that's worth not dying, right?"

Magnes slowly falls to his feet when everything is back to normal, shaking his head. "I can already jump high and slow my falls and stuff, but they want me to learn how to officially fly." he quickly points out, crouching down to sit with his legs crossed on the floor. "You think if I meditate, I can convince myself that up and down don't exist?"

"I wasn't asking /how/ it works." Carrie sighs as if wondering why she bothers. Her feet touch down and she drops down next to the kid as she continues. "I'm just wondering, Grim, if you think that maybe some meditation might help." She glances over at Magnes next to her and adds. "I don't do it myself.. but I figure if it's suppose to clear your mind.. maybe it could help you find focus."

"Yes, Obi Wan. Tell the kid to clear his mind and use the Force. Surely all will be well and he will restore order to the galaxy." Grim says dryly as he shakes his head and waves his hand as an easy chair appears behind him and he drops down into it, pulling out the foot rest and leaning back to get comfortable. "You know… my old man when we used to watch Superman, he used to joke that flying was nothing but the act of falling up. Maybe that is how you should look at it."

"That is what flying is to me, I can do it, but when I change what's 'down' for me, my vertical horizon changes. Flying is complicated for me." Magnes just sighs, taking deep breaths as he closes his eyes. "I have to learn how to suppress it or get rid of it, that's the only way I'll be able to do it without getting nauseous. I'll try meditating, they taught me in Japan. I'll just remember my flower arranging…"

There is a chuckle from Carrie. "My ex father-in-law use to say that walking was just the act of falling forward." She glances at Magnes watching him for a moment before standing again. She motions for Grim to get up. "You do that… Grim and I have some things we need to do… Sorry… /I/ have somethings to do, while he lays on the couch and plays with his toy." Toy obviously meaning his ability. She reaches down to briefly grip the kids shoulder. "You'll get it, kiddo." She gives him a wink. "And your welcome to join us next time we go skydiving." Giving his shoulder a rough pat she straightens.

"I just sat down!" Grim cries in protest but at the same time he puts the footrest of his chair down and rolls up to his feet, the chair dissolving as he does so and moves to pass Magnes. "Yeah. Don't let your ability get you down." he chuckles at his own joke as he come along side Carrie, offering her his arm. "Shall we, m'lady? I believe I have much couch potatoing to do and such little time."

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