Free Pass


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Scene Title Free Pass
Synopsis An accidental meeting between a lawbreaker and someone that doesn't quite remember him.
Date March 16, 2011

Le Rivage — On the street

What is it about dogs? They want out at god awful hours of the night, to relieve their bladders. Doesn't help that Cooper has a small bladder and can't seem to hold much, either that or she swears he might have a UTI and she'll have to drag him down to the god damned vet again and see what drops to force down his throat.

So that is how there's a federal agent standing a block away from the Rivage, with a leash on her arm but no dog physically attached. She's let him off, so he can wander to some tree and do his business. Or attempt to do his business. No gun, thin cotton PJ bottoms and a plain white t-shirt under a heavy red wrap cardigan, the blonde Homesec agent waits with her phone, impatient.

"It's a tree Cooper. It's not like you're choosing the best cut of meat, pee on it, or pee on the curb, but come on already"

It's after curfew, not that it's a worry for Edgar, he can usually outrun any trouble that might come his way. Unless there's some sort of negator or negation gas on the scene, the former is usually stopped by a bullet and the other always has to be avoided. Lucky the latter has a visible cloud. Neither of these are present tonight unless you count the little cloud of steam rising as the dog finally takes his moment with the tree. Or the curb.

The speedster has had a good night, a few wallets lifted, a few more ID's to spread around, a few more credit cards to max out in countries of unknown origin— but he usually never lets his wife know about those bits. He just lets her reap the benefits. In presents. Lots of them. Ambling down the sidewalk, he's littering a small trail of plastic behind him, contents of wallets that he has no use for. The ones he keeps are tucked into the pocket of his corduroys for safekeeping.

Spying the woman at the other end of the dog, though, that gives him a little pause. A little pause and a small twitch of his right eye. "Evenin' ma'am," his voice is level, even respectful. "Can never tell a dog et's past curfew, eh?"

"No. Never can. Small bladders and small brains" Well, at least this one seems to have a small brain. Felix is the more smarter of the two, Cooper just follows along behind the darker colored dog most of the time. Cooper right now is looking around while his leg lifts. Nothing to see here, just doing my business he says.

"You're littering" Spotting the stuff in his wake. "And you're out after curfew" She never stops being a cop. It's a habit. "What brings you out and about breaking the law and not behind closed doors?"

Casting a short glance behind his shoulder, Edgar's shoulders lift in an uncaring shrug. "Yeah, I s'pose I am. Figger 'ooever finds the stuff'll apprecia' et." Slowly swinging his head back to eye the 'cop' the speedster lifts one corner of his lips in a small smile. "Maybe et'll be you, never know, eh? 'Sides, I ain' the only one breakin' the law out 'ere."

A pointed look is given to the woman, then her dog, then back up to the woman. A wider, little more serene smile follows it as if to say whaddya gonna do copper?

“I'm the one with a badge that says I can be out here" Mind you, not really so her dog can take a piss. But that look that Edgar gives audrey is blandly returned, reaching up to scratch at an eyelid and then run her tongue over the front of her teeth. She doesn't realize that she's face to face with the man who tossed her over a bridge and put her through a great deal of physical therapy a few months back.

"What are you doing out so late?"

Another shrug.

"Jus' 'eadin' 'ome, wife's waitin' so're the kids… was out grabbin' a pack've fags." Not completely a lie, he did grab one while searching for a wallet earlier. They were tossed to the side, Edgar doesn't smoke.

"Y'ave a badge, eh? Well ain' tha' lovely. I don' like cops."

The last bit is said with a little bit of a snarl. Also with a rather devious smile. Another glance is given to the dog before he shrugs again and begins ambling in the same direction he was going before he met her. Which would be toward her, fully intent on passing her by.

"Me too" Hates cops. Not heading home to a wife and kids and needed a smoke. She's not so intimidated that he's coming near her, he was heading this way and Cooper seems to be done his business. So to be nice, and fair, she's moving over, making sure there's a clear path for Edgar to get by. "I'm not in the mood to be hauling people down to the precincts and handing them over to cops for curfew violation, so if I were you, and I had a wife at home, I'd smoke those smoke pretty fast and start running"

She looks behind her, in case there were cops or other patrols there. "Yup, I'd smoke pretty fast" She's tensed though, ready to drop a kick if he even thinks of making a physical pass at her.

As Edgar approaches the woman and her dogs, Cooper’s hackles start to rise. A low rumble emits from his throat and his lips curl back to reveal a rather menacing set of teeth. Narrowing his eyes at the woman, Edgar slows his step and then backs up one pace. “Mind puttin’ your dog in et’s leash ma’am… I’d ‘ate teh ‘ave teh repor’ a vicious canine.”

Not that he would, it being after curfew… but there’s other ways Edgar could deal with the mutt.

For a man going out for a pack of cigarettes, they seem to be missing, at least visibly. The only things in his hands now are a few bills which he pockets slowly. When his hands dip into the corduroys, they don’t come out again and he stands there, watching her with his eyes hooded by a pair of furrowed eyebrows.

“Dogs are smart Mister…” Fishing for a name, even as a niggling wiggles in the back of her mind. She’s seen him before, Audrey has. But where? But she steps forward, leaning down to hook the one leash over Cooper before reeling it out, giving the little french bulldog space. Like she said, dogs are smart.

“Listen, get moving, get on the way and get home. I’m supposed to call in people out after curfew and drag them down to the cops, but I’m going to be nice, and let you go”

“‘Ernandez,” Edgar supplies, oh so helpfully. Funny, he doesn’t look Hispanic in the least and his accent is too far from anywhere he might earn the name. At the moment though, he doesn’t seem the least bit worried.

A very slight smile plays at the corner of his lips when the woman clips the leash onto the bulldog and in response the speedster keeps walking toward them, giving a wide berth to the pair of dogs. As Edgar approaches both dogs begin snapping and growling, Cooper even lunges toward him and there’s a blur of legs as the speedster moves a few feet farther out from the trio. “Good seein’ you again, ma’am. Glad t’see you’ve recovered from your fall.”

Dogs, she should listen to her dogs but then, Audrey’s not a canine telepath and at the display of evolved ability in response to her dogs lunging forward she quirks her head, watching Edgar go past. It’s his comment, that he’s glad to have seen she’s recovered from her fall that really gets her looking at him.

“Gaston?” Forget that he just called himself Hernandez.

The carnie stays silent until he’s well past the woman and her dogs, reaching a distance that a normal person might consider far enough out of reach from the slathering beasts. Then he turns to face her again, while still walking backward away from the mutts. “I ain’ no cheese eatin’ poof,” the speedster calls out to her.

“Bu’ like I said, glad t’see you up an’ roun’… no’ tha’ I’s worried about’a copper bitin’ et, eh?” He knows exactly who he’s talking to. Edgar doesn’t go so fast as to forget what his victims look like. Before he turns his back on her, he gives a two fingered tip of a salute and a smug looking grin.

He was on the bridge. It’s the only place that she’s fallen, that anyone would have a mind to say such a thing as nice to see you made it. Was he on the bridge or near it and seen the woman plummet and pulled out of the water?

Audrey looks of half a mind to chase him, to turn her dogs loose and let them have a run at him. But it’s after curfew, she doesn’t have her gun and his little evo two step shuffle tells her she won’t get her hands on him.

“Whatever there Bucko. You get going” She’s tugging on the leashes, walking away from him towards the main entrance to the Rivage, keeping an eye on Edgar, wary of him.

And get going he does. Edgar doesn’t give the woman a second glance as he’s given the free pass at attempted murder, turning in his step and then speeding away into the night.

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