Free Running Chaos


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Scene Title Free-running Chaos
Synopsis Lola causes chaos; Jake and Kase make friends through violence, free-running, and weed.
Date September 18, 2009

Columbia University

A member of the Ivy League, Columbia University was one of the first colleges established in the United States. Its buildings and greenswards occupy over 32 acres in Morningside Heights; the university offers a number of quality degrees, from law to nursing, and is also the home of the Pulitzer Prize. Its student body is very diverse, and active in myriad pursuits, from student-run WKCR, what may be the oldest FM radio station in the world, to the Columbia University Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs. It is home to thirteen fraternities, four sororities, and several multicultural organizations.

Midday in the college library on the 18th of September, a Friday. It's a beautiful day outside, still and pleasant, perfect semi-sunny fall weather, and most of the student body is either in class or out doing something sportslike. Some, however, are inside the tremendously large Butler Library, a giant Greek-columned edifice containing over 9 million books on every subject imaginable and a few that would startle the hell out of the students working here. Floor to ceiling racks of books line the cavernous building's interior, interspersed by islands of tables, chairs, and card catalogues, plus the odd computer or thirty, each at an individual desk. Balconies run circuits of the taller rooms, allowing access to those tall stacks of books; finding anything is an exercise in reference materials. Marble halls echo footsteps just a little too loudly, while wooden doors and shelves absorb them; the hushed murmur of voices is particularly audible from the student study areas, where small groups gather to work out the latest philosophy homework.

In all of this, Jay stands out rather like a sore thumb. His shirt is bright red, for example, flashing out from under his hoodie with impunity and proudly proclaiming "I FUCKING LOVE TO CUDDLE". Half the time the first part of that is covered up, so he hasn't yet been evicted by the librarians - not that most of them would, but this is defiance of authority, yo, so he's being careful about it. He moves through the largest reading room, up on the balcony, an armful of books tucked in the crook of his elbow and a bored look on his face as he scans titles. Would just figure that the moment they got out from under Mom and Dad's thumbs his brother would stop doing homework for him. Of course, James is thoroughly occupied with his own freshman workload - there's just no time to get Jake's as well. This means that the kid's actually having to do - god help him - research for once. From the looks of things, it's all on classical literature, too. No, he doesn't look happy, but at least he isn't causing trouble at the moment. Give it time, though - this good behavior can only last so long.

Lola does not stick out like a sore thumb, as a matter of fact she actually blends in. She went to great lengths to secure this, by wearing a little plaid skirt, mary-janes, knee-high socks and a loose sweater. Her hair is up in a ponytail and she's got black-rimmed glasses. Yes, glasses. That's how far she went to blend in. A bag is over her shoulder. She walks with a sway, letting her ponytail bounce as though she had some music playing in her head.

She taeks a moment to sidestep around a student who is standing by the book detectors, gossiping. She never feels it when her school ID is lifted from her back pocket. Lola? Just pops her gum. Like a lift is that hard anyway.

The card is swiped as she passes through the detectors, and no one is the wiser that a very non-student just waltzed right into the library, looking like a hot schoolgirl or something.

That's gonna be amusing as hell. Jake's the kind of guy to ogle hot schoolgirls, too - so give it some time, let him get bored of hunting subject matter and start down the stairs to find a table to work at, and a look will indeed roam out over the area and flick over Lola. At the moment, he's oblivious to who's actually under the plaid skirt and pretty sweater - amazing what glasses and a ponytail will do to a girl when you're used to seeing 'em in FBI cheap suit chic.

The pair are in Butler Library, a huge edifice of Greek columns and massive book rooms. Jay is engaged in "research", by which we mean making up for the essays his brother refuses to write for him, and Lola has just lifted someone's ID to come waltzing into the student-dominated library like a truant schoolgirl. The whole thing promises disaster, but said disaster has yet to strike; neither of the pair have yet had a chance to misbehave. That's almost certain to change shortly.

Lola doesn't notice Jay. They're all the same to her. Students. Lambs. She can't imagine living a life like this. It's so mundane, it's so….well it's just weird. Shaking her head, not wanting to think about it, she moves back into the stacks a bit, into a bit quieter area. She checks for cameras. Just one, and it's in a blind spot. Libraries are upping their security, but not to the point of not having blind spots. It's really just for general security and to entice parents to send their children here. Here, they'll be safe.

The camera won't. Lola removes a tissue from a dispencer nearby, looking around. Nobody on this row, perfect. She climbs up onto a table, Mary Janes posed precariously as she slowly rises, using the tissue to make sure there are no prints left. Hey, she's a thief, she's overcautious by nature!

Camera slowly tilted away juuuust enough to make it so she's not seen between the table and the stack to the left, she grins, and hops down. Perrrfect.

Gotta love the college girls…not quite the island girls and this is so not the usual campus Kase's familiar with but still gotta love 'em. Only been in town for a week or so and is already getting the chance to throw on clothing, steal a quick kiss, BS your way out of a second date and move like your ass got lit on fire…out the window, down the wall, dropping to the street with practiced ease (thank ye gods for second floor dorms) and then taking off down the street as the girl's boyfriend comes in to check on his girlfriend.

Kase tries not just tear up laughing as he runs, boyfriend slamming door and running out of the dorm to look around for him but the Hawaiian 'immigrant' is long gone, finding his way to the library and ducking in to try to wait it out. Never one to run from a fight…Tina? Angela? Or was it Cindy…sha had an amazing rack and would probably not go for another quick one night if Kase put her boyfriend in the hospital.

Kasease makes his way into the establishment wearing a dark green and white ball cap with an H on it worn to the side, toothpick dangling from between lips and a dark green t-shirt left untucked and loose a bit too big with a pair of dark jeans, sneakers on feet and dark green bandana wrapped around his wrist. Unslinging his backpack though he leans against something and takes a few deep breaths, pulling out his cell to check a text and just sloooooowly smile. Yep. Good morning indeed.

5'11 with a build that's decent enough to be formidable in the right lighting yet deceptively harmless looking most of the time is a rather androgynous individual. Blurring the lines between what's feminine and masculine…the light tan, high cheekbones, soft yet angular jawline and neutral sorta good looks are drawn together by the almost startling yet intense blue-green eyes and resemble those of a Husky, framed with long dark lashes. Soft dark brown hair is lopped off and worn short, barely brushing its color most of the time and usually styled in a shaggy devil may care sorta wash and go style. There is a certain swagger and barely contained energy about this individual who seems most comfortable when in motion…the tall, lean and boyish flat-chested figure's defined sorta musculature wasn't gained by just sitting around after all. Tattoos are kept hidden under clothing most of the time.

Down the stairs, in a small spiral which leaves plenty of room for checking out the ass of the cute girl in the skirt who just … climbed on a table? Jay wouldn't even have seen her if he hadn't been staring in that exact moment, given how that corner is a bit out of the way, but because of his leering ways he's got himself a bird's eye view of… whatever that is. He and his armful of books hit the ground floor and veer straight on over towards Lola for one simple reason that has everything to do with her ass and the incipient trouble and nothing whatsoever to do with her true identity. Boy is he gonna be shocked. Sneakered feet make very little noise on the carpeted floor - this area, unlike the marbled hals outside, is a bit quieter. If he can manage this, he's totally gonna sneak up and grab a feel of that ass before she turns around… and then comes trouble.

Kase comes whooshing in, probably because this particular room is right near the front entrance, and… well, it's that running bit which got Jay's attention, and now the distractable kid is staring at the androgyne who just crossed his path and parked against a bookshelf right between him and Lola. Shit. Witness. He pauses for an instant - then makes the universal 'shh' motion at the new arrival, and resumes this sneaking business, a lot quicker now lest Lola turn right around thanks to the noise of Kase's arrival. He's gonna get his hand about chopped off - but it'll be worth it.

You paged Lola with 'Your choice as to whether or not this insane plan succeeds, naturally. S'just an assgrab.'

Thank God Lola turned the cameras before these loons got here. She has one running at her, point blank, and the other one sneaking toward her. She wrinkles her nose in disgust. Shit, can she really not even rob a library anymore? This is just embaressing. But lo, Jay's face produces a way out of this mess.

Lola lifts up a book, a moderately heavy one, and throws it like a frisbee perfectly aimed at Jay's face. But her attention is on Jay now, not on Kase.

…wtf? Kase's husky blue eyes fall on Jay and a singular eyebrow raises as he quickly looks around to see what the hell he could be doing. That's when he sees Lola and coughs softly, ducking his head and shrugging a shoulder. That's when he starts making his way towards that table and the woman throwing books.

Universal sign for 'dude duck' with a raised hand but attention fully goes to Lola and cellphone is lowered as he studies that woman from Mary Janes up to skirt and he can just suck his two front teeth with a soft 'tsk' like sign. "There you are…" He has a raspy and deeper voice than most would expect, hint of hawaiian accent. "Lily is hapai so she no be coming to party…Jojo know you out acting all akamai? Where all the boys can see?"

"Shit!—" flail. Jake swipes at the air and twists to the side wildly, and manages not to be in the direct path of the book which goes flying past his head and shoulder. "Fuck, bitch, what's the point of … Oh. Shit." Green eyes have locked onto Lola's face, and… well, he's not getting any closer, he can dodge just fine from right here. There's recognition on the kid's face - and a moment later his attention snaps from Lola to Kase and back. "Lemme guess, you're a cop too?" The words are low and harsh, kept to something very like a whisper considering that this is a library and he'd rather not get arrested for interfering with an investigation.

"What?" Lola asks, reaching up to adjust her glasses. She turns, glancing over her shoulder at Kase and then back to Jay. "Naw, I ain' never seen this fellah in my life." She looks back over her shoulder at Kase. "Are ya like one a them homeless crazy folks or somethin?" Cause she can't understand a word he is saying. "Anyway, Jay, doncha know it's against the rules to run in a library?"

Kase does looks vaguely confused for a moment before pointing at Lola with a carefully neutral expression, plucking the toothpick from between his lips and then shaking his head. "Cop? Nah…could never cut it. But if she's a cop, then I'm Tyson and I ain't never bit somebody's ear off and I don't have that much ink…" He rolls his eyes. "Sometimes the couples take roleplay too far, handcuff 'em and get outta here or find a place behind the stacks yo." Toothpick pointed to Jay. "Be careful, she looks like /she/ might bite."

It's right as Lola says that that Jay's jaw tightens and his head dips just so, an intensely stubborn look on his face and a gleam in his green eyes. If he ever gets the chance… oh yes, there'll be trouble. But she's a cop, and thus… well. He doesn't take his eyes off her as he responds in that same quiet voice to Kase, "Naw, man, she's FBI, seen her cheap suit and badge. Girl cuffed me to a goddamn bench in front of a playground and just about strip-searched me." Yeah, he's exaggerating, but the dead serious look on his face doesn't much render those words unbelievable. "I wasn't running, that was him, Miss Carlson or whatever the fuck your name was. I'm doing research." He never actually got to complete the ass-grab, thank god, though he was reaching. He hefts the books in demonstration and points at the shelf behind Lola. "You mind getting off the table, Agent?" There's a bit of taunting rebellion in that oh-so-polite request. "Great outfit, by the way." And in the head-to-toe sweep of his eyes. He's tense as hell, quite ready for the cuffs to come out again or another book to go flying his way.

Lola smirks, reaching up to adjust her glasses. Nerdy as they are. "Well, if ya weren' doin it now, I'm sure ya were at some point." She hops down from the table, adjusting her sweater and skirt and hair. Then, at last, she looks to Kase.

"If I was you, sugar, I'd be sure to steer clear of this one." She jerks a thumb Jay's way. "Nothin' but trouble." She leans toward Kase, as if whispering a secret, peering over her glasses. "Kiddy Diddler," she hisses.

Oh, now that's interesting…Kase just nods slowly as he listens to Jay. "Tough break brah." He might actually be sympathetic though as he agrees. "Real great outfit…tell me Agent. What I gotta do to get to cuff you and do my own strip-search?"

…he is possibly joking, probably not though as he leans in to hear what is being said before coughing and shaking his head. "Pet names already? You want go get cup of coffee first? Might be more sour than sweet, you never know."

It's hard to gauge exactly how angry that particular term makes Jay, but the hardening in his eyes might be a hint. The books get set down on the table and out comes a notebook from one pocket of his hoodie, a pen from the other. "Badge number. Now. If you're gonna start with the libel, you're damn well gonna have to prove it in court, ma'am." Nope, he's still not getting closer - getting in arm's reach of her has already proven a bad idea. "Hey dude. Mind if I use you for a witness?" That last is going to Kase.

Welp, there's the line. Lola will have to make sure she doesn't cross it again if she wants to keep this game going. How does she do that? She peels off her sweater - wearing a tank top and no bra beneath it. "Alright sugar, keep yer pants on." She murmers, hauling her bag up onto the table. "Lets see if I got it - I'm off duty now an all…." She pulls out the cuffs, a few pads of paper as she digs - and in the bent over position, her chest…well, you get the idea. She doesn't answer Kase pointly, she wants their minds wandering - two men, a schoolgirl, handcuffs, and a library? At least 3/10 porno films have ot start like this. Work, hormones. Work.

Kase has had more experience with law enforcement and those in the field than he cares to think about but he sorta has to as he looks over to Jay and then back to Lola and then back to Jay, gesturing with eyes towards the sweater removal, head tilting to the side before he rolls his eyes and finally drags attention away from hormones to look back to Jay.

"Dude…like you'd even have to ask, but you ever seen movie or tv or real life where Agent go 'oh wait, let me look for badge, yeah - oh look…what type panties I be wearing, loook, look." A pause. "Okay, well there was that one movie…but she was very flexible like and bend allllll the way over." Quick shake of head. "Yeah, witness, if you need."

K, however, is not in this, just is watching with that neutral expression which might be due to being amused.

Okay, dammit, that's not fair. The pen drops to the paper, rests there for a few moments. Jake's staring. "Uh huh," he says to Kase, and, after a moment, "'Kay." Yeah, he's still waiting. He's also staring. "Dude…" The brain is sorta lagging behind the easily-manipulated hormones, though. He manages to blink, which sorta interrupts his view - not enough, though. A deep, sharp breath gets tugged in and he shakes his head sharply, tries to shake it off. Not much luck. "Fuck, fine, free show gets you off the hook. Don't fucking do it again. Goddamn." The pen and paper fall their separate ways. He's rather grateful for loose jeans at the moment. This cannot end well, none of it, but he's too preoccupied to really fixate on the unpleasant outcomes at the moment. "Fuck," he mutters to himself.

"Excellent," Lola drawls, winking to Jay as she pulls her sweater back on and zips it up. She puts the cuffs and the paper back into the bag. "Well then, if ya'll don't mind, I do have some work to do." She points a finger to Jay. "An remember, I'll keep my mouth shut until I got the evidence ta lock ya away. And when I do….." Mwhahaha! Now she needs to get them to leave! Or get the books another way…

"Weakasspunk…" Muttered under Kase's breath, but he's working one clearing his throat and toying with his toothpick, nodding slowly and exhaling when sweater gets put back on. "When you finish work?" The question slips out before Kase really can catch it then attention quickly snaps to Jay.

"You okay man?" He has to ask, to double check and clarify.

Jake snorts and grabs his crotch at Lola. "Suck me," he says, and finally drags his eyes off Lola and over to Kase. Lola is no longer safe to look at. A look sweeps the other guy - or girl - head to toe - and his brows furrow in confusion. Wait, he'd been assuming 'dude', but… "Fine," he says distantly, and reaches for his books again. …The blunt question is coming right on out. "Are you a dude or a chick?" Yeah, Jake's a rude motherfucker. He ought to be wearing the shirt which proclaims him a tool, but instead he's in the red one with I FUCKING LOVE TO CUDDLE on the front. Oh well, it works - probably gives off the same impression as the other shirt to the discerning viewer anyway: douche. Which is fine with Jay, if it makes evil agents who stand on tables ignore him.

Yes, let them get so wrapped up in each other that they forget about her! It'd be great, Lola figures, a great way to sneak the books she wants, pull the….wait a second, she has a card. She cna just borrow the books and let that be that! Much easier!

But then the girl whose card she stole will have to pay for them. That's no fun! Considering this dilemma, Lola steps out of the way to wait this out.

The temperature does go down or maybe up a few notches as Kase, bites down on his toothpick a bit harder than normal, snapping it in half and tossing it aside idly as his eyes just come to focus on Jay, staying there. That husky blue paling a bit and mixing with a hint of unnatural grey but he just stares at Jay for quite some time. "Depends, are you a dick or a pussy?" Eyebrow raises. "You get 5 seconds brah." Eyes dart to shirt then back up to Jay's face as he slowly unwraps that bandana from his wrist to wrap around his hand and fist without looking.

Jake pauses, apparently taken aback by this, sweeps another look down and back up… and then sets the books down again. "Dick," he says, "Obviously. If I were a pussy I wouldn't have asked. It's not that I care, I was just curious. Not like you gotta answer." Yeah, this little sideshow is gonna give Lola plenty of time to take her liesure collecting the books she wanted. "You can just tell me to fuck off." No need to bring the fists into it, honest… but then he smirks. "But if I'm getting my ass kicked by a girl you'd better tell me now so I can enjoy the ride." No, he can't help himself. His shoulders shift and lower, preparing for either a quick bolt or the no doubt incipit tackle.

And Lola is doing what she needs. She's skirting around the edge, yanking down a few books and moving behind one of the pillars beyond the table. Out of sight of the camera, still. lifting a foot, she pulls a small pocket-knife from her Mary Jane, and begins to skewer-off all of the little tags wit hthe chips in them that will set the alarms off. The backs are still sticky. Oh, she has plans for these.

Kase's hand flexes a bit, fingers splaying out then curled back into a fist before starting to count. "1." Yeah, he's listening and nodding slowly. "2…" Then Jay's mouth decides to help bring the count to, "5." Past 3 and 4 naturally as Kase eyes the preparation. "I really hope you have good health insurance." Then he's moving hella quickly, hand flat against the table as he vaults over the table and takes off after Jay. - Lola? Lola is safe for now.

"Shit!" Jake says - and laughs. That laugh is breathless, tossed out as he bolts for the entrance of the library, fleeing at top speed, hurling himself over someone's backpack and past tables and chairs. That extra bit of space let him get into a run before Kase got to him - if it hadn't been for the table, he'd be paste right about now. Sad thing is, the wide grin on his face suggests that he is having a huge load of fun, which he really should not be experiencing given that Kase looks ready to kill. Jake loves to run. He's damn good at it, too. The various pedestrians and obstacles in his way will slow him down, but not much - he's used to sprints and hurdles, and this is what he literally lives for. There's sheer joy in it, fuck the rules. Now Lola has something to grab him on - running in a library, yo. But he'll be out pretty quick, at top speed, absolutely thrilled at the whole thing.

Lola knew he would run, it's like she's psychic! But that is moved past, after all, with all the excitement. With one of the metal detector stickers in hand, she decides to get back at Kase - as a non-student, after all, by the looks of him - or even as a student. Kase is on the far side of the table now, so Lola runs, jumping up and sliding across the table like someone might the hood of a car, just stopping herself behind Kase and moving her hand over the bottom of his backpack - not heavy enough for him to feel it (they never feel it) but heavy enough to transfer the sticker. Now if he follows Jay, he'll be running out of thel ibrary with alarms. Mwhaha!

This is pretty much Kase's forte, honestly. Vaulting over tables, spinning around people who get in the way, jumping and such where need be but never slowing down as he chases Jay. There might be a hint of a grin tugging at his lips though. There is a freedom…and feeling at home with breaking rules and running like a freak towards those front doors.

Backpack had been unslung but somehow due to how things move on screen for the sake of plot events, he's wearing his backpack again and as they hit the doors and the alarms go off, Kase actually doesn't slow down. Just keeps going. He knows he doesn't let people know he can read, why would he check out library books. ZOOM. It is no longer quiet in the library.

Shit, who'd figure there'd be two parkour addicts in this city? Jake's only learning it, but his track training pays off for now - when it comes to going fast in a straight line, not much stops him. A mob of students clusters ahead and he lets out a wild war whoop, causing confusion and chaos and… in he goes. This may be painful for a student or two. Or ten. Nevertheless, he's going, one way or another, and Kase can damn well follow in his wake. Maybe he'll make it harder for the creature behind him by knocking someone down, who knows. He's laughing, though, so at least no one's calling the cops. Yet. A look is hurled over his shoulder and he veers towards a fountain dead center of the campus, endeavoring to put that between himself and the surprisingly fast androgyne as alarms begin blaring from the poor, violated library.

In the meantime, Lola finishes pulling all the alarm tags off the books, depositing them into a book on fungai that looks like it hasn't been touched since the 1970s. The stolen books tucked into her bag, the camera none the wiser, she smirks and saunters right on out the door.

It is going to be so hard to try to find Cindy the librarian for a quick lunch break now…stupid cameras and alarms but Kase has a target and follows into the mob, shoving a little harder than needed at times, flipping over somebody who got knocked down. Not because he has to…but because why not?! He's almost forgotten why he's pissed off. Almost. Fountain coming up…and somebody's black berry got snatched in that mob so that Kase can haul back and then like a quarterback who can run, is hauling back to throw that damn thing at the back of Jay's head. Grring. And grinning, but quickly covering with a grrr. - It has been a while since he's had this much fun, kthnx. Lola who? He'll be swearing later about not getting her number.

The blackberry comes flying. Jake is running and listening now, not running and looking. If he were looking, he might be aware that some things fly faster than he can run - thrown blackberries, for example. It strikes him right between the shoulderblades and he lets out a startled shout and almost stumbles. A look gets thrown back, something evil and wicked and poison-green with the urge towards gleeful vengeance. Okay, this is too public. He veers for the dorms, which he knows damn well by the fact that he lives in one of them, where hopefully he can get some privacy somewhere, somehow, among the buildings… and then enact whatever evil plan he's got. He keeps his head down as he runs full-out, fast as fuck but easy to follow thanks to the streaking speed of him. Kase can damn well keep up on his own - he's racing for real now, and he slows as he approaches a building, preparing to corner around it. He's still grinning, but now it's just plain deadly menace. This is far too much fun, and it's about to get even better.

As for Lola? She just smirks as she breezes out of the library. Okay, so it wasn't even a good steal. It was lame. Super lame, and she won't tell anyone about it. But the whole point of it was that so she could steal something awesome! It's a step in a process.

She turns a corner and makes her way off campus while no one is looking at her. Just like a magic trick.

When Jay doesn't drop or fall over? He goes up a few more notches on Kase's respectameter. Seriously. The look returned to that evil wicked look is one that clearly says 'bring it' just with a glare as he almost skids to a stop at the change of direction but if Jay speeds up, Kase is just going to grit his teeth and speed up as well, looking over shoulder and pulling a face. Yeah…security's gonna be out soon. Oh look…how precious. BAH, Rent-A-Cops.

Then he realizes where they are…the dorm area. Eyes widen slightly and head is lowered a bit as he just concentrates on the target. - Lola isn't off the hook though, when Kase finds the tags on his backpack…well, that's a whole 'nother story. - Slowing down? Why is the little bastard slowing down…

The bastard is slowing down because around the corner there's a wall jutting out and Jake just learned a parkour trick - leaping up, planting his feet on the wall, using that to push off and end up at an angle entirely different than he started at. He came around that corner at breakneck speed but he's just burned most of it off in the rubber of his shoes on brick - and Kase has no idea - to Jake's knowledge - of the wall right in the prospective path of the runner. With any luck, he'll come right around that corner and meet a very sudden stop - and Jake's ready, even if he doesn't, to present a foot at the proper moment and trip the poor guy. Or girl. Does it matter, at this point? The grin has only gotten wider; this is the best game ever, right now, in his head.

Around the corner the free running mechanic goes and that wall comes up as Kase goes, "Shi-" And quickly skids to an almost stop, foot coming up against the lower part of the wall to propel the individual over and around at a 360 degree twist/flip to end up back on both two feet, still facing the wall and holding up a hand to flip Jay the bird if he still can see.

"Fuckin' A," says Jay in something like awe, approval, and worship. Then he laughs. "Shit, rentacops, c'mon." And just like that he takes off again. Time to get off-campus and onto the street, and from there up the street and towards FratVille. Of course, he's not letting Kase actively catch up with him, because if he does that the other guy might kill him, and that would be bad. Neither is he pulling too far ahead - he wants to make sure the other can keep up. Mostly.

Kase thumbs the side of his nose, shrugging a shoulder in a 'you have no idea' kinda way, and there would be a smirk but there is that 'rentacop' thing that makes him double take over his shoulder and swear. If there is a wall, it will be scaled over like a spider before K is taking off after Jay rather quickly, he doesn't hit him yet and he doesn't catch up completely, he's just following and running, gritting his teeth. Man, all he wanted was a cup of coffee and to see if Rachel was still in town. ZOOM ZOOM. He does call out, "Kase!" In winded introduction. - Yeah, never know who you'll meet in NYC.

Case? Where's a case? Jake glances back, takes a moment, then shouts, "Jake!" There, introduction returned. FratVille is composed of old, tall, large buildings, among which it's easy to get lost; he's been doing this for a while, so he leads Kase through, twisting around bends and down through alleys, until he's pretty damn sure the rentacops have lost the trail. "Fuckin' sweet," he says at last, as he finally slows down, hurling Kase a slightly wary look. His legs have begun to give out - sprints are not supposed to be maintained for distances quite so long. "No hittin'," he adds, and, "I don't care what you got, you're fuckin' awesome. That jump…" Ragged, sharp little laugh. He's cooling down, or trying. At this point, the energy's just about gone. Mostly. He might be able to manage a stumble out of the way, but that's about it.

By the time they have slowed down and what not, Kase is breathing hard…but looks rejuvanated some how, catching his breath. "You road runner wanna be lil' /dickhead/." But there is no malice there, no, he just sounds vaguely amused, nodding and slowing to a semi-jog, holding up hands in a 'okay, no hitting' sorta way. Granted…that probably means at some random time in the future Jay still /owes/ him a hit but still. "Yeah, jump…dude, didn't think any…here…" Okay, breathing catching thing goes here. "/Bitch/."

Jake can't help himself - he laughs, slumps a little, and grabs his side, grinning wide. "Fuck yeah," he agrees, and laughs again, short and ragged. "Stop here," he says, and veers into the back yard of a frathouse, where someone's set up lawnchairs 'n shit. Thump. He drops into one and puts his feet up, and just sorta slouches riiiiight there. The back lot is pretty well contained by a privacy fence, which was not locked.

Kase doubles over for a second, hands on knees and breathing being caught before he removes his hat for a moment, straightening up and running fingers through hair with a shake of his head. "Where's this?" Looking around and idly putting his hat back on, turning it backwards and unwrapping that one hand to replace the bandana around his wrist. "I mean, where we at man? I gotta find a place to pick up some food and head off to keep lookin' for shit…"

"Kappa Beta… somethin'. Dude, just sit." Jake leans back and goes digging into his pants. No, we're not talking about into his pants pockets, we're talking about straight down the front. Something makes an odd crinkling noise, and he comes out with… a plastic bag of something definitely herbal. "I'll feedja, all right? The kitchen's not bad here." He speaks from experience. "Whatcha lookin' for?" And out comes the lighter from his pocket; he opens the bag and prepares to start rolling with the papers and weed enclosed inside.

Kase does indeed just sit, unslinging his backpack and sprawling comfortably in the chair, hand running over his face as he rolls a shoulder then peeks between his fingers. "Frat boys or Sororit-dude what the hell you doin'?" He watches the bag of weed pulled out from the front of the man's pants and his hand just drops from his face as he gives a faint chuckle or maybe that was a hoarse laugh, rolling his eyes and looking away. "Eh, apartment…job. Date for tonigh-okay, maybe not that but the first two."

"I'm sharing the joy, what's it look like?" Give it a minute and Jake will pass over a nicely-rolled doobie. "Apartment, job… they gonna test you?" The joint gets held onto if that last is answered with a yes. "Cuz I'm all for joy, but people are fucking stupid about that shit." Speaks the voice of experience.

Kase waves a hand vaguely to ward off the doobie with a wry twist of his lips. "Best not brah, dunno what they're gonna do." He nods slowly and pinches the bridge of his nose. "I have got to stop scoping the campuses, ugh." Then there is a pause as he processes his morning so far…how he got to sitting beside a guy smoking weed after chasing him then getting spotted by rent-a-cops…weirdest morning ever.

"Fah, kay." And Jake lights up, stuffs the bag back down his pants and settles back to bask. A lazy grin flashes. "That was awesome. Especially when the alarm went off. What'd you do?" All right, so curiosity or no, he's not going to mess with that particular question again - Kase has won the right to respect, and with that comes privacy.

"Awesome?" Kase unfortunately cannot deny that, idly adjusting his hold on his backpack then freezing as he runs his hand along a certain place…fingers feeling out a few things before turning over the bag to show Jay with a blank expression. "Dah hell if I know." He idly taps a finger against one of the tags before gritting his teeth, taking a deep breath and blinking some. "Next time though, cut around to back of buildings and run of fire escapes til you get good jump to the building on the edge of that big square thing. Fountain and crowds are a pain in the /ass/…"

"That was the point," Jake says with a quiet laugh. "Dude, I'm in track, not parkour. I only just got started there. I had to throw you off somehow. It worked, didn't it?" Sorta. "At least for a few seconds. Not many people can keep up with me. I loved that." The bag gets inspected too, but he shrugs after a moment. He has no idea where those tags came from, though he can guess. "Also, if I ever get a chance, I'm turning that girl over my goddamn knee." Slightly fierce, and just a little pissed.

"Eh." Kase grumbles a bit but eventually just grunts and shrugs. "Made me work for it." Then a chuckle. "Usually it is other way around for me, not many keepin' up with me." Then he works on idly picking those tags off and snorting. "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa man…I know she has handcuffs and dress like fetish dream on marathon porn but I dun wanna know about your kinky ass fantasy."

Jake snorts - and then breaks into a laugh, quiet and easy. "That would be kinky, wouldn't it. Damn, why do I keep running into hot girls who disturb the fuck out of me? It's like the world's trying to get me to go gay. And then it throws madmen at me, so no joy there either." But he's joking, all light and relaxed, at his own expense, in between deep, slow breaths of the toke. He plans to get baked. Something, at the very least, has him massively amused all of the sudden. "Tell me you wouldn't hit that, though. I would totally hit that."

Kase is getting sticky gunk under his nails, but really doesn't care as he scans the tags with a critical eye and nods. "Yeah, pretty damn." Then eyebrow raises. He's listening though, somewhat less likely to punch somebody (maybe) due to the fumes around him. "I think Library Schoolgirl cop put dah tags on my bag…" Stalling, stalling, stalling. "But yeah, I no lie, totally…'specially wit dah skirt." He lifts shoulder and shakes head. "Not my type. Trying to get me arrested with library book tags. Not exactly a turn on. You know what my mother do if I get arrested by a /rent-a-cop/ for something stupid like that? She'd bust a cap in my ass all the way from Hawaii, and fly the bullet first class." A grimace and a sigh. "…but yeah."

Jake can't help it, he laughs. "I'd tan her fucking hide if I could," he says, and that's all. "You sure you don't want any? It's good grass." But he's just relaxed as all hell now. "And dude, I'm sorry if I insulted you. I got no fucking clue what you're s'posed to say in that kinda situation. I was always told if you've got a question… ask it." Heh heh. "But I'll keep my mouth shut, promise."

Kase raises a hand to ward off that mental imagery and the joint offer with a chuckle. "Again with the over sharing brah, but next you see her. Tell her, and tape it. I'd love to see the reaction." He starts gathering up his stuff though, shrugging on his backpack and rolling his eyes. "Just don't say or ask again, I don't ask you eh? Not an insult, just bit eh…" He tries to explain. "Don't always to ask the questions that you have sometimes, especially if you don't know somebody." He gets to his feet and rolls shoulders to get the backpack more comfortable. "I'm Kase, that's all you need to know." He snaps off a fake salute. "I see you around, you got digits?"

"I do," Jake says, and fishes into his pocket, doobie caught between his teeth. The notepad and pen come out again; he scribbles down his number and rips the sheet off, passes it over. Then, doobie caught in his fingers again, "Ring me up sometime, we'll have fun." That's a guarantee and it comes with a wide, cocksure grin which is far, far too relaxed.

Kase takes the piece of paper and scans it before crumpling it up to shove in a pocket as he just smirks. "Count on it brah." Then he's heading off and up and over the privacy fence with a short laugh. Man, maybe NYC will be fun after all.

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