Fresh Feckin' Air


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Scene Title Fresh Feckin' Air
Synopsis There are introductions all around when Kaylee returns from walking Missy to discover Quinn and Toby on the front steps on Gun Hill. Susan inquires about Odessa's whereabouts.
Date July 6, 2010

Gun Hill

"God, get some fresh feckin' air, my ass." The intonation comes from a black haired woman, Irish accent thick as she sits on the side of one of Gun Hill's front steps, an acoustic guitar in her lap. "Great idea there, mum, 38 out and you're encouraging a heat stroke," Quinn mutters to no one in particular, sighing as she begins to strumming on her guitar, music filling the air, upbeat and fast. It wasn't exactly how she had planned on spending her afternoon, but hey, it works. Getting out of the apartment was a welcome diversion, even if it was absolutely sweltering out. A long sigh escapes her lips, and she leans back, staring out at the street, listless for a moment. What she wouldn't do for a nice, cold drink right now.

There is a sharp couple of yaps before a fluffy blonde puppy comes within view, pulling hard on the leash and collar around her neck. Pink tongue lolled out, ears laid back, looking rather happy to be home.

"Heel Missy! Come on… we learned this one." Grouses the young blonde woman that follows her, red leash curled around her wrist so she doesn't loose it. Long hair pulled back into a ponytail at the back of Kaylee's head, which swings behind her with each step. She is dressed for the hot New York summer, wearing two ribbed tank tops, one dark red the one under it white. A pair of denim shorts and a tan sandals.

The figure on the stairs is quickly noticed, getting a small smile from Kaylee as she gets half yanked up the stairs by the puppy who wants to go inside. "Hey there…" It's offered in a friendly manner.

Nice, cold drink, coming right up! The door to the complex opens to spit out Toby into the world outside, in a very fashionable silk button up and khaki slacks, and beach sandals on his feet. And as always, Rugby is on his heels, trotting down. But most importantly, he has a glass in each hand of what looks like lemonade. "Hello there, Miss Quinn! How would you like a lemonade to fight the heat?" He offers the drink to her, and looks up as Kaylee and Missy make themselves known. Grinning, Toby nods to her and sends some relaxing signals to the puppy to leave her owner's arm in tact before she yanks it off. "Afternoon, ma'am! Lemonade?" The second glass is offered to her, though he had been planning to drink it himself.

Rugby skitters over to Missy and sniffs her curiously, little tailless butt wriggling in excitement. Whuff!

A few paces behind Kaylee is a tall, handsome woman with wavy red hair worn long and loose. Susan Ball's ivory complexion and face peppered with palest freckles burns easily in the sun, which is probably why she's wearing a wide-brimmed summer hat in navy with a white ribbon, matching blouse and freshly pressed slacks, a light sweater draped over the crook of one arm and a purse hung across the other.

Susan caught up with Kaylee a few blocks ago and had been maintaining a companionable silence on the way back to Gun Hill, but as Toby steps out of the building she lowers the sunglasses from her face and offers the man a wide smile. "You must be Mr. Benton-Ward."

Quinn blinks as she's addressed, twice over even. Seeing the glasses of refreshing coolness Toby carries, Quinn's eyes light up, and her hand drops from guitar neck, and thrusts upwards eagerly. "Toby, the things I would do for you right now," she replies with a laugh as she takes the drink. "I have half a mind t' just drench myself in it, but I think that'd be right unpleasant once the coolness fades." A long gulp follows, and a contented sigh. "A lifesaver!" A nod of appreciation is given to Toby, even as her attention turns to the dogs, and then up to Kaylee.

"Heya!" And finally she springs up to her feet, guitar hanging by its strap around her. "Cute dog you got. You live here too?" A curious expression is offered to Kaylee from the Irishwoman - someone in the building she hasn't met interests her greatly. She doesn't quite register the other woman at first, attention focused on Kaylee as she extends a hand.

The golden ruffed head tilts sideways at Toby, with curiosity, but the puppy actually relaxes and sits. The young woman attached to her, gives Toby a small shake of her head and a small smile. "Thanks, but no. I have some sweet tea up in my apartment." Her head jerks towards the apartment complex they all stand outside of.

When Susan talks to the man, Kaylee gives her a glance, brows lifting slightly, then she looks back to Toby giving him another more scrutinizing look.

That is until Quinn addresses her pulling her attention back, the telepath gives her a grin, reaching with the hand not full of leash to grasp the Irishwoman's. "Thanks… That's Missy, we just got back from first day of obedience classes. Which seems to have gone right out of her head. I'm Kaylee, and yes… I live here."

"I have a feeling that wouldn't be what you're going for, no," Toby chuckles to Quinn, pleased that his offering was accepted. He also reaches over to let Missy sniff him, then ruffles her head affectionately before straightening again. "As you wish!" Toby chirps to Kaylee with a smile. "You know, I'm good with dogs— I'm Toby, by the way, the new co-super here, a pleasure—and I've had some success in training. I could lend a hand, if you want."

As he's addressed, Toby looks to Susan, looking her over in a very cheerful way. "In the flesh! To whom am I speaking? And would /you/ care for a lemonade?" The abandoned glass is waggled in her direction. Rugby, being a bit fluffier than your average corgi, pants a bit and settles down on the cool cement steps, ears tilted as he tries to release heat. Whew.

"Susan Ball, one our network's Bureau liaisons." And she offers Toby her manicured hand, either because it's the polite thing to do or because Quinn has set a precedence for this afternoon's introductions. "We were worried about what might happen to this property after Lynette—" There's a pause as the redhead thins out her lips into an expression that resembles a frown, blue eyes growing dark. Her gaze flicks across to Quinn, then back to Toby again. Whatever she saw on the other woman's face banishes any reservations she might've had about talking about Ferry business in her presence, though her tone remains carefully neutral however kind.

"I'm glad to see that Gun Hill is in capable hands," she says next. As for the lemonade: "No, thank you. But your doctor, Odessa Price? You wouldn't happen to know if she's in?"

Quinn laughs at Toby as Kaylee takes her hand, and Quinn gives a very small shake. "Quinn. Pleasure t' meet you. Shoulda come up to the party the other night, I was hopin' to meet some new folks at it." She grins, hand withdrawing as she takes another long sip of her lemonade. Gaze moves down to the dogs swarming around her legs, a large smile on her face, but she's drawn back up at the mention of a network, an eyebrow quirks, her free hand slipping into her pocket. She doesn't say anything, she just kind of watches, sipping her drink. She's curious, given what she was told the other day.

Kaylee looks interested in what Toby says to her, glancing at Missy, who has decides to take up a shady patch of stairs, it's a tight fit, bits of her fur tipped with sunlight. However, with Susan addressing him, she lets it drop for now, at least she can catch him later if need me.

"Party?" Kaylee asks Quinn with curiosity, partially listening to what is said. "I probably didn't get the memo. I was out of town on…" A sideways glance goes to Susan, "…business with a friend, so only got back on the 4th. While you all were living it up, I was probably already sleeping." Her hand is taken back and the blonde gives an apologetic smile. "Maybe if I'm around next time."

"Ah! I see," Toby says brightly to Susan. "Well, you know, I'm looking for my next gig, so if you happen to know of any, just drop me a line. I know Lynette is sometimes a bit flighty, but family emergencies are family emergencies, after all." He shakes her hand, certainly not the firmest handshake anyone's ever seen, and then steps back. "Ahh…I haven't a clue, actually. There are so many new faces here, and I don't believe I've met an Odessa Price. Sorry!"

Susan's smile wanes but the corners of her mouth remain upturned. "You will," she assures Toby. "She's leased out most of your basement," which is a polite way of saying that the space has been allocated to her by the network free of charge in exchange for her services. "If you don't mind, I'll head on down and take a look for myself, but if you catch her before I do, let her know I came by?"

Kaylee, meanwhile, may detect something colder beneath Susan's warm, almost sunny exterior and for a moment her voice tinkles like shards of ice in the telepath's psychic periphery. If she's run again…

"Wow, the entire basement?" Quinn interjects, mostly out of surprise. She wasn't even aware that was possible, regardless of her inaccurate restatement. "Sheesh, if I'd know we could do that, I'd've gotten a second room to be a studio." She chuckles, downing the rest of her drink in one long gulp. "I wonder what in the hell she's got it all for…" she muses quietly, though perfectly audible to everyone around.

While Kaylee is polite about not listening in, somethings tend to slip by the natural mental defenses the young woman has in place. So she sometimes is privy to the inner workings of peoples thoughts. She gets to see first hand beneath the masks people wear. So when the chilling thought drifts from Susan, Kaylee can't helps but to feel a little chill down her own spine, it's enough to grab Kaylee's attention.

"A medical clinic." Kaylee answers Quinn's question quickly, her tone pleasant, though her attention is split. She's listening a bit more carefully for Susan's thoughts now that a little red flag has been mentally raised in her head. "She's a doctor." She lifts her arm to show a newly healed cut, skin still very pink, that runs most of her forearm, "Good for when you need medical attention quick."

"Ah, certainly, please. By all means." Toby smiles and gestures Susan past him and the gaggle of dogs and people, up the steps. "Well, you know, I haven't read up much on all that yet," he says, turning to Quinn with a shrug. "But I'm sure if you wanted a studio, you could just rent one! I'm sure it'd be fine!" As Kaylee clarifies Odessa's contribution, though, his brow lifts. "A doctor? Oh, fabulous! I didn't know we had a doctor in the basement. How exciting!"

Unreliable, self-centered, narcissistic— Susan's litany against the woman in the basement ends there, however, and she presses out a sigh through her nostrils, seeming to deflate. She's probably shooting up in the fucking bathroom.

To Toby, she simply says, "Thank you," and begins climbing the steps. When she disappears inside, her psychic impressions gradually grow weaker and weaker as she gets further and further away, diminishing to a whisper that finally hisses away into nothing. This should have… such a simple… I don't know why I'm surprised…

Quinn watches the woman continue on, eyebrow still cocked, and then she shrugs, bending over in the hopes of getting the attention of one, or both, of the small dogs. "Man, I had no idea there was a clinic here. That's kinda wild. At least I know I don't have t' go far if I'm not feeling well. A god send with this fucking heat." She chuckles, looking up at Toby and shaking her head. "I've already soundproofed my spare room. I'm not doin' all that shit again with a whole 'nother room. Thanks though!"

As Susan disappears into the apartment, Kaylee gives a sigh huff of a sigh, a part of her glad the Ferrywoman has moved on. Her gaze lingers on a the door a bit longer before glancing at the others, a small smile tugging at her lips. "A good doctor too. Took care of me when I was pretty sick. Wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her." and a couple of others.

A glance is sent upward, head tilting up, one eye squinting shut. "It is pretty damn hot, your right." She murmurs. "I need to get my air conditioner in the window, soon… cause it's gonna get pretty unbearable."

Kaylee's head tilts back down slowly again, looking to Toby. "So… you said you train dogs?"

"Why, certainly," Toby says to Susan as she passes. "Good luck!" And then he chuckles at Quinn's remarks, and nods. "Well, there is that. Though there's nothin' sayin' you can't recruit some help!" He bends down to ruffle Rugby, who's happily bouncing at Quinn and licking her hand. Friendly people! I like friendly people! But it's Kaylee who gets his flighty attention again. "Oh! Yes, I do. Rugby, come here!" He pats his leg and Rugby skitters over excitedly, down the steps, wiggling. He holds up one finger, and Rugby sits, albeit squirmily. And then Toby withdraws a pair of sunglasses from his pocket to balance them precariously on Rugby's nose. "There! Now he looks like people," he grins. And Rugby, still squirmy but sitting still, accepts the glasses. This all, remarkably, without use of Toby's powers!

Quinn snorts at the sight of the sunglasses on the dog, a laugh and a shake of her head following. "That's pretty feckin' impressive," Quinn remarks, still snickering. "Silly as all hell, but impressive." Hands move to her hips, and her head tilts. "I swear, I'm beginnin' to think that everyone in the building has a pet but me. Maybe I should get m'self a little westie…"

The demonstration gets a chuckle from the telepath, before she looks down at Missy. "See… why can't you listen so well?" Missy is watching the display with interest, but then gives a snort at the end result and looks up at Kaylee, slightly curled tail sweeps across the ground, knowing the blonde is talking to her.

"Impressive. I may get your help with her training as well. Especially when it comes to chewing up everything, especially when I'm gone." Kaylee sounds more amused then anything as she mentions that. Glancing back at both, she shrugs a bit. "Well… that is if your interested." She holds up both hands and assures. "Don't have to answer right now, just saying."

"Oh I'm all about silly, Miss Quinn," Toby grins, managing to say her name with the same affectation one might say 'Miss Thang.' "Westies are a-dor-able, but very high energy, like most terriers. If you can't walk it every day for a half hour or so, it's generally better to leave alone? But." He stoops down and gets his sunglasses back, dropping them back in his pocket and ruffling Rugby with exuberant affection as the Corgi hops up and licks his face. Praise! Praise! I'm a good dog! Yay!

"Oh I'd love to help. Dogs are easy to train, you just have to speak their language! They have motivations. You just have to find out what they are." Toby smiles over at Kaylee, and then straightens. "If you want my help I will happily oblige. Just knock on my door, 102. Whenever!"

Quinn laughs, and shrugs. "As long as the weather doesn't stay like this, I have no issue gettin' out and walking a dog for a bit. But this heat is absolutely dreadful." She lets out an exasperated sigh. "Speaking of which, I think I'm going to get back inside an' to the air conditioning. Mum was wrong about the whole fresh air thing, at least today." She waves to Kaylee, and then Toby, a weary smile on her face. She begins to turn, but first bends down and ruffles both dogs, and then bounds up the stairs and inside the building. "Hope t' see you both soon!"

"I may just do that… For now I think I better get her upstairs and get her some cool water." Kaylee glances over her shoulder at the building behind her for a moment before looking back at the other two. A smile pulls up a corner of her mouth, as Quinn seems to be doing the same thing, "Glad I got to meet you, I imagine I'll be seeing you both around the place when I'm not off doing this or that."

Glancing down on Missy, she gives the leash a little gentle tug. "Ready to go in?" She asks the dog, who is already looking at the door with enthusiasm as it shuts behind Quinn. She's ready. Kaylee glances to Toby, giving him a smirk. "Nice meeting you." She offers as she starts up the stairs.

"Well! I do believe that's a good idea. It's hot as hell out here. Rugby needs his walkies, but it was a pleasure to meet you, Kaylee, and I shall see you all around. Anytime you need anything, just knock on my door!" Toby waves enthusiastically and sips at his lemonade, before gesturing Rugby after him. And off the pair go for "walkies."

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