Friday Night Fever


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Scene Title Friday Night Fever
Synopsis A Friday night out at Rapture results in some unexpected meetings.
Date November 7, 2008


The pulsing beat of bass throbs through the walls of Rapture, a high-class nightclub in the heart of Harlem. Rows of expensive cars line up out front of the exclusive club and a crowd of would-be patrons wait outside, cherry-picked by the bouncers to have only the cream of the crop on the interior, while leaving just enough eye-candy outside to entice other patrons. The club serves as a respite for the trendy and the influential from the grind of daily life.

On the inside, Rapture is as much a spectacle as it is a structure. Multiple dance floors in tiered balconies overlooking an enormous central dance floor ringed by plush leather-upholstered booths. Pale blue light shines on the wrap-around bar that curved around the back of the establishment, and the entire building is filled floor-to-floor and shoulder-to-shoulder with the pulsing, flowing sea of people dancing to the rythmic beats of electronic dance music piped through the expansive sound-system.

The bass is pumping, the music is high, and as it's a Friday night, Rapture is having a good night. How Helena managed to talk an old fogey like Conrad into coming probably had less to do with the prospect of dancing and more to do with the prospect of networking with suppliers. And the fact that Helena's club togs consist of a backless halter top, tight pants, and red boots with high heels.

The dance club was Norton's idea, but Elisabeth was not complaining. He said he could dance — he better not embarrass her with that robot thing. That's a deal breaker. One stop back at her apartment, one sleek little V-necked black dress, and a pair of high-heeled knee-height boots later, she's ready to go. Even as they get in the door, she's already moving with the rhythm of the music. Keeping close to Trask in the grinding and bouncing mass of people isn't a problem… in truth, being stuck TO him might be a bigger issue. But either way, she noise is making it impossible to talk, so even as she hits the dance floor, she keeps close to make sure they don't get split up on their way to a table or the bar.

Old fogey?? Conrad's only thirty-five! He showed up with a shirt just open enough to be casual, not so open to look like he thinks he's on Saturday Night Fever. Pants are loose slacks, shoes leather and the kind that work well on dance floors. He hovers behind Helena and mutters to her, his voice mysteriously carrying quite without effort, "Damn girl, didn't know you actually came to places like this. You got taste."

Trask sticks close to his "date" Norton Trask, who normally would look very out of place in this surroundings, is actually fitting in pretty well. He seems to have some skill at dancing, or at least swaying to the music and the form of the woman, he tries to guide her toward the bar to start with, instead of trying to fight for a table.

Friday night is always the right time to go out to a club. Especially for college students, and most especially when money is literally no object. Jennifer is out in tight leather pants, heels, and a black mesh-and-lace top. She's looking around until she happens to get lucky and spot Helena, and starts over towards the blonde.

Helena looks over her shoulder at Conrad, smiling lazily. "I'm going to pretend that was an actual compliment." she teases. Hey, maybe it was. "I don't see the contact I was telling you about, but he may yet show up. Go have a drink or something, I'm going to dance."

Elisabeth grins over her shoulder at Trask as he guides them through the thumping dnacefloor toward the back of the room. She leans close to his ear, but is able to make her voice carry into his hearing without shouting. "It's been AGES since I've been here. I'm glad you lied about the robot thing! This place is hopping tonight!" When they break through the crowd into the area near the bar, she says, "Whew! This is gonna be fun."

Conrad snaps his fingers and does a point-wink at Helena. On anyone else it'd look completely hammy and jerky. Somehow he makes it work. "Gotcha. Drinks I can do." He turns away from the dancefloor type area and goes for the bar to get himself a Captain and Coke. Because he's got a little captain in him.

Trask grins, and whispers in her ear, "I knew you needed some time at a place like this…that why I asked. I know you never get to just let your hair down and have fun."

Jennifer gives a wave as she draws nearer to Helena. "Hey!" That part is louder, to be heard over the bass line. "I haven't heard from you for a while. Is everything okay?" PROBABLY is, since if it weren't, she wouldn't be at a club. But never hurts to check.

He's been in the money lately. Working several jobs and only having to pay rent for one has its benefits. So Brian shows up in style tonight. He's been working, studying, and everything very hard. He deserves a break. Though coming alone to a club is certainly very depressing, Brian has been lacking in the friends department lately. So the young man enters the club, dressed as fine as he has been in a long time. A black pinstripe collared shirt, unbuttoned down to his chest to reveal a white wife-beater below. A pair of jeans accompanied with a nice belt, and even a silver chain. All in all, Brian manages to completely avoid his usual run down appearance and actually stand in the category of 'nice looking'. He even shaved for the first time in ever and managed to put on some cologne. Good job, Brian. Good job.

The young man makes his way smoothly into the club, dodging the honies and players alike to make his way to the bar. Got to loosen up a little bit if he's going to bust a move. As he walks to the bar, Conrad is given a tip of the head and a casual "What's goin' on, bro." Said more as a statement than a inquisition.

The status is not quo. The world's falling down around their ears. But Helena smiles. "Everything's fine, Jenny." she half-yells over the noise. "I had no idea you knew about this place!" She lets her body do the dancing thing, with the hips and the hopping up and down and the arms swaying.

Not like two people with their heads close together as they come off the dance floor is an unusual sight. Liz smiles at her companion, a wicked grin of feminine amusement. "Oh, it'll definitely be a let-my-hair-down night." She's still moving to the music's beat, more dancing toward the bar than walking really. When she gets close enough, she stops, though — too many people mobbing the bar too. "Rum and coke," she tells Trask with a grin. As she looks around for a place for them to PUT said drinks, her eyes fall on Conrad. And she narrows her gaze. Is that….? Nah…. oh good lord. Really? Here? Oh crap… it's definitely him.

"Hey brother, pull up a seat." Conrad says to Brian. He gets his drink and brings it up to his mouth to have a swallow, until he notices he's being stared at by Elisabeth. What the hell is she looking at? He's about to say as much when something clicks in his head and he grins widely. Big ol shit-eating grin. He waves to her too. Hi hi! "Look man. See that? That's a cop right there." he says to Teo, pointing right at Liz.

She steps up toward the entrance of Rapture and stops there, to just stare at the place, soon as the beat from within assaults her ears. The five foot eight inch brunette called Cat, clad in dark jeans and a deep blue button front blouse, is sans guitar case and backpack at present. This being the case, she already feels mostly naked. The toe of one black boot with its two inch heel taps the pavement a few times while the ponytailed female debates entering. Or not. Her eyes close for a long moment, the head shakes, and medium hoop gold earrings move with it.

Cat slips hands into the pockets of her coat and uses an arm to hold her purse in place. "It's as expected," she murmurs to herself. "This isn't a place that a real musician could come to maybe branch out. They've not the first clue what real music is." The debate, should she go or should she stay, is apparently settled. Turning on her heel, she intends to head whence she came.

Trask gives Elisabeth a little peck ont he cheek, then heads toward the bar, in the opposite direction of Conrad, he pushes his way through, using elbows liberally to get to the front.

Jennifer nods, and relaxes at the words. "Yeah…word gets around, even at Columbia." A smile at that. "So everyone's just out for a Friday?" Since Helena's dancing, she'll do the same, while getting close enough to talk too. Hottie factor squared, blonde + brunette.

Making his own order, Brian takes a seat next to Conrad leaning back against the bar. Just as he starts to relax.. Poof. His psychic connection with his duplicates has gone. A mask of confusion comes on his face.. What—.. His eyes search those at the bar. And then Conrad points out a cop to him. That guy next to her. "The guy with her is a cop too." Brian murmurs to Conrad softly. A cop who screws up his head! That is decidedly mean. Picking up his glass he lifts it to his lips and lets the liquor slide into his mouth.

His grey eyes search the dance floor. Got to find some way to get away from this creepy cop. Taking another pull of his drink the man glances to Conrad. "How do you know she's a cop? She arrest you or somethin?" He asks with a tiny smirk.

"Something like that!" Helena replies loudly to Jenny. "Just needed to blow off a little steam. Actually, there's someone who likes to loiter around here all pimp looking who's kind of useful now and again. So I came to keep an eye out - and an ear. He's not here, though. Hey, do you know Conrad?" she indicates him at the bar with a vague gesture, and while she doesn't stop dancing, her interest is piqued by the social circle that the con man has managed to gather around himself.
When Conrad points at her, Liz rolls her eyes in his general direction. She glances around and moves toward the side of the bar, coincidentally a little closer to Helena and Jennifer, but mostly just looking for a place to be that's where Trask'll find her when he comes back away from the bar. She makes a point of trying to ignore Conrad. He's terribly annoying. In all the worst ways.

"Yeah, a coupla times." admits Con proudly. That's about being arrested. He doesn't seem the least bit hesitant about outting cops or his own past. "See, lookit her trying to ignore me. Like she doesn't know me. I saw that look!" Being ignored so overtly gives him some kind of perverse delight.

As her legs stride away from the club, Cat tries to purge the sound from her mind. To cleanse her brain. In a moderately quiet voice she begins to sing. "Shariiiif don't like it. Rock the casbah, rock the casbah. Shariiiif don't like it…" She'd like to forget ever coming across that which is called techno. But…

Cat knows she can't.

Trask collects her drink, and his, A rum and coke, and a normal coke, someone has to Dee-dee. He then turns and seeks out Elisabeth, looking around for her at the bar, and in the crowd.

[OOC] Cat says, "Two guys are using Verizon's new music playing phone and hearing Rock The Casbah, neither knows the lyrics and they argue."

Jennifer looks over at the bar given Helena's vague guesture. That could be a lot of people. She tries to narrow it down, looking over at it before turning her head back to Helena. "Which one? The one with the chin?" Cause, damn.

"Have him." He jerks a thumb over his shoulder to the bartender. "Send her a drink bro. That'll piss her off." Brian tries to be helpful with his new 'friend'. "I'm Brian by the way." He says offering free hand over to the man. "And if you don't mind bro, I'm gonna go dance or whatever. Cops give me cramps." The man says, setting his drink down with a few dollars crumpled up by it. "Seeya bro." With that the young man makes his way onto the dance floor, closer to Helena and Jennifer and away from Trask and his mind voodoo.

Getting a smile on her face when she sees him, Elisabeth waves toward Trask to get his attention so he knows where she is. People staring? Whatever. Once Trask gets back to her, she reaches out to take the drink and grin at him. "Thanks." There's one of those small tables nearby too, the kind you stand at, and she heads there to set her drink down after taking a healthy swallow of it. "C'mon…. let's dance!" And she draws him out onto the dance floor near the table. And not-real music or whatever… it has a beat and it makes her moves her body, which… welll….. wiggling blonde!

Conrad tosses a casual salute off to Brian and says, "Good idea! Knock yourself out. Hey bartender. Hey! HEY!!" Oh yeah. That carried. Loudest voice in the place. He waves the bartender over and goes to ordering Elisabeth a drink on him, 'for the cop lady'. It'll probably have to wait till she's done dancing.

Trask lets himself be led to the floor, he keeps one eye on the table with thier drinks, you never know when someone is going to play a trick on a person. He lets Elisabeth do most of the leading, but matches his dance style to hers.

Sliding off his stool, the man meanders through the masses dancing. A smile is sent back to Conrad as the man jumps on his idea. Though the smile does not last long. A flash of irritation covers his features as he notices the cop going to dance too. Can't get away from this guy! Brian audibly groans as he tries to shift his away from Trask and Elisabeth. Consequently he finds himself next to Helena and Jennifer or the hotties squared. Dancing a little.. though not enough to make him look stupid nor effeminate just a little bobbing of the head and shoulders. The cool man's dance.

"Chin guy, yeah." Helena supplies. "He's one of ours. That's Conrad. Don't mock the chin though, he's very proud of it." Shifting her position, her eyes fall on Brian. They narrow a little - all cleaned up and a little less scruffy preacher looking, she doesn't automatically place him.

Elisabeth just does the dancing thing out there, moving with music, her arms in the air. It seems cutting loose is the order of the night and Trask has her full attention, though that does not mean she's oblivious to the people around us or who might or might not be near our drinks. She'll keep him out there until they're both wildly out of breath.

Indeed, Con is quite proud of the chin. Because he's a handsome devil dammit. Unfortunately for anyone who really was counting on him sticking around, he's working his charms on a woman at the bar. Blonde. Barely dressed. Doe-eyed. In a word: Vapid. Exactly his type.

Trask lets Elisa totally tire him out, before guiding her back toward the table and the drinks, in an effort to come up for air. His eyes scan the club slowly, and pause seeing Lena and Jenn.
Jennifer nods. Chin is macking on a blonde. "Want to introduce me to him? Or should we wait till he's doing something less hormonal? Don't want to get in his way."

Chin guy? His eyes flick to the bar. Hey, his new friend has a chin. Rolling his eyes back to the two women he moves a little closer. Grey orbs roll over Helena. She looks familiar. Why does she look familiar. He has a struggle placing her. Speaking of hormonal, instincts take over, and Brian's dancing happens to take him that much closer to Jennifer and Helena. "Hey." Is offered in greeting.

"It's probably hormonal." Helena admits. She eyes Brian a moment, and then abruptly, as if somehow assuming a persona, flashes a faux vapid smile, rests her chin on Jenny's shoulder, and chirps, "Hey!"

Once they're back at the table, Liz takes the moment to look around. She notes the extra drink, raising an eyebrow at it. "Did you order that one?" she asks him mildly as she reaches for the one that he actually did get her. Sipping slowly this time, she glances around while she drinks. "Man, this place is packed." She notes the guy hitting on the two hotties and double-takes briefly at Helena. Hey… that's the girl from…. Well, never mind. Not her business! She turns her eyes back to Trask so as not to be caught staring by anyone but him. And smirks as her gaze flits across Conrad. The ex-con was always something of a source of amusement for her — and now he's macking on a brain-dead blonde. Yep… that'd be normal.

"…well you see, in the Army you learn to deal with that kind of stress…" relates Conrad to his new date as she hangs on his every exaggerated word. It's a thrilling tale he's spinning for her, a veritable Mona Lisa of bullshit cobbled together out of carefully selected facts and truths and actual events that sound great, but none of which contextually apply to Conrad. It sure does sound authentic though, and "Vicki" (with an i at the end of it) is eating it up. Anybody can tell. With a carefully timed sniff, the Con-Man poses subtly and takes a swig from his drink. Makes eye contact with Liz. Winks and points at her again.

Trask frowns at the extra drink and shakes his head. He tries to catch the eye of one of the bartender's to ask where it came from. He does notice Elisabeth looking toward Helena, but only because he had been looking that way too, he leans in close, "So…since your going lesbian, are you calling the blonde or the brunette?"

Jennifer looks confused for just a moment as Helena moves into DitzyBlonde mode. Lacking other data, she rolls with it, and smiles over the same way. "Hey there." Not brainless, but at least polite and friendly.

A smile is flashed back to Helena as she seems to chipper up when he comes near enough to talk. "Do I know you? You look really familiar." Brian says to Helena, as his eyes shift to Jennifer as a elbow is put on her shoulder. "Hey, how's it goin?" He asks with a smile as Jennifer greets him politely.

Helena shrugs. "Maybe." she suggests obliquely. "I get out a lot, you know?" She's still gazing at him curiously, trying to place him herself. Seriously, he's not all bearded in scruffy, nor does he smell like stale beer and pigeon poop. It's hard to know for sure! "Where do you think I might have seen you? You're kind of one of those guys who could be in any crowd, you know?" she laughs in a bubbly fashion.

Oh God, he's pointing at her. But Elisabeth smirks faintly and nods her understanding that he's where the drink came from. And then she goes somewhat slack-jawed when Trask speaks to her. She look at him and then starts to laugh — the conversation wasn't that long ago. "Yer a nutjob," she tells him on a chuckle. Leaning on the table, she rests her elbows and looks around while she catches her breath and takes another sip. "If I had to choose, I'd go blonde. Why? You looking for threesies or something?" She's TOTALLY kidding… and if he can't tell that, he hasn't been paying attention the last couple of years.

Oh man. Must've sealed the deal. Conrad gets up and offers an arm to Vicki. They're gonna blow this joint and he's gonna go show her his rock garden. Just like that, they're headed for the door. See ya Helena!

Trask shakes his head, "Nah the blonde over there looks like she has a temper like a summer storm, besides they say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, don't they?" He grins and winks at her.

Jennifer smiles. "Oh, pretty good. How about you? You come here a lot?" Classic smalltalk. "I'm Jenny." Which she -never- is. Jennifer, Jen. Never Jenny. "Maybe you go to college around here?"

At the second 'ya know' comment Brian shakes his head. "No I don't." He says though the smile is still on his face and he's remaining cheerful and fun with Helena. Brian definitely would be hard to place than that of his normal appearance. He looks like a normal young man, and he is slick to the T tonight. "I'm alright. No, not much. I'm not that rich." He says in response to Jennifer with a grin. "Brian." He says in response, offering his hand in greeting to her. "Nah, I dropped out a while back. I'm a terrible citizen." He gives Helena another glance.. trying to place her..

"You don't have to be rich to get in here." Helena observes. "Just know the right people." She keeps Jennifer near her - just in case. "Well you know, they're not exactly giving out citizenship awards around here." She gives Jenny a tug. "Thirsty?" she asks her brunette dancing partner. She can't place Brian, and it's really bothering her.

Elisabeth says, "You think you have one in the hand, do you? Didn't you figure out already that I'm at least a double handful? Better hold on," she teases Trask. She's a little bit of all kinds of trouble with him tonight, that's for sure. And she heads back out on the dance floor to basically wear poor Trask out before they both drag home."

Trask lets Elisabeth drag him out onto the dance floor, he does his best to keep up with her, though he does make a point to catch Helena's eye at one point and give her a slight nod. Before allowing Elisabeth to finally lead him back off the dance floor and toward the exit.

Jennifer smiles back over to Helena at the offer, though she also shakes Brian's hand. "Sure! Sounds good. I'll even buy the first round. C'mon!" She leaves it to Helena to invite Brian to follow or not, since she's not sure what's going on there.
ORDER: Brian Helena Elisabeth Trask Jennifer

"I guess I don't know the right people." Brian murmurs to Helena with a some hidden tones mixed in there. Then it comes to him. A flash that night he found the body.. A day in the park. Brows almost shoot off his forehead. He looks a little different as he peers at Helena. Shaking Jennifer's hand he grants her another smile. "What did you say your name was again?" He directs to Helena, ignoring her offer to Jenny for drinks.

Helena beams a smile at Brian. "I didn't." she says, and with that, starts heading back to the bar, catching Jennifer's wrist. It takes her about three or four steps, and then she remembers. Keeping her back to him, her deep set eyes widen and her pace to bar becomes only slightly more hurried.

Jennifer walks on to head to the bar with Helena. When she notices the blonde speed up, she asks in as quiet a voice as she thinks is safe "What's going on?"

Fuck. Another one of /them/. Once Trask leaves his psychic connection is finally reinstated and his awareness of his duplicates outside the club is startling. The places they went.. But that is of no consequence now. The young man needs back up, and back up is soon coming. One Brian is on his way to the outside of Rapture mounted on a bike. Though the Brian in this club watches Helena and her friend escape him. What does one do? One follows. Brian weaves his ways through the people after Helena and Jennifer. Though for completely different reasons than those in the club would assume for.
ORDER: It is now your pose.

Helena murmurs in Jen's ear, "He was the one who found Cam's body. God. He's going to try and trail us, isn't he? We need to get out of here." She's still heading for the bar, and beginning to concentrate even as she moves. Clubs have fog missions, right? She'll give 'em fog…but it'll take her a little time.

Jennifer looks a little nervous about it. Her ability is all-but-useless in a combat situation. "We could always try to cut through the back. If somebody tries hassling us, we can probably bribe our way out." Money she CAN do.

Why do they always try to run from him? It's enough to make a young man cry, that's if he wasn't trying to track her down. But yelling out 'please talk to me' is not the best way to get attention. At least not from these two. His duplicates are on their way to Rapture. Though they like Helena's ability will take a little time.

"No, I can get us out." Helena promises. "Just act normal." And there it starts, the soft stirrings of air, the rising condensation that begins to billow over the crowd. It's very light for now, and since it doesn't smell like smoke, no one's alarmed about a fire. Instead, it seems to stir the dancers into a greater frenzy as things go all soft and fuzzy in their vision.

The brunette nods. "Sure." She's nervous and tense…and then the air starts to go a bit misty. "Is that you?" She assumes it is. "Do we know if he was involved?" In Cam's death.

Bewilderment starts to seep into the young man. Brian tries to keep close to the pair. Though he's certainly not as small as the two women and doesn't have the ability to weave through narrow openings like the two do. A deep look of concern on Brian's features. Fog. This woman really doesn't want to speak to him, apparently. Brian's duplicates haven't arrived at the Rapture yet. He needs some way to stall them. "Fight!" The man shouts out as loud as he can, "Fight!" He hates to do this.. But swinging his hands out he pushes a random man heavily deep into a crowd, starting a bit of a stir. Hoping to cause a bit of a rush towards this new 'fight' and an easier path for him to follow Helena and Jennifer.

The fog doesn't emanate directly from Helena herself, but pretty soon yeah, there's something boiling between Brian and his new pals, except if he's not careful, since he started it, the bouncers might well toss him out on his heinie…if he doesn't get punched or hit or otherwise assaulted first. Still making for the door, Helena waits for the fog to thicken a moment more before she fights her way through the crowd with her hand around Jennifer's wrist, and then they're out the door.

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