Friendsies, For Realsies


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Scene Title Friendsies, For Realsies
Synopsis Quinn and Linus discuss registration and other things after nearly being shot for no reason.
Date August 21, 2010

Gun Hill Apartments, Quinn's Apartment

The ride back to Quinn's apartment was relatively quiet. Linus had done a good job of keeping his brain occupied with rage or casual conversation until the silent ride on Quinn's scooter, finally forced to think about everything that had happened. That, and he doesn't really like being on two wheel vehicles. He cluthced her waist like a baby the whole way, head squarely on top of hers because of the height difference.

After reaching her apartment, it was decided that going up to relax and grab a quick drink might be a good idea to calm down. At least for him. Once inside, he slips out of his hoodie and hangs it somewhere random, running both his hands through his growing mane of hair. "I still can't believe I just got shot at. In real life."

Quinn sighs as she stans at the door, letting Linus pass.The floor of Quinn's Gun Hill flat is a bit of a mess, cluttered with numerous things - some clothes, papers, a few CDs - the only thing that keeps it from looking particularly dirty is the size of the common room.. Her black couch sits in the middle of the common room facing the window and rather large, though not exquisite TV, numerous racks DVDs, two speaks, and a rather od looking CD player/turnsable flanking the Tv. A table sits adjacent to the kitchen area, but otherwise the common area is rather empty. Tour posters for The Delgados, Mogwai, and Oasis are hung on the wall next to a closed door, as if to indicate here be music. Adjacent is another door, half open and revealing Quinn's room, looking rather similarly clutterd - and much more full of music paraphenallia.

"It happens to the best of us," she grumbles, it ahving now been the second time she's been shot at without really expecting it. "I'm just glad we're both okay, you know? An' hopefully I won't have t' see that asshole kid again. Same that cute author had t' go bac to her hotel room, though. She shoulda come back with us." SHe's… mostly teasing. Mostly. Another sharp exhale, and she wanders over to the couch, plopping down. "Come on, sit down. It's late, so you'll have t' stay, but we'll find somethin' t' take our minds off it."

Linus takes a good look around the apartment, most of the clutter overlooked in favor of the obvious staples in the room. His brain multitasks at the same time, listening to Quinn's words. Finally he finishes his cursory examination and gives her a nod. "Much like in video games though.. I don't actually get hit." He chuckles a little, perhaps to validate his own words. "Cute? You noticed that too, huh?" He frowns. "She's famous though. At least in my circle, and to a lesser extent yours. She probably just considers us fanboys." He blinks a second. "Well, you know what I mean." He walks over to the couch, seating himself with a sigh.

"I dunno," Quinn replies with a shrug and a smie. "She seemed pretty normal. I bet if we acted normal too, she wouldn't care too terribly much." She peers at Linus a moment, and then grins. "Well, we both came outta this just fine then. Good, too, cause I probably would have icked that guy's arse if we hadn't." She can't really say the whole thing without laughing, she's pretty sure her scrawny ass would have been shut down pretty quickly. "An' yeah, I did notice! What of it?" She peers at him again, with a joing taunt in her eyes.

And then a shrug as she leans back over. "I've never been to much int' video games," she remarks. "I think we talked about that already? Can't really remember. I do have a Mega Drive boxed up, but I can't remember for the lief of me if it works. Or if I have the proper componants, given the whole PAL thing." A foot taps, loudly as silence hangs afterwards.

Linus leans back into the couch, resting his head against it and staring up towards the ceiling. "Just saying you'd notice that type of thing." He smirks, shaking his head back and forth. "I'm glad she didn't want to go with that kid. He's.. he really got under my skin. I'm sorry I flipped like that." He looks around the room, as if maybe he could spot this elusive Mega Drive somehow. He can't, of course, but hey. He tries. "Well, getting the right components is easy enough. Probably not worth it though. It is a Mega Drive." He laughs at his own joke that probably falls on ears that won't understand it. "Not everybody is a gamer. Nothing wrong with that. Clearly you have music as your big thing in life, which is a lot cooler than video games." After a moment, he looks over with a frown. "I could have killed that kid.. if I had aimed at his seat instead of the passenger seat.. I didn't really expect that to happen."

"I've blinded a few people on accident in the past. Sometimes it's hard t' know what t' expect with these things." Quinn replies, trying to be rearruring as she reaches over and pats Linus on the shoulder. "Don't let it get t' you. A friend a mine once told me that I didn't know what I was capable of, with this whole… light thing. I'm just used t' using it at parties an' when DJin' t' make cool light shows, you know?" Quinn smiles, looking around the room, almost as if she's looking for something.

"'Course, then she fire a friggin' laser from her fingers and made her point pretty well, since she does pretty much the same thing I do." She blinks. There was a point to this. What was it again? Oh, right! "I've had a few people tell me now that the onl way we can get used t' these things is by practicing with them, an' gettin' t' know them. If you're worried about it that much, I know a spot. We can go work on powers t'gether."

With that, she sits up a bit, looking ahead. "Not that I think anyone woulda missed that kid, but that's really not somethin' I feel right sayin'. But yeah, I'm glad Miss Burton stuck with us. That kid probably would've just parked his van and tried t' fuck 'er or somethin'." That comment, despite the rather meanspirited comments, is made rather jokingly - mrirthfuly, like she doesn't really mean it.

Linus taps his feet to some beat inside his head that only he (and telepaths) could hear. His hands tap the same beat on his knees. "Yeah, well.. at least you haven't almost melted somebody in half." He frowns in thought, his brow knitting. "Light is a powerful thing, Robyn. I don't know the limits of your ability, I mean.. who does, but I know some of the science when it comes to light. I could give you some tips."

He leans forward as well, rubbing his eyes with his fingertips. "Yeah. I think that would be a good idea. I don't really want to use my ability so much as make sure I don't end up.. well.. you know, the bomb. I don't want to be one of those. On any scale." He forces a smile at the comment about Amadeus. "I'm sure he has a father, or a family somewhere. Or did. He's probably lashing out.. but I'll be damned if he isn't a prick." He doesn't comment about the last bit. "You have anything to drink?"

Quinn snickers, which builds up into a bit of a laugh. "My friend who told me all this, she was floored because I didn't even know what a photon was. I have a whole stack of books in my room about light, light physics, all kinds of science bullshit I don't really understand." She looks up at Linus with a haf smile and a nod. "So, tips are welcome. Just readin' about it doesn't always help me learn it, you know?" SHe pauses. "As for the limits, I know I can light up like a lighthouse before my head starts thumping like somethin's going t' burst."

The mention of the Bomb brings a deep frown to Quinn's face, prompting her to reach over and rub Linus' back. "I'm sure that's nothin' you have t' worry about. BUt yeah, we'll ge tout there an' work on it sometime. Maybe I can get someone t' coach both of us. Me on how t' better use mine, an' you on control. Sounds like a cool deal t' me." A look back over her shoulder, and Quinn hops to her feet. "Sprite, bottled water, Guinness, or… I have ingrediants for the few drinks I know how t' make. Up t' you."

Linus nods to himself reassuringly as Quinn rubs his back. "I really don't think I'm capable of causing destruction like that.. but who knows? Solar energy is a powerful thing. At least, that's what I think I shoot out of myself." When she stands up, he leans back against the couch again.

"No alcohol. Please. I don't mix well with it. A Sprite would be great." He sighs as she moves to get the drink, folding his arms across his chest and closing his eyes briefly. "Maybe I should just go get registered. Maybe they could help me with my ability."

That… that brings a long frown to Quinn's face as she rises up from her seat, beginning towards the kitchen. "I'm registered, you know. Did it back when they first started, before the kits an' all that. Seemed like a good idea at the time, since I want t' be a well known musician, an' I was doing light shows an' the like. Better t' get it done than risk scandal later, right?" Quinn exhales sharply, leaning down into her seat. "Now? Now, I'm not so sure." She says that quietly, with a rather serious tone to her voice.

The refirdgerator is opened briefly, the clinking of aluminun heard before it thumps back shut. "Registration should be voluntary, 'cept for criminals an' the like. Just like any other right. The people who want help, or who want t' register, can go an' do so, and it's all good. These new registration laws for everyone are a crock a' shit." It seems Linus has her going on a bit of a rant now. "I've heard… stories of bad things happenin' to people with powerful abilities who register. Yours sounds pretty feckin' powerful, an' I hate if that turned out t' be true." The same thing Cat gave her, twisted a bit. "Besides, I thought you said you really don't want t'?' She plops back down on the couch next to him, offering over the sprite while she holds a Guinness in hand.

Linus takes the can of soda, turning it the right way and opening the top. "Thanks." He takes a drink from it, complete with the 'aahhh' sound of refreshment. "Yeah.. it looks like I don't really have much of a choice in the matter. If I don't register, I'll end up in jail or fined at the very least." He sets the can on his knee, keeping it from falling off with his hand. "I don't really want to involve myself in the politics of it all. I just want to live my life." He sighs, running his other hand through his hair. "I guess that really isn't an option that's on the table anymore, though. I'll do what I have to do in order to keep the government about of my business.. especially if those stories are true." A twinkle in his eye suggests he still has his humorous, playful edge despite the tone of conversation. He reaches out to nudge Quinn with an elbow. "You think I'm powerful, huh?"

Her bottle of Guinnessis popped open (thanks to the edge of the coffee table) and the cap sent flying into a corner to br retrieved later. "I've seen BIrdman. I know what solar enegy does!" Probably one of, like, three cartoon appropriate jokes she could ever make, and she's laughing at her own joke since she doesn't often get to. "Solar energy… even I have some idea about that kinda shit. Yeah, I do think you're powerful. Probably a reason for us t' see about workin' on our powers together."

She lets silence after that sit for a moment, before reaching down to her back and withdrawing her card purse, registration card withdrawn and held out. "You always have a choice. Me? I like t' hope for the best of things, always an' forever. Magnes said I'd be a good Blue Lantern cause a' that, you know?" SHe pauses, sighing as sh takes a long swig of her beer. "But sometimes you have t' actually do somethin' t' reinforce the hope." ANother long pause, and a glance over to Linus. "If you could dodge registration, an' get a fake ID, would you? I think if I wasn't already, I'd consider it. It'd suck t' get caught, but…"

Linus takes another drink while he reaches for the card, taking it and looking it over. "Well, that's a cartoon.. I mean, I don't think I could really convert solar energy into strength. Doesn't mesh with real science at all, as far as I know." He hands the hard back, smiling. "I can picture you as a Blue Lantern. You'd need a sexy super hero outfit, though." He's clearly a little more comfortable around Quinn now that he knows he doesn't need to.. well, feel like he needs to impress her.

"I don't really want to be registered. If I had to choose between registering and blowing up a house, or worse.. I think I'd pick registration, though." He bites his lip in thought about the fake ID. "I don't know.. if I met someone who could really help me with my ability, yeah. No offense to you, Robyn, but you're still figuring yours out too."

"Tch." Robyn's tougne clicks, her head sheaking at LInus. "I don't think I can see myself in any sorta 'sexy costume'. Well… not as, like… a hero. Magnes gets me, Elaine, an' Sable t' dress up sometimes." She pauses. "I don't know how. But don't go gettin' any idea." And then she bites her lip. "I didn't mean I would, like… train you. Just that we could train. Maybe we can find someone who can help you, though. She sighs, turning and leaning her back against Linus, legs swung up over the edge of the sofa. "Registering sucks.I know a lota fols who don't want t' register. Evo or not."

Linus lets Quinn lean against him, adjusting the position of his own body to make it a more comfortable arrangement for both parties. ".. Why does he make you dress up, exactly?" He seems legitimately confused on this point. "I won't. I already know it's impossible for you to be attracted to me. Not going to stress out about that at all, especially with bigger shit to worry about it." He nudges her in the back with an elbow playfully. "I bet you'd look good, though."

His brow knits though on the topic of registering and training. "I can see why people wouldn't want to register. It's just.. wrong." After a moment of silent thought, he clears his throat. "I would like to know just exactly I can do, besides melt car seats."

Quinn looks back at Linus, a wry grin on her face. "Because I'm pretty sure Magnes is in the closet on some level, he likes sewing and makin' costumes for people on a whim. Mostly a' characters from comics. Not really many I'm familiar with, but… let's see, one day he made Sable an' I dress up as Wolverine an' Poison Ivy, while he was The Riddler. An' another time he talked me int' dressin' like Supergirl. An' he actually gave me a costume of… I forget her name. One of the green lanterns, starts with an A. Thought it was fittin'." She shrugs. "He does it because it's a geek, and it's funny." She chuckles, shaking her head. "You think? I know," she says with a confident smile, nudging against him with a laugh.

Her expression turns a bit more serious though, as she looks back up at Linus. "I can talk t' some people, if you want. I know some people who are good with… abilities. Someone might be able t' help you figure it out, if you want."

"Yeah. I'd like that." He takes a drink from the can, gulping down quite a bit. "Maybe I can have my cake and eat it too." Setting the can down, he interlaces his fingers and pushes his hands outward, cracking his knuckles. "If I can avoid registering.. well, really registering and you can tell me somebody who can help me learn about my ability.. I'm all for it." He lets out a little yawn, raising a hand to cover his mouth.

"About the costumes.. I mean, why? Does he like.. take pictures of you guys in them, or does he just like making costumes? Nothin' wrong with that, I went as The Flash to Comic Con one year." He chuckles at that memory. "Wasn't very good, though."

"Because he's Magnes?" Quinn feels that's really all the reasoning she needs, but she continues anyway. "He's a bit off kilter sometimes. Or quirky, however you want t' look at it. He just thinks it's fun. When he dressed up as the Riddler, he wanted t' watch The Dark Knight and comment on it in character. Kinda hard for me an' Sable, though." A pause, and a look down at herself. "Well, and I figure he likes lookin' at pretty women in skimpy costumes. Can't blame him for that."

And then she turns a bit, cheek resting on Linus' shoulder, allowing her to look up at him better. "It's decided, then. I'll ask around. Hopefully, I can help you out with both a' those problems, somehow. That'd be nice." She gives a nod, posture relaxing a bit. "You know, it's nice t' just hang out with someone. Without a girl I like, or a guy who really obviously wants t' have sex with me around."

Linus shrugs, but just a little considering he doesn't want to bump Quinn's head or anything. "I'm not going to judge him, or anything, especially not for liking to look at pretty women in skimpy costumes. I shouldn't be surprised, the second time I ever met him he wanted to form an Illumaniti with me. You probably don't know what that means, but.. trust me."

"Yeah, it is pretty cool being able to be around a girl without turning pale or being nervous or.. well, passing out." He leans back into the couch more, burying himself into it. "It's settled, then. Friendsies."

"Friendsies? For reals?" Quinn replies in a teasing tone, eyes shifted to look up at Linus. "Don't worry. If I have anythin' t' say about it, you'll fiond a way t' talk to all the cute girls without a problem. We're going t' make you into the next, uh…" She trails off, face scrunched as she thinks. "Okay, I don't know a suave sun powered superhero. But you get my drift." She nods in confirmation, grinning very devilishly. "An' I didn't mean fo you t' judge him, I just like teasing him about it. He has his head really wrapped up in comics, an' sometimes it's a lot a' fun." Sometimes… very not fun. "An' you're right. I have no idea what you're talking about. Aren't the Illuminati some super secret shadow government behind, like… everything ever?" She can't help but giggle when she says that.

"Oh, yeah. Friendsies for realsies." Linus can't help but laugh at himself for using such.. well, ridiculous words, but it helps him relax from the earlier events. "Well, there's Sunspot.. but he's kind of a douchebag, so I wouldn't want to be like him anyway." He stretches a bit, forcing Quinn to lean forward or fall back into his lap, but his arms lower again soon enough.

"Yeah, the whole conspiracy thing. In Marvel comics, they're a group of powerful Heroes and sometimes villains who make big decisions. Professor X, Namor, Black Panther, Mister Fantastic.. people like that." He picks up his soda, taking another sip. "Thanks for letting me crash. What do you say we find something in this apartment we can do?"

"What are friendsies for?" Quinn teases again, sitting up when necessary. "The couch doesn't fold out or anythin' so you can brave if it if you want, but you are welcome in the bed, since I know I don't have t' worry about you tryin' anythin' funny, if that's not too awkward for you." She grins, and then looks around, shrugging. "There isn't much t' do here if you're not int' music. I have some movies, mostly action an' sci-fi… my music room an' computer, cable TV… that's really about it."

A glance over to her DVD rack, and she chuckle. "I bet you've seen Sliders. I think that sounds like affine way t' spend the rest a' the night…"

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