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Scene Title From Bad To…
Synopsis Earl Gray is not a substitute for coffee or a good cup of chai. It turns a questionably bad situation into something that… well… keep reading.
Date January 13, 2009

Thomas Jefferson Trailer Farm: Kent's Trailer

A trailer.

Everyone undergoes various changes in their lives. For instance? Kent is now a morning person. Suddenly. Or perhaps that just has something to do with the cognitive dissonance of two women in his trailer, or just two people. He doesn't get a lot of company, not here, anyway. Dressed in a hoodie and jeans, and mostly ready for the day, he pulls open the horizontal blinds, letting morning light flood through the confined space with a glance to the two sleeping-in types, rubbing his hands together to warm then, before moving to flick on both the space heater, and the electric kettle. "Hope everyone likes Earl Gray," he says, quietly, not really speaking to anyone, before hunting around for clean mugs for such a use.

"Earl Grey is fine." Eve is dressed in the same clothes from the night before, her hair is a mess and she looks dead tired. She must not have gotten any real rest last night.. sleep, but not /rest/. She actually doesn't like Earl Grey all that much but she can't complain to her host right? The woman looks around as she says, "So you.. teleported me here?"

"I prefer chai," Gillian responds truthfully, but she looks over at the woman. She too is dressed in the same clothes as the night before, though since she's shed her coat, they're actually visible now. And she shed her sweater top, in favor of the thinner undershirt she'd been wearing. It's warmer in here than it is outside, after all. The black shirt shows off her shoulders and arms, multiple tattoos visible, and she's not wearing a watch.

"Sorry, just Earl Gray," Kent responds over his shoulder to Gillian. Three teabags, three porcelain mugs - all rather new. An attempt at making this his home, it seems. Once was a very bare minimal sort of situation, now has a few homey touches. "Yeah, I uh. Teleported you here, with Gillian's help." A glance to the girl as he pours the boiling water into each vessel. "You're in East Harlem, the Thomas Jefferson Trailer Park. I can probably take you— most places you wanna go, if you're feeling okay."

"Yeah.. how much did I tell you last night?" she directs the question to Gillian, Eve ruffles her hair a bit. "The vision.. or /visions/ I had last night. They don't usually work like that. I dream the future and sometimes the dreams will 'replay' while I'm awake but never has anything like that ever happened to me." She admits as she looks from Kent to Gillian.

"You just said you saw stuff, and you wanted to warn Peter Petrelli about something you saw," Gillian responds, not really remembering much of the details of what she said beyond those important facts. Since— she was planning to wait. Butt tattoo was also mentioned, though.

Kent approaches Eve, his usual look of permanent concern/curiousity etched on his face as he offers out the mug of steaming tea. It might not taste great, but it's warm, and it's fucking cold in here. "The future, huh?" he says, a little cautiously. Not completely as in deep with the world of the Evolved as some, perhaps, such a thing sounds unlikely at best, even in this day and age. He doesn't voice any cynicism, though, just hands Gillian her tea as well. "Do you remember whatever else you saw?"

"Yes.. /Peter/." Eve looks at Kent and Gillian with a serious expression. "I don't know the full implications of what I saw last night so. Please do not tell anyone of this, well at least not yet." Eve sighs and rubs her temples. "You know who Peter's brother is? Nathan Petrelli? Well one of my dreams.. it centered on him being shot. I don't know where Peter is, or I would ask him what he wants to do. Since this is.. his blood brother. I sense that they aren't as close because of what they are involved in, Nathan in politics and Peter in the underground movement." Eve accepts the cup of tea and sets it in front of her. "The other part was of.. a new group of people out there. They are /dead/ set on eradicating the Evolved." Eve looks down at her cup of tea.

The tea, whether a favorite or not, is taken, and even sipped from. For a moment, she's realizing just how cold it is in the trailer by contrast. Gillian puts the teacup down, watches it steam and pulls the sweater back on over her head again. There, that's better. The psychic woman, who had a near coma-enducing vision thanks to a handshake, is watched, a nod when she mentions who Peter's brother is. She knows. But… "You want to warn him that someone's going to try to kill his brother…" She frowns, looking into the teacup that she retrieves, watching the steam rise up. "It'll be difficult to get to him. I'm pretty sure he's locked up in HomeSec somewhere… And I think he's staying there on his own accord, or he'd be out by now— the idiot." Assface. "We might be able to do something about the other thing you saw… did you get any details? There's probably a lot of groups trying to wipe us out."

The seer blinks.. "He is? Hmm, if only we could just /talk/ to him. He must have pretty good reasoning to why he is staying in there on his own accord." Eve lets it go and sighs. "Then it might just be up to us to save Nathan. Any suggestions to how we could talk to Peter, if we could?" She sips her tea and scratches her head. The woman grins at Gillian. "I take it from the nickname that you and Peter aren't best friends? Assface?" "Oh I know who it is, it's just. I'm not sure whether it's a good idea to.. tell everyone." Eve is obviously struggling with the whole telling everyone about the Vanguard and there plans, then again she doesn't know that Gillian knows all about that already. "They are called the Vanguard." Eve says softly and she hopes she isn't making a mistake by telling Kent and Gillian.

"I can try to find out where they're holding him," Gillian says, but there's definitely a grouchy expression starting to form, her eyebrows lowering. Her bangs mostly cover the cut on her forehead, so they may not have seen it by this point, but she laughs, "I give lots of people nasty nicknames. But— I'm not too pleased with him, no. Mostly because he let himself get locked up." There could be more to it than that, but she doesn't finish, just shrugging a little. They can't do anything more about it now— not until she knows where he is. And she doesn't seem to be in a hurry to risk her ass to save a Senator, brother of Peter Petrelli or not. It's the name that earns her eyes, blinking. Her head tilts to the side, the bangs falling away enough to make the scar slightly visible again. "Vanguard. What all did you see on them? Plans? Locations? Anything? I'm guessing they won't be the ones shooting Petrelli?"

Kent stays off to the side, letting the women talk about things that really, don't concern him. He's in New York City for himself, not for the rest of the world. Which really, he thought he had in common with Gillian - which is why she gets a look askance at her sudden interest in whatever these visions are. He has a few questions, but all things considered… he's pretty sure he'd just confuse the conversation. He stays quiet, listens.

"You have connections to Homesec or something?" Eve inquires and tilts her head at the woman. "That scar.. either you had a run in with a can opener. Or Sylar tried to kill you." Eve says this with every bit of certainty. "They are going to blow up the bridges surrounding the Hudson River." Eve watches for Gillian's reaction. "I am sort of working with some people to stop them.." she again looks at Gillian.

"You have connections to Homesec or something?" Eve inquires and tilts her head at the woman. "That scar.. either you had a run in with a can opener. Or Sylar tried to kill you." Eve says this with every bit of certainty. "They are going to blow up the bridges surrounding the Hudson River." Eve watches for Gillian's reaction. "I am sort of working with some people to stop them.." she again looks at Gillian.

"No. I was there when HomeSec arrested him," Gillian responds, shaking her head at the possible connections she might have. Blowing up the bridges sounds just like what she's already read— what little she knows about it. She looks over at Kent. If this woman is involved, but he isn't… she grits her teeth for a long moment, as he's silent. He obviously has questions, and if he doesn't… Sylar's also an issue she doesn't want to talk much about, but… "Fucking bastard…" Everyone and their brother seems to know what he's capable of. Except for her. She reaches up and touches her forehead, before tugging her hair to hang in the way. "He didn't want to kill me. It's a long story. But I wouldn't be here if he hadn't stopped himself. Let's just say we're on the same side, Eve." Trying to stop Vanguard.

"Ok, I can work with that-" Eve blinks. "You're the one he spared, which is why he attacked Abby and I. Which he has /never/ done before." Eve shakes her head. "I asked him to spare someone one day and he said maybe. Then a few weeks ago he and some other asian guy came and tried to kill Abby, a friend of mine. I threw that promise back in his face and he said that my favor had already been used." Eve grins softly, glad that she can meet the person that Sylar stopped himself from killing. "Ok, on the same side. Well if we are then the people we know, assuming that you know them. They know of my dream of the bridges being blown to bits, I had it before I met you.." Then Eve looks down and shakes her head. "I would say we could ask my contacts to help us see Peter but.. I highly /doubt/ they would help us." Meaning Helena wouldn't help Eve at all with going to see Peter, they would have to try on their own.

Kent takes a long sip of his tea, downing the most of it as the two women talk, and then letting the dregs drain into the sink. Then, he sets about opening a window or two, despite the seeping warmth of the space heater - for the purpose of smoking. Turned partially away from them, he strikes a match and lights up, flinging the useless sliver out the window once he's done. "You realise," he cuts in, glancing towards Gillian, "that if this is anything to do with what you talked to me about and I managed to convince you to stay in the city, I might hang myself."

"I've read of this Abby person, I think," Gillian says, frowning a bit. That Asian guy gets around too— if there were only one asian guy in the whole city, at least. It could be someone else. Or it could be the same one. She's not going to assume. Chinatown has a whole lot of them, after all… "Yeah, the people I'm helping know about that part— I guess you might've been the one to tell them. Guess you didn't get anything new with that." Involving Sylar… Poor Kent, though… that makes her grimace and shake her head. "It was my own fucking fault, Kent. I wasn't leaving because of him. I was going to skip down because of another dipshit who decided to wreck my life. You aren't at fault for it." Though she did stay because of him, and got attacked— "Screw asking people for help. If we want to find and warn Peter, we can do it ourselves." She makes it sound so easy, doesn't she? "You see the future— you teleport— and I can make you both better at it. Why do we need anyone else?"

"Yes I was one to tell them." Eve admits and smiles softly at Gillian. "I like your style Gillian. Then we'll do it ourselves. The three amigos." Eve grins and drinks the last of her tea. "I'm in if Kent is." She looks to Kent with a hopeful expression. "It is entirely up to you and can I take a shower before we go?"

And now, they're looking at him, and Kent blinks behind his glasses. "I'm— sorry, you want me to do what? You want to go see Peter, the Flying-On-Flames guy who is currently locked up somewhere in what would probably be some sort of high security facility to tell him she," and he points at Eve with his cigarette, "saw his brother get shot in the future? Meanwhile, Asian guy killing people and people who kill people, and Gillian has a murderous boyfriend. And people wonder why I'm antisocial." He goes to grab his ashtray off the table, tapping his cigarette into it. "I can take you where you want to go, but Gillian, you owe me. A drink and an explanation, at least. You don't even know. And yes, there's a bathroom about three feet behind you."

"I never said he was my— … fine," Gillian says with a grumble, finishing her tea. "While she showers, I'll try to explain a little at least, okay?" About… Peter to start, since he's the one they're seeing… "And we'll do the drink and full explaination later, cause Earl Gray isn't going to cut it for that…"

"You are awesome Kent. If you ever want to come to the Orchid Lounge for free and here me sing, I got you." Eve doesn't have much else to offer but.. "Or I could try and dream some lottery numbers." Then it registers what Kent said. "Boyfriend huh? Never knew Sylar as the kissing type" Eve grins and gets out of her chair. "I'll be done quickly." And she goes off to shower and get clean.

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