From Enemies To..?


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Scene Title From Enemies To..?
Synopsis Once fitting the roles of the hunter and the deer, Diogenes and Kaylee meet under different circumstances and have a fairly friendly conversation, strangely enough.
Date August 8, 2009

Upper East Side

Before the bomb, the Upper East Side offered some of the most expensive real estate in the United States, which the upper-range of residences reaching upwards of 70 million dollars. In the wake of the bomb, the economic collapse of New York drove property values down through the ground. This was only compounded by the southwestern portion of the neighborhood being in direct proximity to the blast area, causing rampant fires that destroyed dozens of blocks of residential and business areas.

The Upper East Side has the privilege of being on the border of ground zero, with a barricade of one story tall concrete blocks forming a barricade around the ruins of Midtown. Entrances into these regions are protected by Homeland Security checkpoints reinforced by national guard. It is this jagged blight visible on the horizon of the neighborhood that has been a grievous scar on an otherwise well to do region of New York.

Despite itself, perhaps, the Upper East Side has done as good for itself as can be imagined in the wake of the disaster. Much of the western portion of the neighborhood has dropped so significantly in property values that it has become residential shelters for refugees capable of affording a living. The northern-most regions of the neighborhood though are beginning to thrive again in the wake of economic stimulus thrown into the area following modest reconstruction efforts. Private and public donations to rebuild the region has resulted in a recovery to some of its former grace, but the damage done by the waves of riots and arson following the bomb may never truly be recovered from.

The roar of an exotic Enzo Ferrari actually manages to drown out the sounds of other automobiles and the overlapping chatter of dozens of busy men and women talking on their cell phones, hurrying to their workplaces after the lunch break, no doubt. The engine purrs loudly as the glamorous car pulls up to temporarily park at an open spot at the sidewalk's side. Its colour, which was a bright yellow, would attract attention of the select few who weren't in a rush to anywhere in particular. One of the doors opens, and from the passenger seat rises a young slimly built man with dark hair. A triumphant, smug grin is on his lips; he nods to the driver - who was a richly dressed (unlike Diogenes) businessman - and swings the door closed. Peeking into his wallet and counting a surprisingly large wad of cash, he merrily steps onto the sidewalk.

Roaring up on her older Harley Sportster, Kaylee is arriving for an early shift at the Pub. It's suppose to be her day off, but one of the normal workers called off and of course, the blond telepath got the call to come in. Swinging off the motorcycle and pulling off her helmet, she catches sight of the Ferrari. "Oh look.. someone compensating for something." She murmurs to herself, hooking the helmet on the handle bars, she can't help but go take a look at the car.

Of course, imagine her surprise when she sees the driver. "Dio?" She says loudly and clearly surprised. She gives him a suspicious look and then glances at the car, then back again. "This can't be yours." There is no way in her mind.

After the fit of rage passes over the aforementioned businessman, after he is done violently slamming his hands against the rim of the steering wheel, he kicks his car into reverse gear, drives a little back, and then leaves the parking space to drive off in an obnoxiously loud roar, zooming off into the distance. Diogenes, of course, was in a much better mood, and neither was he in any sort of hurry. Although his mood takes a hit when he hears and notices Kaylee, he continues to count the money, replying in an upbeat tone, "It isn't, he was just gentlemanly enough to give me a ride." As he finishes counting all the money, the wallet is closed and tucked into the pocket of his pants.

"I suggest you forget you saw me with the guy", he advises the woman, looking over his shoulder as he continues on walking. And then he stops, lifting up a hand to point at her almost accusingly. "Oh, right!", he feigns surprise, "I forget; you're the one who makes people forget things." And then, nonchalantly, he carries on walking at a moderate pace.

Oh.. yep.. someone in the car. Kaylee watches the man looking like it's the most amusing thing she's ever seen. "Wow.. He was pissed. What did you do to him? Threaten to paralyze him?" She fires back, but she still moves to catch up with him. "Yeah, I do. That's me.. The mind altering bitc," she offers with a pleasant tone. "And why would I care if your stealing from a prick like that? He probably deserved it driving a car like that. And…" She gives him a significant look, "I must say that you about lost cool points, if that had been yours. Only men that need to feel big and bad drive cars like that. Not that you really care anyhow."

Suffice it to say, Diogenes slowed down his steps once he hears Kaylee follow quickly in his footsteps, and fire off words like a gatling gun. Thoroughly amused by it, he looks over to her with that same wide grin on his lips that Kaylee most likely has noticed earlier, when he left the car. "Threatening people with violence is petty and, in most cases, not effective", he elaborates. Perhaps it wasn't entirely wise to share the story with Kaylee, but he was so proud of what he had achieved that he simply couldn't tell her at least a sliver of his devious plan. "I found out he has a lover. Told him his wife would find out unless he pays me and then forgets about me." Absent-mindedly, he adds: "And I can't drive."

Kaylee glances over her shoulder in the direction the car went frowning a bit. "Sounds like my dad." She comments blandly, glancing back at Dio she shrugs a bit. "My dad was a well paid Lawyer.. Mom was his secretary." She rolls her eyes and grins. "So.. bravo, sir." She says impressed giving Dio a golfclap. "I approve of your little scam." Her hands get shoved into the pockets of her jeans as she continues to walk with him, "soooo… that how you usually make you money?" There is a bit of a chuckle at the driving comment. "I think in New York that has to be a majority thing here. So shouldn't be too big of a deal."

Diogenes digs both of his hands into the pockets of his depressingly grey jeans, continuing to walk along the street at a leisured pace. "Whether he sounds like your dad or not, it is in our nature to continously search for something new and exciting. If he had the perfect dinner at home with his wife every evening, no wonder he wanted to get laid with someone else", says the youngster, taking up the role of a devil's advocate. The golf clap attracts his gaze, and prompts him to loft a brow in slight surprise. "This was my first time. Everything went pretty smoothly", he murmurs, "And I'd like to think that I am more elegant in my approach than most thievery that takes place in New York." Once he clears his throat, he voices the question that was starting to bother him increasingly so: "You're fine with me stealing? Looks like your moral compass is equally skewed."

"Yeah well. He might have, but I imagine I was a bit of surprise, Eh?" She gives a little waggle of her brows. "Bet that guy ends up with the same problem too." She turns to walk backwards a bit, looking back the way they came from. "Me.. I woulda made him forget he met me.. and milked that cash cow again." She shrugs a bit and turns to walk properly again. "Never claimed my moral compass was anything but skewed," Grinning, her eyes seem to almost sparkle with mischief. "And his kind.. I have no problem with stealing.. It's the ones that can't afford to lose what they got. Those are the ones I have issues with stealing from."

Diogenes slowly comes to a halt to wait for Kaylee. He would come to a halt yet again, this time for a different reason. Furrowing his brows and pursing his lips, he glances around in the river of New Yorkers, who seem rather mad with him as he becomes an obstacle in their path. He seems to be voluntarily ignorant of that fact, and makes sure to further annoy those who pass him by; simply enough, he side-steps to either sides like an actor on stage, looking for his supposed damsel in distress in the crowd. This way, he continuously blocked various citizens of this city who kept glaring at him but were too busy to put up with him. "Yes, I can imagine you being a sour surprise", he muses aloud, "But you know what they say - life is granted only once, and even then, purely by accident—Isn't that pub you work in is somewhere around here?"

Conveniently, he gestures in a random direction. Or seemingly random. He manages to hit the hand of a bypasser that was holding his cellphone, and as such the tiny device flies off. Full well knowing that Diogenes did it on purpose, the frustrated man grips the young adult by his shirt to read him a lecture. Diogenes responds in a stoic nature, looking downwards only to browse the sections of his spine and paralyse his arms. "It's not nice assaulting people on the street, Sir", he tells him before undoing the damage his ability has caused, and approaches Kaylee. "So, where's the bar? I'd like less distractions when I'm having a conversation."

"Yes.. yes it is. And I've got a early shift today. One of the girls called off and Adam has me picking up the slack. His way I think of keeping me out of trouble." The little scene with Dio and the guy, gets an amused smirk. She reaches out to give Dio's arm a tug in the direction of the pub. "Come on. It's this way. I should get there before someone gets pissed that I'm late. And before you piss off the wrong person."

It is evident that the man whom Diogenes has disturbed is considering retaliation, but not only was he late for an appointment, he also apparently did not wish to start things with an Evolved. That did not stop him from muttering defiant profanities under his breath as he heads to pick up the scattered parts of the cell phone and carry on walking. Thomas knew that few people accept the challenge Fate brings them, and that they would rather bask in the safety of their routine. And if this gets him into trouble… Well, he is already offering shelter to a fugitive, how can he be truly worse off?

He follows Kaylee right after, with or without a tug. "I wonder if your boss is going to be kind enough to empty the entire pub again and give me personal security. Golly, he sure is a sweet fellow!", he exclaims as he follows the blonde, taking the occasional look around just i ncase. As paranoid as he was, it was better to be safe than sorry.

"Naw. That was a one time deal.. well, unless you know.. you decide to be an ass to me. Or threaten to hunt me down." Kaylee gives a sweet smile, "which I admit was flattering. But it was a lesson learned. Make sure there is a crowd when I do that to someone." She pulls open the door to the Pub and makes a sweeping motion for him to enter, "After you, sir." She flashes him a toothy grin. "And Adam is a good guy. Treats me decent, unlike a lot of people I met. Saved my ass from a guy who decided to get rough with me."

"Of course", he murmurs absent-mindedly as he warily steps into the pub for painfully obvious reasons; as his cautious steps bring deeper into the pub, he surveys his surroundings, making sure there is no one who would jump him. While he observes the pub and evaluating just how busy and crowded it is, he continues in that low mutter of his: "White knight shows up, white knight saves the girl in trouble, and the girl owes the knight a kiss." A momentary glance is shot over Tom's shoulder, at Kaylee. "Or, as it were, her puppy-like services", he details what he had in mind with a reflection of Kaylee's smirk on his visage.

"I promise. No one is out to get you," Kaylee reassures as the door shuts behind her. Some of the guys do seem to recognize her companion, but she waves them off with a flick of her wrist. Her hand comes up to touch his elbow so that she can direct him to the bar. "Come on.. I'll even buy you a drink to celebrate your successful scam." His mutter doesn't go unnoticed, and rather then getting mad, she laughs, "No.. no kiss. That would be too weird. I don't think of him like that. He's my friend and boss."

It was quite difficult trusting people when Diogenes excelled at exploiting the trust of others; and as he saw the weaknesses of others, the abundant mistakes people commit every passing second, all of which can be so easily put to malign use, he could do naught as he developed his paranoia. There was simply not a single person in the world he would not look at suspiciously. On the other hand, there were also few people in the world who would notice his suspiciousness once he decides to conceal it. His rigid stance becomes more lax, and he freely walks up to the bar to take a seat on one of the bar stools. "Free drinks? I didn't know you spoke Russian", he quips cheerfully, taking in potential threats when his gaze was on his way to something more innocent, such as the shelves full of drinks. "And the kiss was a metaphor. Anyway, I want to know two things. Would you terribly mind that?"

Kaylee moves behind the bar, once he's settled and gives him a bright smile. "What's your poison, partner?" she asks in an exaggerated drawl, motioning to the shelves, leaning an elbow on the bar top. "Also depends on the things." Studying the man across the bar from her, she smiles a bit. "Ask away, if I can answer them I will." Her other elbow moves to rest on the bar as well as she waits.

The dark-haired young adult lowers his gaze to the counter with a frown darkening his facial features. "Actually, no, three", he corrects himself before his face brightens with a subtle smile again. He certainly had a contagious and endearing one. For a brief moment, his gaze veers off to the rich selection of alcoholic beverages for him to choose from. "A tall glass of Corona", he announces, looking over to Kaylee. Watching her curiously, he decides that now's the best time to start asking away. "Let's start with the easiest question. What's it like to read the minds of others? Must suck to know what sort of debased thoughts are whirring inside our noggins, huh?" Diogenes leans forwarding, placing his forearm atop the other. "Second question, slightly more demanding in terms of information. Who is Adam? And, finally… Why did you take away my memories of you back in that pawn shop… only to easily give them back in the end?"

Brows lift high on her head at the questions, Kaylee pushes away from the counter to get what Dio asks for and to try and think of how best to answer the questions. She can only be so honest with the man. Her expression is serious and thoughtful as she retrieves what he wants and pushes it across the counter. "Well, I'll be honest. I can't full answer your questions.. But I'll tell you want I can."

Leaning forward on the counter again, so that she can drop her voice, she holds up a finger. "First question. It sucks, yes. It's why I try not to do it. It's rude for one, unless I feel I have no choice. Other times it can be a life saver. It's kind of a… mixed bag." A second finger comes up. "Adam.. is one of my employers. He's a business man and isn't a fan of the way the government is handling our kind." Her third finger comes up and she sighs. "And last question.. You were being an ass.. It was stupid of me. It was instinct. I've done if before with guys that annoy me. It was bitchy.. I know that."

While Kaylee tells what she is able (or willing) to tell regarding his inquiries, Diogenes obviously enjoys the beer he's been served. It's the first time he actually savours the taste of that particular brand, having only seen it in passing. During his stay in the United States of America, he actually has been drinking vodka, exclusively. It did, after all, help him stay awake through the night instead of get intermittent hours of sleep and wake up downtrodden and tired.

Quite like the author strayed too far from the present, so too did this young man's thoughts. Kaylee admitted that she cannot fully answer his questions, and he read into that far deeper than he possibly should have. The definition of the word 'can' was quite different colloquially, after all, and often blended with the word 'want'. As such, Diogenes keenly listened to the blonde whilst sipping his free drink, but took everything she said with a pinch of salt. "Can you tell me his last name?", he asks, and elaborates shortly thereafter: "Adam's last name, that is."

Giving him a lop-sided and rather apologetic smile, Kaylee can only offer, "If he had wanted you to know it.. He would have told you. And since he didn't.. That is a question you'll have to ask the man himself." She straightens a bit studying him, "So.. that guy on Staten.. He said you can paralyze people and such? He was pretty worried what you'd do to me. Hense why I had Adam protecting me. What's that like? I imagine there is a sense of power and control with that ability, huh?"

"Not entirely. I only use it when people aren't the sort to listen or want to run away. I rarely use my ability to do harm." Diogenes pauses to take a healthy (or not so healthy) swig of his drink which he seems to have grown quite fond of. Although his country allegedly had one of the best beer brands in the entire world, he had to hand it to the Mexicans for producing such a fine beverage. It's highly likely Kaylee would spot him glancing at his glass appreciatively during the moment of silence. "I am the eyes above; not the swift hand holding the axe of judgement", he notes as he looks back at up at Kaylee. "At the very least… Not yet."

"I've… up till I met Adam.. I've only ever really used my ability for my protection." Kaylee reaches up an rubs fingers on one of her cheeks. "When I don't, I tend to get hurt. I have a bad judgment about guys." She gives him a significant look. " Kind of becomes instinct to use it. I dunno. Not as useful as yours seems. Hell of an ability." She says with honest appreciation of what he can do. A motion out of the corner of her eye, draws her to the manager. "Shit…" Blue eyes turn back to Dio and she gives him a sheepish smile. "Well.. it's time for me to actually do some work."She straightens from her forward leaning position. "It was actually nice talking to you. Not so bad when you're not being a jerk." She gives him a grin and a wink. "We should do this again sometime."

"You shouldn't rely on another man to guide you through life. People aren't reliable enough to give them such a significant role." Oh, yes, this was a topic in which Diogenes simply shined with his morbidly negative outlook. "Before you know it, he'll push you off the proverbial cliff. People don't take in stray dogs just for the hell of it. People take in strays to sate their selfish needs, which in most cases is the need for company. For your sake, you better hope that's the need Adam has for you." The man nods to Kaylee, and rushes to down his drink, of which there wasn't all that much left by now. He would join the crowd of those who were in a rush - he wanted to go home. It annoyed him that he would have to go through the same arduous process of throwing invisible and non-existent pursuers off-track, but it was a necessary burden. Rising from his seat, he offers another nod. "You were in luck, I was in a good mood. Have fun serving all sorts of idiots." With that said, he would turn around and head for the door.

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