From L.A. To Ontario


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Scene Title From L.A. To Ontario
Synopsis Veronica has some news for Len.
Date September 10, 2009

Los Angeles Hyatt Hotel

The morning has been a busy one. After finally getting the tapes the afternoon before from Lt. Kinsey, Agent Veronica Sawyer reviewed them and spent the rest of the evening interviewing courthouse personnel and "regulars" to see if any of them recognized the images she pulled from the surveillance video. After taking copious notes of the activities in the tapes, she sent the files, both stills and video, to Len in New York.

As the progress bar grows, indicating the upload is almost complete, she picks up her cell phone. Glancing at the time, she sees she has a couple of hours before her flight — she's in a hotel near LAX so it won't take more than a few moments to get there, and being "Homeland," she can skip the long lines and rigamarole of the security checkpoints. She calls Len's cell; it's early, but he knew she was sending the items. As the progress bar hits 100 percent, she has no doubt he's already clicked the download button.

Already sitting at his desk, Len Denton is glancing at his email when Sawyer's email pops in. His phone lights up as he's clicking to open up the email and glance at the contents. "Denton," he says as he flips through the photos, giving each a good scrutinizing look. It's first thing in the morning and he's just now getting his bearings, though for the most part Len is a morning person, he was up just a bit later than normal.

"It's Sawyer," Veronica murmurs, tossing her few possessions from the hotel room into her carryon and garment bag. "So basically if you watch the video, you will see five individuals, aside from Monroe, around the courthouse loitering after hours, two of which engage in combat with the security guards and kill Amman," she says quietly. "Good images on the rest. The three women do not actively injure anyone, but I'm not sure what's going on when the two go to speak with Ammun and Monroe. There's another women skulking around on the second of the tapes, inside the building, and she exits and seems to watch everything, but runs off carrying the injured blonde at the end of the incident. Pretty good images on all of them. None of them look like our Grimalkin, but then he may have been using illusions and could be there and we wouldn't know it — if the illusions are strong enough to fool the camera." She still doesn't understand how that works, and it makes the scientific part of her crazy. "Curt and I are going to head on to Ontario to do the Fletcher interviews, but figured you'd want to start the lookout for these people. None of them were familiar to local police or the courthouse staff as being local criminals, not like we expected them to be. If they're Monroe's crew, I'd say they're all based in New York."

"I'm taking a look here. I'll get a hold of Castillo and find out what the status of Grim is. I think it's time he come in and answer a few questions." The video is a nice touch and Len will be happy to get it into custody. "Ensure that the video makes it back with you, Sawyer. We lose that and we've starting from scratch. I don't expect Monroe's crew to be going back around cleaning stuff they've left behind, but just be careful in case someone gets the hint that they're being checked up on and decides to come after you as well."

"Got it. It's with me and secure," Veronica murmurs into the phone as she zips up her garment bag and glances in the mirror, brushing her hair out of her eyes with her hand. She hooks the garment bag onto the carry-on. "Amman's husband said Fletcher and Ammun were friends; apparently he thought this might be connected to that for some reason as well, so he's not totally clueless. Not sure if he knew what all she did for the Company or not," she says lightly.

"Since we have the dirt on Monroe from Amman and Gramble, I think Fletcher will just be any additional details, doubt there's much useful there, since it's been a while. I'd double check with the remaining Founders that they have security on them. Check with Dahl on those faces; that woman's a walking Filofax — she probably recognizes some of the faces I don't. She may have even known them before she joined the Company." It's still a deficit that Sawyer has at times, being so new to the Big Apple. She doesn't have the history that some of the others have. "I haven't gotten to talk to Br-Winters yet about this. Do you want me to show him the images, see what he has to say about them?"

Len closes the email and forwards the information to Agent Dahl asking her to try and come up with identities to the faces they haven't identified yet. "Show him the pictures, but don't give away all the information you have on them. Just ask him if he recognizes any of the faces and see if he'll give us some names." The slip doesn't pass Len, though he doesn't bother addressing it. If Sawyer is stepping in it, she'll have to deal with the consequences then the time arises. "What else do you have for me?"

"That's it, I think. Looks to me like the younger of the two men could be Evolved; moves a little faster than looks normal unless he's a Ninja," Veronica says, shouldering the two bags and picking up her hotel key card and rental-car keys. "I think I should be back in New York by tomorrow, if not the next day, unless you have any other errands to send me on." She sounds weary. Talking to murder victims' loved ones is not a chore she enjoys.

"Okay. Keep an eye out up there and give me a call if you come up with anything new, otherwise, I'll expect to see you when you get back." Len is typing a few things into an email and pauses talking for a moment until he hits the 'Send' button. "And good work, Sawyer." he adds. He knows it's a tough job, but he knows he sent the right agent.

"Thanks. See you soon. Bringing you back some mouse ears," Veronica teases, not that she was anywhere near Disneyland. She hangs up the phone and heads out of the apartment. In a few hours, she'll be in Canada.

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