From Philosophy to Food Fight


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Scene Title From Philosophy to Food Fight
Synopsis A gathering at the little green house by the harbor.
Date July 25, 2010

Melissa and Kendall's house

With it being a lot cooler today than it has been lately, the little house by the harbor has been opened up. Windows, doors, leaving just screens in place. It lets cool air circulate, and adds the peaceful sound of rain falling to the otherwise quiet house. Quiet only because more than half of the residents are sleeping or not here.

Melissa's in the kitchen, Jerry curled up under the table. And Mel seems to be trying her hand at culinary mediocrity. In this case, jello. Well, jello shooters, but it's still jello. And it's annoying enough that she's muttering under her breath.

Kendall has actually decided to leave his room due to the fact that all the game systems on at once makes it hotter in there, and since it had just started cooling off somewhat, it's nice to be elsewhere. He's watching Melissa make jello shooters, or attempt to, with a look of boredom. And amusement.

Cool enough for red scarves? Just. The light patter of rain calls for a light coat and the swish-swish of windshield wipers as Perry guides his pickup truck (the weather is too wet to ride his scooter) out to the harbor. He adjusts aforementioned scarf as he glances up at himself in the rearview mirror, a nervous little gesture he can hope will abate once actually in the presence of other people. His GPS bleeps as he grows closer to his location, and the little green house resolves out of the grey of overcast New York. He works the stick shift, descending into first gear as he slows down and rolls into the driveway, finally sliding into neutral and pulling the parking brake.

Perry reaches out to snag the two items he's brought with him, resting in the passenger-side seat. First, and most exciting to Perry, is a copy of Hobbes' _Leviathan_. Second, and most exciting to anyone else on earth, is a pudding cake - lemon poppyseed to be specific. He sets the book on top of the cake's plastic covering, then lifts the cake into his arm as he opens the door and steps out of the truck. Shortly, he's at the door, pressing the doorbell with his free hand. Dressed in a button up and jeans, he looks halfway normal. The scarf sort of ruins the effect, though.

"C'mon in, Perry!" Melissa calls out, looking highly relieved to be distracted from the jello. It's slid into the fridge and a trio of beers grabbed out. One is offered to Kendall, another set on the table, and the last opened and a healthy drink taken. "Don't think you've met Perry yet, have you?" she asks her ward, head tilting. "Seems like another geek, so you two might get along."

Kendall blinks at the beer handed to him and smirks. Seems like breaking the law is ok! Unless you're breaking the law in public. "Nope…" he looks at Perry when he comes in as he opens the can of beer, with a slight hint of defensive challenge. What, maybe he's waiting to see if that guy objects to a teenager drinking alcohol?

Perry shoulders his way inside, looking around as one does when entering a space for the first time. Trying to figure out where to go next. He follows the voices into the kitchen, smiling as he finds their sources. "Thanks… uh… thank you for having me over," he states, with a cheerfulness that is not so much in-genuine as anxious about it's being perceived as such, "I brought cake!" A statement that is unnecessary, considering its obviousness, but certainly true. "Where should I put it?"

Kendall is not expected, and his presence takes a moment to sink in. "Oh! Hello. I'm Perry. Uh…" he glances to Melissa. Introductions? The issue of underaged drinking does not seem to be terribly pressing at the moment. He's busy with his social anxieties.

That challenge from Kendall brings a look of amusement - and a touch of pride - to Melissa's face. "You can put it on the table, Perry. And have a beer," she says, nodding to the beer sitting on the table. "And this is Kendall. My sorta kid slash brother," she says, then grins impishly as she ruffles Kendall's hair.

Kendall wrinkles his nose at the hair ruffling, leaning away. He's too old for that! "Nice to meet you, I guess." Kendall isn't so good with strangers either.

Perry sets the cake down, a hand going to fidget with the book atop it, not sure if it should remove it or leave it there. It decides, after a moment, to just leave it for the moment. It's needed to offer Kendall a shake. "Nice to meet you, Kendall," he says, adding no qualifiers, "Kid slash brother?" he echoes, glancing to Melissa again, "Excuse my curiosity, and please, feel free to… uh… not answer but… how does that work, exactly?"

Melissa shrugs and flops down in a chair while Jerry lifts his head and sniffs in Perry's general direction. "I can never figure out whether he's more brother or son. Either way, he's mine," she says, smiling at Kendall. "So whatcha been up to lately, Perry? Anything fun? Or more reading philosophy?"

Kendall smirks. "It's because she feels old when I call her mom. She'd rather be considered an older sister." heheheh. Kendall smiles innocently at Melissa. "Right, Mom?" that was totally on purpose.

Perry gives a slightly nervous laugh. "My… uh… my nature is such that I enjoy philosophy," he says, "So I don't find those, uh, mutually exclusive. I could, uh, suggest some philosophy you might enjoy. Or… works by philosophers. Have you, um, have you ever seen or read 'No Exit'? The play? By Sartre?" He gives Kendall's hand a firm shake, and then moves back to the cake, removing the book and tucking it under his arm before tugging the cake's cover free. This done, he finally snags a beer and lifts it, "Cheers," he says, "To, uh, familial ties of any kind. Heh."

There's a slight hunching of shoulders and a grimace when Melissa is called mom. Yep, he's right. "No mom. Jesus. I just saw a freaking baby being born. I don't even want to think of real momhood. Son is a good word, mom is not," she mutters. "And nope, haven't read any of 'em. I don't read much. Don't really have the time," she says, shaking her head, before lifting her beer and drinking deeply.

"I, uh, prefer Heidegger's existentialism, honestly. German existentialism in general. More, uh, useful for motivating political action…" Perry explains. A frown forms on his features as his companions state two heresies - a lack of reading, and a disinterest in philosophy, "But this is just the problem. Theoretical backing is what separates a revolutionary from a partisan. Reading, philosophy in particular… it should interest everyone," a heartfelt statement, and one infused with an oddly resonant power, "It's about asking the important questions. It's crucial for making any sort of meaningful change at all."

"Because I was at the Center when the mom went into labor and I got drafted in to take the place of pain meds," Melissa says before she shudders at the moment and takes several deep swallows of the beer. She looks to Perry, her head tilting. "Maybe you're right, but not everyone can get into reading like you do," she points out with a smiling.

"Wow, so you've been downgraded to a Motrin? Harsh." Kendall goes to peek in the fridge at the jello shots. "So what were you doing with this jello, anyway?" he asks her.

"It's true, a lot of it is… dense," Perry admits, rather stuck on a rail at this point, "But you can't know until you try. And even if it's hard to read… you can always talk about it. You can listen. It's really important," on this point he is uncompromising, "As a…" he glances to Kendall, and tugs at his scarf, drawing it off - he has to hold back a little, he knows, "As a politically engaged person, it's invaluable. I mean… political struggle is about ideas, as much as anything else. It's about changing the way people see the world. And philosophy isn't… well… what do you think philosophy is? Have you ever read any?"

Melissa shoots a dark look at Kendall. "I haven't been downgraded. I still do my counseling thing and the job at the club. And those are jello shots. Jello and vodka. No idea if it'll come out alright though." She looks back to Perry, head tilting. "Perry, hon. I get that you love philosophy. I agree that it has importance, but we're here to chill out! To catchup and relax. Have some more beer. Hell, cut the cake. I'm a huge fan of cake!"'

Kendall shrugs at Perry, clearly not interested. "Heh…. well are you sure about that? Sounds like you've been downgraded to me." heheheh. "So, uh…" he turns to look at Perry. "So what kind of thing can you do?" he's being nosy. "Ooh, cake." he'll allow himself to be distracted by that if need be but he's still curious.

Perry visibly deflates at this. Which is sort of like chilling out, only sort of sad. Lucky for him, he's distracted by Kendall's question. Which is just what he needs to cheer him up. Only wait, nope, just the opposite. His lips purse, and he gives a small shrug. "I… don't know," he admits, glumly, "I would like to find out. People keep asking me."

Downgraded? Melissa arches a brow and gives a burst of mild pain towards Kendall's backside. An evolved version of a kick in the ass. "Pity that we don't have anyone who can sense abilities, Perry. I've seen it at work, and it's pretty cool. Though maybe we can find someone who can help."

"Oh." Kendall shrugs, then since Perry doesn't seem to be making any move towards the cake shuts the fridge and goes off to grab a knife to cut it himself. Mmmmm, caaaake.

Kendall flinches slightly at the buttkick as he does so, glowering at Melissa.

Cake is, as we established, less exciting than other things to Perry, and with philosophy crossed off the list, he glances to the door. "I'd like that," he comments, distractedly, "Um… hold on. I'm going to go get something from my truck. Something I think will be, uh," he offers a smile, "More, uh… generally fun." He dips his head, and then nips out into the rain.

Melissa smiles sweetly at Kendall. Then she nods at Perry, looking at him curiously, then she shrugs and looks back to Kendall. "Why would you say such mean things?" she asks, pouting at him.

Kendall shrugs at Melissa. "What? What'd I say? I was just curious, how was I supposed to know he couldn't do anything? All the other guys you invited over could." great, now he's making her sound like some floozy. Social skills: 0

Melissa starts to shake her head, then she stops and gapes at Kendall. "Okay, first? I meant you saying I'd been downgraded. Second? I so hope you're not insinuating that I'm turning this house into like, my personal harem or something. And Ling isn't a guy either!"

"Oh, that." Kendall shifts in place a little. "It was a joke." Kendall isn't very sensitive! "And no, I'm not." no way, of course not!

Eyes narrow and Melissa studies him, no doubt tryign to tell if he's being truthful or not. "Well, you better not. I'm not easy yanno." In most senses of the word.

"Well that's for sure." Kendall mutters, likely going to earn another pain infliction. "So what do you think he's bringing? That's supposed to be fun?"

There's a shrug as Melissa glances towards the door. "No idea. Could be anything I guess." A pause, then, "Kendall? Could you see me as a nurse or paramedic?" It's asked casually. Too casually. The answer clearly matters to her.

"I dunno. Do you faint at the sight of blood? I've never met a paramedic but I don't think you could be one if you can't handle blood." pause. "But yeah, you'd probably make a good one?" he says, almost sounding like it's a question. Is he hoping that the answer is correct?

Melissa smiles faintly. "I've been hurt enough that blood no longer bothers me. Mine or anyone else's. And I don't know. Would I?" Nope, she's not going to help him out. Not that easily.

"Sure, you'd make a great one." Kendall has no clue, but he figures that's the right answer. He can take a hint once in a while, honest!

Melissa smiles and nods. "Thanks," she tells him before sipping at the beer. "So you gonna cut that cake or not? I want a piece, dammit."

"Ok, fine." Kendall continues cutting the cake, getting two big slices. The first one goes to Melissa, and he smiles innocently at her. "Enjoy."

There's a laugh, but Mel takes the cake. "Thanks. Wait. Innocent look. What's wrong with it? Will it taste like dirt or something when I eat it?" she asks, instantly paranoid.

"No, but you know how it is. The cake is a lie." this is said by Kendall in a serious manner, and the piece of cake on Melissa's plate vanishes. Revenge for the buttkick, maybe?

Melissa looks at the empty plate, then at Kendall sadly. "If I pick it up and shove it in my mouth, I won't taste it, will I?"

"I don't know, actually…" Kendall shrugs. "No one's tried eating one of my illusions before."

A thoughtful look crosses Melissa's face, then she picks up a fork, eyes the plate, then stabs where she thinks cake was before it poofed. The empty fork is eyed dubiously, as is Kendall, then her mouth opens and the fork is slid into her mouth. A moment later she sighs. "I don't taste anything. Make it come back!"

"I don't know how…" Kendall frowns at her cake. Or lack of it. "I've never figured out how to turn it off so far."

"Well…try! Just like, focus on the cake not being a lie or something. Or, um…I don't know. What's a geeky thing that makes things reappear?" Melissa asks, head tilting.

"I don't know… there's many cases of things disappearing, but not many cases of things reappearing." Kendall taps his chin thoughtfully. "I guess stop believing it's gone?"

"Well, then stop believing it's gone! Or…I dunno. Say abracadabra or something," Melissa says, shrugging.

"Actually I meant you stop believing it's gone… it works like that, I think." at her suggestion, however, Kendall hmms. "Abracadabra?"

"Oh, well…" Melissa frowns and stares at the cake, clearly trying to stop believing it's not there. It could be that, could be Kendall's magic word, but it reappears! Unfortunately, it doesn't just reappear on her plate. She had picked up more cake than she thought she had, and there's icing on her face. "Well fuck," she mutters, getting up and moving to grab a paper towel, wetting it to start wiping the icing off her face.

Kendall snickers as the icing appears on her face. "Well that was fun." he can't help but smirk at it. He goes to get his own slice of cake, which does not disappear.

What happens next is not something that anyone who knows Melissa could have ever forseen. It's just so unlike her, with as much as a clean freak she is. But she moves back to the table, picks up her plate…Then suddenly tries to shove the cake in Kendall's face, uncaring how much falls on the floor. For now anyway.

Kendall recoils when she shoves the cake into his face, and his automatic reaction is to do the exact same thing to her. FOOD FIGHT!

Instead of freaking about cake getting all over her house, Melissa busts out laughing and picks up a handful of cake, trying to shove it down the back of Kendall's shirt.

Kendall aughs when Melissa tries to shove cake down his shirt, and he tries to do the same to her, only he kinda blushes and doesn't instead since she's facing her and that would involve boobs.

The blushing just prompts another round of laughter and Melissa shakes her head, retreating and reaching for another handful of cake, throwing it at him. "You will not win this!"

"Sure I will!" Kendall grabs another handful of cake and throws it right at her face. "So who are you and what happened to Melissa?"

"I'm Melissa's evil twin, Elisa!" Mel says on another laugh, licking icing off her lips before she grabs anotehr piece, and tries to rub it into the front of his shirt.

"Well I'm glad you're the one who's doing the laundry." Kendall snickers at Melissa. "All this icing's going to be a bitch to clean."

"Oh I am hmm? Don't you know that teenagers are supposed to have chores?" Melissa asks, grinning evilly at him.

"Chores?" Kendall pouts at Melissa. Uh oh, he's bringing out the pout. Puppy dog eyes too? Chores? What chores! There's no chores he's capable of doing!

Melissa laughs and ndos. "Yes. Chores. Five people in this house, you're all gonna help out! Don't make me break out the evil laugh!" she threatens, grabbing for one more handful of cake.

Perry returns carrying a wooden crate filled with what look like electrical parts, some of them assembled into a pair of devices. He looks quite pleased with what he's got in his arms - his mood quite restored for the moment. "Here… this is something I whipped up. Nothing… uh.. too impressive, but," he pauses, sees the food in hand, and already thrown. He blinks. "Wow," he says, "I guess talks broke down, huh?"

Kendall was about to say something, but then Perry walks in and Kendall eyes the remains of the cake. "Uh, did we save any for him?" he asks Melissa.

A handful of cake, and Perry walks in and surprises Melissa. That means that she turns and the cake is thrown towards the poor innocent bystander. Who immediately looks a mix of contrite and amused. "Oops. Yeah, they did."

Perry automatically turns to shield his gadgets with his own body, valuing their safety over his own, a noble sacrifice. "Hey!" he exclaims, "I'm a neutral party! Let me arbitrate, or something. She if we can't make a peace settlement, or at least a ceasefire!" He's smiling a little - he's… actually joking.

"Ceasefire!" Kendall looks at Perry and Melissa and suddenly there's a flash of light and the two of them might feel some slight pain that has nothing to do with Melissa. Sorry, Kendall didn't do it on purpose.

Melissa wrinkles her nose and looks to Kendall. "Not cool, dude," she says with a pout. Then she looks around the cake covered kitchen, and it seems like she doesn't know whether to be amused or horrified. "God."

"Woah…" Perry says, eyes blinking behind his glasses, "Is that… uh… is that what you do? What… uh… what even is it?"

"Ah, sorry!" Kendall blinks and then looks at Melissa. "I didn't do it on purpose…" he looks down at his shirt, which is covered in frosting, and wipes his face too. "I can make illusions and stuff."

"He's damn good at it too," Melissa says with a smile to Kendall. She heads over to the sink, grabbing some stuff so she can start cleaning up the icing. "So what'd you get, Perry?"

Perry sets the box on the table, pulling out and setting up things even as he talks. "Illusions? That's fascinating…" he doesn't sound sarcastic or fake-interested, "Do they work on a neural level? Or are they like holograms? Is it like inducing a common hallucination, or do you manipulate light or something?"

"It's all in your head. Literally." Kendall nods sagely at his own words. "They work whether there's light or not, I can make people hear things too."

"And feel things. And not taste things," Melissa says, giving another sad look as she starts to clean up cake.

Perry adjusts the gadgets in front of him. Some non-verbal part of his mind is able to pay total attention to this task, as he checks wires connections, dials and adjusts antennae. "What's the strongest thing you can make someone feel?" he inquires.

"I dunno. I once zapped Melissa pretty badly. I've never tried doing something really big." Kendall really doesn't know!

"Experiment if you want, but not on me, please," Melissa says, glancing up to Kendall. "'Cause, well, turnabout is fair play!" She looks over to Perry. "You never said what that stuff was."

"I should be the one to say that when you're the one who makes people feel pain." Kendall very obviously rubs his back. He'd rub his butt, but that's kind of embarassing.

"I hope I have something as interesting," Perry admits, "So far, I have either never had call to use my ability, maybe haven't manifested, or it's subtle enough for me not to notice and…" he gives a rueful smile, "I hope it's not something really pathetic like 'the ability to turn some gold into lead. The un-Midas touch." He steps back from his setup. "This," he says, "Is a small scale FM transmitted and receiver set up. With audio jacks." He sounds very pleased with himself.

Melissa shoots Kendall a look. "I also take it away," she says softly. Then she looks over to Perry, frowning a bit. "A radio? But…we have radios," she says, nodding towards the living room and the stereo set up in there.

"Walkie talkies, maybe?" Kendall's barely old enough to remember those. He was 7 when the 90s ended, and they were somewhat popular until then. "And maybe your power has something to do with technology. Can you do like that girl in Sky High?" ooh, look Mels, another movie reference!

"Ah, but this is a transmitter," Perry exclaims, as if this made everything so different. But he doesn't ask her to take his word for it. "Go on. Go to the radio and tune into uh…" he adjusts a dial, "FM band 143.2" He digs into his pocket, extracts his iPod and hooks it up to the transmitter's audio jack, starts fiddling with the touch screen.

Sky High? Melissa beams at Kendall. "You've been watching more movies! I'm so proud!" she says, feigning wiping a tear from her eye. "And…okay?" she says to Perry, shrugging and getting up, moving to go do as asked.

"Transmitter, huh?" Kendall hmms and looks at the gadget. "Can you use it to track people and stuff like that? Like GPS?"

"Uh, no, not quite that sophisticated," Perry says, "No power here. Just years in school, studying. Which I enjoyed but… am glad is over. Ah… here," he flips a switch, and suddenly, out of the static of a dead station, springs song, playing from Melissa's stereo. It's 'Burning Down the House', by the Talking Heads. Perry grins, very pleased. "It worked! See?" he points to his iPod, "We now have our own little radio station."

"That's…pretty cool," Melissa agrees, looking surprised to hear the music coming out of her stereo. "We should drink our beers, chill, and listen to this mini-radio station."

"Yeah, that's pretty awesome, it's like modding a MP3 player into any radio without using a USB jack." Kendall nods sagely. "All right, but…. I have no idea who this is." likely Melissa is going to twit at him about that, to judge by his expression of resigned anticipation.

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