From Roosevelt To Staten

The Department of Evolved Affairs has issued a pledge to relocate the residents of Roosevelt Island after the south half of the island suffered the cirppling impact of terrorist attacks through the month of February. While many smaller units are still standing, one apartment building and four units were destroyed by fires, and many damaged by falling ice when the Dome came down on the 20th. Efforts to repair have already begun, but resettlement project leader Georgia Mayes reports that "many of our Evolved still lack permanent homes".

In the interest of protective security as well as relocation during the reconstruction of Summer Meadows and the temporarily halted project of Hunter's Point, Mayes has stated that many Evolved Roosevelt-residents have been relocated and will be relocated to Staten Island's reclaimed territory. Off-limits to the general public, the Reclaimed Zone is promised to be the greatest protection available for Evolved citizens.

May will see the opening of other residential areas within the Zone, and be expected to run in tandem with Roosevelt Island and Hunter's Point as safe villages for New York's Evolved.

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