WASHINGTON D.C. — To thunderous applause today, the FRONTLINE Act passed by landslide margins. The brainchild of Vice President Andrew Mitchell, the FRONTLINE Act is the beginning of a revolutionary restructuring of the United States Armed Forces designed to effectively utilize Evolved citizens in the protection and security of national borders and cities.

Under Title I of the FRONTLINE Act, the United States Government now has the authority to draft United States citizens listed on the Registry of the Evolved as members of a specialized evolved-only task force that will begin in July with FRONTLINE Unit-01 deployed in New York City as part of a probationary period of three months. Following this, FRONTLINE Units 02 through 05 will be deployed in Massachusetts, California, Florida and Virginia, respectively. Following an additional three months probationary period, there will be an additional five states appointed in 2010, and complete nation-wide FRONTLINE support by 2014.

The FRONTLINE Act is a part of Vice President Mitchell's "Evolved Initiative" which includes plans to create special prisons designed to safely contain Evolved prisoners, schools for educating Evolved-Americans in the use of their abilities, and special financial aid for Evolved who willingly enlist for military service.

The "Evolved Entitlement Bill" is slated to run through congress as soon as August, with FRONTLINE's success serving as a keystone for Mitchell's plans.

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