Frontline Given Aetos Zero
Date November 8th, 2010
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Associated Press
November 14, 2010

The Department of Defense announced today that following its utilization in the quelling of the November 8th riots on Roosevelt Island in New York City, the FRONTLINE organization's Unit-01 would be awarded the use of the Department of Defense's newest military weapons project, dubbed AETOS-Zero.

Representing the cutting edge in avionics and robotics, the AETOS-Zero is a silent-running aerial reconnaissance and combat robot. Designed and developed by the Commonwealth Institute of Massachusetts, the AETOS-Zero saw its first combat scenario on November 8th at the neighborhood of Summer Meadows where its non-lethal weaponry was capable of disabling rioters driven into an insane frenzy by the signal broadcast earlier that day.

Secretary of Defense Rutland said of the AETOS system that, "Weapons like [AETOS] represent the new horizon for military applications in the United States. It is only fitting that the cutting edge soldiers in the FRONTLINE organization be able to benefit from this technology and test this prototype further in the field."

Newly appointed Defense Adviser to the Department of Homeland Security, Sarisa Kershner, who took up control of the FRONTLINE project following the death of General Sebastian Autumn earlier this year had her own praise for the new weapons system. "We've been discussing robotics applications for decades now, and it began with the Predator drones, and I saw how those were used in Afghanistan when I was overseas. I am proud to see the AETOS weapons system being deployed to FRONTLINE and I am excited about the possibilities in saving lives that such a cutting edge machine could bring to all of us."

Developed by scientists at the Commonwealth Institute of Massachusetts with robotics designs outsourced to private contractors, the AETOS is one of the most advanced robots currently in operation. Capable of recognizing and following verbal commands as well as limited autonomous functioning, it is a weapon designed with the Post-Bomb world in mind. FRONTLINE is expected to bring AETOS into full use this month.

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