Frontline Members Missing And Dead
Date November 8th, 2010
Relevant Logs All Your Rage

Associated Press Wire
November 8th, 2010

Word is coming in tonight from sources within the Department of Homeland Security that crews responding to an emergency SOS from Frontline Unit-01 commander Michael Spalding discovered the scene of a pitched battle in the streets of Queens just an hour ago tonight. Ruth Crow Dog, Unit-01's resident animal telepath and intelligence officer was found dead in the ruins of a convenience store that had been the site of a shoot-out between FRONTLINE and crowds of rioters.

Evidence on the scene indicated that USMC Second Lieutenant Michael Spalding was present at the scene but his whereabouts are currently unaccounted for. Spalding's last known transmission was a distress call confirming his location and status of active engagement with rioters.

It is unknown how two armored and armed members of FRONTLINE were disabled by the riot crowd, but authorities have blocked off the area pending an investigation.

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