Frontline Mobilized
Date April 30, 2010
Relevant Logs Art Of War

BROOKLYN, New York — In what is being called a "critical success" by New York City's FRONTLINE Squads, a joint CIA/Department of Homeland Security operation in Brooklyn resulted in the arrests of four international terrorists that the CIA and FBI had been tracking since November of last year. The FRONTLINE mobilization took part after the prisoner transport of FRONTLINE Squad-02 Logistics Officer Elisabeth Harrison that newspapers were reported as being arrested on Thursday took place.

Harrison's arrest had been staged as a part of an elaborate sting operation by the Department of Homeland Security to lure out the terrorists, whom were targeting Harrison due to her connections to FRONTLINE and her Evolved status and work she had done prior with the NYPD.

A firefight took place in the neighborhood of Red Hook just after 9:00pm on Friday, and Harrison was mobilized along with members of Squad-01 and 02 and elements of both the CIA and FBI. FRONTLINE's operations command Sarisa Kershner stated that the "mobilization of FRONTLINE to neutralize the terrorist threat was a critical success, and while the terrorists had caused some civilian casualties, our efforts minimized that damage and allowed us to cripple their organization."

Following the deadly firefight, several members of FRONTLINE were injured and treated at Cedar Sinai hospital for non-life threatening injuries, and several members of the Department of Homeland Security and associates were likewise treated for injuries sustained in the gun battle.

Hours after the firefight in Brooklyn, intelligence gained from the terrorists apprehended in Red Hook led authorities to a warehouse in the same neighborhood that had been abandoned since the bomb in 2006. A further 12 terrorists were apprehended at that site, along with a small cache of guns and ammunition.

The Department of Homeland Security applauded FRONTLINE's operation and the successful use of Evolved operatives in cooperation with federal authorities to apprehend the responsible terrorists.

We will have continuing coverage of the assault in Red Hook as the week goes on and more information becomes available.

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