Frontline Terrorist Scandal

April 3, 2011

In a shocking development, the now former Director of FRONTLINE Manhattan Elisabeth Harrison is wanted for terrorist activity and Registration fraud. After an extensive investigation headed by the Department of Evolved Affairs, Harrison is being accused of assisting in the false registering of colleagues and acquaintances in tandem with a former detective of the New York Police Department, Christopher Nash, who was jailed last year for Registration fraud.

"We believe that Harrison had connections with multiple acts of Registration falsifying," said Department of Evolved Affairs agent Katie Sebastian said in a media statement on the morning of April 3. "As well as supporting unlawful use of Evolved ability by these registrants. We also have reason to believe that this may be in connection with the human trafficking ring, the Ferrymen. Inquiries are still being made as we investigate the extent of her law breaking and abuse of power."

Sebastian confirmed that Harrison's role as FRONTLINE Director has been terminated, but could not give confirmation as to who would fill this role.

Harrison has not been apprehended and is believed to have escaped arrest. Any information can be directed to these details. More on this story as it develops.

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