Frontline Unit 01 Squad 2 Announced

NEW YORK, New York — With the New york State mayoral elections delayed until January of 2010, Mayor Harry Bianco was present today for a closed-door press conference with select media outlets along with a representative of the United States Marine Corps to announce the government's intentions to begin scouting for the instatement of FRONTLINE Unit-01, Squad 2. This announcement has been expected since Frontline's successful involvement in the collapse of a Chinese mafia branch of Refrain distribution this fall.

With the success of FRONTLINE Unit-01, the project has been greenlit by the President to begin the recruitment for Unit-02 and Unit-03 in 2010 and 2011, respectively in their home states. Squad 2 will represent a doubling of FRONTLINE's presence in New York City, and it is believed that all three branches of the United States Military will begin screening before years end, and recruitment could start as soon as 2010.

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