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Scene Title Frustrated
Synopsis Elaine stops by Quinn's, and they remember that they are in fact friends.
Date July 17, 2010

Gun Hill: Quinn's Flat

When Quinn had said she was almost packed earlier, apparently she had been lying. Oops. She hadn’t meant to be, but these things happen when you realise that you stopped halfway and haven’t packed any pants yet. And also that a violin case can be crunched into an otherwise minimally packed suitcase. Hopefully without breaking the bow, because that would be just dreadful.

However, now that pesky thing called a “zipper” was being a pain in Quinn’s arse, absolutely refusing to zip shut without finding something new to catch on each and every time. The suitcase had been set up on Quinn’s coffee table, placed precarious close to the remains of cookie dough ice cream in two bowls, one about ready to get knocked. Cursing, Quinn throws her arms in the air, defeated.

She would get it in the morning.

Interrupting the insanity of zipping, there's a soft tapping at the door. It's the way Elaine usually knocks, and she hovers in the doorway idly wondering if she should have stopped by at all. Maybe she should have sent a text…

At the sound of the knocking, Quinn’s arms fall back to her side, gaze snapping to the door. It’s not the style of knock that readily identifies who’s on the otherside, but rather the knock itself – Sable would probably charge in, and Magnes or Colette would probably announce themselves.

Which left either Tasha, or Elaine, and she was pretty sure Tasha didn’t have any reason to come on by. The expression on Quinn’s face stiffens momentarily, and she considers not answering. But she’s not so cruel; she knows she would just feel terrible for it instead. So instead, she gives as simple and flat an answer as she can.

“It’s unlocked.”

Opening the door slowly, Elaine offers a smile. "Hey…" She slips inside, but freezes a little, noting the suitcase on the coffee table. She gapes a little bit. "Are you… leaving or something?" She almost looks a little shocked and terrified.

Well, Quinn was a little relieved she’d been right, a glance up to Elaine before she starts messing with the zipper again. Still catching. Clearly, this was some small form of karmic retribution. Or maybe the suitcase telling her that her violin just wasn’t going to fit. “For a bit,” Quinn states flatly, shrugging. “Going t’ see mum in Boston for a week.”

Elaine gives a slow nod. "Vacations are nice…" She murmurs. She'd like a bit of one herself. The flat tone, however, hits her like a slap in the face. Timidly, she points towards the zipper. "Do you want some help with that?"

There’s a long moment silence as Quinn tries to force the zipper one last time, before once again falling back on the couch in defeat. With one hand, she motions towards it. “If you think you can get it.” Hands fold into her lap, staring at the suitcase for several moments before she speaks up again. “You can come, if you want.”

Elaine moves towards the suitcase, carefully trying to fiddle with the zipper, moving slowly and making sure to tuck in anything that might catch as she slowly works it along. "What? Come with you?" She looks a little surprised that the statement was offered.

Quinn’s still staring at the suitcase, not really at Elaine. But she does offer a nod in response. “You said it yourself. Vacations are nice. I’m sure we could all use one, an’ Boston’s a fun city.” She’s still talking very matter of factly – though the offer is genuine, it comes off very mechanical and stilted. Feet tap a few times in a slow rhythm, but she doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to say much else. If anything, she looks thoughtful.

"I.. ah, it wouldn't be safe." Elaine murmurs, though now she's looking down, solely at the suitcase. "I'm just gonna go, then, I just wanted to see how you were and stuff. Though I suppose it's also to see you off now that I know you're leaving." It also seems that the slow and steady method of zipping is achieving progress.

“Wouldn’t be safe?” That does bring up a bit of emotion, Quinn sounding genuinely confused. “I doubt anyone could follow us all the way t’ Boston. Only three people really know I’m goin’ anyway.” She shrugs though, and then lets out a long sigh. “You… don’t have t’ go, Elaine. I’m just very… blah these last few days.” A pause, and she shakes her head. “I’m frustrated.”

"I've been fighting myself not to go to someone who will likely beat and kill me because I'm worried about everyone I know getting hurt if I don't. I'm worried about this guy hurting the kids here. I also have to somehow manage to keep Magnes from taking things out on himself, and it seems like my whole life's falling apart right now. I'm lucky I'm not sobbing right here, right now." Elaine watches Quinn for a moment, then goes back to finishing up the zipper. "If there's anyone who knows frustrated it's me."

Quinn freezes in place, not even a breath as she takes what she feels like is a slap to her face – self delivered, if anything. In all of her bitching at Sable and complaining to Ygraine, she had never once even stopped to really think about Elaine felt about everything going on around her. She had been so remarkably selfish, and she wasn’t even trying to be. Face falls into her open palms, and she sighs again. “I’m… I’m sorry Elaine. I just…” Am going to shut up now, really. Instead she looks up, looking directly at Elaine for the first time since she entered, and reaches out to put a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry about the zipper.”

Elaine doesn't look up. "I've almost got it… besides, I need to do something useful other than getting peoples' arms broken and putting peoples' lives in danger." She shakes her head. "Sorry, I'm just being stupid. Anyways, I'm sorry if you're frustrated. I'm sure the vacation will help. I'll miss you."

With Elaine’s lack of response, Quinn frowns, withdrawing her hand. “You’re not being stupid. We both have our reasons for being frustrated,” Quinn remarks with a glance over to the side. “It’s not your fault, anyway. I’m sorry if I made it seem that way.”

"I feel like I've done something wrong. You're usually happy to see me." Elaine finishes with the zipper, which unfortunately leaves her nothing else to really focus her efforts on. So she just stares at it, a little blankly.

“I just…” Quinn’s hand finds her temple, fingers rubbing as they had so much over the past few days. “I’m more than a bit sore over the situation I got left in the other day. But that’s not your fault, an’ I don’t blame you for it. Like I said, I’ve just kinda been… blah lately. Even with Ygraine.” After a moment, Quinn motions to the sofa, hoping Elaine will join her instead of simply leaving. “If you’re gonna leave, though, give me a minute t’ get somethin’ I have for you.”

Elaine looks pained, moving to go sit next to Quinn. "I'm sorry about that. I didn't know it'd be like that. Jesus, I'm bad with everything, though. Can't believe I could fuck up so badly with everything… I dunno what I should do anymore with anything and all this shit… you got caught up in the crossfire, same as Sable, though I'm glad the shit you're going through isn't physical pain. No less painful, but… there's something about seeing someone hurt." She sighs. "Just… don't be upset at me, okay? I can't stand more heartache or I'll explode."

Quinn blinks, and in an instant, all of her wallowing and frustration fades, at least for the moment. Turning to face Elaine, she reaches up and places a hand to the younger woman’s cheek, trying to direct Elaine’s gaze to meet hers. “Don’t you ever say anything like that again,” she says, quite seriously. “Never. This is not your fault. As unhappy as I was about what happened, my issues lied with Sable, an’ she an’ I have already talked about it. An’, really, it all goes back to your ex boyfriend being the worst kind of person. Don’t ever blame yourself for his, or anyone else’s misgivings.” She pauses a moment, giving that a few seconds to sink in. “Pissed as might ‘ave been, and frustrated as might be, you’re a wonderful person, Elaine. Don’t let him get you down.”

There's a slow breath, and Elaine reaches a hand up to slide her fingers into Quinn's hair, just enjoying the feel of it between her fingers. The hand slides down to brush across the Irish woman's cheek before returning to where Elaine had it. "I'm sorry if it still made you feel bad. Even if it's not my fault. I just want you to be okay. I want someone in this building to be okay, least for a bit. So you have a damned fine time in Boston.

There’s a moment of hesitation before Quinn attempts to pull her into a tight, tight hug, finally smiling. “I’ve already promised a few people I would. I don’t mind doublin’ up on that promise again. The invitation t’ come still stands, though. Hell, I’d offer for everyone to if mum had space for us all.” She exhales sharply, shaking her head. “Just promise me somethin’, okay? That you’ll keep a close eye on Magnes, an’ not let him do somethin’ really stupid. I know you appreciate him tryin’ to help. I know that you want him to protect you. So do I. But he’s doing more harm than good when he runs head long into things like he does.”

A moment’s pause, and she frowns. “And please. Take care of yourself. Do somethin’ real nice for yourself. Make sure you have a good time while I’m gone. I don’t want t’ come back and find you a dreadful mess of a person.”

"If we're lucky, by the time you're back, James will just be a distant memory and everything will be just peachy." Elaine smiles softly. "Dunno that I'd be able to stand another week of torture like this. Magnes and I are figuring things out. Finding a way to trap him. Getting some help, making a plan…" She hugs Quinn tightly. "Don't worry… I promise I'll take care of him. I won't let him be stupid."

Things like “making a plan” are what worry Quinn, but she has faith it was with people could keep their feet more on the ground, both literally and metaphorically, than Magnes could. “Alright. I mean it, though. Just… please, be careful. If it’s all done by the time I get back, the better. Though I’m sorry in advance, if that’s the case. That I won’t be here.” Her own hand reaches up to run through Elaine’s hair. “I’m leaving you a key to my place while I’m gone.”

Elaine gives a bit of a nod. "Mmkay. But don't worry about it. Even if you aren't here, it's better… saves you the worry. I promise you I'll be okay and so will everyone else when you come back. I'll try hard, personally. I'll make it happen." She looks back at Quinn. "What's the key for?"

“I… don’t mind the worry, so long as it’s not over anythin’ asinine, you know?” Quinn tilts her head at Elaine, hoping she gets what she means. “It’s a part havin’ friends an’ trying to help as much as possible. I just… don’t want anything like the other night, if we can help it. Not t’ be selfish again, but… Christ, having to talk to the cops? I barely convinced them that I wasn’t makin’ it up and that I didn’t have something t’ do with it. And Sable’s knife, that was fun…” A cough, and she shakes her head.

“Anyway, the key… is so you can come by. In case you need t’ be alone. So you can check up on my place while I’m gone.” Pausing, she glances back towards the music room. “But mostly, it’s so you can keep practicin’ away from Magnes and Sable while I’m gone. An’ have access to your violin. I set you up one a’ those… profile things on my computer, too. There’s a video I made earlier, a… mini lesson, I guess, so you can have one without me bein’ here.”

Elaine smiles broadly at that, even blushing. "You're lookin' out for me even while you'll be away." She leans in, pressing a kiss to Quinn's cheek. "I promise we'll keep it as clean as we can and won't make a mess with it. You won't have to clean up anything, dear." She smiles, a little more genuinely now that she's clearly feeling a bit better. "And thanks.. even for just letting me have the space to be alone. Been hard to find somewhere I can… and it's hard to just cry and get it out when people always wanna know what happened, what's wrong. Sometimes you just gotta get it out…"

Quinn’s first thought response goes unvoiced, mostly because it sends a message she doesn’t intend to. Instead she just blushs from the kiss, giving a bit of a laugh and a nod. “There’s ice cream in the freezer if you want some, its cookie dough. Though, Ygraine has a key too. I told her t’ come by and get some sheet music if she wants t’ practice piano, so… don’t be freaked out if you come down and she’s here, okay?” She chuckles, running a hand down through Elaine’s hair again. “Just make sure you either leave me some Guinness or replace it,” she says with a wink.

Elaine laughs, winking back. "I'll make sure your fridge stays stocked, and I won't scream if I find a lovely Brit in here making some music. Gotcha." She leans into the touch in her hair, making a happy sound in the back of her throat. "I will miss you, Quinn."

“Don’t worry. I’ll call, make sure things are good. Ease any heartache if I need to.” She notes Elaine’s reaction, and continues to stroke her hair, more as a measure of comfort than anything. “I’ll miss you too, don’t worry. I’m eager t’ see mum again, but I’ll be happy when I get back, definitely.”

"I'm really glad you get to see your family. It… it really makes me feel good… knowing, at least, that those who do have family can still go see them." Elaine relaxes, then nods a little. "I guess I should let you get finishing whatever it is you need."

Mm, that’s right. Sometimes Quinn forgets that Elaine’s an orphan. “I’m sorry,” she says quietly, though not out of pity. She tightens her hug a bit, and chuckles. “You don’t have t’ go. I’m more or less packed now. You’re welcome t’ stay for a bit if you’d like.”

Elaine smiles. "If you want me to stay, then I'll stay. I wouldn't mind the company.. and I feel like I've been disconnected from you through all this. I already've missed you and you haven't even left yet."

“Well, I’m certainly not going t’ kick you out, what sort of rubbish would that be?” Quinn laughs, attempting to set Elaine down so that her head rests in Quinn’s lap. “I won’t make you stay, but I’m in a better mood now. I don’t mind the company either, particularly since I won’t be seein’ anyone for a week.” She forms a bit of a half frown, looking to the door. “I should see Magnes before I leave. I feel terribly bad with how I’ve not seen him since the other day.”

Elaine grins. "I'll stay then." She shifts, letting her head come to rest in Quinn's lap, looking quite comfortable and at ease in the position. "Do you wanna go visit with Magnes? I don't mind, I swear. I steal you way more often than he gets you."

Quinn runs a hand down Elaine’s side, through her hair, occasionally rubbing her shoulder. “I’ll catch him later. If I don’t, I’ll make sure I call him. I don’t want him t’ think I’m mad at him, an’ I’ll make sure I see him as soon as I get back. He seems t’ think of me as a good friend, but we really don’t hang out much. I feel kind of bad sometimes.”

"Well, then one time I'll come by and instead of hanging out with you, I'll kidnap you to go hang with Magnes. That way you two spend more time together. And since I'm always coming over… I'll be able to steal you a few times for him." Elaine explains, grinning.

“For him?” Quinn asks with a wry expression, looking at her grin. “Don’t tell me you’ve boarded that ship.” What kind of a metaphor was that? Oh well. She laughs, tracing a finger over Elaine’s stomach. “That’s not a bad idea, though. We’ll have t’ do that more often.”

Elaine blinks. It takes her a second. "Oh God no! Nonoono.." She laughs. "I just mean you need to see your friend more and I'm always over here anyways so I can just remind you to hang out."

Quinn also laughs, shaking her head. “I know, I know. I’m just teasin’.” She waggles fingers, like she’s getting ready to tickle Elaine, but seems to think better of it after a moment. “Bring Magnes with you here sometimes, too. I didn’t realise he’d never been down here until the other day. Just got to show him the music room.”

Elaine puts her hands up defensively, but smiles as Quinn backs off from the tickle attack that nearly came her way. "I might just do that. Magnes needs to get out more too. He could use the opportunity to get away from things and not think about much." She pauses. "I think forgetting about his worries for a while would do him a world of good." She hopes, at least. For now she'll just have to content herself with the fact that it would all be over soon.

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