Full Blown Woman


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Scene Title Full Blown Woman
Synopsis Isabelle and Magnes meet, escape thugs, and go skydiving all in the same night.
Date December 16, 2008

Lower East Side

The Lower East side is one of the oldest neighborhoods in New York City. Starting south of East Hudson Street and west of the East River, it is also bordered by Chinatown and the East Village. Tenemant housing is very prominent here, as well as many religious structures and more than a few excellent kosher delis and bakeries. For those in search of entertainment, the Lower East is home to many bars and live music venues.

It's been a long month for Magnes, getting shot, meeting a hot southern healer whom fixed said wound, then having a really weird dream about getting captured by the 5th Doctor, but forgetting everything after that upon waking up.

Now it's a bit later in the evening, he's wearing a red Robin III hoodie with a yellow R and all, but of course has the hood down so he can see while skating. He's rolling along a fairly quiet street, figuring there isn't really anyone down there, but when he notices he's close to the edge he turns in a bit more, and looks ahead just in time to see the huge drop in front of him.

A loud crash can be heard in the alley, like someone just knocked over a bunch of cans. Some people might assume it's a cat, but anyone who saw someone skating on a roof might assume otherwise.

Lucky for Magnes that Isabelle happens to be that person, Izzy has /never/ seen anyone skate on the roof before. Of all the crazy things. "Hey are you ok?!" she yells as she runs over to the alley and looks for the young man who was just on the roof, wearing a red tank top and dark jeans along with a leather jacket, Izzy peers around. "Oh god, please don't let him be dead."

Magnes slowly stands from a pile of trashcans, luckily with the bags actually tied up. He rubs his head as he looks up, then looks to the voice. "Ah, uh, I was doing a trick, I'm alright, see…" he pauses to think for a moment, then suddenly points his finger from one wall to the other. "I bounce in between the walls, but I messed up near the bottom and fell into the cans, so I'm fine!"

"But you, I saw you on the roof." Izzy says simply and looks at Magnes closely, "Sure you are ok?" She asks and moves forward slightly and tilts her head at Magnes. "That must have been a long fall." She comments.

"No I'm fine, it's all physics, see, if that wall equals pie, and I add in two, then jump…" Magnes awkwardly trails off, suddenly jumping into the side of the wall, pushing off with his skates, then he jumps into the other and back on to the ground. He doesn't go very high, just enough to show her. "Get it?"

"Not at all." Izzy chuckles and then holds out her hand, "Name's Isabelle but most people call me Izzy."

"Oh, um, I'm…" he seems to almost forget as he nervously takes her hand. "Magnes, yeah, I'm Magnes!" he suddenly shouts as it comes to him, cheeks red.

Isabelle grins and winks at Magnes, "Well nice to meet you." The bartender runs a hand through her hair and looks at Magnes and says, "How do you know all of that, the physics and such?"

"Oh, just school and stuff." Magnes takes his hand back and stares at it for a moment, as if he were seeing if it somehow changed, or had cooties. "Been a while since I've been in school though, I just skate and deliver, I'm really good at delivering things, especially pizza." he informs with a smile, digging into his pocket to offer her a Panucci's Pizza menu. It's slightly easier to be comfortable when it involves business.

"I love pizza, one of the best foods ever." Izzy says as she takes the menu and looks at it before tucking it away into her pocket. "Do you normally skate in alleyways at night?"

"I also make pizza, I've been making it for almost two years I think, I'm pretty good at it." Magnes says, smiling confidently. He looks down at his skates, then up at the sky, and finally to her. "Oh, this is just how I clear my head, and I like to get a feel for neighborhoods I don't frequent, in case I gotta deliver. I know shortcuts, so I can get to most of New York on my skates." he explains, not quite realizing the size of New York or how strange that might sound to someone who can comprehend it.

Magnes rarely makes eye contact unless he has to, just idly skating around as they talk. "Skating's not that hard to learn, you just have to find your center, and you have to /learn/ how to fall!" he explains, seeming more comfortable when he can seem smart.

"I'll just leave the skating to you my friend-" Isabelle stops and turns around. Footsteps can be heard at the mouth of the alley. Two shadows of some people fall against the alley wall. "What do we have here?" a man asks and his partner chuckles.

Magnes reaches for her when he sees the shadows, not even really thinking about anything except getting out of here. "Come on, who knows what those guys want, I'll take you up on the roof."

Isabelle doesn't say that she could just burn the bastards, she just goes along with Magnes as she two men get closer. "I hope you know what you are doing." Iz says as she raises an eyebrow at the figures getting closer and closer. One breaks out into a run towards Magnes and the pyro.

Magnes suddenly grabs her arm, then he repeats out loud, "She wont bite, she wont bite…" and just leaps up with her. She'll suddenly feel as if she's gotten incredibly light, still going up and almost over the roof. "I'm gonna do something, but don't yell or anything, alright?" he asks the woman getting pulled up by one arm next to him, not at all an unpleasant or painful experience, unless one is afraid of heights.

Good thing for Magnes that Izzy is not afraid of heights. "Oh wow." She says as the two men are left behind on the ground. "It's such a small city, we're all over the place here." Iz says and then nods in response to what Magnes had just said.

"Hold on…" Magnes' grip gets tighter, then the world feels as if it shifted. Left becomes down, down becomes right, and they start quickly falling /over/ the roof. "I can stop it, just hold on!" Falling to the left is akin to falling from an infinitely high building, but before they can pick up too much speed or over shoot the roof, down is suddenly down again, and they slowly fall to the edge of the roof, stopping just in time.

He lands first, placing a skate against the edge to stop himself, but since he lands first and shifts his own gravity back to normal, he absent-mindedly causes her to fall down to him about four feet at normal speed.

"Holy shit." Isabelle says as she new sensation washes over her and she smiles with eyes wide as they defy gravity. As they return to normal gravity she says, "How long have you been able to do that trick there?"

Magnes quickly grabs her other arm to keep her from falling, then sighs as he tries to calm himself. "A few years, I learned around the time I started skating. I can move any way I want, I can even fall up to the sky, but there's no way I'm gonna try, falling is terrifying. Are you alright?"

"Yeah, that was awesome." Isabelle admits and then a wicked grin crosses her lips. "Well since you showed me yours than I'll show you mine." With that Isabelle places her hand out in front of her and the whole palm ignites with bright flames that cackle and crack as the glow of the flames reflect off Isabelle's eyes. "You aren't the only one out here that's special." She winks.

"Whoa, a power! Wait, yours doesn't come from God, right? This one girl says her healing thing comes from God." Magnes stares at the flame in amazement, almost reaching for it, but he shakes his head and lowers his hands. "I wish I could do something cool like that, my ability is always doing weird stuff I can't control, but I love the stuff I can control."

Isabelle chuckles. "That's Abby for you, see? Small world." Isabelle shrugs as she makes the fire go out and smoke wafts up from her palm. "I'm thinking it's good ol fashion science that gave us these 'tricks'." She runs a hand through her hair and looks over at the horizon of the other buildings. "Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. Just you wait and see and I kind of think your

"I escape a lot, but I use my ability mostly to deliver pizzas and skate. I can get across the city super fast." Magnes awkwardly rubs the back of his head, looking over the same horizon. "You wanna um, ride? Crap, shit, sorry, I mean, you know, go jumping…" he tries to quickly correct as his face goes red and he stares down at his skates.

"You're cute. Sure why not?" Isabelle says with a wink and tilts her head, "So what do I do? Hold your hand or what?"

Magnes takes a deep breath, then hunches down. "It's safer if you get on my back and hold on tight, but don't do anything weird…" he says warily, a tad nervous. "Just don't let go."

Isabelle quickly climbs onto Magnes' back and nods. "Alright then, ready to go 'jumping' as you say?" a grin crosses her lips and she tilts her head as he looks up at the sky.

Magnes puts his hands behind her knees for extra support, then he starts quickly skating forward, leaping high over the gap of the alley. He puts plenty of force into the jump, possibly subconsciously showing off, but he's definitely going high enough to jump over the small building. The jump is slow though, since he wants her to see the view. "How do you like it? You feel alright?" he asks in the middle of their extreme hang-time, cold wind blowing lightly against them.

Isabelle is not phased by the cold wind per her abilities and she grins widely as they soar to the next rooftop looking out across at the other buildings. "You get to the city in a totally different way." She comments and continues to look around as they are in the air.

Magnes gently lands on the next roof, skating for a few feet, then he leaps again. Looking back at her, he decides to ask, "I don't really like the feeling of falling too much, even though I know it wont kill me, but… you wanna sky dive, to the front?" Perhaps trying to show some bravery or just trying to seem cool, he still takes the chance with his question.

If only Isabelle had this ability! The adrenaline junkie inside of her says, "Hell yeah! Let's party up here!" Izzy laughs out loud and her hair blows in the wind as she holds tight onto Magnes. Her hands wrapped around his chest.

Magnes' face goes red again, but he grips her legs a bit more tightly as the air in front of them is suddenly /down/, and they begin falling with no apparent end in sight. He's yelling for a while, but just like Bill & Ted he eventually stops and shifts their bodies higher so they don't splatter into a roof or something. "Hold on tight! This is so incredibly horrifying!" he yells as wind blasts hard against them.

"WOOHOO!" Izzy yells as they descends and she raises one hand in the air before placing it back around Magnes. "This isn't horrifying! This is great!" she argues and then closes her eyes as she holds on tighter to him.

Gradually, they begin to slow down, their barings on where they are likely completely gone, and when they land they're on the side of a high window-filled building, luckily after hours. Though after the rush is gone, Izzy might suddenly notice the fact that they're /standing/ on the side of the building, staring down at the street as if it were simply a far away wall. There's no feeling of being high up, it's like they're firmly planted on the ground. "Don't let go."

Isabelle just openly gapes at Magnes. "I would never stay on the ground. You have a truly amazing gift here!" Isabelle says and then looks in the windows, not letting go of Magnes. "Don't be so bashful about it, be confident in yourself about it." The pyro gives Magnes another smile, "By the way, the names Isabelle."

Magnes begins skating up the building with her, not seeming to have much trouble with her weight. "I don't stay on the ground much, I skate a lot. And my name is Magnes, in case I forgot." He looks back at her, then quickly jerks his head forward. "I'm confident, just, well, it's not every day I have girls on my back…"

"Well that can change easily. Just come on down to my bar, Old Lucy's. Plenty of girls there to hang on your back." Isabelle teases and then she looks at the side of the building as they skate. "You're a pretty cute guy, what made you so self-conscious?"

"Ah, cute? No way!" Magnes laughs nervously and does his M.C Escher thing where he steps on to the roof, their perceptions gradually shifting until he's standing on top. Down is finally down again, and he lowers himself so she can stand on her own. "Well, I guess it's 'cause I was mostly home schooled, and my parents didn't like me hanging around the other children until I was a little older. I never really get used to girls, and I don't really drink."

"Lots of things you can do besides drink at a bar, come for the company of good people." Then an idea strikes Isabelle, "I am going to find you a date!" This new mission seems to have fueled something in Izzy. "Oh this is going to be perfect! You're cute, funny and I know I can find a girl that would just /love/ you!" The bartender looks eager as she stands on her own and leans in forward to look at Magnes closely. "What do you say? Ready to walk on the wild side of the city?"

"D-date?!" Magnes asks in sudden surprise, slipping back on his skates and falling on his butt with a soft /thump/. "Ouch… Well, alright, I guess it can't hurt, but I'm not cute, I don't know why a girl would like me. I'm just a delivery boy…" he trails off, nervously fiddling with his fingers and staring down at the ground.

"Sure you are! Well first rule, do not talk down about yourself anymore. You are not allowed from now on. Second, you have to compliment at least one girl the night that you come to Old Lucy's, at least /one/." Iz grabs Magnes' hand to haul him up onto his feet. "And we are going to do something about that hair, the glasses and the clothes. Magnes, how old are you now?" Isabelle doesn't say any of these things to hurt Magnes, she actually really wants to help him! "I'll have you turned into a chick magnet in no time."

Magnes gently pulls her hand and lifts himself up, taking in her advice and nodding intently. He doesn't seem like the type who's used to saying no to authority. "At least one girl, new clothes, and are you implying that I should get contacts?" he asks, pausing at the question of his age. He looks down and says quietly with a hint of shame in his tone, "Um, twenty."

Isabelle grins deeply at Magnes, "Yes contacts and ok great. You can come to the bar but just be careful not to let on your true age alright?" Isabelle has an expression of joy on her face, "This is going to be fun Magnes, just roll with it." Iz claps a hand on Magnes' shoulder, trying to encourage the young man. "Who knows? Maybe I'll be the girl you end up on a date with."

Magnes' eyes widen at the thought, coughing for a few seconds after choking on possibly his own saliva. After that, he can't help but laugh. "Oh man, you? No way, you're totally joking, you're not a girl, you're like, a full blown woman."

Isabelle laughs softly and pats Magnes on the back. "Why thank you and like I said you never know." The woman then sticks her hand out for Magnes to shake, "And it's time to turn you into a full blown man."

Magnes takes her hand, his face redder than it's been in recent memory, eyes skillfully avoiding contact again. "Ah, um, sure… I think it's time to get you down now."

"Alright, Gravoman. Let's go." Isabelle says as she walks behind Magnes and gets on his back ready to go, "And relax, learn to relax more dude." With that Izzy wraps her arms and legs around Magnes and grins. "Off we go." And off they do.

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