Furk Uff


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Scene Title Furk Uff
Synopsis Carrie grabs Minea to help her talk to Mallory. Mallory? Yeah. Typical little snotty teenager that she's known to be. All they have to show for their visit are wiped cellphones and lost data.
Date May 28, 2009

Siann Hall: Outside Mallory's Apartment

Only a few hour past noon, a rather plain black Lexus pulls up to the building with two woman stepping out and heading into the building. Earlier Carrie had called on Agent Dahl to come along with her and back her up.. and make sure she doesn't embarress the Company. Last thing she wants to do is fuck up on her first case so bad that Agent Denton won't turn to her again. Carrie, straightens her jacket, looking a bit uncertain. She's feeling thrown into this case, her first.. and her first… I guess interview. She let's out a slow breath and glances at the woman next to her. "I appreciate you coming along, Agent Dahl." She murmurs as she approaches the door, lifting a hand to knock.

"Gives me a break from Varlane" Not that Varlane is bad just, she needs a break. She's contemplating chucking him at Lawrence. Minea's not long behind her, but is letting Carrie take lead. Not a visible gun on her, just in her jeans, cotton long sleeve and her leather jacket and not imposing 'agent' wear. Going for her least imposing facial expression too. As they stand at the door, she's there, hands visible.

There's a long pause and then shuffle shuffle shuffle. The peephole goes dark - someone's looking out - and there's silence. The door does not open.

"He can't be that bad, can he?" Carrie asks with a touch of amusement. The darkening of the peep catches her attention and she holds her breath for a moment. It's go time. Carrie knocks a bit firmer this time. She watches the peephole as she says in as polite and friendly manner as she can muster. "Mallory Allistair? My names Agent Castillo, Homeland Security." She reaches for a pocket and flips open a wallet holding her badge. She set's it where it can be seen through the peephole. She glances at Minea out of the coner of her eye before adding. "I was hoping to talk to you." She refrains from the cliche 'We come in peace.' But it's hard.

"Castillo…" Minea looks at the woman. "She already knows that's a lie" Something that can be easily heard through the door. "Ms. Allistair. It's Minea Dahl. You met me at Primatech, we're here to ask you some questions, and only some questions. I can see your shadow under the door. If you want, we can meet you elsewhere, to talk, some place more public" The girl was likely scared of them, and she could understand why.

It's moments like this Mallory thinks she should maybe spend more time trying to train herself to talk again. Sending to devices is easy; talking just hasn't worked right since she got re-introduced to her body. There are many choice things she would like to say, from the cheeky (nobody ees home, go away) to the outright rude (fuck off). There's a thump on the wall beside the door; Mallory smacked her hand against it in annoyance. "Furk uff," comes the slurred reply.

Carrie's eyes roll to the ceiling saying a few choice things in her head. Great.. nothing like being called down for following orders. She sighs and starts to murmur. "Yeah well…." The muffled words on the other side of the door, pull attention. A brow lifts and she says. "Ms. Allistair, I understand that you want us to… leave. But we really need to talk to you. We need your help." She rests a hand beside the door an leans in. "Just please hear us out. After that, we'll happily leave."

furk off? Nope, last she checked she wasn't somebody in a wolf suit or a bunny suit. Minea frowns, a glance to the door and then unclips her blackberry. "Got you phone Castillo?" She holds hers up to where Mallory can see it through the peep hole, wiggling it a bit. "Still having trouble talking?"

Mallory scowls. Minea's Blackberry abruptly buzzes, the screen coming to life. You need my help? Hilarious. Talk if you want. I'm not helping you assholes, reads the message. In the meantime, Mallory's pulling all the data she can copy out of the device and storing it on one of her external hard drives. It remains to be seen whether she'll try to wipe the thing clean after she's done.

"Always." Carrie fishes out her cellphone and holds it up. The buzzing from Minea's phone catches her attention and she leans over to read the text. She looks impressed that someone could do something like that, fascinating really. "Listening is all I'm asking for." She says giving the peephole glance. "And as hilarious as it is, we do need your help. I'm trying to track down and find Robin Hood. I'd rather go to someone else, and spare you from it, but I don't really have a choice." She takes a deep breath and glances at Minea. "I need help looking for him.. or anything else you might have not thought of at the time that can help this along."

Minea tilts the screen towards Carrie as she thumbs through to the message. Technopaths, god love them. "Mallory. You owe me. Elisabeth went to me and asked for my help in getting that fucker out of your body and get it back to you. Or you might very well have still been hiding wherever it was that he put you. If you want, we can talk through the blackberry and door. I understand your mistrust, and that's fair and fine enough. But Carrie here, she's been assigned to track down 'robin hood' and I'm hoping to stick his ass in a faraday cage so that he can rattle around in a box for the rest of his life and pay for what he did to you. Maybe unplug him and let him .. die" Well, she does "Hell, you might know nothing, or you might know something. But we won't know until you.. talk to us"

Anything on her phone was already sanitized. Nothing work related except Len's number. Emails to and from her family discussing what to get her father for his birthday, a bunch of phone numbers, Liz's in there. A grocery list and some text messages to various folks.
I don't think I owe you anything, comes the quick reply to Minea's phone. You tagged me. The only person I owe is the one that came to get me. If anything you still owe me. I gave you a name. That's what I have. And I doubt you'll kill him.

Carrie stuffs her own phone away again, leaning over again to glance at the screen of Minea's Blackberry when it goes off again. She purses her lips a bit and looks at the woman next to her. "Well, we do have a job to do, but I can understand your frustration in the tag." She thoughtful for a moments, time to play the hand given her. "If you help us catch this guy, I can possibly work it out that the company stays of your and your brothers back. I'm sure Agent Denton would be more then happy to work that deal out."

"Up to me, Robin Hood would be stuck in the box and handed to Gitleman to play with as she see's fit" But that's all Minea says, screen still tilted for Carrie to see.

Mallory's consciousness extends now, over to Carrie's phone if she can find it. Addresses, contacts, emails, phone numbers, notes, ringtones, anything and everything she can copy and transfer. One good thing about Reed forcing her out of her body and onto the net: she no longer has to touch things to use her ability. She didn't much like talking, anyway. You're going to leave my brother and me alone anyway. There's a couple of heartbeats before she adds, Speaking of G. Anything I can do, she can do better. Ask her.

Carrie's phone is pretty… bland. She obviously doesn't live on her phone. There are a couple of phone numbers. Only Len would be the recognizable number. There are a couple of pictures loaded up of a little girl, could almost look like her mother. The woman obviously doesn't do a lot of texting, except the occasional to Len. One of those would be of interest from a few weeks back saying that she made contact with Robin Hood and a simple response form Len to log it and send it. "No guarantee there, but with your help…." She spreads her hand in front of her as she speaks. There isn't so much a threat to what she said, but a.. I can't help you, if you don't help me. She frowns a bit and glances at Minea. "Well, I'm out.. " She looks at the door. "If you change your mind.. I imagine, neither one of us is hard to find. We're just a cellphone away."

Minea looks over to Carrie's pocket where the phone got store, yanking it from the other agent, powering down Carrie's phone as quick as she could. She'd seen the downloading activity on hers and then it stopped. She wouldn't put it past Mallory to go for Carrie's next. She let it happen because she knows what's on hers, but on Carrie's? "Now you're being unfair Ms. Allistair. I let you play with my phone, lets not play in hers please" Cutting off the flow of information. But there's a nod to Mallory. "Thank you for your time" God. Teenagers. "lets go. Maybe we can figure something else out other than trying to work with indolent teenagers who can't be bothered to stick their nose out of their asses and look at the bigger picture" With that, Minea starts to head away.

And just like that, Mallory wipes Minea's phone clear. And Carrie's, too, if she can manage it after powering it back on. Spite! Don't come here again.

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