Further Messiah Developments

NBC Nightly News
6:30pm - Saturday October 9, 2010

"From NBC News World Headquarters in New York, this is NBC Nightly News, with Ron Allen."

"Good evening and welcome to the program. Tonight we have further, chilling news about the pro-evolved manifesto written by a seemingly ordinary College Professor who was as many see now, far more than meets the eye. But first, news of further arrests and raids of individuals associated with the terrorist organization Messiah."

"In New York City another individual was named in connection to the assassination plot for top Department of Evolved Affairs members Raymond Praeger and Georgia Mayes. Oleander Thespuda, a 49-year old former night security officer was officially revealed to be wanted in suspected connection with that infamous group now the topic of so many conversations and news broadcasts."

"Those of you from New York may recognize Thespuda, he was in the news in February of just last year following an attempted suicide after what was then dubbed, if you can believe this, petrification of his family. Oleander Thespuda was arrested and charged with failure to Register under the Linderman Act and reckless endangerment in 2009 but was released on parole in the fall of this year."

"Now it seems Thespuda's life has continued to spiral out of control. Sources within the Department of Homeland Security today stated that Thespuda first popped up on their radar following a failure to report in to work at his night security job at the Biodynamics Corporation the day following the terror attack at that building which left many dead and many more injured."

"For further coverage we now go to our Senior Evolved Crimes Analyst Donald Bower who is in in Queens tonight…"

"Thank you, Ron. Tonight the neighborhood of Hunter's Point in Queens' Long Island City are shaken up tonight by the revelations that one of their residents, Oleander Thespuda, may have had ties to a violent and bloody pro-evolved terrorist organization. We spoke to neighbors of Thespuda outside of his apartment building earlier today, and they said that quote: 'He seemed like such a nice man, a kind man. He was trying to get his life back on track, trying to do right by his family and cared about his children more than anything else. It's sick to think of what he was actually doing, the danger he was putting those kids in when they came over to see their father. It sickens me.'"

"Thespuda, who was on parole for former failure to Register in 2009 and reckless endangerment charges was estranged from his family last year following his arrest. Thankfully last year tragedy was avoided when Thespuda was able to be talked through a use of his dangerous Evolved ability by which he was able to turn his family back to life, from the cold, lifeless stone he had unintentionally turned them into."

"This morning Thespuda's Hunter's Point residence was raided by authorities and boxes of paperwork, a computer and other personal effects were taken from the home. No word yet has been released on what, if any, information was found but forensic analysts from the Department of Homeland Security are still on-scene tonight, combing through Thespuda's apartment in the hopes of finding some clue that can further crack open this case."

"Authorities are searching for Thespuda tonight, wanted in connection to his name found on a list of alleged Messiah conspirators and to his suspicious disappearance following the destruction of the Biodynamics building where he was employed as a security guard. This revelation comes just days after a nationwide manhunt for Rupert Carmichael, the alleged head of the Messiah organization began after authorities were tipped off to his potential involvement in the failed assassination plot of Georgia Mayes and Raymond Praeger."

"Members of the Department of Homeland Security's anti-terrorism task-force headed up by Director Jason Pierce are currently following leads in pursuit of Thespuda, but urge anyone with information on his whereabouts to call the national terror hotline."

"The people of Hunter's Point likely won't be able to sleep easily tonight, not until Oleander Thespuda is found and the truth comes out. Until then, it will be another long night in Queens for both the Department of Homeland Security and its residents. Back to you, Ron."

"When we return to the broadcast, Rupert Carmichael is a name many people in the world now know as the face of terror itself, but who is he? We'll return with a look at the inside of a terrorist mastermind and share some excerpts from his chilling manifesto…"

With Ron Allen

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