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Scene Title Games
Synopsis Of which, both Tahir and Lucille are playing. Tahir loses this round though. Lucille FTW.
Date December 3, 2010

The Deck

The Deck happens to be one of the more hidden bars in the city of New York. Mostly because it comes complete with an indoor rooftop deck that's heated and everything… for these cold months. However, there are some people that just don't trust this whole 'heated deck' stuff. Like Tahir Avery Dunham.

The slicker than slick game show host is rocking another of his amazing suits. This one is some kind of deep navy with matching tie navy and white striped tie. His shoes are white, though they seem to have been sprinkled with specks of navy also. All of this comes together with his tinted glasses, that you can probably guess the tint color by now. Ahem.

Anyway, he's leaning back against the bar. There's some glass of something light in his hands, which he's nursing. On purpose. He hasn't found a target for the night, just yet.

The bartender doesn't count. He hit that two weeks ago.

Entering the bar, after a very good first day at work. Lucille Ryans walks straight towards the bar, sliding into a bar stool and asking the bartender for a drink before drumming her fingers on the surface of the bar. Eyes ahead at the mirror behind the bar.

Dressed in the same outfit as earlier when she had lunch with Quinn, she wears a pair of dark jeans that are tucked into dark brown cowboy boots. Her jacket, she takes off and lays across her lap. The dark green sweater she wears that comes off her shoulder a bit looks good on her. It's one of the pieces of clothing she saved from her modeling days before she had to go on the run. She loves this sweater and plus.. the off the shoulder thing is pretty hot.

Intense light grey eyes study the drinks behind the bar as she thinks back to days working at Old Lucy's. Her black hair, which falls to her shoulders is beginning to fade. Growing out as well, as the start of her natural hair color of brunette begins to peek out at her roots. She hasn't noticed Tahir yet, but that's because she hasn't really looked around the bar either. Her legs are crossed as she take the drink that the bartender just passed her and downs half of it, in one sip. It's been a long day.

"Long day?"

The words come from Tahir Avery Dunham in all of his epic levels of awesomeness, considering the fact that he's just too damn slick tongued to be worried about if he's pushing too far on the opening line. It's just part of his natural charm. Besides, he can always do a little backtracking if he needs to. Because, well, he's just that damn good.

Tahir has taken it upon himself to spin back around and drop himself down on a stool a couple stools away from the girl he's talking to. No need in looking like a stalker or something. Especially not since he followed her with his eyes since she walked into the bar. Ahem. He's just going to have to keep this one as smooth as the silk of his shirt.

"Because, if that's the case, I'm gonna' have to buy you something a lot stronger than that." Tahir gives a nod towards the drink that Lucille's not taking her sweet time in swallowing. Challenging bait extended!

Downing the rest of the drink, Lucille slams it on the bar and looks over towards the bartender. She felt those eyes the moment she walked in, she's use to me staring. "Whatever he orders for me.. he's paying for as well." She says with a chuckle before she turns her head towards Tahir, speaking as she does. "It's been a long day, first day of wo-." Her eyes widen as her gaze centers on Tahir. Pulse quickens just a tad.. okay more than a tad. And she starts to breathe a little faster before her mouth drops open.

"Tahir.. Avery..Dunham." she says in shock. She's reeling, not really sure, what else to say.. or do. She slowly, gets up from her seat and comes to the stool right next to him. "I.." she pauses and then shuts her mouth. Her expression unreadable. This could be a good thing.. or a bad thing.

"I.." she remembers his name because well.. the first night they met. She was saying it a lot. "You're here.." her eyebrows furrows and she tilts her head towards the man. Inside her head, a raging war is being brought about. What to do?!? This much Tahir can be sure of in Lucille's reaction.. she knows him.

"That's my name! Don't wear it out! At least not until we're back at your place." Tahir just says all of this, without even realizing or caring that this female seems to know him. Then she pretty much bum rushes to the stool next to him and he raises an eyebrow. "Whoa. I know I'm a chick magnet but daaaammmmmn girl." He finishes off his drink and sets the glass down on the counter, before looking back at Lucille. His head tilts and his face almost sinks into a confused expression… but he manages to slide it under control.

Quickly shifting to a look of recognition, Tahir raises his hands to his mouth. "Wait. Oh man! It's you!" He throws his arms out to see if he can get her to hug him! "Baby, you look crazy good!" When in doubt, spit the compliments out!

The former model rolls her eyes and looks at Tahir with a slightly annoyed expression before it vanishes and she flips her hair. "I thought you would never notice!" she says in mock excitement. You wanna play this game huh? She accepts the hug with a show of being giddy. Like OMG, HE DOESN KNOW WHO I AM.

Her eyes narrow though, as her head is rest on his shoulder, she quickly shifts back to that bubbly personality. "You are a total douche! We had such a great time in the pool, you never called me back. My boyfriend came looking and everything." she says with a giggle, covering her mouth as she does so, fluttering her eyelashes at Tahir.

"So.. what have you been up too? Been to Los Angeles lately?" she tilts her head as she drags a finger down his chest and winks at him. Oh, so they had a good time in the pool. Awesome, right?
Tahir just needs to stall. Stalling is the name of the game. While his brain goes through the huge list of chicks that he may or may not have banged in the past few years. And he cannot recall a pool. Which, while he may not remember this girl's face exactly, he can at least call her on a little bit of bullshit. Which is just enough leverage to keep himself out of hot water… right?

"Come on, you know I love L.A." He doesn't actually lie about that, though, considering that it happens to be his favorite city in the entire nation. "But I coulda' swore I told you that I couldn't swim the first time we met." He's not going to fall into the name-dropping trap. Not yet, anyway. "Maybe that drink's stronger than I thought." He's still wearing a smile lthat makes him seem like he has acquired victory already. Which, with his ego, he has.

Although, secretly, Pool Sex is added to his List of Lusty Locales…

Shit. He knows.

Lucille grins and laughs, head thrown back as well as hair. "Silly, you must have been more drunk than we both were." She says as she twirls a lock of her hair and gives Tahir the sex eye. "We might have.. well I guess we didn't do it in the pool. But around the pool, you know when you have one too many drinks." She laughs again and takes a moment to look down at her nails. Blowing at them. "Do you even remember that industry party? It was like, my first ever." She grins widely and tries her best to look ditzy. Contrary to popular belief.. it's not that easy for her.

"I remember telling you about my first shoot, remember?" she tilts her head with a confused look. She's not lying about the industry party.. or her telling him about her first big shoot. The pool though.. that was never at the party. "You said you couldn't wait to see the pictures.. I got an extra copy for you too and everything!"

She swats Tahir playfully, trying him every now and then. She's then massaging her neck and closing her eyes briefly. "Well anyway, Freddy and I broke up. Actually soon after we first met," she winks at the TV host. "Guess I didn't think he measured up. She's thinking on her toes, but honestly. She doesn't want to keep this shit up forever.

Shit. She's Hot.

Tahir Avery Dunham takes it upon himself to make sure that everything he's saying is about as true as he can make it. Because he already knows that this girl is lying. At least about the pool. He's not even going to touch the territory of her boyfriend or whatever, because that's the best thing he can possibly do at this point. Keep it nice and simple and under his control. While he tries to remember her name.

"And I loved hearing about it." is in reference to the big shoot and all of that. He's not going to take it to more specific than that little complimentary phrase, to make sure nothing else happens that he can't worm his way out of. "You know, I'm thinking another private show may be in order. Picitures never do a body like that justice." Laying the charm on thick this time, to see if he can't get his memory jogged or her away from this trip down memory lane.

"Oh really?" She leans in too whisper, her cool breath on his ear. "I think I remember something else.." her delicate hands comes to rest on Tahir's thighs as she grins widely. "You were in my room.. my hotel room. The big suite.. I locked my model friends outside.. put a sock on the door.. I might have given you a striptease or something. It's really cloudy." She says with wink.

Her grip a little tighter on the man's thighs before she backs away again and ruffles her hair. "I'd be up for another private show, maybe. You have to get me another drink at least." Lucille wags her finger in his direction.

"I don't want to be as wasted as last time. And you know, here I thought you'd never come to my hometown." That's one.. hint.. two hint.. her grey eyes twinkle under the light as she smiles and stretches her arms. Back arched and eyes closed, she's putting on a show.. a teaser of sorts.

Tahir is already snapping his fingers at the bartender to order a couple more drinks. He's just that kind of guy. Besides, when he's getting them for free, there's no reason to really worry about paying for them, now is there? It's good to be a budding TV star sometimes. Or to have the power to make someone give you free drinks. Whistle.

"Lucille…" The name comes out as if he had never forgotten. He was just testing her this entire time, huh? At least, that's the way he's playing it. "You know as well as I do that you're so much more loud when you're that wasted. I think that's reason enough to make this an instant replay." Tahir comes up with a bit of a shrug, since he's not the type to try and force said suggestions on anybody. He's completely and utterly trustworthy, you see.

Mmmmm. Teaser.

And just like that, the blonde ditzy act is dropped and Lucille has a sly grin on her face. "Well played Avery." She says as she receives her drink and takes a little of it. Returning to talking to Tahir. "You know I was a virgin?" she tilts her head with a wide grin, too chipper to be real.

Light grey eyes study the man, she's not touching him, not right now though. "I guess it'd only be right for a redo huh?" her eyebrows lift and she takes another sip of her drink. "You know, I really hated you when I woke up that next morning.. all alone.. and hurting." her gaze narrows on the man.

"But that was years ago, I'm over it now." She says with a light shrug and a smirk. "You sure you can keep up if we go on?" her hair is ruffled and she looks around the bar. Her cowboy boot nudging Thair's leg gently. Yes, she's flirting with the foot.

Tahir is trying to figure out what in the tarnation is going down at this particular moment. When something is admitted, he's about to try and answer it… but he's saved by the fact that she's over it. Thank Charles Dickens. Because that would've made this way more awkward. "You know, you didn't have to try and trip me up. I knew who you were." Lying? Possibly. But it's with good intentions. Well, it's not really a lie. He did know. He just… couldn't remember the name.

Whoa. "Keep up?" Tahir has to actually laugh at that one. "You must've been dropped on your head a couple times since we last met." Tahir leans against the bar, ever so epically confident in his skills. Just give her a few seconds and she'll remember the skills too.

She better.

"Oh you did?" she tilts her head with a mischievous glance up at Tahir. Her eyes squint as she looks at the man. He's lying, duh. But whatever, she's not upset at that. It's in his nature to be a womanizer, womanizer, oh you're a womanizer~

Lu knocks the rest of her drink back and she gives Tahir a look, as she stands and puts her jacket on. Slowly, she just wants him to wait. "Really? I don't think I remember all that well." She says as she releases her hair from underneath the collar of her jacket.

When she buttons it up, she leans forward towards Tahir and soon their lips are meeting. Locked, in Lucille's terms, running a hand down Tahir's body and gripping his arm as she kisses him.. probably as she's never kissed a man before. There's fire in that kiss and that fire is burning so bright in the pit of Lucille's stomach. There's another reason why there's fire burning in the pit of Lu's stomach as she kisses the man.

Without so much as a whisper, Lucille draws back and … WHAM. There goes the punch to Tahir's face, once connected. Lucille's eyes narrow at the blonde, beautiful man. "I didn't forget and I'm not over it. Asshole." She says with venom in her voice as she backs away and then she's exiting the bar without a glance back. The patrons quiet as the watched what just happened.. whoa.

The door slams as Lucille makes her way out to the cold.

You know, it's a good damn thing that Tahir Avery Dunham is not holding a glass or anything. Because the next thing he knows, his face is being rocked into the middle of last summer by a power punch from Hell Hath No Fury Like A Lucille Scorned.

Everything slides into slow motion at this particular moment. The widening of the eyes. The smooshing of the cheek. The chattering of the teeth. It comes out of so many nowheres that Tahir is unable to stop himself from slamming the other side of his face into the bar from the hit.

Somewhere, Rick James is smiling proudly.

"DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNN!" comes from way too many patrons of the bar right now.

It takes Tahir the entire time it takes for Lucille to disappear out of the bar to get himself back righted up to his original position. He reaches up to rub at the side of his face, the side that got punched to oblivion and he gives his head a shake. "Ow." He winces and holds a hand out behind him. The bartender slaps a napkin of ice cubes into his hand and he frowns, still watching the door.

"I really hate it when that happens. Damn."

Out in the freezing cold, Lucille tries to reach that point of self-satisfaction that she thought she'd get if she ever saw Tahir Avery Dunham again. She tries really hard.. but it doesn't come. It wasn't what she expected and she doesn't like the way that he makes her feel. The things he makes her think about.

Clutching her coat closer to herself, she sighs and starts on the way home. This is just some utter fucking bullshit. She thinks as she kicks a can out of her way.

As she turns the corner. Her fingertips come up to her lips and she smiles faintly, shaking her head she continues to walk away.

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