Gates Close On Roosevelt

On the break of curfew on the 7th of September, the Roosevelt Island Bridge, as the only land route in and out of Roosevelt Island, will be roadblocked against any citizen without a Registration card. This development is another stage of the Resettlement Projects, which describes the securing of neighbourhoods such as Roosevelt Island as safe territory for Evolved citizens, as initiated by the Department of Evolved Affairs.

"It has always been our intention to insure the security of Roosevelt Island," DoEA Agent Georgia Mayes told The New York Times. "If someone does not make it their business to Register themselves to insure the security of our country, then what business is it of theirs to be granted access to facilities such as the Suresh Centre and the Octagon? Or neighbourhoods like Summer Meadows? These places have seen terrorist attacks and riots, and we will not take their protection lightly."

Since 2009, the island neighbourhood has seen a surge of residents since the island was abandoned in the wake of the 2006 Bomb. According to Mayes, this does not show sign of stopping as more Evolved "come out of the woodwork" in response to the Registry's overhaul as well as escalating negativity against the Evolved in response to the recent Messiah terrorist attacks.

Neighbourhoods that have benefited from private funding and reconstruction have been further outfitted by the DoEA, along with a boost towards police patrolling. But there are limits to the hospitality that Roosevelt Island represents.

"We do not currently have, at our disposal, enough approved space to allow for the surge of interest our projects have received," Mayes reported. "Reconstruction occurs every day, but there is a lot of city that needs it. The Department is currently considering what options there are."

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