Genetically Related Abilities


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Scene Title Genetically Related Abilities
Synopsis Two of Edward Ray's children find that their abilities effect them in a similar manner.
Date June 04, 2018

Raytech Industries - Detroit

There were new hires at the Detroit facility that needed to be greeted by the Chief of Operations, Kaylee Ray-Sumter. She could have let someone else do it, but she made it a point to fly over often for these sort of meet and greets, at least once a month. It usually consisted of a presentation of their current projects, a bit of a pep talk, and a brief moment to talk directly with her.

However, this time the trip was an excuse, a bit of a cover for why she was really here. She needed to talk with her brother Warren.

“Your brother is this way, Mrs. Sumter.”

“Thank you,” Kaylee offers with a slight smile, following after her guide. Her heels click down the hallways. She’s dressed for business, in her black suit and deep burgundy top. She couldn’t help it, but she always felt a twinge of nerves when visiting her brother. After the code it tapped into the door lock controls by the man, the telepath holds up a hand, “I have it from here.”

Kaylee lets herself in, not wanting anyone to overhear the conversation that might happen.

Warren isn't in his fancy R&D room today, no, today he's in the less fancy R&D room where people test things out, a very white and sterile looking room with prototypes of various inventions laying all over tables.

He's actually wearing a suit today, a copper brown suit with a white button up and no tie. He smiles when he sees Kaylee, rushing over to wrap his arms around her and lift her off her feet. His eyes are normal, he hasn't been doing any building, then he sits her down and pets her head. "I haven't seen you in a long time! But I like to stay in Detroit with Elle, away from the New York drama." he admits with a laugh.

Despite her wariness, Kaylee finds herself returning her brother’s hug with a chuckle. One her feet again and balance regain, her hands reach up to capture his face between them, as if trying to get a better look at him. “You are looking good, big brother.” Though he is a year or so older on paper, she is older than him in years lived; but, who is paying attention to any of that. “Elle is doing wonders for you.”

Hands release his face and her bright smile fades a little, “And be glad you did stay here, the drama is getting pretty bad again.” Curious she asks, “Did Richard tell you any of it? What is happening to us there?”

"He told me about a woman who lost an eye, and that he needs power armor to fight other people with power armor. I'm working on it." Warren flops back into a computer chair, rolling backwards until he gently bumps a wall. He doesn't particularly care, he just pushes himself forward until he stops in front of her with his feet. "Making Elle happy is my favorite hobby."

“That… is part of it,” Kaylee comments thoughtfully, watching him with a touch of amusement. “Raytech and it’s people are in danger. We’ve been doing a lot to improve security, but a precog says that someone is going to come in and kill everyone.”

Arms cross as if to ward off some invisible chill, “Richard didn’t tell you someone tried to kill me? Because they consider me dangerous, ‘cause I’m a telepath.” Her mouth pulls to one side into a rueful smile. “Didn’t work, but they are still trying.” Taking a deep breath she sighs softly, “Their watching me, Joseph, and the kids. I think looking for the next chance. They killed Remi, our other telepath.”

"Oh, well, in that case…" Warren stands, again, his robotic golden hand opening and closing a few times. "I'm going to New York after I'm done with these armor upgrades, and I'll kill anyone trying to hunt down my little sister myself. I'm sure Elle will understand."

"I won't let you die." he says with a look of dead serious determination.

Arms unfold so that she can hold up a stalling hand, though there is an appreciative look. “There are a lot of people protecting me there. I promise. You being here is one of our best assets.” Kaylee holds up a finger, “But you know that I will absolutely call if I need it.”

There is a touch of curiosity, Kaylee’s expression turns thoughtful. “What armor are we talking about? Those prototypes?” A finger taps against her lower lip as she ponders and idea. Heel click on the flooring as she starts to pace a little. “Can one of those suits be adjusted for me?” Lips press tight, before she adds, “I’d rather not sit back and let others fight my battles for me.” There is a pause, then; “I have someone else in minds, too, but the suit would need to handle high temperatures. I can get you the information I have on his ability.” Maybe this could keep Luther from dying if he does get shot protecting her.

"They're modified versions of the Arkham armor. Well, upgraded is a better word. They look similar but with worlds more advanced technology. Very expensive, not practical for mass production, but…" Warren shrugs, because he's never particularly cared about practical. "Tell me your ideas and I'll give it some thought."

He plops back down into the chair, and spins around a few times before stopping himself.

“Considering, I have always had a love/hate relationship with guns, we’ll have to come up with something. Mainly, no matter how much I practice they don’t shoot where I want them,” There is an embarrassed chuckle when Kaylee admits that. “However, making someone else do it for me…” she trails off, teeth clack together as she closes her mouth quickly against that admission. “Anyway… thank you.”

There is a bit of a stretch of silence before she gets to the real reason she was there. “So… Richard also mentioned that you are hearing the other you’s again?” Kaylee shows genuine concern for that.

"Oh, I could give you a high powered mini chainsaw, and knives, maybe some sort of unfolding collapsable sword!" Warren's mind is going a mile a minute as he thinks of alternatives. "I used to have a heat knife on the first armor I made. Great for cutting through other armor."

But at her question, he simply nods. "I've heard other voices for a long time. It's no big deal. I always hear some voices, but now I hear my old voices again too. It doesn't bother me much, I have control of myself, they can't remember things that I can't remember. They're just voices." He smiles, reassuringly, as if it's no big deal. "They talk, they have opinions, it doesn't mean I have to listen."

Finding her own computer chair, Kaylee rolling it over and settles into it. “Are you sure?” she asks. “If you ever need them quiet, you know I can give that to you. At least, for a short time.” Kaylee’s brows furrow and her gaze falls to her hands folded in her lap. “Are they stronger when… when you use your ability?” She glances up with uncertainty.

"They came back from using my ability a lot, and they're much stronger when I use it. They're very quiet right now. I think they're harmless, I don't have to listen to them." Warren explains, knocking on his head with his knuckles a few times. "But it wasn't like that before I met that Haitian man, I forgot his name. He reconfigured my brain, so I have control now. But back when I had less control, it eventually made my mind fracture. Now I realize that I just need to have peace with all of my urges and impulses, to avoid fracturing myself."

“You don’t think having too much control would do the same?” It’s a curious question coming from his sister. Kaylee’s brows dip a bit and she takes a breath like she is going to say something and stops herself.

Instead she asks, “What if those urges and impulses have you killing someone?” Kaylee shakes her head a bit. “I… just don’t know how you do it. Living with that all the time.” It’s always been there for her, but she’s only started noticing it.

"I don't think I've killed anyone who didn't kind of deserve it, since gaining what bit of sanity I have. If someone threatened you I'd probably kill them." Warren shrugs, just sort of accepting that. "I just remember that I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. The voices are all me, they're just things in my head. They can't force me. If I feel like I have a strong impulse to do something, I go shoot a gun, or hunt, have weird crazy person sex with my wife. There's lots of options for outlets."

"There urge to kill someone, that's usually a sign of something else. Like an unfulfilled need, a powerful desire, something that you're lacking. Often, in my experience, pushing my ability as far as possible is an incredible outlet, it feels good to use my ability. Not being able to is frustrating." he admits, something he's rarely ever particularly mentioned to anyone.

“You make it seem to easy,” Kaylee says, her tone laced with sadness.

“If… I tell you something, can I trust you keep it between you and I?” She watches him carefully, as she speaks. Fingers play with her wedding band, anxiety apparent. “I mean it, you and I, only. Not even Elle. I haven’t even told Joseph.” Which she knows is a pretty tall order and she knows it.

"I don't see why not. Brothers and sisters are supposed to be able to keep secrets, right?" Warren agrees, watching her curiously. "You can say whatever you need to me. Besides, I'm sure you know all sorts of things about me that people should never know."

“More than you can imagine,” Kaylee offers with a small smile. Quiet for a moment, she looks for the best way to explain it. Finally, she just decides to just start and she does so with a question. “Do… do you remember the Nightmare man?” She isn’t sure what memories he still has access too.

“Or any of those dreams at all?” Hands press together, fingers folding around them. The fact, that she is confiding in Warren should say a lot already. “Cause everything, I am going to tell you starts there.”

"I remember that it was a thing that happened… but my memory from personal experience is hazy. A few memories have come back, mostly big events. I remember losing my arm." Warren confirms, resting said arms on the sides of the chair. "Why?"

“I think what happened to you, I think it’s maybe happening to me.” Kaylee shakes her head a little, eyes blinking rapidly as she fights back the sudden prickling of tears. “I.. I first became aware of it when the Nightmare Man came after everyone, but… I thought it was under control.” Taking a shaky breath and lets it out slowly, “But… lately. I’ve been having to use certain parts of my ability more… and…”

Fingers touch the side of her head as she whispers, “The whispers are getting louder.” Kaylee swallows and gives a short shake of her head, “I just needed to talk to you… cause you haven’t fractured… again. I don’t want to fracture, big brother.”

"I have a theory." Warren doesn't sound alarm, he just rolls his chair closer, reaching out to place his hands against her face, staring at her with concern in his eyes. "When I use my ability, I can feel my mind expanding, pulling, doing things it feels like should be impossible. And then it's like my brain is trying to make sense of it, my instincts, my feelings, the way that I think."

"The voices… I think that's maybe how my mind deals with thinking so much, having so many new parts of my mind, parts humans don't usually have. It's like shoddy evolution, trying its best to compensate." He reaches down with his golden hand, which is surprisingly smooth, even if cold to the touch, and tries to gently lift her face by the chin with a single finger. "You have to figure out what parts you embrace, even if they're scary parts. You have to acknowledge that it's you, that it's not anyone else, that the voice is not a person in your head. The voice is you. And when you acknowledge that, and make peace with that fact, you have to consider consequences, consider alternatives, consider the outlets and causes for your impulses."

"Me and Elle have wanted to kill each other so many times, we both have issues. We solve it with, well, I can imagine that you can imagine where all of that aggression goes. It happens, we know that we have those issues, so we work it out." He takes his hand back, now, sitting back in his chair. "So, when you feel urges, what do you think is another way that you could release that urge? And don't be gross, you're my sister." he sticks his tongue out in mock disgust.

Kaylee can’t help but laugh, taking a moment at wipe fingers across her eyes. “Says the man who told me he — “ Trailing off, Kaylee waves her hand, “I’m not going there.”

Taking a deep breath, Kaylee turns thoughtful. “It loves to manipulate things… alter things. It likes…” She lets out a breath in the form of a heavy sigh. “When they made the attempt on my life, I manipulated a man’s mind…. Turned it on itself and… he commited suicide. If, we hadn’t been rescued, I probably would have used him as my weapon… ” There is a humorless smile turned Warren’s direction. “I wasn’t lying…. I can’t shoot a gun myself, but I can use someone else as my weapon.”

There is a grimace, “I hate it… but it thrives on it.”

"When I see a machine, I have to manipulate it, I have to know how it works, what I can do with it, and then I have to push it, no matter how irrational or pointless it is, I have to." Warren raises his fleshy hand this time, running his thumb over her temple. "Our abilities are probably related, genetically… you probably need to push it, you need an outlet, you need to learn how to use it in a way that feeds your impulses, or you'll only feel repressed. That's probably how our father was."

Kaylee gives her brother an affectionate smile, reaching up to take his hand and hold it in both of hers. The smile slides into something sad. “The one memory that I recovered of my childhood.” Her’s was such a mystery. “Edward told my mom I was going to hurt people.” her head drops a little, gaze going to the hands. “No wonder he walked away from us, but not Valerie.” There is some bitterness to all that, even after all these years.

“I can’t just go out and start using my ability like that, Warren,” Kaylee states shifting topic back on course. “People were given free will for a reason.” That sounds like something Joseph would say. Her head shakes slowly, “There has to be another way… one that I don’t have to go back to who I was before Joseph.”

"The answer is simple, I think. I am a problem solver, after all." Warren smiles, then rubs his chin with his golden hand. "People are allowed free will, but what about people who are absolutely gone, people whose minds are so damaged that they have no hope from modern medical science? There are things that you could do, that no one else can, that would push your ability to the limit, allow you to manipulate someone's mind as deeply as possible, but for a perfectly good and ethical reason."

"What do you think?" he asks, then, taps his forehead. "I have all of these voices in my head, and impulses. I'll entirely open my mind for you, I'll let you dig deep. I don't have any secrets."

Fingertips touch lightly to the side of his head, just briefly. Already, she hears the hissing at the back of her mind. It only takes that flicker of her ability across his mind to know. “Whatever the Haitian did… it’s still just as fragile, as when I first took a look. If I poke around too much, if I tug the wrong thread.” Fingers fall away, though she presses a hand to his cheek briefly, giving her brother an apologetic smile, “You will go back to who you were.”

There is a soft sigh and a slow shake of her head, “I think I still have time.” Who knows what could tip Kaylee over and she did lose control once… she thinks. Brows furrow slightly. “I’ll keep in touch with you about it… if anything new happens.” his sister trails off and then adds, “Just… please keep this between us.”

"I'll keep it between us if you keep in contact with me. Tell me about any slips, any urges, any thoughts. I want you to try to find a way to do what I said, find someone desperate, someone worse than me, or someone like I was before. Practice, dig, get your outlet." Warren stares down at her hand, a little more lucid than normal today. "I love our adorable baby sister, but I want to protect you just the same."

There is a touch of amusement at his declaration. Kaylee nods slowly, “I love Valerie, too. I love all of you.” Best gift that Edward Ray gave them was a family. As weird and messed up as it was, but then when is a family ever perfect?

The telepath gives his hand a squeeze, before loosening her grip on it. “I’ll keep in touch, promise.” A finger is pointed at him, “And I want a promise that you and Elle will come to the Safe Zone for Christmas. Your nephew, Carl, asks after you often. Clearly, you made an impression last time he saw you.”

That invitation given, Kaylee move to get out of that chair, a glance going towards the door. “I’ll get you what information I can about Luther’s ability for working on a suit.” Clearly, Luther is the other person she wanted to have a suit. “I also like the idea of that heat knife and collapsable sword.” A smile tugs at the corner of her mouth.
“Thank you,” Kaylee says softly. “I mean it. Very few people understand what is going on, you are the only one that had been there.”

"I'll be there, and I'll bring a present! I've learned how to make child safe things. I could make him a robot pet." Warren decides as he stands up, wrapping his hand around one of the hands holding his. "I'll take you out for lunch. Let's go."

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