German Biotech Firm Under Fire

NEW JERSEY — In the day following what authorities are claiming was a controlled demolition of the Pinehearst Company North American Headquarters in Fort Lee Nw Jersey, further allegations of criminal activity towards the German Biotech firm have emerged. Emergency workers responding to the security alarms during what appears to have been an unidentified terrorist attack on the facility made a horrifying discovery earlier this morning.

In the basement levels of the Pinehearst facility, authorities discovered the remains of an unlicensed nuclear reactor that had appeared to have been arrested from the final stages of a core meltdown. The Department of Homeland Security, called in to aid in the response, has begun a full investigation of Pinehearst's activities, and Pinehearst CEO Morgan Deitrich will likely be forced into testifying about the presence of the reactor.

While the investigation is still ongoing, sources for the New York Times indicate that illegal biological experimentation on human subjects may have been carried out within the facility, but it will take months of sifting through the rubble of the Pinehearst building in order to determine just exactly what crimes were comitted by the famous biotech firm.

Pinehearst was recently in the news with claims that it was developing a miracle "cure" for the Evolved, which had led authorities to believe that this attack may have been the work of pro-evolved terrorist organizations. New Jersey Police Comissioner Lucius Darby declined comment on the matter.

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