Get Out Of Dodge


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Scene Title Get Out OF Dodge
Synopsis Ewan tries to steal Lazarus, and instead gets a hot meal and coffee as well as instruction to get the hell out of dodge within two days time.
Date January 25, 2009

[[[Central Park]] and a restaurant.

It's saturday, sometime in the middle of the day, although it'd be a little hard to tell due to the overcast skies. It's lighter than than evenings tend to be, though, and the weather is just about freezing, enough to keep the snow crisp and breath clouding out of people's mouths, but not cold enough to be unbearable.

Over by the skate-rink, Ewan stands on his own today, watching people, couples, families that skate together, his duffel worn on his back like some sort of misshaped backpack, rather than a bag, and holds together his coat by crossing his arms across his chest, his ungloved, pale hands adding to the overall 'cold' look about him.

Abby's not got a cold look. She's got that what the fuck did I drink, I don't want to be out in the sun glower. Across the rink watching people skate too. The cold air seeming to make her feel a little better. THe sun doesn't. For a healer, she's sure not looking that well off. But she's there, surrounding herself by people, watching the skaters go this way and that before she pulls away, starting to head around the rink in a coat too good looking ot be cheap, and everything else on her that doesn't match it in quality.

Ewan's gaze is slightly distracted by movement on the other side of the rink, rather than within it. There's a momentary flicker of recognition, something familiar about that young woman, but not enough to spark off a name, a place, a scent… not really. Although for some reason, he thinks about coffee. Well, maybe that's the cold fingers talking. What truly catches his attention though is that overly fancy coat of hers, his gaze lingering at it while his mind calculates risks, chances, needs, demands…

It's a loose - loose situation, but some kinds of loss are worse than other, so he'll start to move as well, pulling up his shoulders as he uncrosses his arms and lets his hands move to hang at his sides. Attempting to pick a path that will, hopefully and eventually, cross Abby's. With his head kept down, he hopes she'll be too busy with him happening to walk into her to notice his attempt at finding and sneaking himself a wallet in a pocket, or at least, you know… anything that he might find. "Oh, sorry, ma'm."

Abigail stumbles when Ewan bumps into her, everything off this day. "I'm sorry" coming out at the same time as his, hands out with her hand on his shoulder to stabilize themselves. "No no, my fault i'm not looking where i'm going" She's not recognizing him right off the bat"

It would seem Ewan doesn't recognize Abby even close up and personal, but his fingers does recognize the keyshape in her pocket, his hand closing around metal before it quickly withdraws, dropping the item in his own pocket quickly. He offers a bit of a wry grin, shaking his head as he assures her, his hand reaching up towards her arm, "No, really, my bad. I was somewhere completely different, wasn't looking."

Abby's oblivious for now, about the pilfered keys. Removing her hand from Ewan she shakes her head gently. "it happens, we both weren't paying attention" A flicker of recognition crosses the tired blonde's face. "I'm sorry… I uhh.. I should be going" her tone suddenly nosediving from apologetic to wary and cautious. Her hands dive into her pockets, turning to go. That's halted though when her left hand doesn't close around the keys usually in that pocket. Which causes her to look back at Ewan.

Being recognized is seldom something good, and Ewan knows the signs of such things, and he looks just a touch wary in return. Shoulders tensing a little under her hand, he frowns slightly, trying to recall where he has seen her before. "Okay, um, be safe.." he murmurs, and he remains on the spot as she turns to walk away… and then stops, turning back to look at him. …crap. His expression goes from wary to outright worried, and just about as quickly he sets off in a run. Note to self: Stealing ain't over until you -get away-.

Abby follows, boots on the slush and snow behind him giving chase. She was going to give him the benefit of the doubt until he ran. Running means guilty. If it had been money, she would have just given it up. But that's the keys to Lazarus. "Hey! Stop! Please!" Abigail calls out, blonde hair bouncing against her back as she dogs him.

Ewan is guilty, and the calling behind him following, that doesn't help with the feeling guilty part either. He throws a quick glance over his shoulder, trying to judge the distance to the young woman, and that's when he recognizes her. A registered Evolved that he helped spill her own coffee on. …why, oh why can't he do things -right-? "Crap." he grumbles under his breath, turning his gaze back forwards in time to notice the bench in his path towards the park gates. The sleet and snow makes his belated leap harder, but it's very close to a success. Very. Not quite close enough, though, and his landing is off balance. Almost artfully, he slips and twists in the air, landing on his side with a curse.

Which is what Abigail needs to catch up with him. She saw the bench and knew what was going to happen. He would either succeed and get away or… down he went and before he can get up, she's there, hovering over him, hand out to help him up. "Can I have it back please. Not like you know where it's parked" She's panting and looking a littel green around the gills.

Ewan makes a move to get up, but then Abby's there, and… he sinks back to the ground, a defeated, dejected look about him, his head bowing down as he closes his eyes and tries to catch his breath. "…fair enough." he murmurs, his generally 'European' accent a little thicker as he deals with being a crappy, cold and soon to be wet thief. He reaches one hand into his pocket, holding up the keys to return them, obviously interpreting her gesture of help as a demand to get them back. Why would she want to help him up, after all? He stole her keys, just now, after all.

She reaches for the keys with her left hand, her right hand still proffered up. "Come on. I need coffee. I'll buy you a cup and you can tell me why you were trying to steal Lazarus"More exasperation than anything that colors her voice. She doesn't look angry in the least nor inclining to reach for her phone.

Ewan blinks, peering up at Abby to notice that she still is offering her hand, not to mention doesn't seem about to reach for anything law enforcement-like or -calling. …say what? Slowly, he reaches up to take her hand, the wary expression returning to his face but the worry fading at least as he gets back up on his feet. "…coffee sounds good." he agrees, obviously a little mystified by her offer but not about to turn down hot drinkables. "…you're not going to call the cops?"

"Because I don't have much time this week and I'm not going to spend it sitting in a police station again when I have my keys back. And I highly doubt you do this to be malicious, just.. because you need to. So. I can offer you coffee and a hot meal. You look like you'd adore one"

Ewan spends about a moment to think that over. Coffee, food, somewhere to dry before braving the cold again… He glances down to her hand, then slowly nods, letting it go in favour of putting his hands into his pockets, trying to warm them some. "Actually, yeah. I would." he agrees, the corners of his lips tugging up into a brief, wry smile. "I'm told it's a 'heroine-chic' sort of look. Not that I know what that'd look like, but I guess… hungry is part of it." He's gonna wait for her to lead the way, though, obviously not about to share anything before she's making good on promises of foodness.

"I don't know what that means either, but.. I'll remember it" There's a gesture to his original escape destination, and the city beyond that would offer up a meal and coffee somewhere. "Abigail Beauchamp. You need me to fix.. the bump you took?" Her own hands are dried off on her jeans, meticulous about getting the jacket dirty, or wet.

Ewan cants his head a little to the side, and then nods, slowly starting off in the direction she gestures in. Yeah, somewhere out there, there's bound to be food. "Ewan." he replies, presumably as much of an introduction as he gives people. "And I'm alright. Just a bruised ego…" And embarrassment. He's a skater and dancer, not supposed to fall over like that. "I know, I recognized you when you were, um… chasing me. And I'm sorry. I wouldn't have, you know, if I'd recognized you." That would have been plain stupid, after all, and he wasn't. That much.

"If hadn't been my keys, I would have just let you take whatever it was Ewan. But it's Lazarus and I kinda need him for a few more days" She digs her own hands deep into the pockets of her jacket. "Why'd you pick me then?" Her steps are swift, looking him over ot see if he's nto telling the truth or if it really is just a bruised ego. "Any preference for where to eat and how's your friend doing?"

Ewan arches an eyebrow, showing the faint stiffness about his movement that betray that he will probably show bruising with some time, but nothing broken, obviously. Just a rough landing, and a bruised ego that will definitely keep him from asking for any kind of help. "Lazarus? Isn't that, um, a name?" He pauses there, a little uncertain. "And you've got that expensive coat on, in weather like this, and if you can afford that I kinda figured you wouldn't miss some change from your pocket." Regarding food, he just lifts his shoulders briefly. "Anywhere with vegetarian would be nice, but I'd eat anything." She's asking honest questions, and she's getting honest answers.

"Present. Friend got it for me for my birthday. I couldn't, I don't think Ic an afford it either way" She wrinkled her forehead, vegetarian. Not because that's what he wanted, but because she has not a clue where to go. "That uhh, I hope you know a place, cause I don't know where a vegetarian place is. Give me your hand" The latter added with a request, as she pulls her own out, the one closest to him, murmuring a prayer in her mind. Lets not freak the homeless guy out.

No freaking out so far, but then again, Ewan has a strange concept of the world and would probably freak out at the most common of things where he doesn't seem to mind more alien things. Like how that request for his hand again, as his other eyebrow raises to join the other. "Oh." he murmurs, "Just figured." and glances down to her hand. Then, slowly, like asked to reach into a fire, he moves to take her offered hand, his mind a little preoccupied with trying to figure out where they are, and where he knows there's vegetarian alternatives. "There's a place, down the street from the gate, I think… they've got coffee, and they do salad with beans and stuff."

What she does with his hand looks common but doens't feel common to Ewan. The warmth and tingle that herald her healing. Solve that bruising and stiffness as well as anything else that might be bothering him. "It's okay. It matches nothing else I own, but, it's warm and it's a shame ot jsut let it sit in a closet for just sundays" Abby doesn't keep walking, pausing and remaining there long enough to top Ewan's health up.

Ewan halts, as holding on to Abby and walking along doesn't mix very well with her standing still, and he finds himself feeling… funny. Not haha funny, mind you, just… funny. "That makes… sense… I guess." he murmurs, and then gives her a bit of a suspicious look, as he can feel the slight tension of bruised muscles ease up, the general 'cold' replaced with warmth and tingles, and he recalls that Registration card she showed, and the offer she made to his friend. "…what are you doing to me?" He's not going to scream, but he's not going to sound entirely happy, either.

"the falling over the bench" Abby murmurs, breaking contact with him when he speaks up, that and the bruising is taken care of. "never mind. You should be walking easier" Her hand is hastily stuffed into her pockets again, tucking her chin into the cocooning warmth of her scarf. 'Sorry, lets just go get you something to eat"

Ewan narrows his eyes a little, and then he shifts from suspicious to a little less accusing, nodding. "…'kay." he murmurs, not about to believe her entirely, straight off the bat, but not like he has a lot of a choice here. And he -is- moving easier. He rolls his shoulders a little, putting his hands back into his pockets, balling them up to fists inside, trying to figure things out. His gaze wandering off down the path, and he starts to walk again. "…just so you know, I don't.. do girls." Honesty has worked so far, best to be clear about things all the way.

Holy shit, did he just… "Pardon?" Abby's eyes are wide.

Ewan looks back to her, with that wry half-smile of his returning. He's quite sure she heard him. "I said that I don't do girls. Buying food is really nice, just… nevermind." Maybe it's the wide eyes she gives him, but he rolls his shoulders again, continuing to walk.

"Not that.. kind of girl, hate to tell you that. It's honestly.. just a meal and.. I think…" Abby stops, digging into her purse to bring out a worn wallet, peeling out a twenty and passing it over. "I think, I should go. Here, this will get you decent lunch, and couple coffee's. Just uhh, try not to pickpocket me next time, and we're square" He thought she was looking to… There's a very uncomfortable look on the blonde's face.

Ewan halts again, turning back to look at Abby, and the bill she's offering in his direction, and then directing his gaze to her face. "…you're not from around here, are you?" he asks, looking for something to say, as she obviously took offense, or something. Then again, she's looking way too nice to know about guns, and she does. "…'kay?" He's making no move to actually take the money, though. "It's not because you're not pretty, or anything. You are. I'm just… girls aren't my thing, you know?"

"I'm not, now. I've lived here a few years. I'm not interested in you, beyond.. maybe giving you a meal, and a hot drink, and not stealing my keys. I'm not into guys and I'm not into girls and I'm just.. just take the money okay. Go get a meal, and go get a drink and pretend you never saw and and I'll pretend you never picked my pocket" The twenty is still held out to Ewan. "There's also so many more better things than selling your body. You could be waitering in a deli or you know.. helping out at the cathedral and keeping things clean or god in heaven give me strength why am I doing this" She puts the twenty on the ground, bending down just enough to lay it on a non slushy patch and turns to start heading off.

Ewan frowns a little, looking down to the bill left on the ground, bending down smoothly to pick it up and then starts to walk after her, reaching for her elbow to stop her. "Hey, Abigail. Wait up. You can't just, I mean, you just said you couldn't afford loosing your pocket-change." And so help him, he's not gonna leave money that could come to better use just lying on the street, but he's not about to take money for nothing either. Again, a slightly alternative view of the world, it seems. "And it's not like I -offer- all that often. Just didn't think, you know, people just aren't nice for no reason."

The hand on the elbow stops her, putting a swift halt to her walking away. "I'm not most people. I am nice for no reason, and I can afford to do that. I'm not going to be around much longer, and.. jsut take it okay. I can afford to loose pocket change, I can afford to give you twenty dollars out of the goodness of my heart. I don't want.. your body, and I don't.. want anything in return. Nothing more than you going and getting a warm meal. Because you look like you could use it and you look like you could use a little kindness with no strings attached. Everyone could use a little of that"

That stops Ewan as well, but he's not going to let his hand leave her elbow without any kind of incentive from her side. "What, you planning on dying anytime soon? 'Cause that's where handing out money for nothing is gonna lead, you know." he replies, his tone as kind as he can manage, just a little tense. Her being nice for no reason, with no demands, no strings attatched… that's confusing him. "Okay. I'm sorry." he finally offers, canting his head a little to the side again. "I didn't mean it as an offer, or like you were gonna ask, you know… just figured it'd be best to say." He glances down to the bill in his hand. "So, um… you gonna go, or can I hope that kindness in your heart don't mind being company with me while eating?"

Abby's blue eyes study Ewan, the only sound is her breathing in concert with the curls of vapor that show up in the cold air. "okay. I need coffee anyways" Is the blonde's reply, making no move to shake his hand off. "It's not the money that gets me killed it's what I did with your hand" Money is nothing compared to what she can do. "Lets, go. It's too cold out here"

There's nothing wry about Ewan's smile, this time, and he nods, patting at her elbow, once, before letting his hand drop, slowly moving to get going again, but waiting to make sure she's following. "If it's what's gonna get you killed, why'd you register? I mean… just don't tell anyone. Or do… that ticklething."

"I healed the wrong person Ewan. And he was holding it over my head like a sword of Damocles. As did another. It was only time before I would have to register gods gift. I'm not exactly selective in who I help" Abby spills after a few moments, trailing beside him in the snow, back towards their original destination. "I do miraculous things and less than stellar people covet or need what I can do. Lots of being held at gun point, threatening to kill me if I don't heal them, or just taking me. Registering.. has given me a little bit of protection and, hasn't been that bad. Tier 0. means that I'm harmless, and they don't even put my name up on some big internet website. just that i'm one of so many tier o's living in the bronx"

Ewan arches his eyebrow again. "Why'd someone threaten you with a sword, because you.. healed?" That's about as logical as someone rolling up a catapult to threaten their neighbour for watering their plants, far as he's concerned. He hesitates for a moment, and then adds, "I mean.. you can handle a gun, so you're not exactly defenseless, so… what good's a registration gonna be?"

'It's a figurative sword. It's like holding a gun to a persons head and saying "do it or …" Abby cocks her head, looking to Ewan. "How'd.. you know that I know how to use a gun?" Her blonde brows are pulled down, more curious than anything. "I have.. a shotgun but it's in my apartment. I don't exactly carry it around with me and it's.. for hunting"

Ewan oh's, and shrugs lightly. "Figurative sword. Gotcha." he offers, and then glances over to her, blinking. Right. "Um… I just assumed you, um, could?" he offers at first, a lie rolling off his tongue before he can think closer about it. But then, considering that she's been rather open about herself, and even, by the feel of it and what she's saying got him out of a couple of days of bruised ow, well… He makes a slight face. "Um, sorry, habit." he murmurs. "It's… I just do it. I can feel things in people. Just… things you can do, like, with your hands. And using guns, it feels a little… special. It's like a tug at my fingers, a weight in my hands, a push… you know?" He grapples around for words to describe unclear feelings.

"not really but.. i get the idea" There's a gesture to a restaurant coming up on their left. "that the one?" People lie to her alll the time, and she's learned to get over it. "shotguns. Hunting, I'm from Louisiana. We lived in the middle of nowhere and we did a lot of hunting my daddy and I" If the accent isn't obvious enough. "I have it here, with me, more for show but every now and then I head out and shoot cans. Good for when your angry to just.. release"

Ewan makes a face again, waving a hand a little in wordless frustration. He can't really explain what he does, he just… does it. But the appearing resturant gets a nod. That's the place. Not all that fancy, but it does have food, coffee, soft drinks and doesn't mind people not being overly fancy. His kind of place. He listens to her talking about Louisiana, moving on over to pull up the door for her, letting her step inside, ladies first and what not, nodding. "I guess it would… not that I know. I never really learned to shoot. I just borrow it if I need it. But, um, like you saw, I'm better at running…"

"That's a good thing to be able to do. I'd take that. It comes in handy" Gentleman! he opened the door, Ewan gets a plus in her book as she enters, a pause as they're asked how many and shown to a table. "So.. now you know how to shoot.. a gun? Because I know how to shoot a gun?"

Ewan sits himself down at the table they're shown to, keeping his coat on but sliding his bag in under the table, lifting his feet to put them on it, rather than letting it intrude on her leg space. He leans on the table, resting his chin in his hand, obviously relieved to get out of the cold and into a reasonably warm place. "I just… I feel things, they feel different, and I can like… pull it in. And then I can do it for a while." He pauses, and then adds, quieter, a mumble, "Sometimes, I can't help doing it. Like… I can't stop."

"It's okay. I know a few people who can't reel their gifts in. Comes with time, an practice" Abby's dropped her voice too, even though the booth on either side is empty. "Ewan.. if I ask you to do me a favor, and I give you money, will you do it? And I don't mean.. what you asked before, and it's not dangerous, but it would make me feel better, would you do it?"

Ewan nods a little, keeping his voice low as well. "I kinda figured. I try not to use it a lot. I've seen what can happen to people when they find out you can… do things." His talkative eyebrow arches again at her question though, and if he hadn't seen her reaction earlier, he might just think whatever of that statement, but… he nods again. "I won't promise anything before you tell me what the favor is, but.. I'll listen?" he offers, before turning to face the waitress heading over their way to take their orders. He'll ask for a bean salad, bread, bottled water and tea, and then wait for Abby to order what she's having, expecting to get to hear what that favor might be.

Coffee and toast. Heavy food won't agree with her stomach anytime soon today. When the waitress is suitably away Abby turns to Ewan. "Get out of town. Just for a few days, till like Thursday. I can't tell you why, and if things go to pot, you'll see it on the news, but.. just trust me when I say, get off the island at least if not into the next state" Seriousness is on the blondes face.

Ewan frowns slightly, "…get out of town?" he repeats, quietly, looking confused. "Why'd I want to…" He pauses, and then shakes his head a little. "I guess I could, I just… don't really have anywhere to go." he admits, and is then struck by a thought "Why? Is there gonna be another Bomb, or something?" That last part, he doesn't as much speak as breathe, clearly worried by that notion. "…are you going to leave?"

"I can't, and I can't say what, but I can give you money, and you can get a hotel room, somewhere off the island. I'm going to be suggesting it to some friends, just.. be off the island by the middle of the week. Just in case" She's still serious, her arms on the table, hands pressed to one another in front of her.

Ewan isn't gonna frown any less, but he leans back in his seat for a moment, and then nods slowly. "…'kay. Fair enough." Which seems to be summing up this day rather well, actually. "But you don't have to give me money. I'll be okay." He offers her that slight, wry smile of his. "I usually run a lot better than I did today."

'So do I, but I got crying drunk last night and I'm paying for it today. I almost didn't chase you" She'll still slip him money, before she takes off to go work, enough to get more than a few days worth of meals and coffee. 'Thank you. For all I know, things might end up fine, but.. better safe than sorry"

Ewan winces slightly, shaking his head at the mention of getting drunk. "That's the sort of thing that'll get you killed, better than letting people know what you can do.." he murmurs, "Or, you know, in combination." Then, the waitress returns with their orders, since toast and salad doesn't take that long to throw together apparently. After she leaves again, Ewan picks up a fork, to keep some semblance of hard-earned manners, "And I guess you're right, better safe than sorry. Just… if you're gonna tell your friends, why are you telling me?" He tried to steal her ride, not an hour ago, after all.

"Because …just because. Goodness without strings" Seems that's the answer. Dry unbuttered toast, thank god. And coffee. The dark liquid is attacked, hot or not she's sipping at it, all southern manners and careful to not make any slurping noises. "

It would seem that Abby's a lot more about goodness than Ewan has encountered throughout most of his life. He picks at his salad for a moment, studying her sipping coffee, and then he helps himself to a mouthful of greenery and protein, which quickly becomes another mouthful, quickly chewed and washed down with water. A thin young man, going at a defenseless meal, that's what happens here, and it seems his power isn't the only thing he has trouble controlling, once using it.

Abby's not one to talk much right now either, nibbling at her toast, cutting off the crust, leaving it behind on the plate. That's eaten though, just with a little packet of jam to sweeten once her stomach isn't going to rebel on her. "Where are you from, if I can ask?"

Ewan lifts a shoulder slightly, dipping a corner of the dry bread in his hot tea while chewing and swallowing. "All over, mostly." There's a little touch of sadness, a moment, not more, "We moved around Europe a lot when I was a kid." He bites off the corner, belatedly adding in between chewing, "But I think I was born in England. Why?"

'Polite thing to ask, making small talk. England though" She smiles at that. "Be nice to visit there some day. DO you miss, being over there, or do you like it better being here?"

Ewan pauses there, thinking through the answer before saying anything. Finally, he swallows, shrugging again. "I miss… some things. Other things have been better here. I got to live with a family for a while, that was nice. Went to school." He picks up the teacup, warming his hands around it. "How about you? You said you've been here a while, but.. do you miss Louisiana? Or are things better here?"

"Things aren't better here in some fashion, and they are in others. I miss the quiet, and the rivers and the hunting. But I like my job here and my choice in who I heal, and the people. Good or bad, I can do gods work with my gift and make the place a little better than when I leave it. I don't have time to go home though. Maybe, if everything pans out, I will. It's been a few years. But, there's less people getting exploded by bombs and I can ease their hurts here, than if I was back there" She's nursing her coffee, black as sin. "Half of one, half dozen of the other really. Life would be less complicated and I wouldn't be registered"

Ewan sips at his tea carefully, nodding. "I hope you'll get to go home, then. Visit, if nothing else." He assaults what's still left of the salad then, chewing and enjoying the slow feeling of warmth and fullness that starts to spread, talking in between chewing. "But if you don't mind me saying, I think this place kinda… needs you. Or people like you, anyway. You're the first one I've met here who even said, 'no strings attached'." And she talks a lot about God, but he's not going to mention that. "Would an easier life have made you happier?"

Abby grins, something sincere and happy. "No. An easier life would not have made me happier. Life should never always be easy, and a visit home won't hurt" She looks at the watch on her wrist, same as everything else save for the coat that she wears, well loved. "I have to head out. Errands, and work. If you need help, at all, go to the cathedral, or call…" Abby digs a reciept from her purse and pen, scribbling her name on the paper and her number. "Call there. I have other friends. No strings attached either. They help people who are evolved, get them on thier feet, or a warm place to stay when needed"

Ewan nods, taking the offered name and number, not bothering to say that he doesn't really have a phone. If he needs one, he'll find one, somewhere, no doubt. It'll sort out. "Okay. Thank you." However, as he looks at the note with her number and name, his memory is prompted, and he holds up a finger in the universal 'just a second' motion, reaching into his own coat for something. Turns out to be a Polaroid picture of a dog, a pit bull by breed it seems. "I'm looking for this, for a… friend." Let's say 'friend', that sounds better than 'a guy that gave me money'. "If you see it, and, you know… happen to think it's the one, could you tell me, or the police?"

Abby takes the picture into her hands, thing long fingers tracing over the picture and the dog pictured within. "I haven't seen it, but, if I come across him or her, I'll be sure to let the police know. Special to your friend?"

Ewan nods. "Yeah." That's the impression he got, at least. "He's out looking for her, so I think he'd be glad if you did." He tucks away the note with Abby's name and number in whatever pocket he kept the photo and other valuable items, and picks up his tea again, apparently having decided to stay and take the bill for that twenty Abby gave him earlier, keeping any additional money for to keep himself off the island for a couple of days. After all, a promise is a promise.

'I'll keep an eye out, ask the others I know if they've seen him. I get around. It was nice to meet you Ewan" Abby offers her hand to the other guy, a smile on her face. She takes her phone out with her other hand, taking a picture of the picture for reference before it's slid back to him.

Ewan takes the offered hand, giving it a careful shake, his palm still warm from embracing his teacup, and he smiles, again without the wryness. Must be a bad influence from Abby, this. Then he'll let her go to do her errands, picking up the picture to tuck it away again, wrapping his hand around the warm teamug again to enjoy the heat seeping out of it.

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