Get Some Rest


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Scene Title Get Some Rest
Synopsis Following the events at the Commune, Barbara and Abby wait and talk.
Date July 27, 2010

A Canadian Hotel

Tasha and Kaylee sent off with elias, off to a medical safehouse so that the bullet can be located, removed, the telepath certain to survive another day. Though this day wasn't over. The rental car was checked over for blood, forethought in the sheets under Kaylee. Fingerprints wiped off, in case the two agents had called in plates. Stephanie Tarkin's fingerprints would match Abigail Beauchamps and that wouldn't do to happen. She'd torch it but… She'd feel guilty about that credit card being abandoned and saddling them with unpaid bills

Back to the hotel, a stop to pick up some fresh clothes and get out of the ill fitting ones she's been walking around in, Abigail and Barbara now play the waiting game. Wait for Elias to recover from porting the other two and come back for them.

"You don't have any siblings do you?" Abigail calls out from the bathroom, fingertips feathering over her side and wincing. She could have Francois look at her side when she got back. It felt like something was cracked.

Barbara sits on the bed, staring somewhat listlessly ahead at the turned off TV, a distant look in her eyes. She doesn’t even seem to react at first to Abby’s question, and when she does it’s with a start like someone who just got jolted out of a daydream.

“Siblings?” Barbara repeats, with a grimace on her face. That’s normally a question she’s reluctant to answer, but for now… “I… guess that’s kind of complicated?” she responds with a half smile towards the bathroom. “My father told me once that I had two sisters. I’ve never met them, though…” there’s a distinct sound of regret in her voice as she speaks.

"One's name is Tracy Strauss. She works for the President, I'm pretty sure she might be one, she the spitting image of you, only blonde and sort of a shark and a real.. witch with a capital B. Then there's Niki, but she's got multiple personalities, so at any time she could be Jessica or Gina. Niki's my friend, real nice. Jessica's cold blooded and has super strength. I've never met Gina"

The black tank top pulled down, some advil shook out and swallowed down with a glass of water. She was pretty sure that side of her ribs would always be a bit weaker. God damned institute agents.

"I'm Abigail Beauchamp. I'm part of the Ferry's council. Mister Bennet sent us over to see what happened at the commune, to find any survivors and try to make heads or tails of what happened"

She comes to the door of the bathroom, leaning against it and regarding the red head.

The news of her sisters causes Barbara to regard Abby with surprise, a bit of a shocked look on her face. “You know them?” she asks with surprise that matches her voice. She forces out a chuckle, shaking her head. “At least one of them sounds like she’s doing well.” She looks back up at Abby, thinking on the other sister. Multiple personalities? That’s… unexpected, to say the least.

At Abby’s introduction, Barbara gives a nod of her head. “Barbara Simms, but I gather you knew that,” she states rather flatly. “I didn’t expect the Ferry to send someone that important up here to look around,” she responds a bit ruefully as she raises from her perch. “And I’m sure you can figure out what happened to the Commune now,” she responds with crossed arms. “I’ve been keeping an eye on the area since the Institute attacked, to see if anyone else who got away came back.”

"Tracy's not the nicest thing on the block, real vicious" Away from the bathroom, come to sit on the bed with a glance to her phone to check the time. "Institute came and raided, we'd gathered as much before hand. Surprised that they'd even try an maneuver like that in foreign soil"

Blonde hair swings side to side as she shakes her head. "There's suspicion that they raided in attempt to gain individuals that they wanted to get their hands on. Do you have an idea of who might have been taken, names of anyone? I know that names weren't written down, to protect folks, but that's not to say that you or someone else might not have kept a mental tally"

Barbara stares at Abby for a second, and her first instinct is to ask about Tracy. But that’s not the most important thing at the moment.“There were over 80 people in the settlement,” Barbara responds, looking off to the side. “I don’t even begin to know everyone they got, or who got away. I know a few names, though.”

She breathes deep before looking back at Abby. “Delphine Khur. Tyler and Elizabeth Case… probably a few of the other important folks who were being kept safe here.” Her eyes are a bit downcast, a look of regret on her fact. She paces back a bit, towards a messanger bag sitting on the far end of the bed. She pulls out a sketch book, flipping through pages until she finds the one she’s looking for, setting it down for Abby to see. It’s a drawing, a rather nice looking one, depicting a scene from the attack on the Commune.

"Delphine and Tyler and his sister were taken. you're sure of it?" Cat had said that's who the institute were after. Power switcher, a person who can right things to how they should be. The sibling of the first. Abby's fingers close around the notebook, picking it up so she can study the drawing, looking over the details of the Institute descending upon the commune to liberate it's residents.

"Is it your belief that they came for these people or just came for the commune as a whole" She flips to the next page, hoping there might be another drawing or not, depicting what was seen. "How do you think they knew about Thompson?"

“Unfortunately sure,” Barbara responds with a nod, watching as Abby flips the page, and she does indeed find another drawing, similar to the first, but from a different perspective. Close inspection does show someone who looks similar to Delphine Khur in Institute custody. Looking any further reveals only blank pages, however.

“I can’t say for sure. I think they came for whoever they could get. They certainly took whomever they could get.” An unpleasant look crosses Barbara’s face. “It’s hard to know exactly who got away. I saw some escape the grounds, but there’s nothing to say they weren’t rounded up afterwards, and no one has returned to the Commune since the raid.”

The question of how they knew brings a considerate look to Barbara’s face – this wasn’t something she had considered. “We were careful about staying off grid, and making sure we didn’t attract any unneeded attention. I can’t imagine how they figured out what the commune was unless someone accidentally made a display of their ability and forgot to report it…”

'So it might just have been a co-incidence" So there might still very well have been a leak. "You remeber anything noteable about what happened, when the raid occured? Anyone on the commune acting strange, anyone who came in the last run that was a little off or anything. Doesn't matter how small it might seem Barbara, sometimes it's the devil in the details"

'So it might just have been a co-incidence" So there might still very well have been a leak. "You remeber anything noteable about what happened, when the raid occured? Anyone on the commune acting strange, anyone who came in the last run that was a little off or anything. Doesn't matter how small it might seem Barbara, sometimes it's the devil in the details"

Barbara looks thoughtful for a moment, before shaking her head. “Not anything like that, I’m afraid. But…” She leans forward and points to one individual in her drawing, a man clad in arm eerily reminiscent of Frontline armour. “There were several dressed like that there. I remember seeing soldier who looked similar on American news reports. They used rubber bullets to subdue people. I have the bruises to prove it.” She grimaces, shaking her head. Beyond that, I’m afraid I don’t remember anything out outstanding.”

Reminiscent of FRONTLINE armor. "barbara, I need you to come back to New York with me. we can send you back here, or to another safehouse up in canada once it's done, but I think that people on the council need to hear first hand what happened and to see what you drew" Her forefinger taps the armor that's sketched in action. She's seen similar, on Liz, or at least without the helmet.

Barbara nods, hands falling down to her side and into pockets. “That sounds good. I was planning on doing that, soon. But it seems like there’s not much else to hang around here for.” She looks down at the drawing again, shaking her head. “Hopefully before we get there, I’ll have another drawing to share.” She eyes Abby for a moment, tapping her foot. “I imagine I’ll be staying in New York for a bit.”

"Maybe I'll introduce you to your sister. I don't think Tracy knows about you, actually, don't think any of them know about you. Niki sure as the sun rises, never mentioned a sister. Who's your dad?" The notepad is handed back, presumably so she can draw and color more images. "Uhh, don't mention that I did the whole, you know.. burning thing. It's uhh… There's very few people who know about it. It's a recent development and I'm trying to learn to control it

Barbara takes the pad, folding it back closed so that it fits comfortably into her bag. She looks up with a snicker at Abby. “I think I can keep that to myself. I have lots of practice at that.” She takes a slow seat back on the corner of the bet, looking over at Abby with a half smile. “I think I’d like that. I’ve always wondered what they might be like.” She sounds almost like she ten years younger when she says that, remembering when she used to think of such things more regularly. She doesn’t, however, address the question of her father.

Not all questoins will ever be answered, some more painful than others. Abigail pulls away from the bed, going for the dresser and the things on it. Negation cannister, wallets with ID, and the evidence baggie with the watch in it. "Who did this belong to?" Held up for Barbara once she takes it out of the bag, turning it over and over in her hands.

Barbara scoots over on the bed, peering at the watch carefully. “I’m not sure, to be honest. I don’t understand though, it looks like a watch.” She leans back and wrinkles her nose. “What’s the big deal about a watch?” Barbara looks thoughtful, tapping a foot on the floor. She eyes it more carefully, trying to remember who among the Commune it had belonged to – after the ruckus of the raid, where they found it didn’t mean much of anything.

"Maybe one of the others will know something. It's something that they were coming back for. The car will trace back to a Stephanie Tarkin, I'll have to burn the ID, the dead men tell no tales, and so we're.." She has to pause, at the fact that two men were killed not long ago. "So short of them fingerprinting everything at that house… There were three dead people in the attic. they hung themselves. Bodies have spent some time decomposing"

Barbara visibly winces at that but of news. She hadn’t heard or seen that personally. “I guess that’s a few people accounted for…” she says sadly, sighing. “I’m sorry that didn’t go se well,” Barbara says frankly, looking back up at Abby. “I… am far from used to this sort of situation. Hopefully, it works out fine enough.”

"It will" Abigail murmurs, turning the watch over once more in her hand before shoving it into the pocket of the shorts she's wearing. "We'll get down to the bottom of this and find out how the commune got discovered, I'm sure. Till then, we'll take you back to New York, i'll get the council rounded up to hear you and you can tell them what happened. First hand accounting will do good. Especially in light of Tyler Case and Delphine being taken. Tyler switches abilities, seems to sometimes be temporary or permanent and Delphine, her ability sets right what is wrong."

Sets right what is wrong. An ominous statement if Barbara’s ever heard one, and a rather odd one at that. “I’d appreciate that very much, Abigail. I admit I wasn’t sure how to reach anyone once the Commune was raided. I was worried the Institute would be keeping an eye out. That’s part of why I stayed near the Commune.”

"No, Ferry wouldn't up and leave you. They were giving enough time for dust to settle and institute to leave. We were in Nova Scotia for a run and were diverted by Mister Bennet since we had already crossed the border. Supposed to find you and inquire as to what happened, who all might have been taken. Quite a few people survived the culling so I surmise they did have select people they were trying to get and any others would be gravy"

"Ferry don't turn their back on those in the group. We'll figure it out, I promise.”

Arms cross across Barbara’s stomach, and she nods. “I never thought we were being abandoned. I can’t imagine anyone in the Ferry being that cruel, from my experiences. I am glad to hear that a good number of people seem to have gotten away, though.” She falls silent afterwards, staring ahead. “At least it worked out well enough to have people come by.”

"At least. Get some rest, Elias will call when he's in town. Shouldn't be much longer and we can see how they're doing with Kaylee and start notifying the right people about what happened" The other items are slipped into the plastic bag from the ice bucket, cannister of negation gas handled carefully too. "Remind me if I see Mister Bennet, to pop him in the nose"

Barbara chuckles, raising an eyebrow. “Any particular reason?” she asks, eyeing the canister. “Did he not tell you that the Institute had been there? I’m surprised you only found one canister. The Commune was practically full of that damned gas at one point.” Barbara’s expression is one of disdain as she stares at the gas canister.

"No, no, just an urge to punch him in the nose. It'll pass. Irritated with him and his secret ways is all. "I'm gonna go get myself a coke." Abigail replies, chewing on her upper lip. "get some rest"

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