Get Some Sleep


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Scene Title Get Some Sleep
Synopsis Two old army buddies drop by the diner from some early morning coffee, and run into each other.
Date March 30, 2011

Night Owl

Diners aren't usually the first place Hannah Emerson picks when she goes out for the night. But, she shouldn't relaly be drinking tonight, since she's on duty tomorrow, and she's heard good places about this particular one. That, and she smell of coffee blending with syrup, a flash grill, and vanilla is a little intoxicating. So, she's made this her place to dine for the evening, and perhaps stereotypically she sits at the diner counter with a hamburger resting in front of her, muching on a fry as her soda is refilled.

It hasn't been a hard time lately. Just tiring, though you could tell by looking at her. Dressed in jeans and long, button up green shirt, Emerson seems exceptionally relaxed as she nibbles at hre food. But it's nice to have the opprotunity to sit back and relax, and ahve an evening to herself, off base. Even if she has to hurry up so she can make sure she hits the store before she gets home. Even being in FRONTLINE, she has no real desire to be out after curfew because she decided she needed some more pop tarts or whatever.

Trask comes in looking like he has had a rather rough night. He heads right to the counter and calls out one of the waitresses by name, giving an order for a chicken salad and a coffee. His voice has the lilt of the latino and he settles into the seat next to Emerson, not even given the red head a second look as he does so. Her fellow ginger isn't actually expecting to see one of his old war buddies at a random greasy spoon in the middle of the night.

A second look isn't really offered over to Trask at first either, as she continues monching on another fry. Seems like she the type to finish one food before moving on to the other, and ehr fires are being demolished before they can get cold. But a few moments pass where she does glance over to the side. He does look like he had kind of a rough night, prompting emerson to quirk an eyebrow. "You look a bit worse for wear," she comments out of the blue, ignorant of the man's identity.

Trask smiles softly and nods, "It's been a long night…long month really. But I am sure things are starting to turn around." He nods thankfully as he takes the delivered coffee and holds it in his hands a moment before taking a good long sip off of it.

"Oh?" Emerson inquires curiously. The last time someone said that to her, they were hitting on her, and that causes amusement to creep into the tone of her voice. She takes a sip of her drink, a long one, before she looks over at him again. "Why would you say that?"

Trask grins, "Because I might get a chance to see some old friends of mine soon. Just found out they are in town. And at least one doesn't hate me any more." He smiles and takes another long sip of his coffee.

"Well, yes, that always is a good thing!" Emerson replies with a laugh. "Certainly a good reason to think things'll pick up. In fact…" She reaches over to her soda, turning a bit towards Trask as she holds it up towards him. "I'm lacking alcohol, but I'll toast to it."

Trask smiles and raises his coffee to her soda, "To absent friends, those still out there and those still up there." He nods toward the city, then looks upwards. "To those who fought and died before us, and those who still will get thier chance."

Emerson's smirk only widens as Trask speaks, the soldier giving a bit fo a nod as she glass clinks against his mug. "To friends, then," Emerson states, simply, laughing a bit. It's a laugh, though, that fades after a moment, the woman quirnting at the man next to her. "Do I know you," comes somewhat out of the blue. "You look awfully familiar." Too familiar.

Trask looks back for the first time, he frowns a little as he does. It takes him a couple moments and then he asks, very carefully, "Hannah?"

It always pleases Emerson when her hunches are right. Even if she feels bad for not recognising the man soon. "Holy shit," she remarks, her smile spreading back across her face, a hand maving to smack on Trask's back. "Norton! When did you get into town? I had no idea you were here. I'm sorry, it's just… it's been a while."

Trask smiles "Just got into town in the last week….how have you been doing, what have you been up to? I havn't heard from you in years…." He smiles and gives her a hug, though a manly exmilitary meets army buddy hug, not any sissy boy meets girl hug.

The hug is retrned tightly, Emerson grinning as she pats him on the back again. "I've been busy enough. Was mostly just hanging around town for a few years, after I got back from service. God, I never thought I'd run into here heere!" She leans back a bit, crossing her arms, smiling at Trask. "But these days, I'm working in FRONTLINE. Which has been… interesting."

He says, "Frontline? Really? What is that?" Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap. Norton Trask your a moron and Liz is going to kill you."

"Wow, you've bee out of towna while, haven't you?" Her eyebrow quirks up a bit, again sounding amused as she turns back to her food, grabbing her last fry. "Somewhat expiramental Evolved law enforcement team. There's a few over the country. I'm surprised you hadn't ehard!" she chuckles a bit, shaking her head. "It's good work. Hard, but good. What about you, what've you been up to?"

Trask says, "mostly peace corp work in south America for the last couple years actually." He smiles softly as his sandwich arrives, he drops some money on the counter and checks his watch. "merde, is it that late…" He smiles apologetically. "Look I'd love to get together sometime if your free…. go get a drink or something?""

"Taking off so quick?" Emerson actually seems rather disappointed,e ven as she picks up her burger. "That's a shame. Peace Corps sounds like good work. I'd love to get together and exchange stores sometime soon." Pulling a pen out of her pocket, she lgrabs a napkin and elans over it, messily scrawling a number that someo how manages to be legible, along with an address. "Give me a call sometime. Or stop by. We'll get drinks, make ane vening of it. It'll be fun."

Trask nods, "deal" He grins and takes the napkin sticking it in his pocket he picks up his sandwich and wraps it in a second napkin. "You stay safe though, you know that law enforcement stuff can get you killed right?" He smiles and hits her on the shoulder, hard. Hard enough to actually hurt…which might strike her as a little…odd.

Laughing a bit, the FRONTLINEr shakes her head at Trask. "Yeha, I'll be sake. I've done well so far." Better that that some of the past members of FRONTLINE. And when the hand hits her back, she straightens a bit, looking confused. "A-Alright… you be safe too…" She blinks, looking at him for a moment, and then abck at her food. And then she yawns. What in the world…?

He says, "Hey be careful you look like you have been pushing yourself pretty hard to. You might need a good nights sleep…we can't all be superman you know?" He grins softly. "You going to be able to make it home ok?""

"I- Yeah, I think I'll be fine." It doesn't occur to Emerson what might be causeing this. But she's never really had this happen in such a mundane situation before. So she's kind of distant at the morning. "Thanks, though." She looks back at him with a smile and a nod. "You get a good night's sleep too. Looks like you had a rough day."

Trask nods, "Ok….don't stay up too late Hannah…hate to have found you again only for you to fall asleep on the ride home and get killed." He grins and stretches a little, then picks up his sandwich. "Be seeing you…" He grins and gives her a little two fingered salute, before slipping out.

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